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Beneath Blood and Bone By Madeline Sheehan Claire C. Riley,

  • Title: Beneath Blood and Bone
  • Author: Madeline Sheehan Claire C. Riley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It is the end of the world They call him Eagle, like the grand and beautiful bird that symbolizes freedom During these dark times, when humanity is experiencing nothing but suffering, a man with such a powerful name should be a beacon of hope, yet he is anything but Her name is Autumn, but she hasn t said this name or much of anything else in the four years since the faIt is the end of the world They call him Eagle, like the grand and beautiful bird that symbolizes freedom During these dark times, when humanity is experiencing nothing but suffering, a man with such a powerful name should be a beacon of hope, yet he is anything but Her name is Autumn, but she hasn t said this name or much of anything else in the four years since the fall of civilization A shell of her former self, living wild in a cave at the bottom of a ravine, Autumn is accustomed to being alone She prefers it, actually, especially when her only options for company either try to kill her, or worse, to lock her up inside their walls Captured by Eagle s people, Autumn is suddenly thrust back into the land of the living, but she would hardly call it living The community of Purgatory is full of sinners, the most evil of whom seem to have set their sights on her In an act born of anger and defiance, Eagle becomes Autumn s unexpected savior, forcing these two solitary people into each other s broken worlds Neither knows quite what to make of the other, but one thing is certain To survive Purgatory, they must learn how to rely on each other, a feat that could possibly teach them both how to live again
    Beneath Blood and Bone It is the end of the world They call him Eagle like the grand and beautiful bird that symbolizes freedom During these dark times when humanity is experiencing nothing but suffering a man with such

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    1. 5 StarsHoly shit This fucking book was phenomenal, I m speechless Unique and gripping, I could not stop reading This series is full of complex, flawed characters, each struggling to live in what is left of the world Beneath Blood and Bone is Eagle s story, I was weary of delving into into his mind because although he left an impression in the first book, it was a mixed one I had no idea what to expect from this terrifying character Can I just say, his story exceeded my highest expectations Eagle [...]

    2. 5 Breathtaking Survivor Stars SPOILERS Type Dystopia Romance Zombie ApocalypseSeries Companion series Book 2 of 3POV Dual We are no than skin, blood and bone When you take that away, nothing is left I believe that beneath the blood and the bone, there s a soul EagleAdler aka Eagle short for E , a thirty six years old man who was broken and alone the zombie apocalypse happened and his life went to hell Everyone s life had changed since the zombie infestation took over He was surviving by blockin [...]

    3. 5 PLUS Stars Welcome to Purgatory, Last stop on the road to hell Madeline Sheehan and Claire C Riley KICKED ASSwith this second book in the series The story takes place in a world where the Val Fever has destroyed all humanity and left two races the biters and those who hide from the biters The story was so very realistic and that credit goes 100% to the TOP NOTCH WRITING because the story never seemed far fetched and is hauntingly realistic.In the first book of the series, the characters went t [...]

    4. 5 stars Reading primarily romance, sometimes I want a book thats different A book thats completely raw and brutal A story that keeps me on the edge of my seat and makes my heart beat faster When I read Thicker Than Blood earlier this year, I found just that After meeting Eagle in TTB, I was a little leery to read his story He was not a good man But in a time when the world has been infected and completely changed, it s not surprising There aren t many good men left After reading Eagle s whole st [...]

    5. 4 4.5 Eagle Squirrel stars I believe that beneath the blood and bone, there s a soul.After reading and loving,Thicker Than Blood, I was highly anticipating from Eagle, the rough man who seemed to rule Purgatory This is the story of what happens to him after Wildcat and her friends escaped with his help This also gives us a little background to what he lost when the infection had begun.As one of the initial founders of Purgatory, a community confined within gates from the rotters biters that roa [...]

    6. 4 Redemption stars Beneath Blood and Bone could be a standalone and is part of the Thicker Than Blood series I highly recommend you read the first book, Thicker than Blood, because it gives you a lot of insight to the main character, Eagle.Eagle WAS NOT my favorite character in Thicker Than Blood He had to make tough choices and unfortunately they weren t the choices I would have made Anyhow, I went into Beneath Blood and Bone with a semi hatred towards him, but that doesn t mean he couldn t red [...]

