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Real Vampires Have Curves By Gerry Bartlett,

  • Title: Real Vampires Have Curves
  • Author: Gerry Bartlett
  • ISBN: 9780425220962
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Plus sized vampire Glory St Claire has a new business venture and an old, on off boyfriend Blade wants to protect her from the techno freak vampire hunter stalking the streets of Austin, but it s time for Glory to explore her own powers.
    Real Vampires Have Curves Plus sized vampire Glory St Claire has a new business venture and an old on off boyfriend Blade wants to protect her from the techno freak vampire hunter stalking the streets of Austin but it s time

    One thought on “Real Vampires Have Curves”

    1. This was an amazingly uneven book It was okay, I guess Some of the characters were cute, and the author made a valiant attempt at a sassy voice for her main character, but all in all it was just uneven And kind of sloppy.The mind reading schtick was cute for a couple pages, then it just started to look like sloppy writing The book s written in first person POV, and throughout the book, other characters would comment on the POV narration because they were reading her mind After a while, when ever [...]

    2. You know all the novels about the stick thin supermodel type vampires Well, Glory St Clair isn t one of those She s got those curves and she knows how to use them In the first installment in this refreshing series about a curvy vampire, Glory has decided to uproot and take charge of her life taking that hourglass shape of hers to Austin, Texas Why Austin, you ask With being alive for centuries, you tend to accumulate a lot of great stuff over the years so Glory is opening her own little vintage [...]

    3. Chick lit at its worst I bought this because I liked the cover and title and hoped for a Queen Betsy type read Nope, no such luck Glory is a pain in the butt who whines on constantly about her weight, moans about having the boyfriend who adores and protects her and is of course obsessed with fashion and describing everything she sees Yawn The talking dog was the only thing that got me through the first few chapters and by then I couldn t bring myself to care about anyone else introduced in the b [...]

    4. The title and the cover of this book made me expect a funny paranormal chick lit but overall what I got was a silly story with awful details, specially Damian Real Vampires Have Curves starts really well with Glory, our heroine in this first person narrative, laying out the facts of a vampire s life She does a fast summary of her five hundred years in a way I could imagine a fast talking woman who gives too much information per second superficially going through very determining facts Very engag [...]

    5. Ya know, with a title like that I could not just leave this book sitting on the romance carousel at my library Reeeaaaddd Meeeeeee I had to It jumped right out into my book bag Turns out the title character happened to be a bit bloaty a bit when she was bit and changed to a vampire Thanks, sexy Scotsman Angus Jeremiah Campbell III, also known as Jeremy Blade I know that s my mortal weakness, I can t keep my paws off a sexy Scot aaaah that ACCENT I go all WIBBLY and full figured Gloriana St Clair [...]

    6. Glory St Clair is a full figured, independent vampire who doesn t need or want any man thinking he s her lord and master Specifically, Blade Blade is her on again, off again lover and vampire maker He s a Hot Scot and whether he s dressed in Scottish plaid highlander gear or Cowboy snug fitting jeans, Glory is drooling over him If he weren t so damn caring and chivalrous Phhhft says I Oh, Glory, Glory, you and I both know who you re meant to be with But if you must play mind games with bad boy D [...]

    7. Cute book, and an inviting start to the series it doesn t take itself too seriously, it s steamy enough to raise one s temperature, but not enough to cross the boundary into pornography, and the swearing is kept to a non distracting minimum I don t mind the F bomb, but it makes me wonder, when authors use it almost as often as the word the , if those authors are trying to compensate for something either a deficient story or a deficient vocabulary Sure, there are some moments of idiocy where the [...]

    8. It took me an age to get through this book I spebt a whole week dodging it But finally buckled down to finish this It started out promising, but I didn t see a running plot apart from moving to Austin to open a vintage fashion shop, then it sneaked it, then walked out the back door only to reappear dozens of pages later It was like the author was trying to focus on Glory s life rather than the storyline It was way too long and could have done with editing things out, many scenes that didn t feel [...]

    9. I need some fluff to decompress after a long day of work and school This kind of fits the bill The first in a series, it s already got quite a lot of backstory that I feel I ve missed, but it s still kind of fun Glory, a 400yo vampire decides to give up the Vegas showgirl life and move to Houston to open up a 24 hour consignment shop which, of course, is instantly a hit Plus, she s juggling two super sexy men, a dog that communicates telepathically, and a rogue vampire hunter And I m only six ch [...]

