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Rumpled Bear Skin By Sable Sylvan,

  • Title: Rumpled Bear Skin
  • Author: Sable Sylvan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A BBW Bear Shifter Billionaire Paranormal Romance NovellaCurvy public relations intern Artemis Miller can spin anything into gold, but can she save the Asher Lumber Company s image With a little help from billionaire bear Jasper Dixon, anything is possible The last thing that Artemis Miller wants is to get burned by thehandsome shifter she s been paired with by their bosA BBW Bear Shifter Billionaire Paranormal Romance NovellaCurvy public relations intern Artemis Miller can spin anything into gold, but can she save the Asher Lumber Company s image With a little help from billionaire bear Jasper Dixon, anything is possible The last thing that Artemis Miller wants is to get burned by thehandsome shifter she s been paired with by their boss After all, Jasper Dixon isn t knownas Rumpled Bear Skin for nothing the notorious playboy has a different woman on his bearskin rug every weekend, or so the office legend goes The only thing that could make working with Jasper worse The fact that she s assigned to accompany him to the company cabin down in Port Jameson for a full week The ante s upped when Jasper gives her three chances to guess his mate mark If she wins, she gets a raise, and if she loses She has to have dinner with Jasper for the rest of the summer The billionaire grizzly is running a major damage control campaign of his own Jasper Dixon s reputation precedes him, but he can explain what s a bear shifter without a mate supposed to do It s going to take than pickup lines, wine, and caviar to woo Artemis Miller, the woman he s sure is his fated mate, but of course, those things might just help him get what he wants When he learns that Artemis has no idea he s one of Seattle s most eligible billionaires, Jasper realizes that the only way he can woo the Montana collegiate is to show her his Port Jameson roots, from taking her salmon fishing to escorting her to the Marionberry Festival Artemis s father might have bragged about her abilities to his bosses at Asher Lumber, but he didn t raise a fool Artemis isn t sure if Jasper s just putting on an act or if the grizzly werebear is actually trying to befriend her or even worse, trying to woo her If it s the latter, Artemis isn t so sure she ll be able to resist Jasper s charms for long but will she give him a second chance, and importantly, will Artemis figure out Jasper s mate mark If you love sassy BBWs and bear shifters are what you live for, sexy billionaires are what you dream of, and fated mates are your obsession, check out Rumpled Bear Skin This book is a standalone novella, part of Seattle s Billionaire Bears, a series of remixed fairy tales set in Port Jameson, featuring the Dixon Clan.
    Rumpled Bear Skin A BBW Bear Shifter Billionaire Paranormal Romance NovellaCurvy public relations intern Artemis Miller can spin anything into gold but can she save the Asher Lumber Company s image With a little help

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    1. It appears that I am on the outside with this one There are 3 things I have learned while reading this book 1 That the couple s names are Artemis and Jasper after all, it was repeated in almost every paragraph, and often several times in one sentence.2 That frikking is a cuss word du jour.3 How to make mashed potatoes, gut fish, prepare fish, process salmon roe, make sashimi, a step by step by step by step instruction how to make , serve and eat sushi and appreciate the fat content of above ment [...]

    2. Title Rumpled Bear SkinAuthor Sable Sylvan Reviewed by Stephanie Jordan Ms Sylvan has written another Fairy Tale, that is possible to come true After all how many people believe in Fairy Tales let alone Lives Happily Ever After You d be surprised, no one will admit it but almost everyone wants to believe it in there subconscious.Artemis Miller was a PR intern for Asher Lumber Co having just started working there than being called up to the top floor Big Bosses office was a scary thing.If that wa [...]

    3. My Thoughts 5 out of 5 Unicorns I loved it Received a copy of the ebook for an honest reviewThe cover is looking very good with both beasts Love it This is the first book in the series, but it is a spin off and in the same world as the Shifter Princes series I love everything to do with the boys from the Asher Lumber Company This is of course for adults only due to the steamy content Artemis is a spunky and feisty intern as Asher Lumber Her dad brags about her skills to get her the job Jasper ha [...]

