Torn By Cynthia Eden,

  • Title: Torn
  • Author: Cynthia Eden
  • ISBN: 9780062437464
  • Page: 411
  • Format: ebook
  • In New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden s latest novel featuring the Last Option Search Team LOST , one agent s investigation entices a killer into making her his preyRTNERS FRIENDS .Forensic anthropologist Victoria Palmer has always been better with the dead than the living Shutting down her emotions, she lets few people in But then Victoria s laIn New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden s latest novel featuring the Last Option Search Team LOST , one agent s investigation entices a killer into making her his preyRTNERS FRIENDS .Forensic anthropologist Victoria Palmer has always been better with the dead than the living Shutting down her emotions, she lets few people in But then Victoria s latest investigation takes her and agent Wade Monroe to Savannah, Georgia Handsome, dangerous, and than ready to play dirty on any case, Wade weakens Victoria s aloofness with just one glance LOVERSWade knows their recent cases have pushed Victoria beyond her limits But her skills are crucial to finding a college student who went missing five years ago Victoria is able to determine she was murdered, and that the killer is still on the loose.And when the vicious murderer targets Victoria, Wade must do everything in his power to protect her because he refuses to let a woman he loves be torn from him again.
    Torn In New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden s latest novel featuring the Last Option Search Team LOST one agent s investigation entices a killer into making her his preyRTNERS FRIENDS Forensi

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    1. NOW LIVE US UK Barnes Noble The second I got this on my Kindle I had to start reading The LOST series quickly became one of my favorites from Cynthia Eden and Torn is just another reason why This book was captivatingly suspenseful and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time reading When Dr Victoria Palmer was abducted during an investigation, to her, it was just another bad thing to happen in her life Her childhood hadn t been a happy one, and now that she s older she still never expects t [...]

    2. Another solid book in the LOST series Totally gripping and very well done Torn is not only a hot and steamy romance but also a twisted, psychological thriller that will mess with your heart as well as your head As the story progressed I was fighting myself not to flip to the back of the book to know who was the vicious perpetror Trust me, it took all my strenght to held myself back and to let the plot play out, adding great tension that kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through and maki [...]

    3. 4.5 StarsVictoria Palmer, the LOST team s forensic anthropologist is still on edge after being assaulted and left for dead by the killer they took down in New Orleans those events took place in book two, Twisted , but there s to why Victoria won t let anyone close She has a dark past, everyone knows her father was accused of murdering her mother, but there s to that story Victoria doesn t plan on sharing with anyone even if it does haunt her to this day After almost losing Victoria to a madman [...]

    4. Not a review but OMG do we really have to wait until May for Wade and Victoria s story What have we done to deserve this cries

    5. He d promised her no ties No strings.He d lied.He wanted her bound just as tightly as he was One way or another, that would be happening.Another fantastic book to an amazing series No one writes romantic suspense better than Cynthia Eden.Victoria Palmer understand the dead better than anyone It s the living that she has a hard time handling She keeps all her emotions, her secrets hidden deep inside, not letting anyone close to her But she finds it so difficult to keep her co worker Wade Monroe o [...]

    6. Torn reminds me of Criminal Minds, but so much better Cynthia Eden one upped the T.V show by adding a steamy romance between the two main characters And instead of profiling serial killers, the LOST team investigate and try to find people who have vanished I have only three regrets after reading Torn, and that s that I haven t read the first three books in the Lost series I will be correcting that very soon Torn is an awesome story and the characters, Victoria and Wade, are deliciously swoon wor [...]

    7. Originally posted at SmexyBooks smexybooks 2016 05 review Torn is the fourth installment into Eden s dark and gritty romantic suspense series LOST Even though I have not read the first three in the series, I had no problems diving right into the story and was completely pulled in by the heavy atmospheric mystery and romance that Eden develops The story is easy to follow as Eden flashes back to earlier events in order for us to understand the dynamics of the group and chemistry playing out betwee [...]

