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Demon from the Dark By Kresley Cole Robert Petkoff,

  • Title: Demon from the Dark
  • Author: Kresley Cole Robert Petkoff
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • From New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole comes this scorching tale of a demon outcast poisoned with vampire blood and the vulnerable young witch he vows to protect, even from himself.A DANGEROUS DEMON SHE CAN T RESIST .Malkom Slaine tormented by his sordid past and racked by vampiric hungers, he s pushed to the brink by the green eyed beauty under his guardFrom New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole comes this scorching tale of a demon outcast poisoned with vampire blood and the vulnerable young witch he vows to protect, even from himself.A DANGEROUS DEMON SHE CAN T RESIST .Malkom Slaine tormented by his sordid past and racked by vampiric hungers, he s pushed to the brink by the green eyed beauty under his guard.A MADDENING WITCH HE ACHES TO CLAIM .Carrow Graie hiding her own sorrows, she lives only for the next party or prank Until she meets a tortured warrior worth savingAPPED TOGETHER IN A SAVAGE PRISON .In order for Malkom and Carrow to survive, he must unleash both the demon and vampire inside him When Malkom becomes the nightmare his own people feared, will he lose the woman he craves body and soul
    Demon from the Dark From New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole comes this scorching tale of a demon outcast poisoned with vampire blood and the vulnerable young witch he vows to protect even from himself A DANG

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    1. Huge 5 starsFull review now postedWow Wow Wow To say I love Demon from the Dark is an understatement I adore everything about this powerfully written book With out a doubt, Demon from the Dark has become my favorite book in the series, and suffice it to say, it was mostly due to the wait for it romance Yep, I ate my words big time when I said in last book s review that I had become mostly ambivalent to the romance element in this series Demon from the Dark has everything I love in a good paranor [...]

    2. This was full when I left Demon, did you eat some of my toothpaste Demon from the Dark is one of my favorite books from the Immortals After Dark series This book starts off strongly with the sudden attraction between Malkom and Carrow Malkom is barbaric because he has been isolated for very long time until he finds his wicked little woman He was stigmatized as an abomination At first, their passion burns so fiercely my heart beat fast from those scenes they re togeter and while Malkom is blatant [...]

    3. Wow This series keeps getting better Kresley Cole keeps the Immortals After Dark series fresh with an action packed adventure involving a witch and her mate, a vemon a demon, turned into a vampire Malkom SlaineMalkom has lived a life full of rejection and disappointments His life was a suicide just waiting to happen His father left him to be raised by his prostitute mother Prostitute mom then sold him off to be a blood slave, boy toy for a sick, perverted, vampire that liked to share Malkom with [...]

    4. Malkom Slaine, vemon or scarba demonic vampire and Carrow Graie, witchWhen he caressed her there, she quivered against his fingers He gazed up at her Kiss Oh, yes kiss This book has lots of bitings secrets and betrayals love and growth forgiveness, family and belonging bad bad humans and unbearable torturing so many stories that run in parallel

    5. Disclaimer I am in gushing mode, which means I have lots of clunky metaphors and a bit of unwise hyperbole Don t hold it against this book or its author It s all me I make no apologies for my deep love of this series It rocks This series is premium when it comes to paranormal romance Hands down With Demon from the Dark, I felt that intense love grow like a rose bush on Miracle Gro fertilizer Ms Cole has written a flawless book here She wrote a hot, hot romance with two characters that I loved, f [...]

    6. Loved it loved it LOVED IT One of the best books in the whole IAD series and I know I say that all the time, because I love most of the books in the series But something about this one really appealed to me, and I m guessing that 75% of it is because I really fell for the hero, the hunk a licious vemon part demon, part vampire Malkom Slaine Ahh, what a tortured hero he wasmpathetic, lonely, proud, humiliated, protective, possessive, innocent in many ways, down on himselfd so in need of a friend, [...]

    7. Demon from the Dark is the tenth book in the immense popular Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole The series is popular for good reason the combination of snarky heroines and brooding heroes makes for great entertainment The stories are always engaging, funny and sizzling Despite the premise in all the books being the same boy and girl realize they are fated mates and have to deal with that the hard and sexy way the stories don t feel repetitive Cole usually manages to give a new twist to [...]

    8. 4.5 StarsI loved this slightly darker tale in the IAD series Malkom and Carrow are one of my favorite couples in the entire series and their story should not be missed I have to say that I have a new affinity for love stories where the H h speak different languages and have to learn to communicate with one another Malkom is so complex he has an excruciatingly painful background and was turned partly into the thing he hated the most He has been alone for so long I think he has forgotten how to ev [...]