    10. Eh It wasn t the best thing I ve read, but it definitely wasn t the worst There were some really FUNNY parts in here I even laughed out loud at several points So, why only 3 stars Well, see, we have Glory St Clair who is our heroine, and we have Jeremiah Campbell, AKA Jeremy Blade, who is was her love interest He turned her into a vamp and they were together for centuries, but now Glory has decided she needs to be independent and has broken it off with Jeremy again No, that s not what bothered m [...]

    11. I was in the mood for a lighter style Urban Fantasy and so I picked up this one off my pile I enjoy humor in my vampire stories and also creative quirks to the worldbuilding which this one offered It did its job of amusing me and getting a laugh out of me now and then, but the main character was a bit vacillating for my taste Glory St Clair both appealed to me and drove me nuts She is the main character and the story is entirely from her perspective She was a cute and perky vampire who had been [...]

    12. InReal Vampires Have Curves,plus sized vampire Glory St Clair fights for her independence as a woman by opening up an antique store, fighting off the advances of both her ex lover Blade and casanova Damian The male vampires protective instincts kick into high gear when Westwood, a vampire hunter, starts making his presence known, and Glory becomes one of his future targets.I have a lot of things to say about this book, and unfortunately, most of them aren t positive Here s the good bad ugly summ [...]

    13. A full figured vampire Sign me up I ve had this book on my wish list for years, and I finally purchased it And I m so glad I did Real Vampires Have Curves was a quick read that I read in about four hours, but it kept me entertained, and laughing the whole time The main character, Glory St Clair is a fashionable, full figured vampire who s moving to Austin to open up her own antique shop, Vintage Vamp Emporium with her talking dog, Valdez Her on again, off again lover, Jerimiah Campbell aka Blade [...]

    14. 3,5 5Mon avis en Fran aisMy English reviewIt s been a while since I had seen this book on a blog and the review really made me want to discover the first Gerry Bartlett s volume Well I must say that I m a chick lit lover, so this one was perfect for me I do not know if you know the Immortal bites series or Queen Betsy, but this book is perfectly in line with it and I really enjoyed discovering a new series such as this one.Gloriana is a young woman who is in search of freedom and independence Sh [...]

    15. Fun and wild romp through the world of Glory St Clair Description at did you think all vamps were pale, thin and brooding Don t I wish Gloriana St Clair is an eternally full figured vampire she just happened to be bloating when a sexy Scotsman sank his teeth into her She and said Scot Angus Jeremiah Campbell III, aka Jeremy Blade have been on and off again for centuries, currently off A couple hundred years has taught them how to press each other s buttons in good ways and bad Glory s headed for [...]

    16. I actually bought and read this when it first came out Apparently at that point it made some sort of impression on me because I bought the second book in the series However, as I picked it up a couple weeks ago, I realized I really only remembered the premise almost none of the plot point.Gloriana St Clair, now Glory used to be an actress at the Globe Theatre, then she met the vampire Jeremiah Campbell, now Jeremiah Blade She wanted eternal life with him to her eternal regret, she didn t know sh [...]

    17. I bought this trash because it was in the 75% off bargin bin at Books A Million and I can never pass up a 75% off bargin bin at a book store I absolutely have to buy something Books that cheap, it s like crack cocaine Well, it s a good thing I didn t spend any money on this book I think even the 3.97 was too much The writing wasn t bad but the rest of the book was justash There s just no other way to put it I guess if you like romance novels this might be a fun book for you to read, but I hate [...]

    18. I found out about this series from some of the lovely ladies on our Facebook page and I couldn t be happy about it This book was great and I can t wait to read from this series If you guys haven t read it yet, then you definitely need too Glory is a vampire that s just trying to live her life She s working and trying to figure out her love life She just moved to Austin, Texas and she is starting a new business Just your regular woman Except for the fact that someone is trying to kill all the v [...]