    8. This review was originally posted on Cocktails and BooksThis is a well written, fast paced, story filled with suspense and romance Victoria Palmer and Wade Monroe work for LOST which stands for The Last Option Search Team LOST searches for missing people when everyone else has given up trying to find them The story begins when Victoria and Wade are assigned to work on a case of a missing woman As they work on the case they discover they are dealing with a serial killer who is twisted and sadisti [...]

    9. Torn is the fourth book in the LOST series and tells the story of Victoria and Wade, of the team members Victoria and Wade are partners but in the last book, Shattered, we saw them come closer In Torn the chemistry between them explodes Victoria may be an intelligent, brilliant woman but she is a woman with secrets and she cannot allow anyone to know them To keep her secrets hidden, Victoria keeps everyone at distance, even her friends at LOST but Wade has had enough After almost losing her in S [...]

    10. Another fantastic book is this series It s rare to find a good book that s equal parts suspense and romance, but Cynthia Eden keeps writing masterpieces Her books are the perfect mix of intense love stories and enthralling investigations I can t wait for Taken

    11. Review originally published on Ammie s Book ObsessionBOOK RATINGCOVER RATINGWow wow wow I am so in love with this series I loved the third book Shattered and Torn is equally amazing but my love for Shattered overtakes my love for Torn but Still, I loved Torn, just a bit less than Shattered.This book had my heart pounding so hard It consumed me entirely I was just so sucked into the story and I think I still am I just loved everything about this book, especially Victoria and Wade but all in all, [...]

    12. With this one, like the last one, I enjoyed the characters and the development of their relationship, but I felt the story the murder mystery wasn t really up to par It felt like a cheat, and the I think about it, the less sense it makes almost like Eden grabbed something out of left field so that it couldn t be guessed, for the big finale Frankly, I prefer well constructed murder mystery That makes me particularly disappointed, because the earlier books in this series were great, detailed, wel [...]

    13. Review posted on Got Fiction Wade and Victoria work together at LOST Last Option Search Team and we ve watched them sort of dance around each other in the past few books In this book we see just how hot these two can burn.A book or two ago, Victoria was kidnapped and held by a sadistic killer She still hasn t fully recovered, not emotionally anyway But she s determined to just ignore it and carry on because her life hasn t really been roses, and that s just how she deals.Wade, for his part, has [...]

    14. I loved how this author was able to keep me guessing and wavering between who I thought the killer was, every time I ve decided on who I think it is she drops another crumb that has me second guessing I also really enjoyed watching Wade and Viki fall for each other in the midst of all the danger.Even though there were things that didn t fully add up I found this to be an enjoyable and I ll definitely be reading the next book in the series.

    15. Torn is book 4 in the LOST series by Cynthia Eden and brings us back to the Last Option Search Team and the cases that keep them busy Victoria experienced a trauma in the form of an attack in a previous book She is still struggling with the PTSD from that event coupled with her natural affinity to avoid the living, preferring instead to stick with the dead As a forensic anthropologist, Victoria is called upon to examine bodies found in relation to cases However, Gabe, her boss, is sending her an [...]

    16. Torn is another solid entry in the LOST series Victoria Palmer s job at LOST is as a forensic anthropologist, dealing with the dead Victoria considers them safer than the living because the living might break the carefully constructed shield that she has built around herself A past that includes the murder of her mother by her father makes her believe that she could be genetically disposed to be a killer herself causing her to keep everyone at arm s length Wade, who is one of the founding member [...]

    17. 3.75 starsAs always very well written.This one was my less favorite in this series, unfortunately.Suspense was good, but there were so many small and bigger inaccuracies Both MCs behaved as amateurs sometimes e.g lost phone, and why the police didn t protect the victims As to the romance I wasn t fond of it either MCs knew each other for ages and then suddenly he was attracted to her Well, the book was better than average in this genre, so I stop to complain.Up to the next one

    18. ARC REVIEW Fourth book in the Last Option Search Team LOST series by Cynthia Eden Much like the other in the series this book is a dark and intense romance, but for the first time the other members only make a brief cameo instead of significant role of the story Victoria and Wade, it was only a matter of time before these two happened From the first book you could tell Victoria had feelings for Wade but Wade was slow on the uptake it took Victoria almost dying before Wade realized how much she m [...]

