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Mennonite Girl at the Welcome Inn By Mary Ediger,

  • Title: Mennonite Girl at the Welcome Inn
  • Author: Mary Ediger
  • ISBN: 9781460265246
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • The daughter of a Mennonite preacher, Mary struggles with the trials of growing up Mennonite in non Mennonite community With wit and clarity, Mary recounts her youth in the Welcome Inn, balancing her family values with her own unique take on the world around her.
    Mennonite Girl at the Welcome Inn The daughter of a Mennonite preacher Mary struggles with the trials of growing up Mennonite in non Mennonite community With wit and clarity Mary recounts her youth in the Welcome Inn balancing her

    One thought on “Mennonite Girl at the Welcome Inn”

    1. An enjoyable look at a young woman s life growing up in rual Oklahoma and later Ontario, Canada The author tells the story in a way that feels like I am in a room listening to her Entertaining with humor and a look at the past with religion playing a big part of her upbringing If you are a fan of memoirs this one is worth the read.

    2. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I have bought an extra copy for a friend This book gave me a good understanding of how it was to grow up in a Mennonite family but it is also a poignant tale of family, tradition and a time in history Mary s descriptions of Hamilton s North End are accurate and I was especially excited to visit the new Welcome Inn in Hamilton recently and walk past some of the buildings that are still standing there today Mary Ediger s descriptions of family and community event [...]

    3. Mennonite Girl hit close to home and I am not even Mennonite I kept inserting myself in the story, playing my own games with Mary,the young Mennonite girl, and her imaginary toys regretting that I ever laughed at Granny s rifle in the Beverly Hillbillies, following the logic and especially the loopholes in logic dancing must never be witnessed a helpful technicality , K Tel s 20 Explosive Hits may possibly enter the house if received as a gift at Christmas Plead ignorance and sneak How familiar [...]

    4. Loved this book It tells the story of a young girl s life in a big family, growing up under the umbrella of the Mennonite faith The writing is fresh and vivid, each scene plays like a movie of a child s life, full of questions and insight and humor The story is not what the reader might expect this is not a story of horse drawn buggies and making bread in a kitchen with no electricty This is the story of a family putting their faith into action, living in a city in the late sixties, down the str [...]

    5. I loved reading this book The stories are fun, the characters are fabulously developed and the writing style grabs your attention right away There is plently of humour and also some poignant moments as Mary describes the trials and tribulations of her growing up years There are many uh huh moments as Mary recounts events, thoughts and feelings that many readers will readily identify with I think this book would be enjoyed by a wide variety of people, whether they have connections with Mennonites [...]

    6. I loved this book Mary managed to bring me back to a time during my own childhood, where many similar experiences occured I had tears in my eyes recalling this time and those childhood memories which I had long forgotten A wonderful read which filled me with my own bitter sweet recollections from a unique time in our history a time where changes was in the air and our hopes and dreams were taking flight good job Mary

    7. This book was a joy to read The author has a very rare talent of being able to thoroughly capture the reader and importantly evoke strong emotions I laughed, I cried and I giggled out loud as I read the story and I will always carry with me the memory of those wonderful, but very itchy homemade kilts.

    8. This book was wonderful It made you feel like you too lived in the Hamilton neighbourhood.There was joy in the memoir and love of family in all descriptions of a unique family life few of us would have experienced The book as well was very skilled in its language and construction Bravo

    9. I m a little biased as my friend is the author But I have to say, it was still a funny and charming book to read

    10. I am reading this now and it is great I recommend it right now More when I am done.Mary didn t disappoint me I liked this a lot.

    11. I loved this book Written with humour and filled with vivid details and descriptions, Mennonite Girl will stir up many of your own childhood memories whether you were raised a Mennonite or not.

    12. Enjoyable stories about an unusual and interesting childhood Mary writes well and I look forward to of her great stories.Yvonne

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