    7. 5 Stars OMG What an amazing book I ve been anticipating this release since finishing Thicker Than Blood in January Thicker Than Blood was the first book of the year to hit my 6 star shelf was also the first book on my Best of 2015 shelf Beneath Blood and Bone had some very big shoes to fill I m very happy to report that it totally lived up to my expectations.There are just so many things that I want to say about this wonderful story but, I promise not to get carried away with this review.The mos [...]

    8. I ll need to bathe in holy water for two weeks after this book, but it s not bad at allTUAL RATINGS 3.5 5

    9. I freaking loved this one Loved Book one, Thicker Than Blood gutted me It is one of my top books this year I was so scared to return to Purgatory and its evils, but I was also curious to how this one was going to play out And holy crap, I cannot believe that Madeline and Claire made me feel this way about Eagle I loved the journey that E and Autumn take in this book I couldn t even tell that there were two authors who wrote this I cannot wait to buy the paperback, the cover is gorgeous.

    10. Non spoiler review Some say that Purgatory is a temporary place for mankind who are destined to go to Heaven, but times have changed and Beneath Blood and Bone BBB shows us that Purgatory is the gateway directly into Hell Do not pass GO, do not collect 200 It is so suspenseful at times, that I found myself trying to read between my fingers covering my eyes This series began with pandemic vs man, then man vs man, and now it a battle of soul vs existence It s the tale of Eagle and Autumn, two stra [...]

    11. 5 Shitty StarsFirst off, I want to stress that the shitty has NOTHING to do with how I felt about the bookif you read it, you will understand what I mean.I liked the first book in this series, but this one really knocked my socks off Holy FuckEagle Wow, getting to know him in this story was intense What a fractured soul he was and here I thought I wouldn t be happy unless Wildcat came backAutumn Never thought it was possible but they worked.They really worked.My heart bled for him many times I w [...]

    12. This is the anti hero at his best A hero who possesses all the characteristics of a villain There s a darkness surrounding this man, he is immoral, unethical and has a general lack of care for the well being of others.His only weakness is the heroineHe is tall, with a body to die for well, you would, wouldn t you after seeing what he looks like I love Dystopian romance, to bad there doesn t seem to be a run of books for grown ups about navigating a repressive or destructive society.The unique se [...]

    13. So this book is set in a Walking Dead type post apocalyptic world with zombies The zombie apocalypse started about 5 years before when the story was set and most of the story happens in some fortified town that is filled with crazy people The hero is one of the people who helped start the town, he is a mean selfish person who I didn t really like but did one good thing in the book he saved the heroine when she needed help The heroine is pretty crazy for at least half of the book, she survived on [...]

    14. We are no than skin, blood, and bone When you take that away, nothing is left Nothing I don t believe that What do you believe I believe that beneath the blood and bone, there s a soul This writing team is pure magic The brilliance behind Sheehan Riley books is that each one is completely different They follow different formulas Each character has a distinct voice And these ladies can cross genres like no other.Beneath Blood and Bone is the second book in the fabulous Thicker Than Blood series [...]

    15. Gabi s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsHow is it possible I felt love so deep I hated it I flt so lost and found, so tired and energized, so alone among people And all I was doing was reading I wasn t even in this world When Thicker than Blood finished I was certain I would hate E s story I thought he wasn t worth my time He was a king in the most feared way and I felt he enjoyed it There would be no redemption for him, he didn t deserve anything from anyone He was the most hated p [...]

    16. 5 FREAKING FANTASTIC STARS Thank you Claire and Madeline for writing such an amazing ADULT DYSTOPIAN ROMANCE Books with the dystopian world with romance and danger mixed in are hard to find in the adult genre I ve read a lot of YA dystopian books It s one of my favorite genre s I love romance with danger It s exciting to read This devastating world that these two authors have created together is both terrifying and unputdownable Seriously If you haven t start this series Do it Do it now Book 2 i [...]

    17. 4.5 Stars This book was sooo much better for me than the first These ladies are some amazing writers for making me fall in love with Eagle after his despicableness in book 1 And there is a book 3 about Liv Bring it on

    18. FGMAMTC Blog TopReads2015 Author Interview Excerpt from There Will Be BloodFGMAMTC Blog Review InterviewThere are so many things I like about this series The reader never knows what to expect The storylines follow no patterns, and the books thus far are very different Even though it s fiction, it s real The decay and stench of life at it lowest are in vivid technicolor and jumping off the page at the reader s senses At the same time, sparks of humanity that can t be snuffed out always shine thro [...]

