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Perfectly Aligned By Stephanie Alba,

  • Title: Perfectly Aligned
  • Author: Stephanie Alba
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  • Page: 280
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  • Ten years.It had been ten years since Corwin Rogers saw Hailee Samuels at their high school graduation Hailee, on the other hand, saw Corwin frequently in her dreams Despite their lack of contact, Corwin s gorgeous face haunted her mind, and in its idle hours of the night, it always reverted back to the image of the teenage boy she loved in secret years ago They d beenTen years.It had been ten years since Corwin Rogers saw Hailee Samuels at their high school graduation Hailee, on the other hand, saw Corwin frequently in her dreams Despite their lack of contact, Corwin s gorgeous face haunted her mind, and in its idle hours of the night, it always reverted back to the image of the teenage boy she loved in secret years ago They d been classmates during those four years, forging a limited friendship and bond over their struggles Hailee never told him how she felt, and she wasn t sure if the feelings were reciprocated either, because while Corwin shared most of himself with her, there was still distance between them When she runs into him ten years later, the two are given another fateful opportunity to be everything for each other Hailee starts to believe that her inexplicable dreams meant something and that her ties to Corwin were stronger than she ever believed, but when secrets are kept and the truth emerges, it challenges their chance at finally being perfectly aligned.
    Perfectly Aligned Ten years It had been ten years since Corwin Rogers saw Hailee Samuels at their high school graduation Hailee on the other hand saw Corwin frequently in her dreams Despite their lack of contact Cor

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    1. 5 YOU RE MY DENSITY STARS Stephanie Alba did it again With her second release you can tell how much she has grown up as a writer This book was beautifully written Perfectly Aligned has all the characteristics for us romance readers to fall in love Corwin Hailee lost contact for ten years Fate reunited them again and that is when the love story begins.This was not insta love, this book has a slow but sweet build up in the story With all the moments of catching up, stealing touches and conversatio [...]

    2. Advance Readers Copy ARC provide for my blog for an honest review by the lovely author Stephanie AlbaTitle Perfectly AlignedAuthor Stephanie Alba Pages 384Genre Contemporary Chick LitAge Group New AdultCharacters Corwin Rogers, Hailee SamuelsPoint of View First Release Date October 27th, 2015Date Read October 26th, 2015Overall Rating 3.5 StarsI felt this story was just an okay read I just couldn t connection to the characters but I enjoyed the plotline to the story.

    3. Perfectly Aligned is a stand alone novel from Stephanie Alba With her second release you can tell she s developed her voice and style as an author is a friends to lovers romance with a bit of a twist, as Alba has described it The connection our two characters has takes you on an emotional ride of friendship, love, heartbreak and joy The thing I enjoyed most about this book other than it takes place in the greater Seattle area and I can easily picture surroundings is that both characters are equa [...]

    4. Originally posted on Daydreaming Books I received an eARC of this book from IndieSage PR as apart of this blog tour in exchange for an honest review This book was incredibly beautiful, it had so many heartfelt emotions which totally consumed me There was a permanent smile plastered over my face while I was reading this, I laughed, I cried, I could feel what the characters were feeling and it took me for an emotional ride which I wholeheartedly loved.Let me start by giving a short synopsis as alw [...]

    5. So I ve got mixed emotions This book is a standalone, but lengthier compared to others The author s words are just beautiful that I ve found so many striking lines along the way It also has a slow build up in the story, but all of that was totally fine with me I think the detailed description of how Corwin and Hailee reunited after cutting all ties for ten years captured my heart the most All those catching up, hanging out, treading the waters part of their relationship was something I enjoyed [...]

    6. 3.75 stars Perfectly Aligned is Stephanie Alba s second novel It shows Some scenes are a little risqu than her debut novel and some topics just break your heart on a personal level.Unlike Rhys in For Both are Infinite, Corwin has a bit of trouble behind him.But when things came to a head, I was ultimately in love with Hailee than Corwin There was something about her that made me click with her But we all know that a hundred people can read the same book and get a hundred different stories fro [...]

