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Trauma Room Two By Philip AllenGreen,

  • Title: Trauma Room Two
  • Author: Philip AllenGreen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In every hospital emergency department there is a room reserved for trauma It is a place where life and death meet A place where some families celebrate the most improbable of victories while others face the most devastating of losses A place where what matters the most in this life is revealed Trauma Room Two is just such a place In this collection of short stories,In every hospital emergency department there is a room reserved for trauma It is a place where life and death meet A place where some families celebrate the most improbable of victories while others face the most devastating of losses A place where what matters the most in this life is revealed Trauma Room Two is just such a place In this collection of short stories, Dr Green takes the reader inside the hidden emotional landscape of emergency medicine Based on fifteen years of experience as an ER physician, he reveals the profound moments that often occur in emergency rooms for patients, their families, and the staff that work there.
    Trauma Room Two In every hospital emergency department there is a room reserved for trauma It is a place where life and death meet A place where some families celebrate the most improbable of victories while others f

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    1. EDIT 28 12 HFK s Best Medical Read in 2016.Trauma Room Two is a book that is hard to review for two reasons.Firstly, when I bought this, it was sold at the medical nonfiction section, but today it strongly stands at the literature and fiction section, which might be quite confusing to many After finishing the last page in this beautifully written emotional take on the life inside the ER room from the perspective of an ER doctor, I can easily insert Trauma Room Two into both genres nonfiction and [...]

    2. 4.5stumbled upon this book on some great stories and great writing especially the one about the varsity soccer girl and the homeless war vet what i didn t like was that at times it was long winded and cheesy mostly when going out of first person and going into the patient s eyes but i imagine most readers wouldn t mind that as much as me.

    3. Extremely well written Almost poetic Exactly what I DON T look for in a book like this I have to think this was ghost written and the ghost writer got carried away WAAAY too much setting details, not nearly enough medical details Honestly, I couldn t finish this because it was about what the physician imagined about the lives of the people in his trauma room than anything concrete about the demands of a hospital trauma room.

    4. I stumbled upon Trauma Room Two in Prime Reading, borrowed it, and found that it was so good I couldn t tear myself away It s a collection of short stories written by an emergency room physician Unlike other medical fiction I ve read before, these stories are written with enough medical detail to ring true, and enough honesty and emotion to be profound and poignant The Crew , a story about the dread that every member of the trauma crew feels while they wait for an ambulance to arrive, fearful th [...]

    5. What a fantastic book Dr Green gives the reader a compassionate look at life as an ER doctor He tells us stories about patients but what affected me the most were what his stories told about him the way death affected him, the tiredness, the stress I laughed at some of the stories but cried during many of them The book was a serious look at life while dealing with trauma patients Fantastic

    6. Excellent in so many ways I can t adequately describe it As an ER nurse, this resonated so intimately If you re looking for medical technicality, move on However, if you want a look into the hearts and minds of the healthcare workers around you, this is perfect You can tell that Dr Green actually works in his profession, not by the grand dramatic moments, but by the small mundane details he includes that are in every part of my regular shifts He paints the pictures of the experiences you so badl [...]

    7. What a wonderful journey to take with the doctorI loved this story, it s pain, sorrow, frustration, anger, acceptance, rebellion, devastation, and hope What a wonderful intimate journey in the world of life and death.

    8. This doctor wrestles with his own demons.Life in ER is hard on the doctor and his team I scanned through many pages of unnecessary details that added nothing to the story.

    9. An honest and moving look at the life of an ER physician Wow What a heart rending and heartwarming biography Dr Phillip Green writes about his experiences as an ER physician and the ups and downs of that one room that is set aside for the most critically injured or ill the trauma room Through his stories in each chapter, the reader gets a very real sense of what goes through the minds and what is out into action for the cases he describes He describes not just medical side but also the emotional [...]

    10. I often wondered what goes on in the mind of physicians in the hospital setting Here s is raw look into the mind of Dr Green It takes a very special person to do what most physicians do every day If you ve ever spent any time in the ER, you just might appreciate what they go through This book certainly opened my eyes I now have a better understanding and a broader appreciation for what these doctors and hospital personnel do They sacrifice so much I especially liked the last chapter Thank you Dr [...]

    11. I found these stories revealing and compelling Written by an emergency room doctor, each story elicits such revelation and awareness and emotion that I could only read one a night I had never thought of the personal toll emergency room care takes on the doctors and nurses and staff providing it I have only appreciated them being there when people need them I highly recommend this book Some of the stories are good companion pieces for Being Mortal by ATul Gawande It think it would be good for boo [...]

    12. Excellent look at behind the scenes of ERNot only is this a look at ERs but also the mind of the trauma surgeon Very well written not only as a memoir but with very well written background stories of each patient Should inspire confidence and pride in the work these trauma Drs do Highly recommend.

    13. Wow This book takes its readers through the ups and downs of life and death in the ER and all of the feelings that go with it The author s writing style combined with the trauma room experiences make this a must read book for everyone.

    14. I enjoy reading physicians books about life in their hospital, and this was no exception Of course, in the era of strict patient privacy rules, the stories have to be fictionalized, cases blended together, embellishment of the ordinary parts to make them extraordinary, but I felt Green did a nice job of taking his experiences and weaving them well into a book that highlights life in a small town ER Being the only hospital in its area and far away from a big city, Green s ER still sees a lot of s [...]

