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The Promise of Forgiveness By Marin Thomas,

  • Title: The Promise of Forgiveness
  • Author: Marin Thomas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When it comes to family, Ruby Baxter hasn t had much luck The important men in her early life abandoned her, and any time a decent boyfriend came along, she ran away But now Ruby is thirty one and convinced she is failing her teenage daughter Mia is the one good thing in her life, and Ruby hopes a move to Kansas will fix what s broken between them.But the road to redempWhen it comes to family, Ruby Baxter hasn t had much luck The important men in her early life abandoned her, and any time a decent boyfriend came along, she ran away But now Ruby is thirty one and convinced she is failing her teenage daughter Mia is the one good thing in her life, and Ruby hopes a move to Kansas will fix what s broken between them.But the road to redemption takes a detour Hank McArthur, the biological father Ruby never knew existed, would like her to claim her inheritance a dusty oil ranch just outside of Unforgiven, Oklahoma.As far as first impressions go, the gruff, emotionally distant rancher isn t what Ruby has hoped for in a father Yet Hank seems to have a gift for rehabilitating abused horses and for reaching Mia And if Ruby wants to entertain the possibility of a relationship with Joe Dawson, the ranch foreman, she must find a way to open her heart to the very first man who left her behind.
    The Promise of Forgiveness When it comes to family Ruby Baxter hasn t had much luck The important men in her early life abandoned her and any time a decent boyfriend came along she ran away But now Ruby is thirty one and con

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    1. This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.I have to admit that I was a little surprised by this book There were things that I really liked about it and things that I didn t really care for but in the end it was an enjoyable read I initially thought that this book was some kind of romance based on the cover but after reading the description, I realized that this book would be something completely different I am really glad that I decided to read Ruby s story.The story opens with Ruby [...]

    2. Thomas s women s fiction debut takes a heartfelt look at the complexities inherent in familial relationships It s authentic, poignant, and will have you turning pages well past bedtime.

    3. Rated 4.5 An unusual, character driven relationship story in a desolate setting that reflects their inner turmoil, this novel will inspire raw emotion and capture your heart.Ruby Baxter and her fourteen year old daughter Mia leave Missouri and arrive in a small, desolate town in the Panhandle The letter from her biological father s lawyer influences her stop in Unforgiven, Oklahoma, on their way to Ruby s new job in Elkhart, Kansas It s a shock that Ruby s now deceased parents never told her she [...]

    4. The relationship between Mia and Ruby was wonderfully drawn and complex This novel examines the bonds of family, those we know well and those we ve only just met Add in a great setting have you ever heard of anything instantly descriptive than Unforgiven, Oklahoma some quirky side characters, and a swoon worthy love story and you ve got yourself a charming, cozy Saturday read You ll read it in a day, I promise

    5. Finding out you re adopted is probably a difficult situation especially if you have no idea and you re now an adult Finding out that your biological parent is trying to get in touch with you that s got to be a trying time as well.The author introduces us to Ruby who is a struggling single parent She is having difficulty with her own child and now she s being called home to a parent she didn t know existed Smack in the middle of the barren heart of Oklahoma is ranch and a dying town where everyon [...]

    6. A truly beautiful story of love and forgives This was not the usual type of romance I read and prefer Another words, romance was not the focus of this novel With that being said, there were things I liked and even disliked about this story I should say that after having read the blurb and several reviews, I knew going in this would be different Because I like author Marin Thomas, I read it anyway Our main character Ruby has recently discovered she was adopted, after receiving a letter from the m [...]

    7. Full of warmth and wisdom, Marin Thomas s beautifully written THE PROMISE OF FORGIVENESS proves that the past doesn t define the future, family is what we make it, and, most important, it s never too late to become the person you want to be This is a truly special read that will stay with you long after the last page This is one that I will read again and again and recommend to all my friends

    8. Ruby Baxter knows she s made a mess of her life she s determined that her fourteen year old daughter, Mia, will not do the same When she finds Mia naked with a boy, she decides they are moving to Kansas and making a fresh start.But along the way, they ll stop briefly, as briefly as possible in Unforgiven, Missouri, to meet the biological father she never knew existed Her adoptive parents never told her she was adopted, and died in a car crash when she was eighteen Her previously close had tanked [...]

