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Lunch at the Piccadilly By Clyde Edgerton,

  • Title: Lunch at the Piccadilly
  • Author: Clyde Edgerton
  • ISBN: 9780345476784
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • Welcome to the Rosehaven Convalescence Center in beautiful Listre, North Carolina Recuperating after a recent fall, Lil Olive sits on the front porch, chitchatting with and rocking right alongside the regulars There s tiny Maudie Lowe with her cane that seems too tall Beatrice Satterwhite, whose fancy three wheeled walker is a Cadillac among Chevrolets Clara Cochran, wWelcome to the Rosehaven Convalescence Center in beautiful Listre, North Carolina Recuperating after a recent fall, Lil Olive sits on the front porch, chitchatting with and rocking right alongside the regulars There s tiny Maudie Lowe with her cane that seems too tall Beatrice Satterwhite, whose fancy three wheeled walker is a Cadillac among Chevrolets Clara Cochran, who cusses as frequently as she takes a breath and L Ray Flowers, the freelance preacher who strums a mean guitar, and who reveals his dream of forming a national movement to unite churches and nursing homes Nurches of America Keeping a watchful eye on them all is Carl, Lil s middle age bachelor nephew with a heart of gold and the patience of a saint But Lil is restless, eager to get back to her own apartment She wants some adventure And before long, tranquil Rosehaven is turned upside down
    Lunch at the Piccadilly Welcome to the Rosehaven Convalescence Center in beautiful Listre North Carolina Recuperating after a recent fall Lil Olive sits on the front porch chitchatting with and rocking right alongside the

    One thought on “Lunch at the Piccadilly”

    1. Unimaginably bad No story to speak of, flat characters, and a really poor reflection on the types of great personalities that can be found in the South.

    2. I refuse to accept that I am a low brow because I found little to like in this book Yes, it won the Southeast Booksellers Association s Best Book of the Year award in 2003 and yes, it has a Reader s Guide in the back but the plot was virtually non existent The characters seemed like caricatures to me, the dialogue was unremarkable, and the writer s style was pretty ordinary I saw no passages to mark as particularly evocative or poignant and no word choices that struck me as nailing an idea bette [...]

    3. Many baby boomers, especially those of us who are closer to 70 years of age now than we are to 60, are caretakers of our parents Some of those eighty and ninety something year olds live with one of their children and some of them are living in assisted living facilities or in nursing homes Clyde Edgerton s Lunch at the Piccadilly focuses on the group dynamic of life in one of these facilities, the Rosehaven Convalescence Center in little Listre, North Carolina Carl Turnage became a regular at Ro [...]

    4. poignant, if sometimes annoying, story of a 40 year old man who is caring for his elderly aunt, who recently moved to a nursing home after numerous falls Carl, the nephew,was raised by his mother and two aunts and he has cared for each of them in turn as they have approached death He has a nice relationship with his last living relative, Aunt Lil The story revolves around the cast of characters at the nursing home Some of it was sweet I was bored by the crazy sermons given by a preacher recoveri [...]

    5. I love reading Edgerton when I am in North Carolina He is so satircal and witty The descriptions of the lunch counter selections was so perfect Sophie used to love going to a similar cafeteria The KW when it was at our local mall and ordering all those southern delicacies fried chicken, greens, gelatinous desserts, sweet tea.This novel had the usual eccentric characters and an engaging plot line The best part of the novel was the epilogue the lyrics to the songs had me laughing out loud.

    6. This is a great book for old and young alike Old folks can relate to it Young folks gain insight Funny in parts, moving in parts My favorite scene is when Aunt Lil drives around with her legs sticking out the front door

    7. I forgot I had read this a couple of years ago I ve read in reviews that Edgerton has better books, and I mean to get to those, but I found this charming with great characters and dialogue I love the way he writes old people

    8. I love all Clyde Edgerton s books, but particularly Lunch at the Piccadilly Would be so pleased to have books with character like these recommended.Dawn Dayton

    9. I picked up this book at Goodwill, and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it I was not familiar with this author, but evidently he has written a number of books set in the South and featuring senior citizens I thought he was right on the money in his characterizations of some of the types found in retirement homes, based on what I see at the one my mother lives in, in Orlando His secondary characters were also excellent the staff at the home, the caring son mawho visits every week I fo [...]

    10. I would rate this book 2.5 stars The story takes place in North Carolina and involves a young man named Carl, his aunt Lil, and several residents of a nursing home It starts out with Carl letting his elderly aunt drive and knowing he has to tell her that she can t drive any She is in the nursing home after a fall and believes she will be going back home soon which will not be happening Among the residents is L Ray Fowler who is receiving rehab treatment and is a former lay preacher He comes up w [...]

    11. I listened to the CD version of Lunch at the Piccadilly after enjoying the often humorous Walking Across Egypt by Clyde Egerton This book tells the story of life in an assisted living facility and the friendship between its residents, the relationship between an elderly woman and her dear nephew, and of the thoughts of this nephew as he watches his cherished aunt age The conversations are certainly true to life, but I found this story sweetly sad than uplifting I could have done without the exc [...]

    12. Pooey I absolutely loved Edgerton s _Walking Across Egypt_ and had high hopes for this one, but I am struggling to get through it It just isn t very interesting Meanwhile, my Books Completed is going down rapidly, since I am also reading two incredibly long books at the same time I will certainly meet my goal of 150 books this year, but I was really hoping to make it to 200 without reading kids books or comics Whew, that was the longest 300 page book I ve ever read It had some good parts, but wa [...]

