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Let It Breathe By Tawna Fenske,

  • Title: Let It Breathe
  • Author: Tawna Fenske
  • ISBN: 9781511342728
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Forbidden fruit can be downright intoxicating.Vineyard manager Reese Clark is determined to bring her family s Oregon winery into the big leagues, and she knows building a new tasting room and event pavilion is her ticket there Having her ex husband s best friend and her secret college crush turn up to head the construction project, however, doesn t pair well with her plaForbidden fruit can be downright intoxicating.Vineyard manager Reese Clark is determined to bring her family s Oregon winery into the big leagues, and she knows building a new tasting room and event pavilion is her ticket there Having her ex husband s best friend and her secret college crush turn up to head the construction project, however, doesn t pair well with her plans Between her nauseating lovebird parents her motorcycle riding, pot growing grandfather and her pet alpaca, fond of head butting groins, Reese has than enough chaotic characters in her life.Back in college, Clay Henderson was likely to be sprawled over a bar than building one But even if the new clean living Clay has matured as deliciously as an oak aged chardonnay, he s still off limits As Reese s well laid plans for the winery crumble like bad cork, Clay, the newly sober gentleman, is sweet enough to rescue Reese from a wardrobe malfunction and still spicy enough to play I Never with her Can he overcome his bad boy reputation to offer her a love too heady to ignore
    Let It Breathe Forbidden fruit can be downright intoxicating Vineyard manager Reese Clark is determined to bring her family s Oregon winery into the big leagues and she knows building a new tasting room and event p

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    1. 4.5 starsLet It Breathe was such a fun entertaining love story I was drawn into the story from the first page, loved Reese and Clay and all the secondary characters.Reese and Clay were both complex, fun, intense, passionate and very relatable characters I enjoyed watching them re connect and give into the feelings they first felt back in college but never really acted on.Now years later they go with these feelings and what they find is they are perfect together.This was a well written heartwarmi [...]

    2. Slick s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsWhile Let It Breathe was packed full of fun characters, hilarity and a romance for two very deserving people this book got off to a very slow start something I m not use to from author Tawna Fenske Thankfully it picked up the pace and I ended up enjoying it quite a bit.Reese Clark and Clay Henderson have history, a lot of history and a good portion of it is not pretty Clay is back after several years away getting his life together and going t [...]

    3. Reese Clark is determined to bring her family s winery into the big leagues and she feels that expanding is the way to do it She wants to add a tasting room and event pavilion to be able to expand profits and add exposure When her ex husband s best friend and former crush she fears that MAYBE she bit off than she can chew Clay Henderson is finally back home after leaving to get his life on track He is determined to show his friends that he has changed from his crazy drinking days to a mature, [...]

    4. I am really happy to have discovered this writer I have several books of Fenske I have bought but have not read After I read Let It Breathe, I tore through those.The writing is riddle with the little facts and details that are catnip for me I get to learn all about winemaking and the heroine does wildlife rescue so there is that fun as well.The heroine is well drawn as someone who is stuck and the hero s journey to become his sober best self is great He has loved her forever but has amends to ma [...]

    5. I absolutely loved this book It ticked all the boxes for a light fun read for me It s filled with hilarious over the top characters I just think the name Axl and start giggling There s a wonderful small town feel, a groin butting alpaca, lots of family love, and an excellent slow build romance between Clay and Reese All this just made me one happy reader.Reese Clark has chaos in her life than she can handle but since the majority of that chaos comes from family what s she gonna do It all may be [...]

    6. This book started out a little on the slow side but once I got past that it really started to take off I thought the plot was different and I started to really enjoy the characters and the challenges that Ms Fenske took them on The story starts off with Reese wanting to expand her family s winery and the company who will doing it is on there way But she doesn t know that Clay will be the one doing the work Years ago she spent time bailing him out of jail because of his drinking problem but now t [...]

    7. His years as a stumbling drunk may have stolen a lot of his memories, but he d never forget the curve of her cheek against her palm as she tapped her pencil on her teeth and looked toward the front of the lecture hall.Thank you Tawna Fenske for coming into my life I should apologize now but I found a new to me author and I am falling in love with her work The first book of hers I read was Now That It s You and fell in love with her brand of storytelling you will read about that closer to releas [...]

    8. Let It Breathe was the first book I ve read by Tawna Fenske and I really enjoyed it It started a bit slow for me and took me a bit to get into it but once I did I really enjoyed the plot and the characters Reese manages her families vineyard and her ex husband and still good friend makes the wine He is re married and Reese is good friends with his new wife as well Growing up Reese, Eric her ex husband and Clay were the best of friends Reese was always attracted to Clay but he was an alcoholic wh [...]

    9. Review will be posted atbooks n kisses MBER OF HEARTS 4 1 2Another great read by Ms Fenske I really enjoyed the Let it Breath I loved Leon He is just awesome Who is Leon you ask I can t tell you But you will like him I really enjoyed the tension between Clay and Reese The history that Clay and Reese have is one that is filled with a lot of hurt, booze and unrequited love I always love a second chance romance story, but Let it Breath is of a second chance at first love I love the way that Ms Fen [...]

    10. This is the first time I ve read a book by this author and it won t be my last.I enjoyed Let it Breathe from start to finish It s unique, filled with laughs, pain, shocking events, family and wine.enty of wine.You will fall for all of the characters You ll enjoy the relationships involved too especially with Reese and Eric her ex husband It s amazing to watch how their relationship works It s nice to see them in an amicable relationship Then there s Clay The one man she s always harbored feeling [...]

