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The Secret Book of Kings By Yochi Brandes,

  • Title: The Secret Book of Kings
  • Author: Yochi Brandes
  • ISBN: 9781250076984
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Stories are deadlier than swords Swords kill only those who stand before them, stories decide who will live and die in generations to come.Shlom am, a young man from the tribe of Ephraim, has grown up in the shadow of several secrets He wonders why his father is deathly afraid of the King s soldiers, and why his mother has lied to him about the identities of those closesStories are deadlier than swords Swords kill only those who stand before them, stories decide who will live and die in generations to come.Shlom am, a young man from the tribe of Ephraim, has grown up in the shadow of several secrets He wonders why his father is deathly afraid of the King s soldiers, and why his mother has lied to him about the identities of those closest to him Knowing his parents won t divulge than they have to, Shlom am sets out on his own to unearth his mysterious past.At the height of his journey, Shlom am encounters the Crazed Princess Princess Michal, daughter of the ill fated King Saul and discarded wife of the illustrious, dangerous King David, seems doomed by the annals of history hellbent on seizing the throne, David wiped out her father s line and left her isolatedd plotting Only Michal knows the shocking circumstances of Shlom am s birth Only she can set into motion his destiny to become Jerobaam, the fourth king of Israel.The Secret Book of Kings is a sweeping biblical epic filled with court intrigue, romance, and rebellion It engages with the canonized stories of the Israel s foundation and turns them on their heads Brandes, known for her profound familiarity with Jewish sources, uncovers vibrant, adversarial men and woman buried deep in the scriptures and asks the loaded question to what extent can we really know our past when history is written by the victors
    The Secret Book of Kings Stories are deadlier than swords Swords kill only those who stand before them stories decide who will live and die in generations to come Shlom am a young man from the tribe of Ephraim has grown up

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    1. I was a bit hesitant to read this since my knowledge of the Bible is not what it should be, but I decided to give it a go Keeping track of the names and areas characters were from was a bit daunting, however, it took nothing away from the story It was very interesting realizing how much stories play a part in history altering our perception of how and why events occurred These stories are usually created by the victors to strengthen their images This novel explained through very good storytellin [...]

    2. Many years passed before he realized his error and came to understand that stories are powerful than truth.I loved the cover and the idea behind this book the story of King Saul and King David from the Israelic viewpoint and not the Judean one as per our Bible We all know that history is determined by the victors, as theirs are the narration that will be passed down to next generations Unfortunately, I never connected with the story or the characters, which felt very one dimensional I think thi [...]

    3. I struggled with the rating for this book, I think 4 1 2 or 4 3 4 stars would be ok for this book but alas still hasn t given us that ability The storytelling in this book is superb, the characters are all deep and complex, they add to the story and are very well treated by the author who has given them a good background The story in itself is simple but the storytelling is what did it for me , if you are into biblical historical retellings , you ll like this book a lot.

    4. The Secret Book of Kings is one of the best books I ve read in some time This was honestly a bit surprising to me, as I m normally of a sword and sorcery fantasy reader and not much up on my historical fiction However, I m a sucker for a mysterious past and mad princesses, and I found myself drawn into the story almost against my will This book was extraordinarily well written The prose was beautiful, not falling into the choppy almost stream of consciousness that other first person point of vi [...]

    5. See of my book reviews on my blog, Literary FlitsTwo themes recur throughout The Secret Book Of Kings Stories are deadlier than swords and Our nation has a short memory Brandes exploration of biblical history from the vanquished House s point of view cleverly illustrates both of these thought provoking statements in the context of a gripping historical novel I can t say how many biblical conventions are upended, as claimed in the synopsis, because I only recognised two moments the David and Gol [...]

    6. I was chosen by Netgalley to review the book The Secret Book of Kings by Yochi Brandes translation by Yardenne Greenspan Given that fact, it has not altered my opinion on the book at all The Secret Book of Kings scheduled release is August 23, 2016.This book is broken up into 3 sections, and each section opens thusly 1 The Soldier Mother took me to the lepers cave for the first time on the fifteenth day of the eighth month 2 The Princess Still staring at me with that same angry helplessness, my [...]

    7. loved the book this was my first historical fiction book and I have to say I am now a fan of the genre The author is great at fleshing out the characters and sucking you into the story I heavily reccoomended this book if it even looks slightly appealing to you.

    8. This book was so much fun While at times, the anachronism of independent women got to be a bit hard to take, the whole premise made it worth putting up with that It s an alternative history as told by the tribes of Israel, as opposed to Judah, from whom most modern Jews are descended Reading how the stories we know had been changed to suit the political aims of the kings of Judah was so much fun and so fascinating to consider I d recommend this book to anyone familiar with the stories of Saul, D [...]

    9. I received an ARC of this book in a good reads giveaway This was a wonderfully written piece of fiction about the descendants of Saul I enjoyed the characters and the unraveling of the history of Shelomoam and finding out where he truly came from My favorite part was when he met the mad Princess and she revealed the truth of his family to him This book sucked me in from the beginning and I truly enjoyed it If any works by this author get translated into English I look forward to reading them.

    10. What an incredible story to experience a side of Jewish history that traditional sources cryptically seem to gloss over and now we might have a ln idea why.Similar to a Gregory McGuire novel, like Wicked, we get to see inside the Jewish monarchy from the perspective of the bad guy, in this case, the line of King Saul, which was stripped of the crown in favor of King David.Brandeis at times treads dangerously close to heresy without ever really taking us there Instead she opts for a thoughtful pl [...]

