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Morgan and Me By Stephen Cosgrove Robin James,

  • Title: Morgan and Me
  • Author: Stephen Cosgrove Robin James
  • ISBN: 9780843105605
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Young princess with a penchant for postponing activities learns not to procrastinate.
    Morgan and Me A Young princess with a penchant for postponing activities learns not to procrastinate

    One thought on “Morgan and Me”

    1. I loved this one when I was little.The original version, not the later edition Morgan and Me reissue that was compelled to display the moral of the story in a little framed box on the cover, because children are too stupid to glean meaning from the actual story, use the repetitive phrase Oh, poof Oh, piffle because it was cute , and change the ending to THIS STORY IS TRUE, THOUGH TWISTED OF COURSE, ROBIN IRENE IS AN ARTIST, AND MORGAN IS A HORSE because children won t understand the difference b [...]

    2. I really loved this wonderful story as a child The older version, not the version with the newly revised text It was much better before they printed the moral on the cover If your copy contains the phrase Oh, poof Oh, piffle it s the wrong edition.

    3. What little girl doesn t love love a Unicorn and Princess story right before bed The art work in this book is very epic and and the story teaches them its sometimes best to not put things off just because you have something fun to do.

    4. I didn t even know there was a second edition version of this, though it seems to make folks rather unhappy.As Serendipity books go, this wasn t one of the best That s a shame, because I m totally on board for a princess and a unicorn and even the lesson to be helpful now rather than later I wasn t quite sure what this was getting at, though it seemed to try and do both morals of don t procrastinate and do unto others and those don t fit well to me I mean, I understand the story, but it just fel [...]

    5. Basic Plot A princess finds a unicorn trapped in a tree, but never does what she should until laterAs a chronic procrastinator, this story speaks to me A little girl, daydreaming about fantasy worlds, putting off the necessities until later I completely get this as an adult, and it s a great lesson to address with kids, too It s also a gentle lesson, not overly preachy or harsh.The art in this book series is truly stunning I could sit and look at the pictures alone for hours As a child, I know I [...]

    6. Serendipity books all have little lessons in them, some are better than others This is on the better side, with a lesson on procrastination A princess gets a taste of her own medicine, when after she promises to free a unicorn tangled in a tree, but waits to do it until later As she says, I m sorry for always living in the Land of Later I promise to do what should be done now, instead of just a little later.

    7. Cute story that shows you should treat others how you want to be treated and to do what is promised promptly instead of waiting on your time I thought it was cute how Morgan threatened the princess with leaving her on a lily pad This story had cute pictures while ending with the two as best friends Wasn t much into the plot, which seemed rather slow and shuffling along Definitely a good read for younger children.

    8. This part of the Morgan books in the Serendipity series chronicles how Morgan met her friend the Princess The Princess has a bad habit of saying she ll do things just a little later When she suddenly needs her friend Morgan, she learns a valuable lesson about the timeliness of action and friendship.A cute book with a lesson that even young children can grasp about the importance of fulfilling promises and not putting off friends.

    9. I learned how to read and my love of fantasy stemmed from this and the other Serendipity books I think this book actually made my mom crazy because I read it constantly and always asked her to read it to me and it started my still not dead obsession with unicorns.

    10. Little princesses and unicorns, adventures and life lessons This fantasy story has a nice message, treat your friends the same way you would like them to treat you When my daughter was younger she read this book many times, she liked horses AR gives it a 4.3 rating

    11. This series of books is the most wonderfully illustrated, sweetest series available for children Each book is beautiful, the animals are so sweetly drawn and each book teaches a wonderful lesson I still have all of my original copies from my childhood the 90s.

    12. This book teaches valuable moral lessons for children and adults alike nothing like a good old fashioned reminder from your childhood.

    13. Recently revisited a bunch of these dear lovely Serendipity books, which were a huge influence on my early childhood Morgan Me was always my favorite

    14. I loved this series as a kid, but now that I see this title has been reissued with revised text I think I might need to find a new copy.

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