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Microbe By Bill Clem,

  • Title: Microbe
  • Author: Bill Clem
  • ISBN: 9780979580819
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 1947, the U.S Army left behind a secret when they closed Ft Miles, Delaware A threat so deadly, they buried it 1000 feet down in the Atlantic Ocean Now, sixty years later, an oil rig drilling off the coast of Delaware has hit something Within hours, crew members are dying from a mysterious illness that kills unmercifully On the opposite coast, Justin Flannigan, anIn 1947, the U.S Army left behind a secret when they closed Ft Miles, Delaware A threat so deadly, they buried it 1000 feet down in the Atlantic Ocean Now, sixty years later, an oil rig drilling off the coast of Delaware has hit something Within hours, crew members are dying from a mysterious illness that kills unmercifully On the opposite coast, Justin Flannigan, an estranged epidemiologist is visited by the director of the CDC who convinces him to come to Delaware to investigate the bizarre illness But shortly after he begins his investigation, he gets another visit This time from an eccentric old man who claims to know the origin of the deadly contagion, and soon, Justin begins to suspect there is to it than what first appeared It is evolving swiftly, becoming deadly with each passing hour As the illness spreads to the general population, Justin realizes that this one old man may hold the key not only to his survival, but to the survival of the entire planet.
    Microbe In the U S Army left behind a secret when they closed Ft Miles Delaware A threat so deadly they buried it feet down in the Atlantic Ocean Now sixty years later an oil rig drilling off t

    One thought on “Microbe”

    1. This book was poorly written right from the get go It is formatted with short, staccato chapters that are continuously introducing new characters, some of whom aren t even invested in the story I have never read anything that was so void of descriptive narrative I have no idea what anyone looks like except for Chang, who is described as being 2nd generation Chinese American and for some reason, feels the need to point out that he s not a fan of saki Whaaaa or how to picture Delaware landscape Ma [...]

    2. This story was interesting However there were a few things that put me off about this book The writing style was very jumpy Every chapter was a new character Every chapter talked about a different character and it was very difficult to keep the characters straight I would also urge Bill Clem to fire the editor that went over this book as I doubt the editor even read it Perhaps if he had he would have noticed that there were several glaring issues with the prose that a spell checker can t catch F [...]

    3. As I only paid 1.95 for this, I shouldn t grumble To use a coffee analagy I love coffee Microbe is that bottle of no frills coffee you see on the supermarket shelf, the one that looks like coffee, even tastes a bit like coffee, but leaves you unsatisfied and with a sour taste in your mouth.The editor, whoever he or she is, should be slapped The author, whoever he is, really should take an intensive course in characterisation As for the plot, well, I m sure The Simpsons would do it better I think [...]

    4. I WISH THERE WAS SOMETHING LESS THAN ZERO STARSI have never been much of a reviewer but I couldn t wait to write one for this book I LOVE sci fi killer virusetc etc This book should be a crime Compared to the greats like Robin Cook, Michael Crichton and others, this author is like See Dick Run The first part of the book wasn t too bad I wonder if the author let his pre teen kid write the last half It totally lost me when I saw that somehow no one cared enough to see that Colonel and Colonial are [...]

    5. When I read a book on my Kobo, I sometimes wonder if the print version assuming there is one is as poorly written Is it as full of grammar and spelling errors Does the writer change from third person to first person and back again as freely Did they leave out a lot of the story, like the character development, maybe because someone was tired of typing All I can say is, that s what this book was like on my Kobo Not recommended.

    6. This was one of the best thrillers I ve read in a long time The pace was fast and the action palpable The characterization could have been a little better, but the plot was so exciting it didn t matter I would highly recommend this to any thriller lover Also, I have read other books by this author, and had the same enjoyment Try his Immortal or Replica for top notch thrillers.

    7. Killer green slime that comes from the depths of the ocean, someone trying to acquire and control or perhaps control, then acquire it for personal gain, government cover up, an old guy that no one listened to, a guy, a girl it s all there.Often, the writing style was choppy, almost as if it were written for television In some cases, we were left wondering just what the characters in the story were viewing that so horrified them If it were on TV, we would SEE the effects of the slime The basic st [...]

    8. This was really hard to rate for me I went with storyline to get the 3 5 stars I ve never encountered a book with so many errors which could have easily been caught by a proof reader with mediocre reading skills There must have been at least a hundred Everything from spelling mistakes army colonel as colonial , to missing quotation marks, poor grammar although there were very few of this sort , and words and phrases unnecessarily repeated within a sentence I read it in e book format, and I m won [...]

    9. i am another person who got this book free from KoboNot bad but not something I would have picked It had potiental to be awesome some characters had great possiblities of development such as Justin Flannigan or Riordan and other then were kind of stock Melanie prescot or singletona little bit of predictable plot too especially the end was disappointing it was a great idea but poorly down considering the use of stock plot and character

    10. I was distracted by spelling and grammar errors It looked like the spell checker and grammar checker were the editors of this book For example, colonel is spelled correctly in some places and colonial in others So many characters with similar names made it difficult to keep everyone straight People who like to read government conspiracy stories will like this plot.

    11. A truly great read A refreshing change from the jargon filled novels of Robin Cook Plot driven non stop fun.This book was outstanding It hooked me from the start, and never let me go Twists and turns throughout the book kept me hooked I was turning the pages as fast as I could go to see how the story was going to end This is a first class thriller that deserves my recommendation.

    12. interesting idea, somewhat short, read on a Kobo, got it free lots of spelling and context errors in that version, specifically calling main character a Colonial instead of a Colonel while a minor character that was a Colonel was spelled correctly.Story wise, it moved at a good pace, 3 5 page chapter books do normally, disease, military secrets, assassins, hidden agendas, its all there.

    13. I m with Lesley Shockingly poor narrative development and a disturbing number of chapter final sentences ending in multiple slammers.Smells like self publishing gone horribly wrong, but the kernel of a decent story is hiding in there Was much better realized when it was called The Andromeda Strain.

    14. This was not a particularly well written book There s a government hush up about a severely fatal microbe that arrives on earth via a meteorite It gets set loose on the public again by accident during oil drilling and there is a scramble to save the world from certain death Didn t do much for me.

    15. Meh This was one of my kobo freebies Super fast read Author uses the dan brown technique of super short chapters, but us much less successful with it The book relies almost entirely on plot, which is fairly good Unfortunately it lacks character development and editing.

    16. This book was free in my Kobo book of the month club I enjoyed the story, it was an alright science fiction story which kind of reminded me of dean kootz style books.

    17. The story was a little scary because it could be something that could happen and makes you wonder about some of the secrets that the US gov t may have.

    18. This book was horrible It was free, so I figured I d give it a shot I shouldn t have bothered Seriously, this book just confirms to me that anyone can get published Anyone.

    19. Poorly written Characters motivations would change for no given reason Won t be reading anything else by this author.

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