    15. Actual rating 3.5 starsAt first I wanted to give this book a 4 or 5 star rating I always have this feeling with nonfiction books I would give them stars just for being brave enough to write and publish a book about their own lives Often they are worth 4 or 5 stars But after I did some thinking on Trauma room 2, I decided that this book just wasn t worth it It is not a bad book, I would still call it a good book And it is a nice book to read that I would recommend to anyone But I just had some is [...]

    16. A collection of ER stories, craftily written by a very talented writer doctor With a very stressful job, the reader could gleam that this doctor takes to writing as his outlet to unload his day to keep himself together With very little medical lingo, the stories are about the emotions that run high in the trauma room, than what physically transpires during an emergency.Standouts for me are The Crew this talked about an accident on prom night in a small town and while the trauma crew was all set [...]

    17. This is the second book I ve read by Philip Green, M.D He truly has a gift for writing and this book was very powerful for me There were three stories that had such an impact for me I did a lot of highlighting and this book will remain in my library to use as a source in times that I am feeling self pity Times I need to be reminded of those moments that are very precious For those not as interested in medical non fiction, this book is about life lessons, so I highly recommend it Dr Green takes [...]

    18. Absolutely loved this book I work in the medical fieldI ve worked both in an ER and the ICU It s true All of it The pain we see and the pain we carry, along with the memories and the faces in our hearts and etched permanently into our minds There were chapters in this book, even knowing what I know and having seen the things I ve seenI struggled to read because the pain was palpable To the author Well written and thank you for caringt just as a physician but as a human being It gets harder the l [...]

    19. Some people will appreciate the style of this book short stories about various emergency room cases Some of them are fictional and many have elements of fiction I found it too poetic for my taste, but parts were interesting nonetheless.Dr Green walks you through some of his patients I don t say cases because his focus really is on the patients themselves and some of his duties as an ER physician, especially his frustrations I appreciated this aspect because we don t always view our doctors as hu [...]

    20. A good, quick read Not the best ER book I have read a little too much presumptive description I don t want to hear what you surmise the dying patient was thinking, nor am I interested in paragraphs and paragraphs about what a 93 year old s gardening session was about Could have been fattened up with cases The author chose not to share some of the most traumatic descriptions as he deemed them private because they were too horrible i.e the face of a child hit by a car Then don t write a book abou [...]

    21. 4.5 stars This book captured some of my own feelings about the overmedicalization of death and how bad we can be about letting loved ones go Further, it puts into perspective the difficult emotional lives that ER employees lead I have great respect for these people, but this book does reinforce my choice to go into primary care instead.There are times when Dr Green s writing tends towards purple prose and he asserts his own interpretations about patients lives, but his emotions are so sincere th [...]

    22. Loved this BooksNot only was thiswell written I couldNot put the book downNew prospect on the ER and what goes on and the dedication of ER Doctor and staff Felt like a fly on the wall seeing and feeling what the ER doctor felt Recommend hightlyNot only was this book well written, I felt like a fly on the wall and was walking the walk with the ER Doctor Gave me a new prospect of an Emergency room Could not put the book

    23. MehI really enjoy stories like thisal life people telling stories of their jobs and the people they meet This was justrange I guess I assumed it would be all Trauma Room 2 stories, not stories intertwined with fictitious memories of the people Just a strange read.

    24. Day in the life Trauma or traumatic Well written book Perhaps not a good read for those who experience white coat syndrome Perspective of what emotionally and physical someone in the medical profession endures cannot be taught in a class room.As a ER patient you hope to get assigned a doctor who has an interested in providing you will quality care.

    25. First off, I had to constantly remind myself that ths is fiction, it seems so real Extremely well written page turner I could almost read this again, which I almost never do Hmm, maybe I will if I can figure out how to go back to the beginning of books on my Kindle.Lots of positive reviews from medical people like ER nurses and EMTs, which lend much credibility to his stories Well done.

    26. More like fiction than non fictionI had a hard time getting into this The author writes like a novelist with wordy descriptions I was just looking for the true stories But the last few vignettes won me over He tells those stories beautifully right from his imagination and his heart.

    27. A really well written medical fiction that is clearly based on real cases this doctor dealt with They are presented as short stories about each patient case and really explore the emotions of the doctor and patients than the specifics of the medical procedures There is a good variety and all the situations and emotions are extremely believable 4.8 5 star.

    28. Please read thisThis brief glimpse into the world of a doctor is mesmerizing and heart wrenching A reminder to us all that doctors are humans too, and they bear the burden of the lives of others And that life and death don t have to be terrible, there s meaning in so many things I don t really know what else to say This book is just really good.

    29. I was very disappointment with the book As a former Emergency Department R.N reaction to trauma is unlike the nurses and doctors I worked with The description of infants that die was cold The last chapter was a total fabrication.

    30. Excellent readThis book is beautifully written Touching and in places heartbreaking I had to put it down 3 times to stop crying I could NEVER be an ER doctor and the stories in this book are why My heart goes out to the author he is a strong man.

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