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Primal Instinct By Tara Wyatt,

  • Title: Primal Instinct
  • Author: Tara Wyatt
  • ISBN: 9781455590285
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
  • ROCK YOU ALL NIGHT LONGThe first time he lays eyes on Taylor Ross in a bar, Colt Priestley does something few men would dare to do He approaches the world famous singer, shamelessly flirts with her, and gives her a night in his bed that neither of them will soon forget.When Taylor s record label hires a bodyguard to keep tabs on the out of control rocker, she s less thanROCK YOU ALL NIGHT LONGThe first time he lays eyes on Taylor Ross in a bar, Colt Priestley does something few men would dare to do He approaches the world famous singer, shamelessly flirts with her, and gives her a night in his bed that neither of them will soon forget.When Taylor s record label hires a bodyguard to keep tabs on the out of control rocker, she s less than thrilled to find it s her off the charts one night stand who shows up for the job She s terrified of letting herself fall for the damaged ex Army Ranger, and she s determined to push him away Yet every moment they re together simmers with tension As the danger from an obsessed stalker mounts, Taylor and Colt are tempted to cross that line again baring their hearts and souls as well as their bodies and there s no telling how hot this song will get If you love tough guys with a side of sweet, strong heroines with a hint of wild, and suspense with a spark of humor, this is definitely the book for you Tara Wyatt has created a swoonworthy bodyguard series with primal passion, unexpected twists, and surprising laughs New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti
    Primal Instinct ROCK YOU ALL NIGHT LONGThe first time he lays eyes on Taylor Ross in a bar Colt Priestley does something few men would dare to do He approaches the world famous singer shamelessly flirts with her a

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    1. Reading a book by a first time author is a bit of a crap shoot You are never really sure if their first book will be a hit or miss Tara Wyatt s first book, Necessary Risk, was amazing Then you re faced with another issue if the first time author s first book is great, then was it a fluke Will all subsequent books be just as good It s a difficult decision to make but not if you re reading Tara Wyatt Once again, she put a spectacular book out there and it makes me wish for the 3rd in the series ev [...]

    2. Book two in this bodyguard series, I didn t enjoy the suspense part as much but the romance worked well for me.Taylor has had a hit record that made her a very big music star But now she is in a rut trying to find that creative juice to make another record under the pressure of a deadline She also had a tiny incident on a plane, that involved joining the mile high club, getting caught, and having a complete meltdown, all caught on camera for all the public to see Ooops Her label isn t thrilled w [...]

    3. Read an early version Would give this six stars if I could A funny, sexy page turner that kept me up way past my bedtime.

    4. When the highlights threaten to take over the whole book I know the story was fan freakin tastic From the first moment these two met, sparks and emotions and everything good ignited, starting a slow, fast burn How can it be slow and fast at the same time Well, time wise things happen very quickly between Taylor Ross and Colt Priestley but it felt like a slow simmer Like a speed ball gathering everything good about love in its wake genuine caring, overwhelming lust, sizzling passion and balls to [...]

    5. This is my first book by Wyatt and I m happy to say it won t be last It was sexy, funny and a page turner from the moment I started it I didn t want to stop reading it and I was so glad I decided to read it on the weekend Since I didn t read the first book in the series I was very glad that I wasn t lost with the characters I m glad I met the characters in this book first though because it made sure to mark want to read for the first book especially if it s anything like this one Colt was fired [...]

    6. Ladies and gentlemen, I have found a new favorite author Seriously, when I first read the blurb for PRIMAL INSTINCT, I was pretty excited Bodyguard romances are sort of my jam, and I was eager to find one to sweep me away Well, let me tell you this book did all of that and I loved every high energy page I loved Taylor Ross as the heroine She s spunky and sassy and is kind of a reformed bad girl, which totally worked in her favor I loved seeing her inner struggle as she tries to make sense of he [...]

    7. Holy crap, did I love this book Alpha, protective hottie, a twisty turny plot, and some seriously fantastic sex like, toe curling You guys won t want to miss this book Definitely a new favorite of mine.