    19. I ve heard so many great things about this author, so I was so happy when I saw this one just sitting on my library shelf I love the pnr genre, and one of my favorite subsets is the funny lighthearted ones Glory is a plus size vampire and is grousing about her on again off again vampire boyfriend Blade for the majority of this book She is moving on with her life and starting a new business in Austin, and he doesn t want her on her own because of a vampire hunter that s in that area Glory, being [...]

    20. I thought this story started out kind of slow At first I didn t think I was even going to like it Yet the farther into the book you go, the you want to keep reading It s really fun to watch Glory live and learn She might be 400 years old but she still has A LOT of learning to do The main character is trying very hard to separate herself from the man who changed her into a vampire, it s like you re watching her fall out of love only to keep falling in to it again, like an old married couple She [...]

    21. Gerry Bartlett broke the mold when she came up with Glory St Clair Glory is a 500 years old plus vampire who has become a total modern girl She is a real woman, meaning a size 12 and not a size 2 like most heroines found in romance whether they be historical, modern or paranormal This first book in the Glory vampire series is funny, heartwarming and very erotic It is also very refreshing to read about the potluck of characters that Glory surrounds herself with, including her creator and love of [...]

    22. For me something was lacking in this story, maybe it is because I did not really take to Glory St Clair who has been a vampire for a few centuries but refuses to embrace the new skills she acquired such as the ability to heal wounds and to change shape She also has her maker who cares for her but it a bit arrogant as are most male vampires who she has an off on relationship with In this story I don t feel that I chance to get to know Blade very well.I didn t really enjoy the storyline either The [...]

    23. This is a contemporary fantasy with a chick lit tone, which I generally like I finished it, but never once felt any enthusiasm for the book as I read I think one of the the problems was a lack of character development by the author The first half of the book introduced a new character every couple pages, so there was never any time spent getting to know each of them Basic idea Female vamp Glory moves to Austin and opens a vintage store, only there s a nasty vampire hunter around that s attacking [...]

    24. This is book one in the series Wildly entertaining One of the best vampire romance novels I ve read in recent history Glory, our heroin, has been a vampire for a very very long time She was turned by the love of her life, Jeremiah, who has an on again off again relationship She decided to move to Austin and open up a vintage clothing store when the killings start A hunter is out to kill as many vampires as possible and wear their fangs as a badge of honor Glory learns to get in touch with her va [...]

    25. This is a real who done it, fashionista, murder mystery, and love story all rolled into one.Glory St Claire and Jerimiah Jerry are both vampires and the two main characters in the book They are also on off again lovers and Jerry was Glory s makers The book takes place in Austin, TX and there is a vampire hunter on the loose While everyone knows who he is, there are other vampire deaths taking place and the book is a series of events trying to find who killed who I guessed the wrong person many t [...]

    26. Being a huge Sookie fan, I found the first Glory book to be a fabulous, fun read I ve read some of the critiques here and some of them have merit but I have this thing for people who complain about books not being very realistic in this genre Um, we re talking about Vampires and talking dogs and shape shifters The read is for fun It made me smile and made me laugh out loud and kept me turning the pages For all those reasons, it not only gets a full 5 stars from me but I will be going out this we [...]

    27. Nothing better than a book about vampires protecting the incredible interesting and long lives This steamy book is a real page turner that will leave you wanting Glory is pursued by her on again off again lover and maker the handsome and Scottish Jeremy Blade His only goal To protect Glory, not by her choice Blade friend,the wealthy and Italian Damian, puts the move on Glory Between two sexy vampires and a crazy billionaire hunter bent on killing Glory, how will she ever pull it together to get [...]

    28. Glory me ha recordado a Betsy, pero sin embargo Blade no le llega a Sinclair ni a la suela de los zapatos La verdad es que esta protagonista me ha puesto de los nervios, me han dado ganas de darle una patada en los huevos a Dami n varias veces y del resto bueno, personajes secundarios que aparecen y desaparecen y a los que no acabas de coger cari o Flojo.

    29. Size 16 is not plus sized,nor do big tits make it so either So not my cup of tea Too bodice rippy for me, and weak storyline I felt no sympathy for any character and I wanted to stake the main character myself Only read it cause a friend told me they thought I would like it and they are normally right.

    30. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT Glory St Clair is a real woman s vamp Shes got miles of curves and attitude to match and hunky men who adore a BBV Big Beautiful Vampire What can you ask for DEFINATELY on to book 2

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