    11. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review I m a huge fan of historical fiction and always find it fascinating when I know the history behind the story The Secret Book of Kings describes the story of a young man in ancient Israel who finds out that he s the great grandson of King Saul Under the rule of King Solomon, that information is extremely dangerous, and with the help from his grandmother and her advisor he s set on the path to become King of Israel I we [...]

    12. Fantastic retelling of the story of Saul, David, and SolomonLike The Red Tent this story uses the hints in the text to provide a new midrash on the house of Saul and the reason for the division of Israel into two Kingdoms You need some familiarity with the basic story to appreciate the nuances and creativity of the author but reading the entries for the four protagonists is probably enough The book also raises many questions about the narrative of Jewish history that have many implications.

    13. Gripping and dramatic, this story makes you question which of the histories you ve learned are lies someone used to justify their power A very vivid and believable world set in the times of Hebrew Kings The language is sometimes a little awkward, but that s a small price to pay for a novel that has such a sense of place The story is reminder of how timeless human conflict is, but also insists that its not inevitable.

    14. This book is solid and is in the same genre as Diamont s The Red Tent The story, via narrative, of the palace intrigue of King Saul, David, Solomon, and Jeraboam I would add that there is a biblical conspiracy twist to the whole narrative, with the author scholar supposedly basing her assertions on midrashim, and hidden text This book does not make David and Solomon look good, especially David The jist is the Saul and his line were righteous and wronged by David and friends I did finally learn w [...]

    15. Sadly I couldn t get past chapter 8 It s not listed as young adult but I experienced it as insufferably juvenile However, I loved the hypothetically historical premise.

    16. Yochi Brandes is a biblical scholar who had searched out a different story of the kings of Israel Told from the perspective of Michal, King Saul s daughter,,who was married to David, we learn how David, usurped the throne While all,pmof the tribes were ruled by one king, they still saw themselves as separate The story is also told for the perspective of Shelomoam, from childhood to his coronation as Jeroboam This was a fascinating book

    17. Amazing read I borrowed this from the library based on a top picks As a Christian I enjoy seeing how authors take actual events create wonderful stories around them I did not want this book to end I wholeheartedly agree that we all have a purpose and if you re fortunate enough to have work to achieve the awareness that Shelomoam had to listen to that calling actually answer, things will come full circle Big picture small choices.

    18. Melachim Gim mel Kings III by Yochi Bran des is a bib li cal fic tion book which, pre sump tu ously enough, is a con tin u a tion of the bib li cal books of Kings I and Kings II While not her first novel, this is the first bib li cal novel the for mer ultra orthodox author wrote.The book is divided into three parts Part one is when we get intro duced to a child named Shlom am peace ful peo ple and fol low him from child hood to young adulthood.Part two fol lows Michal, King Saul s daugh ter and [...]

    19. Kings III is the heartbreaking tale of the princess Michal, daughter of King Saul who was married to King David but never truly loved by him The main theme of the book is the idea that history is writter by the winners, and often the voices of the other side are forgotten Stories are as powerful a weapon as swords and spears The story is based on the text from the book of Samuel but always told from a point of view we often don t notice Yochi Brandes s writing is spectacular She sucks you into t [...]

    20. It is no wonder that The Secret Book of Kings by Yochi Brandes is an International Bestseller It is a Biblical based novel about the historical Jewish tribes of the Old Testament The author s fictional recounting and interpretation of persons and events truly was enlightening and highly entertaining I have always preferred the New Testament, so I was eager to read this book The tale begins with a young boy who cannot explain his fear of soldiers He is soon immersed into a world of brutal bloodsh [...]

    21. The Secret Book of Kings by Yochi Brandes is truly an entertaining read about Jews and their Biblical background The tale captures the stories of the Jewish tribes and turns it into a fascinating world of fiction for all to enjoy I also felt like it was an educational journey as well as to entertain me Inside, readers will meet a family who is Jewish yet fear the soldiers An explanation of war and bloodshed soon follows A young boy wants to talk about his tribe s yet his father seems far away a [...]

    22. The Secret Book of Kings is a compelling historical fiction of the Jewish tribes in the bible Not being particularly religious nor Jewish I was looking forward to enhancing my knowledge of reading this book yet kept in mind that it is a fictional book The book is about the descendants of Saul and is written in three parts, The soldier, the princess, and the king, I like when an author writes this way, the sections are each different but clearly connected I liked that lesser known characters from [...]

    23. This is an AMAZING book I love Historical Fiction And once I started to read it, I honestly couldn t put it down My kids, well they aren t too happy with me, LOL.Just from the Acknowledgments, I started to research Michal, King Saul s daughter, and her role in the Bible, because honestly I don t ever remember her being talked about in church And from the every first chapter to the very end with the return and a new king 33 years later There are many times, that I did stop to look things up to re [...]

    24. Liora and Zohar wrote excellent reviews so I need not go into detail As they stated, in the original Hebrew, the book is called Melachim 3 i.e the third book of Kings It is historical fiction, telling the story of the kings of Israel from Saul to the rise of Jeroboam, starting from the point of view of a young man named Shelomoam, later from King David s First wife Michal, and then back to Shelomoam It is not written for Biblical scholars but tells in a fair amount of depth the lives of the peop [...]

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