    8. Received in exchange for a honest review.Holy batcave this was fastpaced and smoking these two steam the kindle and it takes days to cool down Taylor and Colt are awesome characters I love how colt tries to protect her to the point of being a total and complete doof.Neither character is perfect and I think this is what makes it better they are flawed Taylor her judgement is skewed and she has a broken heart Her muse for music is missing and she is closing off her heart She isn t feeling passion [...]

    9. 4.5 Stars I enjoyed Necessary Risk and thought it was a great debut, but Ms Wyatt does even better with Primal Instinct She amps up the passion, suspense and humor in this second installment of the series and I just want to get my hands on the next right now PS this book should come with an NSFW label because of the heat factor.Taylor Ross isn t having the best of times lately Heartbroken from being dumped by the man she was falling for, her escapades have become tabloid fodder and in a last cha [...]

    10. He wanted to keep her He knew he couldn t, but he wanted to What a wonderful book this was She liked how she felt around him, both in the wanting to shove him onto a bed and have her way with him way, and the other way The can t stop writing songs about him way Taylor Ross is my kind of heroine She s tough but also so vulnerable She s never been loved or appreciated for herself and she was so heartbroken after being rejected by Zack who she took a risk on, and instead got burned She s struggling [...]

    11. Colt Priestley is a dirty talking alpha man who has had a rough past He is working independent contracts being he was fired from the bodyguard service he worked for He heads to the bar one night to just forget himself in a one night stand Little did he know that one night stand would be with Taylor Instantly, he realizes there is some sort of connection and this will not be the first or last time he sleeps with her Taylor Ross is a reformed bad girl with a sassy attitude which works well for her [...]

    12. Holy crap This was such a fun read The pranks Colt and his bossy ways And Taylor, a sympathetic main character I bonded to almost immediately.Colt, a steamy, sexy, alpha bodyguard has a one night stand with Taylor, a singer who s struggling to move on after the breakup of a serious relationship as well as put out a new album When Colt is hired to protect her, sparks fly Taylor picks up a stalker, and they fall for each other while Colt protects her The story had just the right balance of suspens [...]

    13. Originally posted on Adria s Romance Reviews A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review.Well hello sexy bodyguard romance Okay so basically after ex Army Ranger and current bodyguard for hire Colt Priestley sees wild child musician Taylor Ross in a bar the two flirt, then get hot and heavy for one night because you know, neither one is in a position to offer Then Taylor s record label hires a bodyguard to keep her in line and guess what I [...]

    14. Taylor Ross knows she s on a mission that isn t going to end well, but after having her heartbroken, and a lingering past that always finds a way to haunt her she can t help but to fall into the bottle and let it take over It numbs the pain and helps her forget for just a little while, but it also causes her to make very poor choices, choices that now have her record label worried and ready to intervene They are demanding she have a bodyguard to help keep her out of trouble, and help her get her [...]

    15. Primal Instinct, the latest from Tara Wyatt s Bodyguard series, is bursting with rich characterizations, suspense, action, and steamy romance There s a lot to like about this book.The characters are fantastic Wyatt gives them such depth that the reader can t help but experience their growth with them Both Taylor Ross, the slightly out of control rock star, and Colt Priestly, the damaged war veteran, suffered through traumatic childhoods that have shaped their adult lives Taylor grew up with an a [...]

    16. Copy received via Netgalley for an honest reviewFemale singer CheckStalker Check Family issues CheckBodyguard CheckCue Whitney Houston singing I Will Always Love You as this book has the vibe of The Bodyguard Primal Instinct is a fun, suspenseful sexy read that I enjoyed from the first word to the last Taylor and Colt were just meant to be From their steamy hot beginning to finding their way to a relationship, they kept you on your toes The pranks, the heartfelt tales of their pasts, the smoulde [...]

    17. I haven t read the first book in this series but I don t think you need to as this book was it s own story.The author did a great job on keeping you hooked from the beginning and sticking to the plot So much happens in this story that you just don t want to stop reading Taylor Ross knows what it s like to be famous as she has been a singer for years but now after 10 years she can t seem to find the words to new songs She s tried everything that she can to come up with new music with her broken h [...]

