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House with a Blue Door By Nick Wisseman,

  • Title: House with a Blue Door
  • Author: Nick Wisseman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Behind the blue door, a seventy year old screams that Russian hockey players are out to get him, a sixty year old rips off her toenails, a fifty year old insists on having his blood pressure taken to get rid of the lines in his face, a forty year old chants appleapple as he giggles and hops and a young man grows up Note 10% of the author s royalties go to charity.
    House with a Blue Door Behind the blue door a seventy year old screams that Russian hockey players are out to get him a sixty year old rips off her toenails a fifty year old insists on having his blood pressure taken to

    One thought on “House with a Blue Door”

    1. This is a great casual read I particularly enjoyed how the author portrayed each character s interaction with the main character, Charles, in a unique fashion.Yes, the characters tend to be a bit simple, but they are each well defined No, there is not substantial character development This should not be expected elderly patients with mental disabilities are not often known for remarkable revelations, least of all given the short time frame of Charles tenure at the home This is what makes it enjo [...]

    2. House with a Blue Door is about a social worker, Charles, who begins working at a geriatric house called Jarvis House Readers see what Charles does every day, mainly every shift during his stay While we re reading about Charles s routine, we meet characters that are preferred and all the energizing over him We meet mentally disabled characters such as Julia, Kate, Dan, Carter, and Lisa We see what they do on a daily basis, for example, taking pills, and that is basically it.The main reason why [...]

    3. I enjoyed this book It s quite a departure from others I ve read by the same author fantasy fiction a memoir type bildungsroman about a young man working a temporary job in a group home for severely mentally ill adults It s a segment of life that I d venture most of us have not had much, or any, contact with and in part I agree with a previous reviewer this novel is full of what feel like brutal, but probably very realistic reactions to new and unsettling encounters My first instinct, in some ca [...]

    4. Thought provoking This story reminded me of how screwed up the system is for individuals with mental disabilities I am uniquely lucky in that I actually had the privaledge of meeting the group home residents this book is based off of, and I feel that the author did the characters justice Even though the characters seem simple with very little backstories, that really was how the residents identified with eachother They referred to those around them using only first names, and truly lived in the [...]

    5. Nick Wisseman went on to write this novel to show readers that mentally handicapped residents are people just like anybody else He also wanted to let the staff members he s worked with know how amazing they were when he went to work with them You would normally dive into this book knowing that it had a purpose A purpose worth your time Once you read through this literary fiction, you just come to realize that it really missed its chance to be indeed, worth your time It hits you harder than a fre [...]

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