    11. As expected, I thoroughly enjoyed this book This author s books never fail to entertain, and parts of this one are laugh out loud funny Like some of the antics of the octogenarian grandfather, who is still a Harley riding, pot growing, womanizing hoot or the pet alpaca who greets gentlemen callers with a solid head butt to the groin, and gets stoned on some of Grandpa s pot It s a nice enough obstacle filled romance, with a few toe curling scenes, but nothing too graphic The main setting is an O [...]

    12. I can say something about this book that s pretty rare I wouldn t change one single word Tawna always delivers hilarious, over the top characters that face down situations that are somehow both ridiculous and relatable, but Clay and Reese are something special I rooted for them as a couple, but than that, I rooted for them each to conquer their individual mountains as well As a woman who divorced in her twenties and is just now maybe possibly believing that another try might not be the worst th [...]

    13. I interviewed Tawna Fenske for my blog a few years ago, and have watched her career with interest This book probably isn t aimed at people in my age group, but it was fun to read, and showed an unexpected sympathy for people in recovery from alcoholism The risque innuendoes may have been a little repetitive, and I actually think the book stands up well enough oops on its own, without that Her sex scenes are romantic as well as sexy not too sexy to read in public All in all, a cheerful diversion. [...]

    14. I read this for review at All About Romance and gave it a B I wrote I gave Tawna Fenske s 2011 Making Waves a B at AAR Somehow, Ms Fenske fell off my radar until I saw this on the review list, for which I m grateful The hero and heroine are fully developed with an interesting shared backstory I found this an enjoyable read, and if not for a few annoying characters my grade would be even higher You can read my whole review here likesbooks cgi bin bookRev

    15. I laughed I cried I fanned my flaming cheeks during a few scenes, if you get my drift In other words, LET IT BREATHE is hilariously, heartbreakingly, quintessentially Fenske at her best Who else would come up with that head butting alpaca I loved every page spent with Reese, Clay, and the whole supporting cast of quirkily charming characters And I m betting you will, too.

    16. It s been so long since I found a new author who could really make me laugh I adore all the quirky side characters, and really, any book with the line, Stop sexually harassing my alpaca is a good book in my mind.

    17. Another great quirky romantic comedy by Tawna Fenske, who has become one of my go to authors for books that make me laugh while I read them and make me sigh with contentment when I finally turn the last page In between, there s a bit of steam, too Highly recommended.

    18. This book was a nice surprise for me I didn t expect I was going to like it this much, but I did It is a light easy read This is sort of a second chance romance It s the story of Reese and Clay They met in college, and are best friends, along with Eric They had a one night stand, but Clay was in a bad place at the time and Reese started dating and eventually married Eric Life happens, and Clay went away to deal with his personal problems and Reese and Eric divorced but remain very close friends [...]

    19. Not your usualWell,this is nothing like the books I usually read I don t drink much Wineries are not my thing I usually read mysteries But this love story about an alcoholic and the owner of a winery kept me engrossed to the very end.

    20. Reese and ClayWhat a great story I wish the story would have been a little longer or maybe a prologue, otherwise it was great I liked the history between Reese and Clay with a few added obstacles along the way The twist in the end was an added bonus Excellent story.

    21. Loved this author s voice Loved the hero and heroine Really loved the eccentric cast of secondary characters A real treat of a book.

    22. This would have had 5 stars if the conclusion of the book was a little less rushed Everything was wrapped up too neatly and too quickly Good story, could have been developed a bit .

    23. Great ReadWell written and engaging Truly an enjoyable piece of work A relaxing and joyful read for a quiet weekend or afternoon.

    24. SitcomReads like a sitcom Corny plotting, corny dialogue and stereotype characters Imagine the Blues Brothers mixing it up with Roxanne.

    25. Tawna Fenske takes the bar of contemporary romance and moves it up once again with her bittersweet yet heartwarming second chance at love romance Reese and her eclectic family run a winery, and are looking to expand their business They ve hired a construction company to build an addition for them and the foreman is none other than an old friend, Clay But to say their relationship is complicated is putting it mildly Reese and Clay and Reese s ex husband Eric who remains on friendly terms with Ree [...]

    26. So I ve been waiting to write this review I know it took me months So I have some good thoughts about this book and then I have one issue I would like to discuss There was several things that I really enjoyed about this book First being I like the heroine I really enjoyed her quirky character I liked the heroines choice in pets her alpaca Just know that any scenes with her alpaca are funny Heroines grandpa He was hilarious and such a great character to read about As it is with the alpaca, any sc [...]

    27. This book was so much fun Take one family run vineyard, a recovering alcoholic, plenty of old feelings and several barrel loads of interesting characters and you end with this cracking second chance tale that made me laugh a lot, but also wasn t afraid of deeper emotions.Considering how much fun this book frequently is I was a little surprised at the depth of hurt between the main characters Especially how Reese reacts to Clay She knew what his life was like back then and, when all s said and do [...]

    28. My Review Reese s family is not normal, and that makes her life a bit difficult since she works with them all day in and day out at the family vineyard which Reese manages There are her parents who have the perfect and highly sexually active marriagewhich makes Reese highly uncomfortable most the time There s her 80 yo grandfather who is part of a motorcycle gang trying to make a living doing illegal things at the families vineyard which usually requires growing some sort of drug There s her nym [...]

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