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  • Title: How to Use Your Eyes
  • Author: James Elkins
  • ISBN: 9780415922548
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Hardcover
  • James Elkins s How to Use Your Eyes invites us to look at and maybe to see for the first time the world around us, with breathtaking results Here are the common artifacts of life, often misunderstood and largely ignored, brought into striking focus With the discerning eye of a painter and the zeal of a detective, Elkins explores complicated things like mandalas, the peJames Elkins s How to Use Your Eyes invites us to look at and maybe to see for the first time the world around us, with breathtaking results Here are the common artifacts of life, often misunderstood and largely ignored, brought into striking focus With the discerning eye of a painter and the zeal of a detective, Elkins explores complicated things like mandalas, the periodic table, or a hieroglyph, remaking the world into a treasure box of observations eccentric, ordinary, marvelous.
    How to Use Your Eyes James Elkins s How to Use Your Eyes invites us to look at and maybe to see for the first time the world around us with breathtaking results Here are the common artifacts of life often misunderstood

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    1. This book is a series of short chapters, each talking about how to see the details in something we previously would have overlooked For example, there are chapters on the cracks in paintings, on sand, on grass, on culverts I had a 60 70% strike rate with chapters, most being found interesting but the occasional one resisting even my stubborn efforts to find delight in the subject matter This book had the potential to really grab me, but it didn t and I am not sure why I think it has something to [...]

    2. Some chapters of this book were better than others, but overall it met my expectations The author chose topics that interest him and spent 3 5 pages on each one explaining how to see them Everything from butterfly wings to cracks in a painting to sunsets.I do love the idea of knowing enough about something to really see it, and the author seems to have explored many things to this level of detail Something I wish I had time for I find the I know about something, the fascinating the seeing of [...]

    3. So called vision is highly relevant in every important decision we make Not having clear vision or having the same vision as everybody else thus means you run the risk of making sub optimal or simply stupid decisions.That s the core of what I take away from this book not some mental toolbox for thinking about art per se, but rather a way of looking at one s own perception and appreciation of subtlety.Work through this book carefully you may get bored at times, but you ll learn how to see better. [...]

    4. This book won t tell you how to repair your refrigerator or read bar codes It s not a museum guide, either you won t learn how to understand fine art And you won t learn how to predict the weather by looking at clouds, or how to wire a house, or how to track animals in the snow.In short, this is not a reference tool It s a book about learning to see anything, learning to use your eyes concertedly and with patience than we might ordinarily do It s about stopping and taking the time simply to lo [...]

    5. This is an intriguing and entertaining book I learned a lot about all kinds of odd things, like culverts and postage stamps After a while the series of short essays starts to feel a bit repetitive in format, but individually they are quite interesting It would make a great gift for any curious person.

    6. Such a delightful book, good sober or stoned Short esssys, full of images, by a wonderful teacher What is a stamp How does a culvert work Why does asphalt crack the way it does Elkins helps you see what you ve already seen, but not always thought about.

    7. This book is wonderful, but you really only have to read half of it and then you will want to stop reading and go out and use your eyes elsewhere.

    8. I found a lot of inspiring quotes here for my college honors project, and would probably revisit this one for thoughts about observation, visual thinking, and art.

    9. What a fascinating book Each of the 32 subjects discussed really requires extensive study to be fully appreciated.

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