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500 Kisses By Anyta Sunday,

  • Title: 500 Kisses
  • Author: Anyta Sunday
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Five hundred kisses are all it takes to steal a heart Chris Montgomery doesn t believe it, and he d know He s met and had many a man None of whom he d want to share five hundred kisses with If you don t like someone, you just don t like them End of story No amount of kissing will change that Dylan Halsworth doesn t believe it either But Chris and his arrogant, Five hundred kisses are all it takes to steal a heart Chris Montgomery doesn t believe it, and he d know He s met and had many a man None of whom he d want to share five hundred kisses with If you don t like someone, you just don t like them End of story No amount of kissing will change that Dylan Halsworth doesn t believe it either But Chris and his arrogant, always right, dare I be wrong attitude has Dylan challenging him to try it And who knows, maybe watching his most loathed neighbor suffer through five hundred kisses with the same man is worth it He d sit back, crack open a Mountain Dew, and have a good laugh But shit there is one slight snag in his plan Chris has chosen Dylan with whom to prove his point This story was originally written as part of the Love s Landscapes anthology, 2014 This second edition has new scenes, scene expansions, scene alterations, a revised ending, reformatting, and thanks, Natasha a new cover Big thanks to all those involved in both its original and second edition developments.
    Kisses Five hundred kisses are all it takes to steal a heart Chris Montgomery doesn t believe it and he d know He s met and had many a man None of whom he d want to share five hundred kisses with If you don

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    1. 3.5 starsThis is both a friends to lovers and enemies to lovers story Dylan needs his neighbor Chris s help when the kitchen at the summer camp Dylan runs is destroyed in a storm Dylan just can t think of what used to be or the man whoring jerk Chris has become Cocky and arrogant, Chris can t resist a bet, especially when it involves Dylan and kissing Warning Contains sweetness, teasing, bantering, mild steam, low angst, a messy kitchen, a haunted cabin, a lovely HEA, and many, many kisses to st [...]

    2. I didn t expect to love this novella so much.This is a feel good, cute as hell, adorable and funny shortie I liked this than rock and would have liked to read a longer version Two guys who used to be friends as teens are now enemies and a stupid challenge makes them bet nobody can fall in love with someone after that someone kisses you 500 times Or is it possible after all When I wake up yeah I know I m gonna be I m gonna be the man who wakes up next to you When I go out yeah I know I m gonna b [...]

    3. Gooey deliciousness.Meltingly adorable second chance love story where a bet changes everything The key to winning is knowing thy enemy Well played I have a ridiculous smile and love it Favorite quote He could make Big Bird rock a kiss.

    4. I ve been so lucky, every LL story I ve read so far has been great and spot on to the prompt.This friends to lovers story with a twist of maybe ex best friends to enemies to lovers would be a better description.I think they needed thepush of the bet to get them moving in the right direction I love that I get both POVs, I also love when there is heat but it s slow burn, the setting on the lake is great.This is a sweet story that left me smiling and wishing really hard that it had been an even lon [...]

    5. Have I ever told you I m a recovering Mountain Dew addict I ve fallen off the wagon 4 times FOUR It s like I can go so long and then one day I ll find myself standing in line and I see those temptingly, fresh, eerily neon green yellow nectar of the Gods bottles looking at me with such longing in their cooler case and I can t stop myself Weak willed, I am Seriously Quitting smoking was easier than quitting The Dew Thus, whenever I see commercials or someone mentions The Dew like in 500 Kisses to [...]

    6. Sweet, romantic story And the first enemies to lovers story I ve really enjoyed I think But it s actually like friends to enemies to lovers, so maybe it doesn t count I still don t like the communication issues and wasted time, but this story charmed me like nobody s business I loved the slow build, the awesome setting, and the rich history between Chris and Dylan I ll be reading this again Thank you, Anyta, for sharing your wonderful words P.S Please have future characters recycle their soda c [...]

    7. 2.5 The book equivalent of junk food it s sweet, a fast read and you forget about it the minute you ve finished it If I hadn t already read the equally fluffy, but solid Taboo For You, this story wouldn t have made me plunder for Though the idea of the bet, giving your enemy 500 kisses to win his heartor not, is adorable, it was introduced in a a forced and unbelievable manner The development of these 500 kisses fell short too instead of a natural progression to hotter and emotional kisses, th [...]

    8. awwwwwwwww, this was nearly perfect Absolutely lovely childhood best friends turned enemies of course a stupid mis communication was the cause of their split and eight years later their competitive sides force them together againterally.If you are looking for a sweet with a little heat shortie, THIS IS IT 4.5 I dare you stars

    9. 3.500 Kiss me StarsThe title says it all 500 Kisses to Steal a Heart it s about friends to ex friends to loverDylan Halsworth runs a summer camp halsworth one day the kitchen s camp gets destroyed badly in a storm Dylan has one option to save move the kids to a better place is to go to his neighbor s help Chris who become arrogant, jerk since the last time Dylan has spoke to him When one of the camp kids tells a fact that Five hundred kisses are all it takes To steal someone s heart Anyone s he [...]

