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Crusade By David Weber SteveWhite,

  • Title: Crusade
  • Author: David Weber SteveWhite
  • ISBN: 9780671721114
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Prodigal s ReturnNeither side having proved capable of pressing their conflict to a successful conclusion, the Human Orion war to end all interstellar wars has collapsed into an uneasy peace But it is a peace filled with fear, hatred and mistrust on both sides Then from out of a warp point notorious for devouring space ships, appears a ship from the dim mists of halfThe Prodigal s ReturnNeither side having proved capable of pressing their conflict to a successful conclusion, the Human Orion war to end all interstellar wars has collapsed into an uneasy peace But it is a peace filled with fear, hatred and mistrust on both sides Then from out of a warp point notorious for devouring space ships, appears a ship from the dim mists of half forgotten history It responds to hails from patroling Orion sentry using ancient human codes from a long lost colony And it opens fire on the Orions, igniting the fires of interstellar war anew, in a quest to free Holy Mother Terra
    Crusade The Prodigal s ReturnNeither side having proved capable of pressing their conflict to a successful conclusion the Human Orion war to end all interstellar wars has collapsed into an uneasy peace But i

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    1. Enjoyable read, but a little predictable and the ending seemed too tidy, which may be a plus for some 3.5 for the casual military scifi fan, but 4 stars if you re a fan of the Starfire board game.

    2. My first thought upon looking at the cover of Crusade was, Oh man, this is gonna suck It has the word CRUSADE stamped across it in huge letters, with the slogan Free Holy Mother Terra in smaller letters above it And it s a collaborative effort All reasons to expect it to totally suck ass.So I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that Crusade is, in fact, an enjoyable military science fiction book with a number of engaging characters and a fairly internally consistent world.The book is set i [...]

    3. The setup for this sounds like an episode of classic Star Trek or maybe ST DS9 because of the wormhole warp point transit Almost a century ago, an Earth colony ship escaped a pursuing Orion fleet during the first interstellar war by going through a warp point from which no one has returned Now, after two interstellar wars and a settled peace between Earth and Orion, alien manned vessels emerge from the warp point of no return to bring liberate Holy Terra from the Orion oppressors The new invade [...]

    4. Good book and the narrator did an excellent job The Starfire universe is a very rich an interesting place I shall read of these books.

    5. This book is excellent military sci fi based on a conflict between humans and aliens The aliens in this book are actually the most alien of the beings that inhabit the starfire universe They are actually a lost human colony who call themselve Thebans, but their morality and belief system is so different from the humans that are the central focus of the book.That isn t to say that no focus is given to the Theban point of view A good amount of attention is paid to the Thebans, and you are able to [...]

    6. This is a military sci fi action adventure in the David Weber style In this second book in the Starfire series, the Terran Federation is confronted by a new enemy one that appears to have ties to a lost Terran fleet from the distant past Although this book is not set in the Honorverse it pre dates On Basilisk Station there are lots of similarities and it was a bit of a tease to come across names like Saint Just, Manticore and even Foraker The protagonists are not as likeable as Honor Harrington [...]

    7. This is another military sci fi written by Weber And reading it I had to remember that it was written in 1992 and not after 2003 because of all the parallels A civilian leadership who told the military to ignore its better judgement, and got its military into trouble in battle An insurgency where the occupiers were busy with semantics denying that they had a insurgency and using the word terrorist in its place Leaders who wished to stoke fear and rage and hate within the population so that they [...]

    8. This book has been on my Kindle for years, one of the Baen free books I had downloaded while I was still enjoying Weber s Honor Harrington series I found it when looking through unread books and decided to give it a try The action scenes were well written, but as with the Honor books, Weber really does overdo the politics The strange words of the different species, as well as the large number of characters, made keeping track of the plot lines difficult at times However, I enjoyed the read I may [...]

    9. Otra novela de Weber a la que llego por casualidad hace unos a os me encontr en un aeropuerto con Honor Harrington y me encant Esta novela est escrita m s o menos por la poca de aqu lla, y est ambientada en el mismo universo Algunos de los nombre de sistemas estelares y otras cosas salen luego en la saga de Honor Y al igual que Honor, es una novela de cifi dura con muchas batallas interestelares bien contadas y con mucha pol tica y con varias l neas argumentales que acaban convergiendo Muy entre [...]

    10. Another home runThe details and depth I ve come to expect from a Weber novel.Political B.S didn t get in the way of good yarn.

    11. Crusade, written in 1992, years before the Honor and Safehold series , is David Weber doing what Weber does best There are tons of excellent space battles which, after all, is his very best skill and talent There are religious zealots, in this case, human related aliens, led by bishop and archbishop generals who, as in the Safehold series, are sadistic, genocidal nutjobs Why Weber decided at some point in his life that bishops and religious leaders would make good and believable generals is beyo [...]

    12. Another meh Plot synopsis The peace of the galaxy is shattered when a ship pops out of a dead end wormhole, claims to be human, and destroys a battleship belonging to one of Terra s allies Long story short, the aliens turn out to be descendants of a cargo cult writ large, embarking on a holy jihad to free earth from its apostasy Hundreds of ships and millions of lives later anyway, you get the picture I didn t realize til just now that this book is set in a game universe Starfire, and while it s [...]

