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Who Are They? By Tana Hoban,

  • Title: Who Are They?
  • Author: Tana Hoban
  • ISBN: 9780688129217
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Board Book
  • Share these animals and their babies with your baby It is never to early to look and talk together
    Who Are They Share these animals and their babies with your baby It is never to early to look and talk together

    One thought on “Who Are They?”

    1. Board bookFor babies preschoolersEach spread in this wordless book features one silhouetted animal with an increasing number of babies, from one lamb to five ducklings Who are they the title asks, and the illustrations answer with sharp, silhouetted animals, classic in their simplicity and realistic depiction There isn t anything cutesy, abstract, or anthropomorphized about these familiar shapes, which makes the illustrations perfect for children just learning their animals Each spread is unclut [...]

    2. A shadow animal gameguessing book where each page shows an animal family and you guess what they are toddler and up

    3. Who Are They by Tana Hoban is a wordless board book with outlines of five different silhouetted animals and their babies.Hoban s black and white animal outlines offer the perfect sharp contrast that will attract the attention of babies, toddlers and preschoolers Sheep and lamb, pig and 2 piglets, dog dachshund and 3 puppies, cat and 4 kittens, and duck and 5 ducklings are pictured on double page spreads Each baby is shown in a slightly differnt pose This simple presentation invites counting, pra [...]

    4. This is my daughter s first favorite book She has seen other black and white books, but this one seems to hold her interest longest She can stare at the dachshund picture endlessly It calms her when she is fussy She also enjoys the ducks, but is less interested in the sheep and pig The dachshund continues to please her every time.

    5. Babies first see the colors red, black, and white This is a wonderful book to share with even your littlest baby.Black silhouette pictures of geese, pigs, dogs, cats, and sheep will help your baby begin to focus on colors and shapes.

    6. I think this was just right for my two year old There are no words, but she enjoyed naming the animals shown in silhouette.

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