    13. I am convinced that all Clyde Edgerton s stories are absolutely without a fault I have now finished my third novel Raney, The Bible Salesman with sadness because I came to the end Every word, every character, every setting is without question right Lunch at the Piccadilly takes you through emotions heartwarming and heartbreaking He Edgerton makes reading a feast for the famished Thank you, Clyde.

    14. This book is set in the south, so had the potential to be interesting but instead was fairly boring A bunch of old folks sittin around talkin The style is disorganized, almost stream of consciousnessy.

    15. The relationship between Carl, a middle age bachelor, and his Aunt Lil is very touching I laughed out loud at some of Aunt Lil s comments The characters in the nursing home are delightful The preacher s sermons are tedious I skipped through most of them.

    16. This was an OK book What made it interesting was the attention to mundane details of life and the human condition, especially later life condition Most of the story takes place at Rosehaven, a nursing home And of course many of the residents die The epilogue is one of the best parts.

    17. Ugh I need to remember to check ratings before I start reading a book and not read it if the average rating is less than 3.5 That rule has proved to be remarkably dependable.

    18. This book is an easy read that had me laughing at times It was enjoyable and would be something to read between heavier, intense books.

    19. Really I give it a 3 1 2 What I enjoyed about this novel were all the funny, quirky many true comments from Aunt Lil, Maudie, Mr Flowers, Beatrice, and Clara The tangents and the out of no where questions kept the topics aging, nursing homes, and loss of independence and functions from being too depressing Some of my favorite moments was the initial driving scene why are my feet outside , stealing the car and wanting to buy a flag for Mr Flower s movement, the escalator, William and Lee, and the [...]

    20. This book was read by my book group a number of years ago when I was still caring for a parent or maybe two I ve forgotten how long ago it was with dementia so I opted to not read it I have my own painful and or cute stories about elderly people and I didn t need Then the library read Walking Across Egypt by Edgerton and that was so good that when I saw this book on display I decided to read it as well Carl visits his aunt in a reasonably nice nursing home She wants to go home, but he can see t [...]

    21. When I first ordered this book from the library I thought it was going to be based in London, England since it s called Lunch at the Piccadilly , so I was in for quite a surprise when I started reading and it was about a nursing home in the southern US Misplaced expectations aside I was surprised by how much I really enjoyed this book I don t have any experience as a caretaker for an older relative so I ve never really thought about the issues and the guilt surrounding that position I think Edge [...]

    22. What a great book A lighthearted, easy going and insightful story of nephew devoted to his aging aunt.Aunt Lil has taken a spill and is recovering in the local rest home Her nephew, Carl, is respectful of his elders and always there to lend a hand He takes Aunt Lil out to lunch with her friends, helps with financial details, and sometimes attempts to talk about tough topics like Aunt Lil giving up her driver s license.Carl, meanwhile, hasn t started his life in some ways He s just now thinking a [...]

    23. This is the first Clyde Edgerton novel I ve ever read and it was quite good Actually, funny, endearing and full of opinionated seniors who live in a Nursing Home.From back cover Welcome to the Rosehaven Convalescence Center in beautiful Listre, North Carolina Recuperating after a recent fall, Lil Olive sits on the front porch, chitchatting with and rocking right alongside the regulars There s tiny Maudie Lowe, with her cane that seems too tall Beatrice Satterwhite, whose fancy three wheeled walk [...]

    24. For anyone reading these, a note I m penning these reviews to help me with my writing what I like, don t like, what stays with me after a read Maybe it will help you too I found this title on a reading list for a writing seminar in Wisconsin that I didn t attend a good place for recommendations This is the story of a middle aged bachelor, Carl, who patiently looks after his Aunt Lil at a convalescent center Aunt Lil wants to go home and not give up driving A side note Lilly and Carl were my pare [...]

    25. My mom is living in the memory unit of a retirement community, and she has stroke related dementia I liked this book because I felt that the conversations and events have occurred at retirement centers everywhere The story is bittersweet, and while I laughed at many incidents, I also teared up several times Whether or not you enjoy this book will depend on your age and your interactions with your own family, especially older members.The story is set in North Carolina, and that is where I was bor [...]

    26. I guess I was a little disappointed I don t really know what I expected, but there was the opportunity for a really funny book about little old ladies and their zany adventures what this turned out to be for me was a rather sad story about a middle aged man without much direction in his life I loved that he was taking care of his favorite aunt, but I found myself wishing he would develope a little backbone I m glad he met the preacherman at the old folks home I think that was a major turning po [...]

    27. This book is a lot better than Walking Across Egypt, but no where near as good as Raney There seems to be 2 ends of Southern writers spectrum One is the sentimental, quirky stories style and the other is the dark, hidden secrets, style think O Connor or Faulkner Edgerton easily is on the sentimental side of the range I wanted to like this book, but all the characters lacked depth and just seemed to be wound up by whatever popped into the author s head For a story that was a composite of the auth [...]

    28. Delightful story The changes in perspective weren t my favorite and I really wish I had seen Darla s reaction to L Ray being thrown out based on her allegations I did like that it was ambiguous as to whether Darla told the staff at the home when the incident actually occurred the reader knows it happened a long time ago, but we don t know if the staff was told that I heard an early draft of this book at a reading with Clyde while he was my professor in my time at UNCW I couldn t believe how much [...]

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