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Speaking with Strangers By Mary Cantwell,

  • Title: Speaking with Strangers
  • Author: Mary Cantwell
  • ISBN: 9780140283600
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the author of American Girl and Manhattan When I Was Young comes a searingly honest portrait of single motherhood, loneliness, and finding one s way home.
    Speaking with Strangers From the author of American Girl and Manhattan When I Was Young comes a searingly honest portrait of single motherhood loneliness and finding one s way home

    One thought on “Speaking with Strangers”

    1. It is amazing what one will come across at Half Price Books Inspiration is hidden among titles and authors unknown to me, waiting to be randomly selected this book is small, but may be the heaviest, most honest memoir I have ever encountered Besides inspiration, the author afforded a mirror into my own soul what can one ask for

    2. I was awed by the amount of self absorption and egotism that Mary Cantwell had I read on hoping that I would learn something from this book, but I didn t.

    3. Had difficulty concentrating due to extreme annoyance at The Balding Man, who internet tells me was James Dickey, for his supreme douchiness I silently scolded Mary Cantwell as well for putting up with him, but her high tolerance for bullshit does make sense to me, having read her previous two memoirs.

    4. When I was a young teenager, I read the magazines that Mary Cantwell edited and wrote for Glamour, Mademoiselle, Seventeen, etc I thought she must be a glamourous mademoiselle indeed Studying magazines was a way for a pre teen in the 1960s to look inside the career culture now displayed on Mad Men and other retro tv programs and films.This memoir offers a view of a serially insecure and conflicted woman who depends on a spouse they divorce , a famous Southern rustic author lover he dies , and he [...]

    5. Ah Mary, we hardly knew ye This third part of her trilogy of memories is focused on the travels in her life Travels and travails It is a tribute to the art of writing that a person who chronicles her remote nature reveals her most private, inner thoughts and motivations through it.The last chapter, Nine, is to be re read, re read, and treasured Did Mary Cantwell know that her life transcribed reads like a progression of history She touches on feminism, the unraveling of polite society in the 60s [...]

    6. This book reads very easily I started it this afternoon and didn t put it down until I d finished I didn t give it a higher rating because while the writing is excellent I had no sense that the author had really grown from all her experiences The book left me troubled by some of her relationships about how well equipped her older daughter will turn out to be about the self she feels she has come to be.

    7. The photo of Mary Cantwell on the dust jacket says it all she looks grim, angry, and humorless just like this memoir.

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