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Murder at the Manor: Country House Mysteries By Martin Edwards,

  • Title: Murder at the Manor: Country House Mysteries
  • Author: Martin Edwards
  • ISBN: 9781464205736
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback
  • The English country house is an iconic setting for some of the greatest British crime fiction This new collection gathers together stories written over a span of about 65 years, during which British society, and life in country houses, was transformed out of all recognition It includes fascinating and unfamiliar twists on the classic closed circle plot, in which the assoThe English country house is an iconic setting for some of the greatest British crime fiction This new collection gathers together stories written over a span of about 65 years, during which British society, and life in country houses, was transformed out of all recognition It includes fascinating and unfamiliar twists on the classic closed circle plot, in which the assorted guests at a country house party become suspects when a crime is committed In the sinister tales featured here, a gloomy mansion set in lonely grounds offers an eerie backdrop for dark deeds Many distinguished writers are represented in this collection, including such great names of the genre as Anthony Berkeley, Nicholas Blake and G.K Chesterton Martin Edwards has also unearthed hidden gems and forgotten masterpieces among them are a fine send up of the country house murder a suspenseful tale by the unaccountably neglected Ethel Lina White and a story by the little known Scottish writer J.J Bell.
    Murder at the Manor Country House Mysteries The English country house is an iconic setting for some of the greatest British crime fiction This new collection gathers together stories written over a span of about years during which British s

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    1. 4.5 starsMurder at the Manor is an anthology of short stories celebrating the British country house mystery This collection gathers together stories written over a span of roughly sixty five years.The book starts with a short history of the use of country houses in murder stories and also includes a brief background on each of the authors.I loved this anthology of 16 neatly crafted, traditional whodunit cosy mysteries Some criminals were caught, some got away with their crimes and yet others fou [...]

    2. I do enjoy these collections of Golden Age mystery stories, in this instance centered on incidents at British Manor Houses, subject of innumerable novels and films for years Martin Edwards discusses the setting in his introduction and Arthur Conan Doyle addresses the phenomenon in a story included in this collection, as Watson and Holmes discuss a possible case in The Copper Beeches Good heaven s I cried Who would associate crime with these dear oldhomesteads They always fill me with a certain h [...]

    3. Copy provided by NetGalleyFor the last several months I ve been enjoying these short stories whose publishing history ranges roughly over sixty five years, the heyday of the British country house mystery, written by names still famous today, and writers once famed and now fading.Martin Edwards has written an engaging and informative introduction, and at the start of each story gives specifics about each writer, highlighting their most famous works, and sometimes why this particular story was ch [...]

    4. Another volume of British Library Crime Classics This is a collection of country house mysteries ranging from The Copper Beeches by Arthur Conan Doyle to Weekend at Wapentake by Michael Gilbert There are stories featuring Raffles Gentlemen and Players and Max Carrados The Secret of Dunstan s Tower , stories involving lesser known characters by Sapper The Horror at Staveley Grange and G.K Chesterton The White Pillars Murders This is a very good mix of stories, styles, and authors, and I thoroughl [...]

    5. Murderers, maniacs and things that go bump in the nightAnother in the British Library Crime Classics series, this is the third anthology of short stories edited by Martin Edwards, following Capital Crimes, stories set in London, and Resorting to Murder, stories with a holiday theme This one, as the title makes obvious, is full of stories set in the traditional country house, so beloved of murderers that one can t help but wonder why all the owners didn t sell up and move into a nice little cotta [...]

    6. With thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the review copy.There is something about these dark, late autumn evenings that are perfect for a bit of old fashioned mystery and suspense Murder at the Manor edited by Martin Edwards brings together a fabulous collection of short stories, mysteries that are set in that favourite golden age setting of the country house As Edwards explains in his introduction, country house crime stories remain as popular as ever Their appeal is driven particularly b [...]

    7. As with so many most the vast majority of story collections, this has high highs and low lows and quite a lot in between I can t remember the last time I read a collection in which I loved every story So often the way with story collections The best thing about this one is that it provided a list of authors to be pursued later And a few to remember to ignore There s something about the English manor house that just cries out to have murder mysteries set in it Wealthy people cavorting are such a [...]

    8. Another superb collection of classic detective fiction in short story form using the Manor House Mystery as its theme These are just great I do love these British Library Crime Classics, right down to the covers.Toast

    9. This is a collection of crime stories from the first part of the twentieth century all set in and around English country houses I have to confess I found some of the stories just didn t hold my attention but two of them were really excellent The Anthony Berkeley story about a man who keeps finding his cousin apparently dead is ingenious and the solution relatively simple when all is revealed by the inimitable Roger Sheringham.I also enjoyed the Michael Gilbert story which features a will and som [...]

    10. A fun selection of mostly Golden Age country house mysteries Many were written before the conventions of the genre were established, so felt a little clunky compared to modern, polished stories Taken as light reading, and as a look back at how mysteries have changed through the years, the collection is worthwhile and interesting.

    11. This book is a part of the British Library Crime Classics These are classic British mysteries, most of which were written during the golden age of crime writing, that are being re published Having just read Bude s Death on the Riviera A British Library Crime Classic, I was extremely excited to dive into another Not only does this book collect some of the best authors from the golden age era, both known and some less known, but its subject matter is one of my favorites, country houses This book c [...]

    12. It has to be my colonial history that makes me nostalgic for manors, country lanes, country scenes and characters as well Lady and Lords abound, vicars and curates, butlers, maids, parlour maids, groomsmen and of course murders most prolific This was a joy to read as it dealt with all of them and country charan, stable hands the lot Downton Abbey in all its aspects combined with a hint of mystery and murder Fabulous collection of crime.The best crime fiction authors coming together under the the [...]

