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Taking Chances By M. Andrews, Taking Chances Sep , Taking Chances sinks its feet in the comedy, drama, romance, and social commentary pools before just saying hell, lets mix the water together The movie is about an economically challenged town by the name of Patriotsville. Taking Chance TV Movie Feb , Strobl s week long trip accompanying Phelps body from a Delaware military mortuary to burial in Wyoming, provides Taking Chance s poignant emotional context Strobl shared his twenty page journal of the trip with friends and co workers, and it eventually spread virally to military blogs and the media. Taking Chances Taking Chances, by Molly McAdams Taking Chances was that book for me It has the incredibly sexy, tatted, buzzed head hero who makes a living as an underground fighter like BD and the heart wrenching love triangle between a sweet girl and two equally awesome frat brothers who are both in love with her like T E. Taking Chances Taking Chances Glee TV Show Wiki Fandom Sep , Taking Chances by Celine Dion is featured in Preggers, the fourth episode of Season One It is sung by Rachel as her audition for the school musical, Cabaret Sandy tells Sue about his plans to lure Rachel away from the New Directions by directing a school production of Cabaret This was so that they would fail at both Sectionals and Regionals.

  • Title: Taking Chances
  • Author: M. Andrews
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 314
  • Format: None
  • Jason Reynolds is my boss My hot as hell, sex god of a boss I love my job and I would never do anything to risk that, but it s a constant daily struggle of me wanting to be the good little employee, when all I really want to do is sit on his face Nina Cartwright is a ball busting, big mouth pain in my ass A pain in the ass I can t stop thinking about or dreaming about.Jason Reynolds is my boss My hot as hell, sex god of a boss I love my job and I would never do anything to risk that, but it s a constant daily struggle of me wanting to be the good little employee, when all I really want to do is sit on his face Nina Cartwright is a ball busting, big mouth pain in my ass A pain in the ass I can t stop thinking about or dreaming about For the past eighteen months I ve lived in blue ball hell, well I m done waiting I want Nina than anything and I will stop at nothing to make her mine Can Nina get passed her reservations about Jason and take this chance with him
    Taking Chances Jason Reynolds is my boss My hot as hell sex god of a boss I love my job and I would never do anything to risk that but it s a constant daily struggle of me wanting to be the good little employee w

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    1. Holy hell, until the very end, this book was smoking I mean, wow hold on while I fan myself for a whileHow the heck can it be so short, yet still packed with so much content so much hotness and mindblowing scenes The progress of the story, of Jason and Nina s relationship, was really quick, yet smooth sailing and very straight to the point It was all action and there was never a dull moment Taking Chances is a forbidden romance about taking a leap of faith, taking that chance on someone and find [...]

    2. Such a fun sexy read which I enjoyed very much Loved the characters, the story line was different well to me it was because I haven t a read that has a scenario like this with the hot celebrity and the assistant Jason and nina were so hot together

    3. I didn t have extremely high expectations going into Taking Chances because I have never read anything by M Andrews before, however I did win a paperback copy of her debut novel that I m really excited to get to I went into Taking Chances for a light, quick and easy read and it most definitely was a light, quick and easy read The concept of Taking Chances was a bit clich the whole falling for your boss thing I did like the idea of an actor falling for his publicist I did find the story was a bit [...]

    4. This book started out bad for me but I pushed through knowing that it would turn out ok Jason has loved Nina for a long time but was still having ONS The night before they get together he has a ONS and she as his assistant has to kick her out of his bed so he can get ready for a trip they are taking This totally pissed me off but once they are together he is totally dedicated and treats her very well Nina is a pretty cool h She loves him too but is hung up on him being her boss so she doesn t ev [...]

    5. Melissa never fails to make me drool everywhere I absolutely loved this sexy read Jason and Nina were two forbidden characters but couldn t resist the attraction that they had toward each other Jason a famous movie star who loves to sleep around, earning the title of Manwhore but secretly has an attraction to his personal assistant Nina works for Jason but wants nothing than to shred her clothes every time she s around him This book is about taking chances and seeing where they will lead Or not [...]

    6. Kellie reviewing for KinkyGirlsBookObsessionsLet s just start with THIS IS Melissa s 2nd BOOKFIVE HOT STARSHOLY HOTNESS.M Andrews is on fire I loved this NOVELLA FAST read HOT read I would recommend it to anyone that s in a book hangover or looking for a weekend read You will love this awesome novella I loved Nina s witty humor and sassy pants attitude and Jason is FN HOT.

    7. What a seriously hot read Complete manwh re Jason Reynolds is a hot filthy mouthed alpha male He s Hollywood s hottest star, with a long list of women that have shared his bed, but none have shared his heart There is only one woman who has his dreams and fantasies scorching a hole in his mind, and that s his PA Nina.Nina is a big mouthed independent woman who loves her job The only problem is, she wants her boss If she took a chance, she could lose her job, but the fact that he has haunted her d [...]