    19. When I first read Thicker Than Blood, my reaction was this What happens when you mix the Queen of Biker and the Duchess of Horror together and they have a baby albeit a damned gory and bloody baby well you get THIS book and OMG am I ever happy they procreated My opinion has not altered much with Beneath Blood and Bone, except the cover is hotter Franggy I love you and the story is dirtier if that was even possible as we are thrown into an even darker story of two completely broken and flawed peo [...]

    20. There is no way I could love Beneath Blood and Bone than I already do It is perfect in every way Once again Madeline and Claire have used their insanely creative imaginations to take us into a unique world that we can t help but to be sucked into We met Eagle in Thicker Than Blood and I didn t particularly love him Let s be honest Not many people did My feelings for him completely changed in Beneath Blood and Bone In Beneath Blood and Bone we learn about the man underneath the hard, angry, col [...]

    21. This book THIS BOOK This book that I tore through, reading on pins and needles right up until the end I loved it It made me mad It made me tear up It made me quietly cheer in my seat It made me think.Someone asked me when I finished Beneath Blood and Bone if I had forgiven E for what he had done in Thicker Than Blood I couldn t really answer I have come to the conclusion that there is no forgiveness because there is nothing to forgive This book that Claire Riley and Madeline Sheenan have crafted [...]

    22. Claire and Madeline have written another cracker of a book In Beneath Blood And Bone the story concentrates on E Eagle and Autumn It s a story of love, pain, hope and letting go.Both the main characters are seriously flawed by what has happened to them in the past, though they somehow find the strength in each other to stay alive in the hell hole that is Purgatory.One of the standout things for me in this book was Liv It may sound strange but hear me out She is probably one of the most vile ranc [...]

    23. I loved loved this book 6 stars and one of my fav this year I m sooo happy Two 6 stars in one day I highly recommend this book I couldn t put it down.

    24. Not many are branded, but they wish they were And my man E, here, nobody fucks with him You re about to become the queen of Hell In true Riley and Sheehan form, they beautifully craft a world, that will grab you by the throat and throw you around in the dirt, and then somehow they pick you back up, and dust you off And once you feel as if you re pristine and clean again, they pick you back up and toss you around some I want to first, start off saying, that if you have not read Thicker Than Bloo [...]

    25. I won an Arc from the authors and this is my honest review I started this series last week and since thenI ve been consumed by these characters and the awful reality they have now found themselves in I ll start by saying this is one of the most amazing series I ve read It tears you apart but then puts you back together in the same breath The depth of the characters and story means I ve now been left with a mass of emotions and I all I know is I want I need Beneath Blood and Bone is set in purg [...]

    26. COULD CONTAIN SPOILERS Welcome to Purgatory Last stop on the road to Hell First of all THANK YOU Claire and Madeline for providing an ARC of this book, I had been DYING to get my hands on this book since I had finished Thicker Than Blood.Book 1 Thicker Than Blood is one of my favorites After finishing that book and discovering that Eagle the bad guy would get his own book I was super excited to get my hands on this book Even though he was this dark not so nice guy in book 1, I still liked him I [...]

    27. LAWD MERCY Guys, there were a million things that I absolutely loved about this book but let us start with that cover It is hot and a little scary and so very sums up Eagle I adore it Now, this is the second book in the Thicker Than Blood Series I would definitely recommend that you read Thicker Than Blood first even though this could probably be a standalone There are a couple of reasons one, Thicker Than Blood is freaking awesome and two, being you get introduced to Purgatory and you meet Eagl [...]

    28. My favorite book of 2015 SPOILER FREE REVIEWI was given an ARC of Beneath Blood and Bone for an honest review.First let me state that the first book in this series was by far the best book I ve read in 2015, but this book surpassed it So please make sure to read Thicker than Blood prior to reading Beneath Blood and Bone When TTB ended, I had a definite opinion form as to who the good guys were and who the bad guys were There was nothing in my mind anything redeeming about Purgatory or its inhabi [...]

    29. Well I have did not read book one in this series but will be reading it now, Claire Riley and Madeline Sheehan rock BBB was so freaking good, I was like hooked from page one I loved the whole after world and survival in this one It had fight and love all wrapped in one book Autumn had been through so much, after the world ended and she watched her family die she lived to survive and however that was she was going to do it She was not going to be turned into one of them she was going to make it t [...]

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