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The Old Maid By Edith Wharton,

  • Title: The Old Maid
  • Author: Edith Wharton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Originally serialized in The Red Book Magazine in 1922, The Old Maid is an examination of class and society as only Edith Wharton could undertake The story follows the life of Tina, a young woman caught between the mother who adopted her the beautiful, upstanding Delia and her true mother, her plain, unmarried aunt Charlotte, who gave Tina up to provide her with a sociaOriginally serialized in The Red Book Magazine in 1922, The Old Maid is an examination of class and society as only Edith Wharton could undertake The story follows the life of Tina, a young woman caught between the mother who adopted her the beautiful, upstanding Delia and her true mother, her plain, unmarried aunt Charlotte, who gave Tina up to provide her with a socially acceptable life The three women live quietly together until Tina s wedding day, when Delia s and Charlotte s hidden jealousies rush to the surface.
    The Old Maid Originally serialized in The Red Book Magazine in The Old Maid is an examination of class and society as only Edith Wharton could undertake The story follows the life of Tina a young woman caug

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    1. A Synopsis A zero sum game is played by two female cousins a young woman is blissfully unaware of her puppet strings.The Rules of the Game In some variants, all players discard after the dealer has drawn The objective of the game is to continue to take cards, discarding pairs, until all players except one have no cards That one player will be left with the lone unmatchable card they are stuck with the old maid and lose A Certain Kind of Style Wharton makes a luscious cake with her words Sly crit [...]

    2. Written March 26, 20154 Stars Classic tidily, thoughtful, touching, and so very beautifully toldA classics 1.95 audiobook Daily Deal on Audible this week An unabridged 2 45 hrs novella wonderfully pleasant narrated by Eleanor Bron The Old Maid is a classic old Edith Wharton 1862 1937 novella first published 1922 A quite melancholic tale about the life and struggles among wealthy women in New York City s fashionable society, and those in the correct and highly regarded big family, the Ralstons, o [...]

    3. Leer a los cl sicos es abrir los ojos a un hecho los problemas que creemos nuevos, modernos o actuales no son m s que la reinvenci n en la forma de los que ya ten an nuestros antepasados Con La solterona Edith Wharton refleja con brillante prosa el conflicto entre lo que quiere una mujer y lo que debe aparentar

    4. Sorted boxes in my attic recently and came across my long missing set of Edith Wharton s Old New York novellas, including this one The binding of the set, published in the early 20 s, is navy, glossy and striated like grosgrain ribbon such a pleasure to the touch I quickly re read this one, my favorite of the series, and was once again blown away The passions, mistakes, choices regretted but not countered all so human, all displayed so powerfully on a backdrop of crystal, lace and stern expectat [...]

    5. 4,5 estrellas Edith Wharton es fant stica describiendo a los personajes, s lo se puede comparar con Oscar Wilde en ese sentido Habla de la clase alta neoyorquina con mucha iron a y este relato, igual que La edad de la inocencia da una muy buena visi n de los prejuicios y valores morales de esta lite Me encanta, adem s, que sea una historia de mujeres totalmente No dejes de leerlo.

    6. En esta novela la autora profundiza en la psicolog a femenina Los convencionalismos sociales se convierten en barrotes que forman una jaula imaginaria en la que intentan moverse con reprimida libertad dos mujeres Las protagonistas nos mostrar n sus sentimientos y la autora nos reflejar la maternidad desde una dolorosa clandestinidad Una historia conmovedora donde la fuerza narrativa recae en la construcci n de unos personajes complejos muy bien perfilados y con una profundidad psicol gica propia [...]

    7. This book far exceeded my expectations Right from the beginning, I was so impressed with the writing It is the story of two women whose lives intertwine and the societal and psychological implications of their choices and decisions Excellent.

    8. One of the best quotes I have ever read She found long ago she could get away with almost anything as long as she didn t stop to explain.

    9. I m running short on time, so I ll make this review short.I ve read two of Edith Wharton s novellas, this book and Ethan Frome I read Ethan Frome first and absolutely detested it I think it might be my least favorite book out of all of the books I ve ever read, and this is for one simple reason The characters you were supposed to dislike were interesting, and the characters you were supposed to like were abominably dull, flat, lifeless, etc.I was very surprised, therefore, to like this book The [...]

    10. La solterona es de esos libros que hay que leer teniendo muy claro el contexto y la situaci n en los que fueron escritos porque en caso contrario, si perdemos esa perspectiva, no podremos terminar de entender la historia que hay detr s.Dicho esto no quiero dejar de se alar que en determinados momentos el libro me record alguna de las historias de Jane Austen y aunque hayan pasado casi 100 a os desde que se escribi sigue teniendo una cierta vigencia.Las convenciones sociales, el qu dir n, juega u [...]

    11. I had seen Bette Davis and Miriam Hopkins in this 1939 adaption of Wharton s The Old Maid, years ago and loved it Over the years of watching classic movies, I have recently just started to read the book based on with relished enjoyment Even though I know the ending and storyline of these stories, it does not stop me from the genius of the author s unadulterated meaning So when I knew next to nothing of Wharton, Bette Davis was the perfect Charlotte and Hopkins was the underhanded cousin Delia In [...]

    12. This is a somewhat convoluted story of wealthier women in Old New York and the nature of the lives they lead It might surprise many people to learn that I have not read any of the Brontes or Austen hasn t everyone I rather imagine that Wharton can be grouped with them Being such a short book helped with the stilted formality of the prose and still permitted me to enjoy its period flavor Likely, a good introduction to Wharton s bigger, major works.