    13. A collection of 16 reprinted crime stories set in British country houses Mostly focused on the Golden Age of Detection This is one of the anthologies edited by Martin Edwards and published in the British Library Crime Classics series One minor complaint, Mr Edwards I would have liked to see the year of publication of each story.I m giving it 5 stars I guess objectively 4 would be appropriate, after all many of the stories are not perfect, but when I enjoy every single story in a collection by di [...]

    14. This book is for anyone who loves Golden Age mysteries They were not terribly complicated mysteries because these were the original stories that featured tropes which are regularly used in mysteries now, but they were engaging and well written It introduced me to some new or rather old writers that I had never heard of, and now I want to find of their stories.

    15. For a person who never have the penchant for short stories, this collection of 16 country house mysteries, surprisingly, does offer me some excitement Few stories are incredibly engrossing, few are slightly stale Overall, a highly enjoyable collection published by Poisoned Pen Press and are tastefully chosen by editor Martin Edwards.The bigger names included in the collection are Arthur Conan Doyle and Anthony Berkeley, the rest I have either heard very little about or simply never heard of them [...]

    16. An interesting assortment of stories not all of which are set at country houses, nor do they all contain murders strictly speaking Despite the many laudatory references to Christie and Sayers in the introductory matter, there are hardly any works by women in this anthology, which was rather disappointing to me Still, a few of these tales will stay with me The Murder at the Towers was a hilarious send up of Golden Age detective fiction, but I think my own personal favorite was James Hilton s The [...]

    17. A mixed bag If you like this kind of thing, buy it If you don tSome of the stories have only the most tenuous link with country houses If you really are interested in country house murders, you really need to read a full length novel rather than a short story collection you need to immerse yourself in the atmosphere My favourite to date Envious Casca A Christmas Party.If you insist on reading this collection of short stories, the best are God, I really can t remember.

    18. I have always been an admirer of short stories Anyone who can develop characters and plot a story in a short amount of pages is deserving of respect I also love love love a well crafted mystery This book has both of these and I couldn t be happier I read them slowly to let them sink in and to really follow along I am in awe of these writers One of them even creeped me out A fabulous find at my library

    19. An entertaining collection of short mysteries set in and around English manors As with any short story collection, some are better than others The first five stories had me wondering if I had erred in purchasing this book, but the tales improved considerably This has me feeling very optimistic about beginning the other two novels I had picked up in this series published by the British Library If one is a fan of England or mysteries, this is worth picking up.

    20. EnjoyableThis fits nicely into the golden age mysteries Some are comic, some are creepy, some are downright unpleasant There are certainly some that take you by surprise I enjoyed reading them and time flew by, this is not the first book I ve read in this series and I found them both enjoyable.

    21. 3.5 stars.A nice, thorough collection country house murders Some stories were better than others, but I liked reading the different styles and approaches.I ll be checking out the full length mystery novels of some of these authors.In my eyes, there is nothing better than a good country house murder for a fun read

    22. A good diverting light summer read The last one really grabbed me by the throat, although I am convinced that I have read it earlier.

    23. This is an excellent collection of short stories from the golden era of mystery writing, including the beloved Sherlock Holmes, a particularly enjoyable The Mystery at Horne s Copse, and a story with a twist in The White Pillars Murder, by Father Brown creator, G.K Chesterton However, there are many stories to test the sleuthing skills of the characters and the reader Each story is prefaced with a brief history regarding the literary success of its author.

    24. Probably the best short story collection in the BL series so far The second half is particularly strong Highlights include the brilliantly intriguing Horror at Staveley Grange Sapper and Mystery of Horne s Copse Berkeley , the wonderfully creative Perfect Plan Hilton , and the delightfully menancing Unlocked Window White First prize, however, surely has to go to E V Knox s Murder at the Towers , a hilarious parody which opens with the classic line Mr Ponderby Wilkins was a man so rich, so ugly, [...]

    25. Martin Edwards in his new book, Murder at the Manor A Book in the British Library Crime Classic series published by Poisoned Pen Press gives us another collection of stories regarding murder at the English Country House.From the back cover The English country house is an iconic setting for some of the greatest British crime fiction This new collection gathers together stories written over a span of about 65 years, during which British society, and life in country houses, was transformed out of a [...]

    26. Actually, the stories were quite entertaining The stories were written by a variety of authors and the the compiler of the stories thoughtfully provided information about each author which certainly added to the enjoyment I did find one story down right scary, but perhaps because that was partly because I was reading that one late at night Most of the stories would fit into the cozy category My favorite was Murder at the Towers which I found delightfully written and with a twist that I could NEV [...]

    27. Murder at the Manor is a collection of short stories set away from the bustling city of London and out in the manor homes in the country Martin Edwards introduces each mystery with a little background on the author, the characters, and the story There are 16 mysteries in all, many of which were published during the predominantly British Golden Age of Murder in the 1920 s and 1930 s.As always, I really enjoyed this collection that Mr Edwards put together The stories all very greatly Some are clas [...]

    28. Spooky mansions, rambling estates, and eccentric families are abound in this anthology of mystery stories centering on manor houses Some of the stories, such as the Sherlock adventure The Copper Beeches , were known to me, but many were obscure Besides the Doyle story, it seemed like the first half of the anthology was weaker than the second, particularly because some stories remained unsolved or unsatisfying The strong points for me were the Raffles story my first , James Hilton s A Perfect Pla [...]

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