    9. With each book in this series, I find a new favorite This story is no exception I loved all the emotions of this tale Even with limited verbal communication between the two characters for most of the book, you got so much out of their interaction I love how Kresley Cole can take a vemon and a witch and make them so human that you ache when they ache and cry with happiness when they finally get their HEA A love story is a love story, right And KC does them so well with just the right amount of he [...]

    10. SPOILERS WILL BE PRESENT At the end of Pleasure of a Dark Prince, we saw three separate epilogues where several creatures from the Lore were captured one of whom was Carrow the Incarcerated Which brings us to Demon from the Dark.Carrow is put in a cell with Lanthe remember her Sabine s sistere one who creates portals and a 7 yr old witch named Ruby Ruby s mom was Carrow s cousin and coven mate Amanda, and the Order has just killed her So Carrow stepped up to the plate and adopted Ruby Unfortunat [...]

    11. SpoilersMy God This Book was so Damn Good I was Hurting with the characters, feeling the pain and helplessness I was on a emotional rollercoaster the whole book I loved Malkom, Carrow, and ruby so much the family unite was too cute Malkom He is the super sexy, tormented, abused, betrayed,lonely,harden fighter that doesn t trust, but He is also vulnerable, noble, and protective He was so sweet and such a hero My heart broke and longed for him I am defeated, female Naked, he dropped to his knees b [...]

    12. Waitress Here s your demon brew We just got an entire shipment of the stuff, so you ll be good for the night Me Thanks You can keep those coming I have my eye on a Vemon and I m not quite sure if I m to the vein donation stage So demon brew will have to do Waitress Which vemon We don t get many of those around here Me The loner He s got a caveman vibe going on He might be the one Waitress You said that about the last one And the one before that.Me glaring Your memory is failing you.Waitress Your [...]

    13. Reviewed by Rabid Reads.I ve been on the hunt for Lykae ever since Lachlain MacRieve, although I must admit that Kresley Cole s vampires, demons, Valkyrie and witches have tested my loyalties a few times This latest installment sure did push me to my limits, and Malkom was primarily to blame for that His wounds were so fresh that I could smell the blood, and all I wanted to do was to play nurse, and kiss all of his ouchies Plus, he s a Vemon, and who doesn t love two hunky supes for the price o [...]

    14. Demon from the Dark is one of my favourites of the IAD series I absolutely love Carrow She s spunky, sexy, and downright hilarious She is definitely one of my favourite heroines from the series.To be honest, I was worried to find out who she would be paired with because she has such charisma and a zest for life I needed to make sure she got the HEA she deserves And after reading Demon from the Dark, I think Malkom definitely fits the bill Malkom Slaine is a vemon, a rare vampiric demon How cool [...]

    15. This latest book in the IAD series was AMAZING I love the witchesey re absolutely hillarious.d the hero in this bookMalkom.I LOVED he was sooo sweet ere were so many similarities, for me, to JR Ward s character, Zsadist, who happens to be my fav BDB characterI won t go into any details, since anyone reading it will know what i m talking about This book had it ALLeverything that makes a Kresley Cole book so GREAT a TON of action adventureedy mance sexual tensiond great SEX e doesn t disappoint I [...]

    16. Re Review , I WAS WRONG, THIS IS SOOO FIVE STARSI really really liked this book The couple is great and so very primal Their fated love in the beginning showed the essence of natural chemistry as crutches like language were not given to them They truly fought for each other Malkom had a hard time trusting Carrow, rightfully so, and she stuck by him like the ride or die chick she is Not to mention there is a sweet wee little bundle of a girl that makes this whole book heartwarming to the end I re [...]

    17. I return for dramas on the Island Of Immortals, Monsters and Evil Humans This time the book takes us to the nameless Island where the evil Order kept the immortals and monsters of the Lore prisoners and did evil experiments on them Carrow, a young fun loving witch is among the prisoners, when the Order blackmailed Carrow with the life of her seven years old cousin, she had to agree to go to a terrifying hell plane to lurk a powerful demon and capture him so the Order could do evil experiments o [...]

    18. 4.5 starsLOVED LOVED LOVED this So glad i ended my 2016 book challenge with this fantastic paranormal read What a way to end my year Carrow, a beautiful, sassy witch has to lure Malkom, a 400 year old vemon vampire demon to a designated place and in that time she begins to love this grossly misunderstood, bad tempered male What starts off as a mutual attraction and understanding ends with the utmost betrayal and Carrow has to find her way to burrow back into Malkolm s heart I LOVED this demon De [...]