    13. Well, at least David Weber is an easy read I put this on my to read list after it became a candidate for the Powell s Science Fiction Book Club Although I d decided I didn t particularly enjoy Weber s writing after the first Honor Harrington book On Basilisk Station , I thought I d give him another chance if he s writing with another author Maybe the other author s influence would improve the writing and the story It didn t Weber s writing and story lines are still way too clean and self congrat [...]

    14. This is a very good book The book was written in 1992 but you would be forgiven for thinking that it was written later and was politically inspired Idiot politicians meddling in the affairs of the military check Religious fanatics check Civilians killed by said religious fanatics check Luckily, despite the fact that the politicians do their best to foster nothing but their short term political goals and long term careers just like most of our politicians today , in the book these complete thunde [...]

    15. I first read this book back in the mid nineties and just re read it It s an excellently paced example of military sci fi It s listed as Starfire 2, but it s actually a pre quel to Insurrection, which is Starfire 1 and is better read before that book In fact, Insurrection is actually the fourth book in the series when listed chronologically I can recall being quite confused on my first reading, and it taking me a good portion of the book before I was sure that it was a pre quel and not a sequel T [...]

    16. Not sure if this is book one of the Starfire series or book two Audible has it as book one and as book two I enjoyed the Honor Harrington series so thought I would give this one a try.Weber is noted for his military science fiction adventures In this book the Terran Federation is confronted by a new enemy that might have some relationship with a lost Terran fleet in the distant past Weber tossed out some familiar names such as Manticore and Saint Just, which were also used in the Honor series.Ap [...]

    17. Another book by David Weber This is sort of the sequel to Insurrection, but actually takes place way before that one does.It seems that he is using this universe to work out some ideas about politics and military might This one deals with an attack by jihad minded aliens who have a different set of values about why they are fighting So the human side has to think about why and how much and how much sacrifice risky missions are worth to save the other race Because the easy answer is to destroy th [...]

    18. It s neither original, thought provoking or consistently believable On the other hand it manages to be entertaining, and improves steadily from start to finish.I haven t read the first book in the series, but as soon as I started reading this one I was thinking oh look a Man Kzin wars clone That s not all bad, if you like light military sci fi, and don t demand originality It gets off the what if big cats were intelligent aliens theme when the mysterious attackers show up, but the historical tim [...]

    19. While the general science that Weber puts into his books often makes my head hurt, I have to give him credit for the Space Opera style story He does a good job of pulling you into the story and connecting with at least one of the characters if not He is also good at developing characters into something than they were when the story started.Crusade is a story focusing on the strange dichotomy that is the Human Race and how it can affect those around us It also goes a long way in showing why it [...]

    20. This military space opera reads like a cross between Red Storm Rising and a Doc Smith novel, with some Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle thrown in The book is very readable and intend to read its sequel s The hardness of the SF is appropriate to, and generally commensuratewith, other classic space operas The only major weakness are somescience bloopers which I believe may arise from some misuse of terminology Not a major issue with the overall book, but sentences like Carbon lasers were retained t [...]

    21. This book was ok, but rather tedious in places I read it because it was written in the same Verse as the author sThe Shiva Option, which I enjoyed However, Crusade is not nearly as interesting as I had hoped that it would be The characters and situations were mostly dull and difficult to keep track of, and the excruciatingly detailed explanations of the inner workings of various pieces of technology were mind numbingly boring All in all, not a book that I would recommend to someone who was not a [...]

    22. Nice sci fi novel as humanity seeks to defend itself against a race of alien religious fanatics who wish to liberate holy mother Terra from our heresy Entertaining idea, well thought out technological development through the book and nicely described space battles Didn t enjoy the chapters about the resistance on an occupied quite as much and the scottish character was a little annoying but overall very good.

    23. Military Space OperaThis is a classic David Weber Space Opera There are may hints on The Honor Verse series that came after but this is a different universe This war starts out the way most wars do The politicians convincing the public that the last war was to be the last war ever and we can dismantle the defense forces Religious zealots need to force everyone to believe correctly

    24. I ve been a fan of David Weber for a long time and have no idea how I missed this book I was uncertain at first about it because of the religious aspects of the blurb but was quickly drawn in and couldn t put it down I am now looking for the Starfire book 1 which is for some bizarre reason chronologically after this one because if it s as good as this one then I am in for another great read from an excellent author.

    25. The plot entails religious fanatics fighting to save Mother Terra Earth from humans Along the way some incredible military battles are fought.I enjoyed the story, but got frustrated at the author s use of unreadable names For example, how do you pronounce Zheerlikou valkhannaieee Or Liharnow hirtalkin I read the free ebook downloaded from Webscription at webscription p 93 crus

    26. Huh, I got my books mixed up and read this one before the first one Now I understand why I m halfway through Insurrection and they haven t even mentioned the genocidal Thebans Well, the only thing I really wasn t too keen on was the some of the space combat stuff Fighters just dont really have a role in big space fleet actions in my opinion.

    27. Weber s not a bad writer, but overall this gave me a very strong meh feeling There wasn t much in terms of interesting character stuff, just people and warships being moved around into different battles If anything, it felt like having someone describe to you the wargame that they ve spent the last two months playing.

    28. This was a re read for me.I love this book.Militaria Starship battles Marines and planetary occupation Guerillas And fighter planes and carriers in space.Love this book.Over this year, I am re reading the whole Starfire series of novels leading up to reading the two newest ones that I ve never read before.I m loving it.

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