    7. I was given an ARC copy for an honest review We d somehow met in the middle after all those years and it seemed all was as it should have been Those years no longer felt wasted Instead they felt like pages of our history that tied us closer together I absolutely loved Corwin and Hailee s story from beginning to end Perfectly Aligned was sweet, romantic, swoony, and wonderfully written I laughed, I cried, my heart skipped a beat over Corwin Rogers Stephanie Alba, thank you for writing such a beau [...]

    8. Another feel good story from Ms Stephanie Alba.Do you believe in destiny that things are meant to be In second chances if Yes then you will love this story If No this story will make you believe in destiny.Hailee and Corwin story is beautiful They learn to accept what they lost, finding out themselves, grabbing the second chances life has given them to be happy They moved forward together.Im looking forward to Stephanie s future works.

    9. Hailee Samuels love life has been a fleeting one , trying to find Mr Perfect the one she knows that once she meets him she will be spending the rest of her life with him There is only one man that she has ever imagined her life being with and so far she has never got the chance despite the fact that for the past ten years he has not only plagued her thoughts but he also haunts her dreams and has been recurring Is this a sign for something amazing to happen Ten years ago, Hailee met Corwin the tw [...]

    10. 3.5 4 starsI was given an ARC for an honest review Perfectly Aligned is a friends to lovers romance with a bit of drama A story about a second chance at love.When I first began reading I was instantly intrigued with the idea of high school friends having a connection toward each other but never having the chance to fully explore those feelings Hailee and Corwin spend their high school years getting to know each other 4 years of attraction that they didn t act on Losing touch after graduation, Ha [...]

    11. I am completely blown away Stephanie Alba has an outstanding way with words She sucks you in immediately to her stories and doesn t let you go This story was no exception I smiled, I laughed, and I cried I felt every emotion possible while reading this fabulous book Corwin and Hailee s story was a beautiful tale of fate and love Of believing that things that are meant to be will be Of two people overcoming obstacles in life while still ending up with the love of their lives at the end Of showing [...]

    12. I was given an arc a while about but I took a while to see how I really felt about the book Truth is, I didn t finish it No matter how many times I tried At first I thought I couldn t get into the book because of a book funk, so I decided to wait a while I had read other books instead, but when I tried getting back to it and I couldn t get into it at all I found myself easily distracted, and putting the book down for any little reason It was a slow build up kind of book, which is fine But there [...]

    13. Perfectly Sweet and Loving StoryStephanie Alba knows how to write such pure love stories the kind you find in Disney movies It s such a refreshing writing style Perfectly Aligned is the story of a couple that fell in love when they were young and find themselves in each other 10 years later.Corbin Rogers has not connected with anyone as much as he did with Hailee She was his strength during during difficult times, and shared his laughs during the happy times.Hailee Samuels has never loved anyone [...]

    14. I always enjoy books about second chances of love This book was that, but not really These two were friends from high school, but were never lovers, I think, no, I know that they could have been, but fears and life kept that from happening Ten years later, fate, or whatever you like to call it leads these two back into one another s path I loved them together First, the friendship that was first formed and then slowly building up to their mutual love and desire for each other I loved that there [...]

    15. 5 STAR READ Because I cannot rate higher I freaking loved this book so freaking much I m a huge fan of second chance romances and this one lands in my top favorites The relationship between Hailee and Corwin flowed perfectly and I found myself cheering through most of the book for him to kiss her The only thing I wanted was for the book to be in dual POV because I would ve loved to get into his head and seen what his feelings and thoughts were I cannot wait to read from Stephanie

    16. I was lucky enough to be gifted by one friend And let me tell you this book is just beyond romantic and second chances worth it If you are looking for a great and romantic read this is the book The first book that I read of the author and she don t disappoint me The story have everything, Stephanie sucked me into the story and I found myself saying one chapter The story is well written filled with plenty of emotions Wow a great story of love to be read I recommend 100% An stellar job

    17. I was given a copy of this for an honest review I loved Corwin and Hailee s story He s the man we all wish for in our men Sexy, smart, super romantic He has a secret though One that might tear them apart Hailee had a secret of her own as well, dreaming of Corwin for 10 years before they were reunited He really was the man of her dreams As with her last book, when Stephanie tells you a story, she goes into detail It never bores you It s kind of like reading an old friend s diary Another amazing b [...]

