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Meds By Amy Cross,

  • Title: Meds
  • Author: Amy Cross
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Welcome to the Overflow And remember, all roads lead back to Lakehurst At the edge of a ruined town, a burned out hospital houses one final, functional ward There, a small group of doctors and nurses tend to patients who have been consigned to the Overflow Unloved, forgotten by the people who knew them, these are the patients who will never receive visitors If somet Welcome to the Overflow And remember, all roads lead back to Lakehurst At the edge of a ruined town, a burned out hospital houses one final, functional ward There, a small group of doctors and nurses tend to patients who have been consigned to the Overflow Unloved, forgotten by the people who knew them, these are the patients who will never receive visitors If something happens to them, no one will ask questions When she starts work at Middleford Cross, Nurse Elly Blackstock thinks she s getting a second chance She soon discovers, however, that this particular hospital is unlike any other In one of the beds, an old man grapples with the horrors of his past, while in another there s a woman condemned to a life of darkness and silence Ghosts stalk the corridors, and ghosts are on the way And watching over all of this is the hospital s administrator, Nurse Kirsten Winter, a woman who is desperately searching for someone named Annie Radford Asylum Meds is a dark horror novel about the lengths one woman will go to as she searches for the truth about the voices in her head.
    Meds Welcome to the Overflow And remember all roads lead back to Lakehurst At the edge of a ruined town a burned out hospital houses one final functional ward There a small group of doctors and nurses

    One thought on “Meds”

    1. This is the second in the Asylum series I haven t read the first yet Fortunately, it s not confusing I m not going to discuss the story view spoiler Well, its about a voice that can get into people s mind and told them to do bad stuff hide spoiler The characters are, in all honesty, idiot Who announced loud and clear their intention to a person they knew was bad Just do it discreetly And not to mention, gullible have a good plot Something fresh and new But, she always ruined it with her characte [...]

    2. I hate e books with a passion, but I had to make an exception for this brilliant, creative and utterly horrifying little story I hope it gets released in paperback or hardcover someday, because I d gladly buy a copy Everything about it, from the frightening old school asylum setting to the characters, was imaginative and powerful This is a great book D

    3. I don t know why I love this series so much It s creepy, it keeps me on the edge of my seat, it s just so good I love how there are so many point of views and how everything connects, even the way the characters connect I was really hoping that we were going to focus just on Nurse Winters, but I was ok with Elly being the main one She was a good character Her story was interesting I am really looking forward to book 3

    4. This was a major letdown I really enjoyed Asylum and was looking forward to reading this but was utterly bored throughout the entire thing All I wanted to do was finish it just so I could find out what was going on and how exactly it was going to end And now I ll have to read the next one and hope it s better I normally love Amy s books and have read quite a few of them but this ugh.

    5. Meds is sequel to Asylum A 3rd book is supposed to come out I like series because anything to do with asylums is creepy Nurse Winter also is a total Witch Again, horror novels I do on different scale then regular books Amy Cross has pumped out many books They are good great stories They are also creepy, gory, haunted, violent, some sex but not much I find myself at night looking around to make sure no one is there Horror fans will love these My biggest concern is she needs another editor Books a [...]

    6. Cannot wait for Book 3 Amy Cross has a great talent for writing adductive storylines with unexpected outcomes Asylum was by far my favorite, so when I found book 2 Meds, I had to get it right away It was almost as amazing as the first book, kept me up all night and great twists thrown in Cannot wait for the next one.

    7. Double down on horrorUnbelievably well written, a horror story with substance Just when you think the story can t get any interesting, the author brings it up a notch If book 3 of this trilogy is as good as 12, we have hit the horror trifecta.I highly recommend reading the Asylum series for those who love to read great horror books.

    8. This just awful sequel to the also awful Asylum is barely worth the one star I gave it I couldn t imagine sustaining my will to live if I had to force my way through its 600 odd pages, so I eventually gave up and took advantage of s generous return policy To call this tripe horror demeans those who genuinely understand and write the genre At 99 cents, this book was overpriced by about 2.47 I ve learned my lesson no Amy Cross for me.

    9. I read the first Amy Cross book and thought it was pretty good The characters and plot were right on So, I got this one, and while the plot and characters were well written, it needed editing I read over too many left out words It interrupted the story flow and bothered me that I had to go back and reread to make sure the words weren t there and I just left them out when reading That s why I gave it three stars, otherwise I would have probably given it four.

    10. A typical Amy Cross bookIf you want a quick read with twists and turns and just enough horror to make it worthwhile then pick up this book Amt Cross is one of my favorite authors with some very reasonable prices There are even enough free ones to get you hooked.

    11. Ready good well written horror Asylum was one of my favorite reads and this sequel does do it justice Some great, although many twisted characters in this series Keeps you on the edge of your seat Can t wait for the finale

    12. It pains meI hate to give an Amy Cros book a low rating, but there really is no other choice You can t read this as a sequel as intended, because it doesn t jibe at all, and it makes even less sense as a stand alone.

    13. just didn t get it in the endI understood ASYLUM but this one is a bit of a mystery to me I don t understand about the source of the voice coming from under ground, unless well, guess I will have to find out in ASYLUM 3.

    14. Gripping ReadCan t wait for book 3 Every character mentioned throughout this book has a valuable input to the conclusion Amy Cross has the ability to keep you on your toes and anticipating every turn of a page

    15. As a sequel this didn t quite live up to its predecessor as much as I had hoped I m not saying it wasn t good far from it and I really enjoyed it I had just hoped to have followed the journey of Anne rather then switching to a whole new character Still a good read in the end though.

    16. Love this author I have now read both asylum books and LOVED them They keep you going until the very end Some of it is nothing that would be in the real world almost kooky , but I still loved the stories

    17. Very well writtenThere are plenty of twists and turns in this story She certainly knows how to weave a good psychological mystery I read any of her books I can find She s great

    18. Really liked the twists turns of Meds Cant wait to read next book in triology Like all off Amy Cross books.

    19. Just as spooky, freaky, maddeningly sinister as the first only with things coming to light from the shadows hmmm.

    20. Great ReadThis was a great book this author is brilliant and I would totally recommend this series Now off to read yet another one of her books

    21. Decent bookThe second part to Asylum was halfway decent I wish that there had been connections between the two When will the next book be coming out

    22. Good bookLove all the twists and turns this book has I can t wait until the next one comes out, to see what the evil looks like, and it does.

    23. A good sequelA good sequel Read it quickly and enjoyed it Good to see what happened to certain characters Awaiting the third book.

    24. Dark horrorNot quite as good as Book 1 but still an enjoyable read It explained quite a few of the questions I had from Book 1 and made me want to complete the trilogy.

    25. Terrifying journey.A very readable second part of the trilogy, but spoiled by text errors and misplaced letters Please proof read before publishing.

    26. Fast Read Can t wait for 3rd book to come out Edge of your seat book Liked it very much That s all I can tell you.

    27. MEDS The Asylum Trolley Book 2 I thoroughly enjoyed this book Like the first book in the trilogy it s almost impossible to put down Once again Amy Cross does what she does best, weaving a story that keeps you guessing, with a few surprises along the way Her forays back and forth in time, as related to the story , aren t confusing and provide the back story for the characters I don t consider this a stand alone book but the first book could be There aren t any cliffhangers at the end which is nic [...]

    28. Overall good book I liked the story itself and how it tied to the first book She kept me wanting to read it and it was hard to put down I think she could have improved upon the grammatical errors in the book

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