    4. Artemis and Jasper have one week to make a plan to help Asher Lumber to up its sales with some kind of event Artemis does not want to spend time with a man who is known to take a lot of women home for one night but she wants to prove herself with this company, Jasper knows she is his mate but he just has to make her realize it

    5. Loved the bookLoved the book it.didn t drag on and was.sweet and cute And would definitely recommend reading as it s not quick but not tpp long

    6. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Sable Sylvan has created another fantastic story that you don t want to miss.Artemis, a curvy and sassy human has a reputation of being able to spin anything is interning at Asher Lumber Billionaire Jasper Dixon has been searching for his fated mate for a long time with no luck but that s about to change Cedar the head of the Lumber Company and Jasper s cousin pair the two up to work on a project and send them off to work at the co [...]

    7. Another new series from Sable Seattle s Billionaire Bears , another Fairy Tale made over, this time Rumplestiltskin is up What a tale this story is, I loved it, Aspen from the Shifter Princes series made a couple of camoe s do you even call them that in books so I would recommend reading Sable s books in an order don t ask me what that order is exactly , they are all intertwined in ways, lots of character cross overs What a make over this story has been under, no longer a creepy little man being [...]

    8. I enjoyed this book, but have liked some of her other books better The couple in this one is very sweet and really don t have a lot of troubles to over come which is different than most couples I love the idea they come up with while working on their assignment for the gala I think it is something companies should try doing Very quick happily ever after story I was gifted and ARC for an honest review.

    9. This was a short but entertaining read Nice story concept The descriptions to details were rather long winded at times and seemed to be filler than story line content.It was written as a multi pov, and at times it switched pov in the middle of the chapter, then would switch back It also seemed like in every paragraph or two, it would say the characters names, as if it was written from a 3rd parties observation of the couple and not from the two characters pov This just seemed strange to me.As f [...]

    10. Artemis is working the summer at Amber lumber She s known as the woman who can turn things into gold So when she s partners with Jasper, whom the ladies call him rumbled bear skin Artemis is not impressed Little does she know that she may be Jasper s mate When Jasper finds out her name, he s shocked and now he s living in the company cabin with her for a week He s scared what if she s like the others and isn t his mate Can these two work out their differences in a week Can Artemis really be Jasp [...]

    11. This was the first book I read by this author I did enjoy the story It was interesting to see where it would go Things moved a little fast but stories like this often do The one issue I had this is my option once the love scenes look place the way they talked to each other changed I hate the word babe again personal preference, If you don t call each other that except when making love it sounds so fake I am reading the others in the series so we will see how those go I would recommend this book [...]

    12. She Might BeThis quick fun read is about a young man who thinks that a young intern, working in his cousin s company, could possibly his fated master She is getting a chance to work on a project that could settle her future As long as she doesn t get caught up in her fantasy about the owner s cousin Enjoy I did.

    13. So cuteI liked this story it s so cute they always say there is that thin line between love and hate and this story shows that I liked how she finally figured out to make her own opinion of Jasper instead of sticking with what women and her own preconceived notions of him Can t wait til I start Blue bear

    14. Good plotThis story had a good plot and was interesting and fun in places but could also use another run through by an editor There were quite a few errors and I hate when a good story is hampered by editing.

    15. Another sweet oneI loved this fairytale shifter story Stable Sylvan has out done herself with this one I can t wait to read the next one in the series I just love shifter romances.

    16. Wham, bam, we re mated, ma am.Awkward dialogue Spewing forth unbelievable conversations rather than the author taking the time to explain things.Cringe worthy scenarios No examples needed Its pretty much the entire book Unlikable characters All of them except maybe that older bakery lady Characters that made no sense Artemis can t tell when something is non alcoholic and blames her behavior on non existent booze, making her both unlikeable and stupid Plot lines that made no sense Apparently, acc [...]

    17. I received this ARC from the author for a honest review Rumpled Bear Skin Sable SylvanArtemis Miller was called into the office at Asher Lumber, where she worked as a PR Intern She was nervous because her farther bragged that she could spin anything into gold When she got there Jasper Dixon was there as well, she d heard all about him and wjat he got up to But before she could think to much about him they were called into the Chief Operations Officer s office Together, Artemis and Jasper were be [...]

    18. Title Rumpled Bear SkinSeries Seattle s Billionaire BearsNote This is a first book in the series, book 1, but is a stand alone.Author Sable SylvanThis is my review of Rumpled Bear Skin, book 1 in The Seattle s Billionaire Bears I got this book in the series free in exchange for an honest review This is the continuation of a great world and it can be read as a standalone with no cliffhanger ending, it is the whole story Even though it says that it is Seattle s Billionaire Bears book 1 is still en [...]