    18. This is book 2 in the Bodyguard series and if you haven t read Necessary Risk book 1 , you should go read it It was amazing, as is this book Tara Wyatt has quickly become one of my go to authors Taylor Ross is a singer songwriter and has hit a dry spell as far as writing It could be because she broke up and had her heart crushed by her former bodyguard, Zack, that she fell head over heels in love with She was on a plane and after just meeting a guy at the airport, she joins the mile high club wi [...]

    19. A complimentary copy of this read was furnished by NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review Colt Priestly wasn t on the job when he decided to rescue a damsel in distress In fact he hasn t been able to work the job he wanted since being released from Virtus, California s top security firm over a misunderstanding It was a bonus that the damsel was the gorgeous and outrageous Taylor Ross It was a bigger bonus that she soothed him though she made him break his cardinal rule A broken heart set o [...]

    20. See reviews at alwaysbooking.wordpressThis is my first Tara Wyatt book and I was so pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it If you love romance books full of angst, mystery, steam, and swoon worthy moments than this one is definitely for you When I mention steam, I mean this is definitively a steamy book so you are forewarned right now it in no way is over done of detracts from the story Ok where to begin .This book follows two main characters Colt and Taylor Primal Instinct goes from b [...]

    21. I was both excited and nervous about reading Primal Instinct I love trying new authors but I really hate read a series out of order I ve gotten better about it but I m still not comfortable with it In factI will let you in on a deep, dark secret of mine Even if I love the series I won t go back and read the prior books I just can t do it Oh well, enough about that Now on to Primal Instinct Tara Wyatt is a new author to me, one that I really like I found Primal Instinct to be funny, well written, [...]

    22. ARC provided by Publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review So, you guys may not know this, but I love and crave a good Bodyguard romance Like one thousand percent love and crave them And when I find a good one I devour every single word of it and then search out by that author such is the case with Primal Instinct, book two in Tara Wyatt s Bodyguard series with Grand Central Publishing s Forever imprint I missed the release of the first book, but I can promise you, I will be rectifying [...]

    23. When Colt and Taylor hook up for a one night stand, neither would have guessed what would happen between them Taylor is hurting, still getting over heartbreak and upset with the direction her life s been going in, so to say she s upset to be saddled with what she thinks are unnecessary bodyguards is putting it mildly , when she finds that one of those bodyguards is the man she spent a wonderful night with, things get a little than complicated What Taylor and Colt quickly realize is that she s g [...]

    24. Fun rocker bodyguard romantic suspense Taylor Ross is a rocker on a downward spiral A broken heart leads to some bad choices When the record label hires a bodyguard to keep tabs on the out of control rocker, she s less than thrilled to find it s her off the charts one night stand who shows up for the job Colt Priestley has issues He has survivors guilt and PTSD He is a born protector and when the chance comes for him to guard the one night stand he can t forget well he is on it The heat between [...]

    25. When bodyguard Colt Priestly s memorable and scorching one night stand turns out to be his next assignment sparks fly as emotional walls get torn down and a life times worth of baggage starts to get flung around Rock sensation Taylor Ross digs in and battles her hearts urges when she meets the man who represents all that she could ask for in the perfect mate As these characters overcame past labels to show their true selves accompanied by a great suspense subplot this story flew by With no short [...]

    26. What a great book, exciting, sexy, funny, sassy page tuner I didn t read the first book in this series but didn t find I was lost reading this 2nd book Ms Wyatt wrote a wonderful book and will be adding her to my TBR list.Colt is a bodyguard who had a one night stand with Taylor, but when he is hired to be her bodyguard electricity sparks between the two.Taylor is a rock star struggling with her career, but when Colt becomes her bodyguard she trys to keep her hands off but that doesn t seem to b [...]

    27. Colt could be a real sweet guy, until we figure out what s going on, I don t want you out of my sight He held her away from him and met her eyes And once we figure it out, I still won t want you out of my sight I loved Colt he was a great guy, strong, caring, sexy, alpha, bossy he had it all I enjoyed this book.

    28. This review is based on an ARC provided by the author and or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.4.5Holy hot sex batman This story was awesome, full of bad guys and dangerous stalkers, f d up childhoods and PTSD My best wishes go to the author, she has a bright future ahead of her.

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