    13. I ve really enjoyed digging into Old New York Wharton style My favorite is probably The House of Mirth, but each of her stories I ve read recently were enjoyable albeit a little depressing some than others.

    14. I liked this book It was the second Edith Wharton book I read It was really great and I own an old first edition copy and it was the only copy I have ever been able to find of it I would like to own an updated copy so I can loan it out SO well written and depressing I loved it

    15. I can t believe I never read this one before It s short and only one of four novellas that Wharton eventually published together as Old New York Four Novellas The Old Maid is simple, but, as with all of Wharton s stories, only superficially Charlotte gives up her child into the custody of her cousin, Delia, so that her daughter s reputation may be preserved Yet, beneath this simple plot is an intricate look at sex, love, and, as always, social customs, particularly restrictions and punishments l [...]

    16. The best part of reading this book was looking up the reviews to realize that so many people went to this page in order to review the card game I don t THINK this novella was the source material for the card games, but meh, who knows Eight reviewers could hardly be wrong, right Instead, the novella is about someone trying to find their way into New York society, not through dishonest means but through sort of sideways means.I am not sure a got a lot our of this one, especially compared to the pr [...]

    17. Interesante propuesta de la autora, que se atreve a cuestionar la supuesta felicidad plena que trae la maternidad a una mujer.Una de las dos protagonistas reflexiona l cidamente sobre si el ejercer de madre y esposa a tiempo completo ha significado para ella la culminaci n de todas sus aspiraciones vitales y concluye admitiendo un resquicio para la duda, lo cual, incluso para nuestra poca, resulta casi subversivo.

    18. This was a very good short story novella As an adoptee whose biological mother was also a family member, I can relate to much of the story line, even though it was set in a historical time period Some things never change, such as the speculation of parentage and conflicted feelings This was my first Edith Wharton story and I would definitely read me The characters were interesting and the story moved along at a good pace.

    19. The Old Maid is quintessential Edith Wharton it takes place in Gilded Age New York City, in the genteel upper crust where human passions are hidden under lace and gilt And despite its length, this novella is a passionate one, focusing on two women whose ordinary, pleasant lives are disrupted by a secret they both share.Delia Ralston has the perfect life a dependable husband, two children, and a lovely expensive home But then her cousin Charlotte newly engaged to Delia s cousin in law bursts in w [...]

    20. The following contains spoilers, so do not read further if you are going to read the book and want to be surprised As always, Edith Wharton has an eye for the details of society s characteristics in the New York City of the latter 19th Century The psychology of social interactions, and the strict codification of propriety and morality are so foreign to today s world, that one would be tempted to say that her stories hold no interest to us But this is entirely wrong Ms Wharton does such a good jo [...]

    21. To me, this work looks average for Ms Warton s talent Compared with her best works, which are, in my view, The House of Mirth and The Age of Innocence, this story appears a bit trite, too sentimental and slightly wordy for my taste I understand the poignancy of the subject for Wharton s time, but somehow it doesn t resonate with me all that much today I heard similar stories from real life, where mothers were passed for older sisters or other relatives it s certainly tragic, no doubt, but at lea [...]

    22. The book is about wealthy women in New York constrained by class, family and rigid gender roles Their lives are lonely Friendship is nonexistent in this story, and the women must rely on husbands or family members Ties with children who marry and remain in the city seem to end, too, as new families begin their closed lives.One woman offers to keep a cousin s secret for her own selfish reasons She eventually becomes a widow and the cousin is The Old Maid of the title Ultimately, the two raise a c [...]

    23. So this is essentially a short story It took me an hour and a half to read it It was really good though The two main characters are women, who have to navigate the world of social propriety, pregnancy, motherhood, and spinsterhood in an effort to live as best they can in an unforgiving society especially towards women while still maintaining what they care for most The back and forth emotions between jealousy and compassion, gratitude and bitterness are incredible and so human Because this is a [...]

    24. My introduction to THE OLD MAID was years ago, via the 1939 Warner Bros film starring Bette Davis and Miriam Hopkins Davis was about 31 when the film was made, and convincingly aged from a giggling young woman in her twenties to a stiff, grim old maid in her 50s It s one of her best and most under rated performances.The film was adapted from the play fashioned from the novella by Zoe Atkins, which won the Pulitzer Prize I can t vouch for the play, but the film changed the story s locale from Wha [...]

    25. Edith Wharton with Willa Cather is my Jane Austen Much appreciated is a little melancholy mixed with the requisite period humor and romance This story was published in 1924 by 62 year old Wharton but its modern dilemma is still clear Two woman, the male characters conveniently disposed of, have laid claim to the role as mother of one child Eventually living in the same house, they are friendly enemies The biological mother is poor and without societal privileges The adoptive mother is wealthy a [...]

    26. an easy, engaging read that provides a window on another time period where women had to give up children had out of marriage the development of aunt charlotte as dour was intriguing to this reader since it was clear how she had to contain her emotions in order to give up her daughter poignant the sheer amount of emotional generosity that both delia and charlotte gave to each other under the trying conditions of an adopted mother vs tina s actual mother was delicately developed believable generos [...]

    27. This is a quick read listen and falls into the category of 1920 s chick lit I enjoyed the language, the slow development erosion of character, and the portrayed relationship between the two main characters cousins It s mostly about the societal effects on women in the upper middle classes of Long Island and New York City at the turn of the century For me, the key theme focuses on how the issues and consequences of codependent behavior affect both the care giver and the recipient, at a time when [...]

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