    19. Spinning words and ideas into goldArtemis Miller could spin anything into gold at least that s what her dad liked to brag Said bragging landed her an internship at Asher Lumber and now she has the dubious honor of partnering up with Jasper Dixon, a playboy bear shifter to improve on the gala held in the Midwest with the hopes of increasing visibility and sales While Jasper is one hunkalicious stud muffin, Artemis has sworn off dating So a week away with Jasper at the company cabin to brainstorm [...]

    20. Rumpled Bear Skin A BBW Bear Shifter Billionaire Paranormal Romance NovellaSable SylvanReviewed by SFF DragonA really great start to a new series PR Intern Artemis spins falling sales into growing ones and gets a HEA along the way Rumpled Bear Skin is the first book in the new Seattle s Billionaire Bears series of paranormal romances by Sable Sylvan I was given a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review and I loved it I really didn t want to put it down From beginning to end I was tot [...]

    21. What happens when one of the Asher Dixon Cousins starts looking for his Fated Mate over and over again Well the young man gets a reputation is what Jasper Dixon of the Pacific Northwest Asher Lumber company has gotten himself the nickname of Rumpled Bear Skin due to the office rumors of his taking a woman to his cabin for one sexy hot night and then never dating them again Not exactly the kind of man you would knowingly want to have a relationship with.Artemis Miller, newest Public Relations Int [...]

    22. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review In this book we meet Artemis and Jasper Artemis is brought in to Asher Lumber Co to help with the promotion of some of the less profitable area s She is teamed up with Jasper who is know around the office as Rumpled Bear Skin because apparently he takes women up to his cabin in the woods and has sex with them on this rug, hence the nick name But Artemis is here for another reason all together her father told the Asher s that she could turn anyt [...]

    23. So I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion This is the 1st book I have read by Sable Sylvan so I didn t know what to expect Most shifter books are the same style We still love them but for the most part they are alot a like Until Rumpled Bear Skin This book not only breaks the mold but shattered it s I recommend this book to every shifter lover out there To the reader s who just want something different.So this book is about ARTEMIS she is a wonderful smart woman who is an intern at Asher Lum [...]

    24. Artemis has worked hard to be worthy of the internship opportunity she has with a billion dollar company However she is suddenly given an assignment she doesn t know if she can handle, especially since she has to work with the playboy shifter bear Jasper.Jasper has a reputation, but there is a reason, one he can t share with Artemis CEO sends the two of them away for a week in a company work cabin to come up with a replacement project idea She is leery of spending time with the sexy guy because [...]

    25. I actually like the little different twist you took on this book Sorry you will have to read the book to see why this one was a little different Sable has done such an amazing job on this series Each book have a special place in my heart Don t worry if you have not read any of the books before this one because each book is a standalone.Artemis was an intern at the Asher Lumber Co She was everything a bear shifter would love She was beautiful, curvy, and full of spirit She had heard several stori [...]

    26. Sleeping BBW And The Billionaire Bear ASable Sylvan Do Fairy Tales Come True Cedar is the last f the Asher boys to find a true mate Well he was shopping to find a birthday gift for his grandmother ,he meet Talia the beautiful girl who worked at the spinning yarn shop with her three aunts that raised her from an infant She was told to help Cedar find something for his grandma s birthday When Cedar and Talia meets they hit it right off when he left the shop she realized she forgot to have him fill [...]

    27. I absolutely love Sable Sylvan s adult version of these classic fairytales, and this one fits the profile to a T Her variation is a delight to read, as she puts her unique twist on each one, creating her own library of bedtime stories you won t want to miss Jasper has been looking for his fated mate for so long, and we all know that when a bear starts the search, he s not going to stop until he finds her, and that may mean an awful lot of one night stands, so it seems he has earned the nickname [...]

    28. Super Sexy Bear Fairy tales I just love these quirky and sweet books The story lines are incredible The characters you will find are amazing The series always gives me a good laugh Artemis is a spunky curvy young woman who works for Asher Lumber company The company is owned and run by a family of Bear shifters Cedar Asher is one of the head owners of the company Jasper is a cousin who works for Cedar Jasper has a bad rep around the company as being a playboy lol He is known as Rumpled Bear Skin [...]

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