    19. 4 estrellas bien merecidas.Reconozco que no me ha gustado tanto como el libro anterior, pero sin lugar a dudas la serie solo va cada vez interes ndome m s y m s, sobre todo ahora que parece que la Ascensi n est cerca y hay un mont n de bandos y problemas que hay que resolver.En esta ocasi n la historia trata de dos personajes que apenas han aparecido en libros anteriores, sobre todo Malkom, quien ha sido un completo hallazgo.Tras las desapariciones misteriosas y el despertar de algo maligno que [...]

    20. Loved this one, with a heroine who didn t irritate me at all miracles exist Non stop action, with one of the best heroes in the series He and the H h love story makes this story a favorite GENRE TONE Paranormal Action FULL SCENES Several, steamy, FM HERO A Rogue and a Loner, formerly a respected warrior and now an outlaw, vampire demon hybrid, betrayed in the past Strong, ruthless and a virgin With heroine passionate, very protective HEROINE Spontaneous, loyal, brave I liked her LOVE STORY PLOT [...]

    21. Reread Review September 24, 20175 Barbarian Vemon Stars LOVED, LOVED, LOVED I am so happy I still love theses stories I still absolutely adore Malcolm So broken, so fierce, so protective, so swoony Le sigh I m enjoying rereading this series so much On to Regan and Aiden Happy reading Original Review May 28, 2013My favorite IAD book so far Malkolm has become my favorite IAD male So sweet and vulnerable yet barbaric and fierce He reminds me of Zadist from the BDB series or even Zane from the Scang [...]

    22. My favorite of the series so far I loved all the sexual tension brought on by the language barriers between Malkom and Carrow I loved how barbaric and uncivilized Malkom was It was so cute how he discovered new things and wanted to court Carrow He might just be my favorite hero of the series although he is in a tight race with Conrad Also, I really enjoyed the plot this time I was a bit bored with the last few books It was really funnyd emotional, too Moving on to the next book now.

    23. Demons, vampires, witches, and other paranormal creatures I love checkheart racing action checksexual tension checkromance notice I put the sexual tension first checka bit of horror checkhumor witty humor even checksex checktortured hero oh yeah, I mean checkThe perfect paranormal romance Update I never thought I d put the 10th book in a series on my Best Book of 2010 list but this book dserves it

    24. I love the world that Kresley Cole has created in her Immortals After Dark Series The world of Lore filled with fey, werewolves, ghosts, demons, women strong, tortured and violent as the men with witty, pop culture dialogue and incredibly hot smoking steaming scenes She takes us through vivid journeys that even though your sane brain tells you no not possible e impossible become possible Demon from the Dark is one of the most touching and poignant stories I have read in the series so far The Ord [...]

    25. ETA Re read Drank this down in an afternoon Loved it, though I wish Carrow and Malkom could have had alone time Kresley Cole is one of my favorite authors today So far she has not hit a sour note for me So it s no surprise to me that I loved this book, but it did surprise me how MUCH I loved it.I should start by saying that the House of Witches aren t my favorite Loreans I get a little miffed every time there s a non valkyrie heroine So my excitement for this book Not nearly as much as it was f [...]

    26. I just changed my rating from a 3 star to a 4 star The extra point is for Malkom He is such a strong character His life was no fairy tale, but he continued on, even tho it was very difficult Malkom Slaine demon vampire vemon Very dangerous hybrid He lives in a different realm called Oblivion It is a very harsh world The men have horns, get piercings on their bodies, and adorn their skin with tattoos Carrow Graie witch and mercenary Her Coven is stationed in New Orleans Carrow is sent to Oblivion [...]

    27. At the end of Pleasure of a Dark Prince, Carrow the Incarcerated is kidnapped along with Loreans of almost every other faction Demon from the Dark comes back to Carrow s prison While the novel leads with the conversion of Malkom Slaine s conversion to a vemon vampiric demon the story really begins with Carrow s appearance She is told that she will travel to the hell plane Oblivion and bring Malkom to the mortals who run the facility in order for them to do tests on him When she refuses, they bri [...]

    28. Quick review Cover Nice Rating NC 17 Steaminess HOT HOT HOT Thumbs Up 4.5Overall One of the best in the seriesCharacters Well WrittenPlot Betrayal at the highest costPage Turner Yes Series Cont Yes Recommend YesBook Boyfriend MalkomSUMMARY 50 words or less This has to be my next favorite story next to Bowen s Finally we break the mold from all the other stories in the series told recently I love a broken man and Malkom is that man This story had angst and betrayal Love love, love it.For a full r [...]

    29. Wow Great entry into the series The hero was very tortured and primal but he is also endearing It was an exciting fast paced story

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