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Walls of Babylon By Kathryn Le Veque,

  • Title: Walls of Babylon
  • Author: Kathryn Le Veque
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 1471 A.D Ten years after the Battle of Towton, Sir Kenton le Bec THE LION OF THE NORTH serves Warwick, The Kingmaker , as the man s attack dog There is no fiercer knight in Warwick s arsenal than Kenton le Bec, a powerful and cunning fighter Kenton has been tasked with securing Babylon Castle, a fortress that secures a road between Lancashire and Yorkshire It is a1471 A.D Ten years after the Battle of Towton, Sir Kenton le Bec THE LION OF THE NORTH serves Warwick, The Kingmaker , as the man s attack dog There is no fiercer knight in Warwick s arsenal than Kenton le Bec, a powerful and cunning fighter Kenton has been tasked with securing Babylon Castle, a fortress that secures a road between Lancashire and Yorkshire It is a strategic castle and currently in the hands of Edward s forces When Kenton and his army move in, all of that changes Yet things are not always clear cut Lady Nicola Aubrey Thorne is the widow of a great Edwardian supporter When Kenton conquers her home of Babylon Castle, she offers him nothing but resistance and hatred Kenton sees a beautiful, spoiled woman who fights him on every turn, yet the spark of attraction is there It has been since the beginning As Kenton comes to learn the darker secrets of Babylon, he comes to understand Lady Thorne and her sorrows And his attraction towards her grows beyond his control Join Kenton and Nicola in a world of opposing loyalties yet united attraction Their lives become irrevocably intertwined even if their loyalties to the men who would be king differ The passion they feel for one another, and the love, is something few people ever experience It is a complicated and complex situation, one where difficult decisions must be made if Kenton and Nicola are to remain together When Kenton is captured by enemy soldiers, Nicola must do all she can to save the man who she once considered her enemy Will she be too late NOTE shows a short page count in pre order be advised that this is a full length novel and NOT a short read.
    Walls of Babylon A D Ten years after the Battle of Towton Sir Kenton le Bec THE LION OF THE NORTH serves Warwick The Kingmaker as the man s attack dog There is no fiercer knight in Warwick s arsenal than Kent

    One thought on “Walls of Babylon”

    1. 3.75 Interesting story arc and characters The modern day prologue epilogue which Ms Le Veque had done before was fine except I wish we would have gotten a detailed epilogue about Kenton and Nicola I always enjoy when the author includes children in her story line because she writes them well but I could have done without yet another crazy older person who lives in the castle wallsere was no point to this character While this book thankfully had romance than the past few KLV s books, I wanted s [...]

    2. I liked this book but was displeased with the way that the treachery situation was handled I won t go into details as not to spoil it for others but suffice to say it lost a star for me just on this one situation alone.

    3. A Great Story4.5 Stars I enjoyed the story of Kenton Le Bec and Nicola Aubrey Thorne It was enthralling He is a powerful knight for Warwick who was sent to lay siege to Babylon Castle and there he encounters the beautiful and willful widow, Lady Thorne She also has three rambunctious children ages six and under She fights Kenton every chance she gets This frustrates the powerful knight With such opposing loyalties Kenton fights for King Henry and Lady Nicola fights in her own way for Edward, the [...]

    4. It s a bit head scratching to follow the lineage in each of the books but when I don t get it, I just read the story and enjoy it I had not read any of the De Wolf books recently so I was a bit lost on the lineage I gave in My memory is lousy anyway and that s why I tend to re read books and think they re new.I really love the heroine Lady Nicola She does something incredibly bone headed but once she realises her mistake she sets out to fix it Kenneth Le Bec falls in love with her every time he [...]

    5. An amazing medieval adventure filled with rich characters Walls of Baylon is another one of Kathryn Le Veque s captivating medieval stories, filled with passion and emotions Again, she weaved her main characters Kenton and Nicola into a well developed plot that will keep you in suspense until the very end It s an amazing medieval tale that will sweep you away A must to read for all historical lovers and fans of Ms Le Veque s brave knight s adventures She has weaved again a tale worthy of her tal [...]

    6. I waited forever for this book And it was absolutely worth the wait Finally Walls of Babylon is definitely on par with the De Wolfe saga So good to see young Matt and Gaston lol Still the same phenomenal story Now on to sword and shields

    7. Maddening heroineGreat story and twist that gutted me and made me hate the h even if she redeemed herself I wish the betrayal wasn t forgiven easily.

    8. I loved every page turning moment If you are a fan of medieval romance, even if your not, I recommend Walls of Babylon.