    18. I really loved how this book was so real How Hailee Corwin s relationship was of real struggles trials that couples often go through There were a few times when I was irritated with Hailee because of the trouble she would cause Corwin but then I realize that most females are like that We re so selfish with our man that were protective of them just as much as they are with us I give this book 4.5 stars Absolutely loved it Looking forward to books from this author.

    19. Stephanie, you ve done it again You had me obsessed with your book for 2 days I contemplated calling in sick to work to finish it I fell in love with Hailee and Corwin and the love story you created I felt so many emotions throughout the book and it had me crying several times Please, please keep writing and sharing your gift with others I can t wait to read of your works You ve easily become one of my favorite authors

    20. I have so much to say about this book I will be leaving an actual review soon I will say, it s just so cool to make author friends and to see them succeed Oh, and if you read this before reading Perfectly Aligned, I urge you to go read it I had a million and a half things to do the night I got sucked into it, and I could not put it down.More coming later

    21. Corwin and Hailee s story sends you on a roller coaster of feels, but it is so beautiful I loved it and can not wait for from Stephanie Alba.

    22. 5 you re my density stars for this wonderful beauty At first I want to thank Stephanie for personally giving me a advanced reader copy, I have been jealous of people who received the ARC, everytime I saw someone make a teaser for this book, I was like why not me After I read the book I realized that I had every right to be jealous This book is apsolutely amazing, from the beginning to the very end, but it has a slow build up in the story, which was was fine with me What I really loved about this [...]

    23. Omg This book Where do I start.First offThis book started of extremely slow So slow I had to really push myself to keep reading The way it was written I wasn t really feeling it either.In a way It seemed kind of dated Really old fashioned I just didn t care for it.Hailee had been having dreams of Corwin for years 10 yeas to be exact Building this guy up so highSo when they run into each other at a farmers market Things started between them Just really Really slow.In the beginning of this book Ha [...]

    24. This was so refreshing to read It s a second chance, friends to lovers romance that is slow to start, slow to build, and slow to end But don t take that to mean it s a horrible story.Ten years is a really long time between people Things have happened Their lives have changed They have changed With so much ground to cover, I don t want an instalust instalove story I want something that will engage me, pull me into each character s life, make me feel like I m there with them.Corwin and Hailee were [...]

    25. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book Perfectly Aligned is a second chance love story, where our MCs reunite unexpectedly after 10 years I love second chance romances so I was very interested in starting this book As I read on, I felt things were too repetitive all Hailees fears of admitting feelings to Corwin I also sometimes felt I was reading a NA story because how slow and chaste these two were with each other when they finally hooked up I also felt that the reasons these two kept secrets fro [...]

    26. Corwin and Hailee s story is so beautiful It sends you on a roller coaster ride of feels.I immediately was drawn into Hailee s life and her dreams about her high school crush Who hasn t dreamed of their high school crush years later Stephanie created such a beautiful story between two people who reunite after 10 years apart I adored every single one of the characters she created I laughed out loud at jokes between Hailee and her best friend, Emilia Especially around Emilia s sex drive This book [...]

    27. When I read the first chapter of Perfectly Aligned that Stephanie included in her first book, For Both are Infinite, I was hooked I immediately was drawn into Hailee s life and her dreams about her high school crush and I couldn t wait to dive into this new story Stephanie crafted such a beautiful story between two people who reunite after 10 years apart I loved every single one of the characters she created I literally laughed out loud at jokes between Hailee and her best friend, Emilia, and, o [...]

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