    8. All I can say is that you must take a chance on Jason and Nina you will not regret it I freaking loved this book This was my first taste of M Andrews, so I went in with no prior knowledge about the author of her work In totally it took about three pages in for me to be completely hooked Jason and Nina were so adorable and hot Phew, I found myself needing a cold shower after this one Over all the story was gold, a classic forbidden love because that love is your boss and off limits however it doe [...]

    9. Love Jason and NinaI love this novella, this would make a great full length book There s so much I want to know about, how Nina is with Jason s family and reading about their lives after they officially became a couple I m really excited about the next book in series, I think I have an idea of who it could be.

    10. This book is hella HOT I love Jason and Nina are a crazy scorching hot couple I loved this book I need Hot Hollywood Nights

    11. What can I say M Andrews has done it again with another remarkably satisfying read For those of you have not read a book by this amazingly talented author, you need to go one click right now.I have never read a short story and felt as satisfied and fulfilled as I have after reading Taking Chances I was not dying for because I felt there was something missing M Andrews hit every point with this one This book immediately draws you in and doesn t let you go until the very end I was so engrossed in [...]

    12. OMFG this book was hot I didn t realize it was a novella so this book was hot, sexy, hot and an awesome hot fast read Did I mention it was HOTT Jason is a smooth dirty talker Once he has made a decision about Nina he doesn t hold back and I love it Once you make the decision to go for something that you want and have been wanting for a long time then why should you I LOVE Nina She is a major smart ass and the way she kicked the bimbo out of Jason s room was priceless I was so happy that Nina als [...]

    13. This novella packs quite the punch.a hot, sexy and smouldering one.The emotions and desires that Jason and Nina have built up for each other explode in a beautiful and seductive fashion I really loved Nina s character She really came alive with Jason and allowed herself to follow her heart And Jason.oh that delicious man His mouth alone would bring me to my knees Im hoping we get to hear from these two in the future M continues to astound me with her beautiful writing I m looking forward to rea [...]

    14. This book was so incredibly sexy and steamy and it will leave you wanting For a short read, it was AMAZING I fell in love with Jason and Nina instantly Nina is everything a female lead character should be, she is sassy and she speaks her mind As far as Jason that man is every woman s wet dream lol I loved that this was a forbidden romance , would you give in to temptation with your boss If my boss was anything like Jason HELL YES A definite must read

    15. I seriously love M.Andrews stories They crack me up Nina s character was perfect I love how she had so much sass lol I just wish the story was longer and we got to see og Jason and Nina s lives together.

    16. I bought this book because it was on sale, I enjoyed reading Taking Chances, but as others said it was very rushed Predictable I simply wanted data on the characters I am glad I didn t buy it at full price I would have felt ripped off If you want a quick sexy read this book is for you.

    17. Loved the way we got both POV thought the book Hot sex, great chemistry and the love that Nina and Jason had were amazing Loved their journey to becoming than just bossemployee

    18. LOVED everything about this book The only thing I didn t like is that it was too short I wanted of Jason and Ninacially Jason

    19. SPOILERS BEWARE it was a good quick read I liked the idea of the story and that she held out for at least 18 months what I didn t like was the fact that it seemed too predictable for me so much so that I knew without even thinking about it that I knew something bad would happened to try and hurt their relationship and he d jump to save the day and she d let him it was too predicatable that they loved each other and that they became instant sex crazed people I felt like as soon as something happe [...]

    20. Short and hot but just missing something The book starts with Nina having to kick some skanky groupie out of Jason s bed in the morning and then that night they re hooking up He says he s been pining away for her for 18 months by sleeping his way through half of LA Not my cup of tea.Something about the characters just didn t jive for me They seemed obsessed with each other one moment and then flighty and conflicted the next Not my favorite by M Andrews.

    21. Damn this book was hot ladies You will definitely need to fan yourself through this one wow Jason is a drop dead movie star who started off small and made it huge He needs a good ass kicking from time to time And his sexy assistant Nina is just the person to deliver that kicking There lots of sexual attention between these two But Jason is a big time player and Nina loves her job Amazing book Melissa is was hot Definitely 5 stars plus doll So proud of you

    22. This is the first book I ve read by this author, and I enjoyed it It was a quick easy read, full of hot moments and two really likable characters and I ll certainly be checking out of this authors books in the future.

    23. Let s take an already shallow book with juvenile characters and sprinkle some dick and ass all over the place Oh, we can t forget to add som variations of fuck here and there Now let s charge 2,49 for it on sale and we got Taking Chances by M Andrews.

    24. Melissa has done it again, this hot, steamy and amazing story The author put the plot perfectly, well written like always and the perfect amount of love and steamy moments Life is about to take the chances you need so, is a perfect story and remarkably read I recommended this story 100%.

    25. My God this book is HOT Finished the book in 2 hours probably couldn t put it downLove the story of Nina and JasonI want of them 3Take Chances in reading this awesome book of M Andrews I waited soo long to read it and it was worth it 3

    26. Ohh yessssOk so wow I ve had this on my kindle for forever and I just had to read it and oh my gosh am I glad I did It was way way way adorable and I loved both Jason and Nina 5

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