    10. Well fudge and snickerdoodles, wasn t that just too damn sweet for words.Sometimes enemies to lovers can be entirely too frustrating to read, but this had just the right balance of that and second chances to make it fun than anything else Chris and Dylan are perfect together and I loved that I could feel their friendship in their story as well Definitely a go to, feel good reread for me.Thanks for the heads up Lori

    11. Oh wow Oh wow Oh wow An absolutely perfect Sunday afternoon Review to come soon at BMBR If you like the kind of read that makes your knees weak and your heart beat faster, this one is for you.Nico Jaye and Anyta Sunday freebies released in the same week It s kinda like winning the lottery IMO I am the first to hold my hands up and admit I am a huge Anyta Sunday fangirl A look at my page and you will see that I ve recently been on a real AS spree so when I saw her LL story come up I ignored every [...]

    12. This is fucking adorable It is Because even though the premise may sound kind of strange, and even though the triple combo of misunderstandings, resentment and sudden forgiveness is taken a little too far, there are banter and kissing for the sake of kissing and for the sake of proving a point, which begs for a big thumbs up and thunderstorms, so it s a win.Now, it s still a far from perfect 55 page short story But it s fresh and sweet, and there s an endearing, amusing quality to it that made m [...]

    13. 3.5 Stars Here is another yet another example of this author s ability to tell a sweet and enduring story that even a cynic like myself, not really a cynic of a mush filled heart with a crunch exterior, can enjoy without any eye rolls I m absolutely loving these stories

    14. Yesterday, as I could feel a slump brewing in my grumpy reading brain, I wished for a light, cute, fluffy reading I kept and kept going through both my to read list and the unread content on my kindle, without really deciding on anything Frustration grew by the minute A few hours later, inspired by my friend Alex, I started with this one This short story was exactly what I was looking for And , too I can t say exactly it s a friends to lovers story like a current almost strangers with a heavily [...]

    15. 3.5 starsFive hundred kisses are all it takes To steal someone s heart Anyone s heartWell, I must say that with the tag enemies to lovers , I know that this will be Anita Sunday s forte Although I have only read few of her stories, I can easily picture this being her playground The progress from enemies to lovers is nicely done I love that Dylan works as camp counselor this is off topic, but one of my favorite Merlin Arthur fic is about camp counselors Yeah, I have to bring that info out LOL And [...]

    16. 3.5 Stars Anyta Sunday s 500 Kisses to Steal a Heart was adorable But of course it s a adorable, people Anyta Sunday always brings the cute in a big way I adored the summer camp setting I could practically smell the spider dogs and burnt marshmallows and the sunscreen I also loved the direction that she took this prompt the childhood friends to enemies to lovers second chance at love tropes are some of my all time favs But the strongest aspect of the story at least in my humble opinion was the b [...]

    17. 2.5 rounded upChildhood friends to enemies to lovers Lots of kisses and Mountain Dew drinking Cute and sweet However, knowing how good the author usually is, I held expectations for this Funny how numbers are often a recurring feature in Sunday s works see Taboo For You I may have cried a little at the end.

    18. It must be a favorite trope of Anyta Sunday s to write an enemies to lovers story and I just loved this one What starts out as a challenge, forces two ex friends to face their past and discover each other again This made me smile hard

    19. Ultra sweet favourite enemy to lover type fic using a silly little 500kiss persuasion bet to get there.Not a method that d ever work in RL without a restraining order but in fiction land it makes for a cute idea.Didn t do anyhing for me, but it is nice.

    20. Five hundred kisses are all it takes to steal a heart This was so sweet and soooo romantic, a beautiful enemy to lovers story Those two snickerdoodles stole my heart and never gave it back 3 3 3Chris and Dylan were so perfect together and I loved the chemistry between those two They were just meant to be together and needed only a few hundred kisses to prove that It s wonderful to watch how these so very stubborn men get consumed by the kisses they share on their way to the magic 500 And finally [...]

    21. Aww this one was cute and very readable I love enemies to lovers stories and for a shortie this one ticked the boxes very nicely I really liked how Anyta set this around a kids camp as it gave Dylan and Chris some great opportunities to spark off each other and of course the way she used it to put them in a sort of forced proximity to each other set the whole love hate thing up perfectly The 500 kisses wager was sweet and a great hook to get these two stubborn guys to see that their dislike of e [...]

    22. I kind of loved this.I have a weird obsession with the whole warring neighbors thing though, so I m a little biased I guess there was the tiniest bit of angst in there Mostly it was sweet and funny, if a little unbelievable 4 Stars

    23. Was building toward three stars and then came the Harlequin feminine sounding confession and the end got a little too saccharine for my tastes.And the unhealthy amount of soda being consumed disturbed me.Okay Just didn t do much for me.

    24. Absolutely beautiful I love it when a short little fun read turns out to be such an amazing gem The story of ex best friends turned enemies Chris and Dylan.After stubborn Chris dares Dylan on a bet that start as a nasty little game, they find themselves drawn to each other.

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