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Een mooie dag om te sterven By R.J. Ellory Ineke van den Elskamp,

  • Title: Een mooie dag om te sterven
  • Author: R.J. Ellory Ineke van den Elskamp
  • ISBN: 9789049804183
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Dwarsligger
  • Een mooie dag om te sterven gaat over John Costello Hij en zijn vriendin Nadia waren het slachtoffer van een van de beruchtste Amerikaanse seriemoordenaars aller tijden Nadia was op slag dood, maar Costello overleefde de aanval Twintig jaar later overspoelt een nieuwe golf van moorden New York Inspecteur Ray Irving schakelt de hulp in van Costello, die een patroon ontdEen mooie dag om te sterven gaat over John Costello Hij en zijn vriendin Nadia waren het slachtoffer van een van de beruchtste Amerikaanse seriemoordenaars aller tijden Nadia was op slag dood, maar Costello overleefde de aanval Twintig jaar later overspoelt een nieuwe golf van moorden New York Inspecteur Ray Irving schakelt de hulp in van Costello, die een patroon ontdekt dat de delicten onderling verbindt Maar deze kennis brengt zijn leven opnieuw in gevaar.
    Een mooie dag om te sterven Een mooie dag om te sterven gaat over John Costello Hij en zijn vriendin Nadia waren het slachtoffer van een van de beruchtste Amerikaanse seriemoordenaars aller tijden Nadia was op slag dood maar Co

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    1. John Costello is a survivor of a serial killer who had survived the Hammer of God murders back in 1984 in New Jersey When he puts together the connection of murders that have happened in the past to ones that have happened in the present, he is enlisted to help out and catch the Anniversary man by NYPD Detective Ray Irving But can this Homicide Detective and the Newspaper Crime researcher stop the Anniversary man before he can kill again Read on and find out for yourself This was a pretty good t [...]

    2. PROTAGONIST Ray Irving, homicide detectiveSETTING New York SERIES StandaloneRATING 4.5As depressing as it may be, success often leads to a rash of imitators which leads to a reduction in quality which ultimately results in failure as the market suffers from fatigue of an overdone concept Do you feel like you never want to hear about another vampire Do you want twenty forensic cop shows on TV Many crime fiction fans have given up on serial killer books, as they ve become very derivative and only [...]

    3. Ik vind het lastig een duidelijke sterrenwaardering te geven voor dit, best wel dikke, boek Sommige stukken vond ik echt heel goed Het begin waarin vanuit John wordt geschreven was er goed Ook de latere stukken m.n de dialogen tussen Irving Karen John waren goed De stukken die ik minder vond waren de eindeloze hoeveelheid feiten van moorden uit het verleden die uitvoerig beschreven werden In de huidige tijd zijn er al 17 moorden die allemaal gelinkt worden naar het verleden en dus ook worden uit [...]

    4. Sometimes, not very often granted, a blurb on the front of a book nails it for me In the case of THE ANNIVERSARY MAN the blurb from Clive Cussler is The perfect author to read late into the night I d definitely advise that you catch up on your sleep before you pick up a book by R.J Ellory This is the second of his that I ve read now and both of them have kept me up way too late, or found me sneaking out to hide in the chook sheds and grab a little time with the book when I really should have bee [...]

    5. UPDATE MARCH 2017Still unable to get past the prologue was it a prologue I didn t mind Rudnick s accent this time but the book, oh it was just too boring to continue I can t be arsed to write a review for a book that turned out so disappointing for me so just read stevedutch s review It echoes my sentiments.To be fair, the choice of Stefan Rudnicki as the narrator contributed significantly The storytelling was already bad enough actually one of the worst I ve experienced but Rudnicki s accent ex [...]

    6. I am normally a huge RJ Ellory fan I absolutely loved A Quiet Belief in Angels, and have read it 3 times, so I had great hopes for this book.It started off interestingly enough, and had the usual characters that one would expect in a detective novel, world weary and lonely middle aged cop, sassy lady who comes to his rescue after a shaky beginning to their relationship, odd ball boffin type, etc etc etc Plenty of well researched CSI type of stuff there too.We were well and truly cheated in the e [...]

    7. Wauw en ik maar twijfelen oh boy maar NU weet ik het tenminste lol Aan iedereen die het echt wil weten, of Costello de slechterik is of niet Lezen maar zou ik zeggen Wat mij betreft was dit echt wel een heel goed boek, waarin ik zeker tien keer getwijfeld heb aan alles, maar de schrijver is er dan ook heel bedreven in om zijn lezers mee te nemen in het verhaal.Ik ga alvast de andere titels opzoeken, want ik wil best wat meer van deze auteur lezen.

    8. R.J Ellory once again captivates my attention well into the long hours of the night with this extremely engaging read Serial killer genre is one of my favorite, but they have to been over the top good for me to warrent them a 5 star rating If it scares me at all, then it s than good This one did just that.In 1984, 16 year old, John Costello meets 17 year old Nadia and young love blooms along with the sexual awakenings of young teens in the heart of New York city To some innocent, but to one it [...]

    9. It was with much anticipation and a little apprehension that I picked up RJ Ellory s latest offering The Anniversary Man and started to read The anticipation of a brand new novel from a favourite author and the apprehension of wondering would it be as good as his earlier books.There is a quote from Clive Cussler on the front of the book saying that RJ Ellory is an author that keeps you reading throughout the night hours that is the perfect quote for this book, but don t expect an undisturbed sle [...]