    19. One of my favorite series of hers so far has been her Lost series I think it s because of the whole idea of the series I like the fact that they work so hard to find those who others have given up on Not only is this a great series, Eden has a way of writing hero s that make you want to be lost I m thinking you re sitting at Starbucks waiting to be found and them to find you Hot, tough sexy hero s I love them all of course Jax from Shattered is still my favorite Shhn t tell Wade.Not to worry, yo [...]

    20. LOST is a team of private investigators consisted of ex SEALS, ex cops, profilers and such, who all have a common clue, ok two First they are all gorgeous as it seems and secondly, they all have their dirty secrets to carry heavily in their souls from the their past, that is, they all have their issues.So here it goes Victoria and Wade are sent to investigate the loss of a long lost girl who seems she had been abducted five years ago and disappeared ever since As the investigation goes so the re [...]

    21. OMG this series is amazeballs I haven t read a series in a while that they ve all been 5 stars I love Wade and couldn t wait for his story and man it did not disappoint I loved Victoria she was strong and detrimened I can t wait to see what happens next It looks like Asher will get the next book, he was a new character added along with his twin Ana I hope Dace the defective get a book I really liked him Another must read

    22. The MC felt less badass professional than in the other books,but still a good suspense book I think i missed the rest of the team too

    23. Wade and Victoria s story.People have secrets No than those who work at LOST They see the dark depths of human nature from the shrink, to the detective and finally the MD anthropologist Trying to find the missing they see all of the good and bad Victoria has a past but it still affects her today Wade has lost people in his past and won t let it happen again What should be a simple case to ease Victoria back in brings all the ugly to the front of their minds The past will come back to haunt but [...]

    24. 5 Stars, 3 FlamesMonsters can come in all forms And sometimes they hide in plain sight Victoria Palmer can attest to this as she witnessed her father s sins and committing a few of her own Wade Monroe is tired of losing those he cares about and helps his friend create LOST to help find the missing Torn partners up Wade and Victoria that leads an investigation that will push their limits Holy Toledo, Batman Cynthia Eden may be one of the best Romantic Suspense authors around today There are alway [...]

    25. Torn was the bomb I was dragged in from the first page I seriously need to read the rest of this amazing series because Torn was amazing It s like crime fighting with forensics and romance all in one amazingly captivating and well written book.Victoria Palmer is a forensic anthropologist who is comfortable working with the dead After her last time in the field where she was attacked she doesn t want to get back in the field When her boss sends her and Wade Monroe her best friend and somewhat cr [...]

    26. Eden is back with another heart pounding story that takes Lost to a new level Since this is the 4th book in this series we have seen each character fall in love one by one while trying to discover the truth of each mission But in this novel we seen two members of lost fall for one another while killers on the loose Victoria and Wade both have secrets and they don t want them to surface but while on this mission they take there trust to a whole new level While they are in Savannah hunting down le [...]

    27. Cynthia Eden is great with the suspense and the mystery This story had quite the twist in the end that I m upset I didn t see coming Although, I did have some suspicions about the character This was a fast paced read and has some interesting surprises The suspense is well written and keeps the reader guessing As I ve often found with Cynthia Eden, the romance is not as strong as the mystery, at least for me Although, Wade and Victoria have worked together for awhile and Wade has had feelings for [...]

    28. She did it again Each book from this series has something about it The suspense the romance the TWIST holly Fuck the twist, When I started to read I was confident on who it was then you read the killers point of you and it changes who it might be Victoria works great with the dead and figuring out how they died She has a past that affected her so much that she holds back on love Then Wade is partnered with her and he has been in love with her but he sees it in her eyes that her past still affect [...]

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