    9. For a star rating and a full review please visit InD tale Magazine online, February 2016 issue indtale reviews historical

    10. More great readingIt is becoming redundant to say I loved this book But, I did Le Veque has never disappointed me as a reader I recommend you read her books and experience her world.

    11. Love EverlastingThe I read Kathryn Le Veque the of a fan I become Intrigue, war, death and love everlasting all become a journey that becomes one you won t soon forget From a warrior who has never known a place to call home a lady who has a home but has only known brutality to three young boys quickly learning how to become men all told by an author who knows how to draw you in so deeply you truly live the story and doesn t let you go until the very last word.

    12. Enthralling Sir Kenton le Bec, is a fierce, single minded knight who serves the Earl of Warwick and is his attack dog, under King Henry Lady Nicola Aubrey Thorne is the widow of a man who had supported Edward in his quest for the throne When le Bec Kenton conquers Lady Nicola s castle, he has no idea that the battle has just begun For the true battle is not the taking of a castle, but the closed fortress that is his heart These two people have been wounded in their hearts, minds and souls Both a [...]

    13. Although very similar to her usual knight stories, with the strong, brooding, gorgeously handsome knight, the lady and lots of good battles, this story was different enough and very good Good twists to the plot, a gradual romance, humor and loyal to a fault Kenton le Bec made it one I didn t want to put down Le Veque s usual descriptors make the reader feel as though they are right in the thick of the story Secondary characters Wellesbourne and de Russe were a great addition to the story.

    14. Classic le Veque Like coming home again, you never know what s going to happen when you get there but you know it will be a good story If you like medieval romance, you will LOVE this one Good and bad heroes on each side, a betrayal redeemed except I can t stop thinking about those warriors who didn t come home the author kills them off sometimes , kids, pets, and love everlasting This one makes me want to go on the castle tour tomorrow

    15. Another wonderful book from Kathryn Le VequeI have just finished reading the Walls of Babylon by Kathryn Le Veque and was not the least bit disappointed in the story As with many other books I had hoped that there would be to the story I can only hope that the following story will have some relationship to this one.

    16. ExcellentVery good but I missed the epilogue with the future of the H and h I did not like the ghostly thing I would have preferred to hear about the children s future and additional children produced by their marriage But the story was excellent Could have used a little romance too.

    17. Love this book What a great story I could not wait to get home after work to read I was mesmerized by Kenton and Nicola Kathryn LeVeque has a way of drawing you into a story and this one had me from the first chapter I love how feisty Nicola is and how she made a battle hardened knight smile It s no surprise that Kathryn LeVeque is the top medieval romance writer.

    18. Not one of my favorite, or maybe its cause I just finished The Lion of the North and it was amazing Walls of Babylon was a little less captivating and didn t have the energy or story that so many of Veque s novels normally have, for me anyway I have to say this is the first one of her novels that I did not practically read through in one sitting.

    19. Mesmerizing Mesmerizing, passionate, dangerous and filled with challenges, betrayal, struggles and the power of love An awesome read Another hit with some powerful characters, both the main characters and the secondary characters What a story Simply mesmerizing Personal buy Rating 4 5Heat rating MildReviewed by AprilR

    20. 4.5 5.0Kenton is a fierce knight whose reputation precedes him, yet one can t help but admire how he opens up slowly to show a tender side.Read full review in the 2016 February issue of InD tale Magazine.

    21. Heartrending storyNicola and Kenton s story was so unique and truly showed what real love entails I didn t want to stop reading This book could have taken so many paths, fortunately the final path was a good one.

    22. GreatTo the point that I forget the woman said if these walls could talk then the story started which was is real I forgot how the story began and got rapet up with the storyline that I forget the man and woman at the end of the story.

    23. Kathryn le veque is an amazing storyteller Not only did this deliver great romance and action but it also had some deeply emotional parts that found me crying Another great read, she is my go to for historical romance

    24. Must readGreat book.KLV does it again Loved the story,characters from past books Wished it didn t end Anyone who loves her books this is a must read

    25. Very good story.I thought that when the heroine betrayed the hero, it would cause insurmountable obstacles for the pair, however, they were not insurmountable after all.

    26. .Another great storyWhat can I say A castle, a war, two star crossed lovers, betrayed But always a HEA ending And a firm sense of the possibilities A truly fantastic tale

    27. What an amazing story of loveWow, that was awesome What a turbulent ride, with ups and downs, twists and turns I suppose love does conquer all.

    28. AwesomeAnother great book I enjoyed the characters in the book and how they interacted I look forward to reading of her books

    29. True love againThis woman massacred talent for keeping me wrapped up in her stories This storybook make you cry and then keep you on edge.

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