    10. Une succession de meurtres trangement ressemblant aux plus grandes sc nes de crime va avoir lieu.Ray Irving va h riter de cette enqu te et sera aider par John Costello qui est lui m me un rescap d un serial killer, mais cela remonte sa jeunesse.Vous pensez bien que ce sac de noeud ne va pas tre simple d nouer, surtout lorsqu ils vont se rendre compte que les meurtres actuels sont en fait perp tr s la date anniversaire d un autre meurtre ayant eu lieu dans le pass.Par moment, j ai eu l impression [...]

    11. This case follows a serial killer in New York copying real life notorious serial killers and killing innocent people in the same way and anniversary of original killing The killer is totally organised and a perfectionist in the way he plans and executes his kills The prologue to the book describes serial killings that occurred in 1984 with one male survivor John Costello John Costello is now a crime researcher for a newspaper The lead homicide detective is Ray Irving who tries to gain clues wher [...]

    12. Le probl me avec les polars, ce n est pas que je n aime pas en lire, c est que je les oublie aussit t referm s.Celui ci fait exception mais malheureusement pas pour les bonnes raisons.Le prologue tr s long aurait du me mettre la puce l oreille.J ai trouv le style tr s froid et factuel Les meurtres sont cit s et d crits tellement froidement qu on ne ressent aucun frisson, l inspecteur n est pas du tout attachant car l aussi, trop factuel Et surtout, il ne sert rien pendant tout le livre Toutes, j [...]

    13. This is another book where the intensive and obvious research has got in the way of the story telling.Only in America could you begin to imagine that a surviving serial killer support group could exist If you can get over this hurdle, you can appreciate the life of John Costello a man who 20 years ago was left for dead by the hammer of the gods killer He now works as a researcher for a newspaper lives a life alone and is an expert on serial killers.Is this a doppleganger for ellory, who has rese [...]

    14. Many years ago, John Costello survived a horrific attack by the serial killer known as the Hammer of God Fast forward to present day New York, and John is working as a researcher for a newspaper Ray Irving is a New York cop, a bit of a loner, who has suffered the loss of a loved one He is called out to a murder scene This sets the stage for a tale of two men, not dissimilar, in common than not, and their hunt for a killer some think don t exist Mr Ellory s novels are a joy to read the depth of [...]

    15. Even though these books are a lot gritty than I generally read, there is something I do really enjoy about RJ Ellory s novels The subject matter is not what I usually want from my reading, I don t find killing entertainment but it is compelling, the writing is good and the characterisation superb The sense of place is remarkably good as Ellory is afer all English but he must be a New Yorker in his soul The story is of a serial killer stalking New York City, re creating infamous murders, New Yor [...]

    16. With this novel Ellory established himself as one of my favourite crime writers I had loved A Quiet Belief in Angels though wondered if his others could live up to that standard I shouldn t have been concerned because this does and also is very different in style It is a serial killer novel but one that is quite fresh in the way the killer operates Fascinating and compelling It combines page turning suspense with quite a literary quality Near the opening is a recollection of a crime by its victi [...]

    17. What an absolutely fantastic book, if I could give it than five stars I would Totally unputdownable, I ve been reading solidly for over four hours because I just had to finish it The tension grips your entrails and twists, and I feel like I ve been on a very enjoyable roller coaster Magnificent writing, real characters you care about, a driving pace, twists and turns if this isn t in contention for my book of the year I ll be amazed.

    18. This book covers all the REAL serial killers and their methods set in a fictional setting of a new serial killer who kills on the anniversary date of other serial killers.

    19. After 150 pages, I just didn t want to keep reading it Too many murders Too much potential for Much as I enjoy thrillers I didn t want to go where this book wanted to take me.

    20. couldn t put it down one of those books where i go i ll just read a few pages and then i ll put the light out but i m still reading it two hours later.

    21. lesbouquinsdechloe.wordpress.Le premier thriller que je lis de cet auteur, je ne sais pas trop quoi penser , sinon que je suis un peu d u, je le classerai m me entre d ception et bonne lecture, car j ai quand m me pass un bon moment.Premi rement, ayant beaucoup entendu parler des romans de R.J Ellory, je m attendais quelque chose d intense qui m aurait gard en haleine et qui m aurait tenu jusqu la fin Au lieu de quoi je pouvais tr s bien me passer de ma lecture pendant plusieurs jours Non pas qu [...]

    22. Chaque roman de R.J Ellory est une merveille C est d ailleurs son nom que je donne quand on me demande qui est mon auteur pr f r Il a une criture forte, m lancolique, presque po tique parfois.Ses personnages sont r els, vivants, plausibles, et leur psychologie est toujours finement dessin e Ils sont aussi souvent tr s seuls et d vor s par leurs d mons int rieurs, ce qui a pour effet de plonger le lecteur dans un tat pas toujours tr s heureux Je ne ressors jamais totalement indemne d un de ses ro [...]

    23. This is a tremendously well written book about a bizarre topic serial killers On the basis of thorough diligence, Ellory traces the almost superhumanly difficult chase of a NY police detective trying to understand the patterns and motivations of a serial killer in 2006 Along the way we get to see practicalities of how police departments proceed and the conflicts between transparency and public confidence All rushing to a credible and bittersweet ending Highly recommended

    24. It started off very strong It was intriguing Two time distinguished story lines slowly coming together, beautiful Ellory provides a very full story all through the book there are multiple POV that introduce a story aspect it works very well But after a while you kind of get enough of it It follows the same pattern a little bit and after a while there s just to much information The ending is also a little unsatisfying That makes it too much effort for little result to read this book I loved the c [...]

    25. This book took awhile to get into and contains extremely violent scenes throughout However, once the story jumps to present day it kept me engaged and listening until the end.

    26. A great book, with a genuine twist right at the end Seriously impressed, I ve read some of his books before, I have now put the rest of them on my to read list.

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