    9. I really wanted to like this, but it just didn t appeal to me I could never get vested in the main character Ruby For me it was a very slow read where Ruby goes through all the thoughts of why she can t commit to a relationship blaming every male in her life , lets her daughter very bratty daughter dictate to her and then sets very low expectations of herself Every little detail undermines her self confidence which makes her a lackluster person to support.The mystery of who is sabotaging her bir [...]

    10. I enjoyed reading this book and watching Ruby come into her own Marin Thomas definitely has a knack for describing family dynamics and relationships Her characters are very real and complex I look forward to reading books by Ms Thomas.I received an ARC from the publisher through NetGalley.

    11. 4.5 stars.Poignant and heartfelt, The Promise of Forgiveness by Marin Thomas is a captivating novel of healing, reconciliation and love.When Ruby Baxter discovers her fourteen year old daughter Mia following in her dysfunctional footsteps, she decides it is time to leave her small hometown and string of bad decisions behind After accepting a job in Kansas, Ruby is stunned to learn her biological father Hank McArthur would like to meet her Intending only a short layover in Unforgiven, OK, she is [...]

    12. For me this was a powerful book because there is so much power behind forgiveness It s not easily given and most often then not so very painful for the person who is giving that forgiveness Ruby hasn t had the best of luck and has made some bad mistakes, but who hasn t made decisions that they later regret One thing she never regrets is her daughter She may regret becoming a teenage mom, but never her daughter Right there for me no matter what Ruby wins in my book Blow after blow comes for Ruby [...]

    13. Ruby Baxter is at the point in life where she s going to be the one to cut out before anyone else will leave her again So when she received a letter from her birth father asking her to see him she decided to give him two minutes and then would move on with her life What she didn t expect was that her fourteen year old daughter would want to get to know her grandfather.With their visit extended indefinitely Ruby is forced to consider a relationship with the man who gave her away just days after h [...]

    14. I was given an ARC of The Promise of Forgiveness for an honest from NetGalley and this is my review.I absolutely loved this book It was so heartfelt and real I was hooked from the beginning This book draws you in and almost makes you feel like you are part of the the book and going through everything Ruby, Mia, Hank and Joe are.The characters were all great Ruby was a special lady who had gone through so much in her life already and I loved how she was learning to deal with her trust issues with [...]

    15. SPOILER FREE How real this story felt How much you can and may relate to it I found myself reading the book and contemplating just how much this relates to so many But only you will know once you grab yourself a copy of this book But I will also say this, even though this is a fictional read, it s still not one to take lightly as you may see things in yourself or other that relate to the story Received for an honest review

    16. I was given an early copy to preview and was immediately swept up by the characters and the story I loved the relationship between Ruby and Mia such a well drawn mother and daughter And I sympathized with Ruby s struggles, and kept cheering her on as she made one small step, and then another, another, toward the life she wanted and deserved Well observed and psychologically astute, THE PROMISE OF FORGIVENESS is an enormously satisfying novel that I would eagerly recommend to others.

    17. The Promise of Forgiveness is a true romance True in that there is that huge romantic element, you re routing for the heroine, we have an interesting and compelling setting, but there s also real life problems that effect women It s complicated, it s layered, it s a great winter read.

    18. Fresh, warm, real and written by an author who knows how to write A beautiful realistic portrayal of a mother daughter relationship when the mother has limitations and the daughter is just trying to figure things out Lovely.

    19. I was fortunate enough to read an advanced copy of Marin s new venture into Women s Fiction single titles and loved this story

    20. openbooksociety article thThe Promise Of ForgivenessBy Marin ThomasISBN13 9780451476296marinthomas Brought to you by OBS reviewer jerjenSynopsis When it comes to family, Ruby Baxter hasn t had much luck The important men in her early life abandoned her, and any time a decent boyfriend came along, she ran away But now Ruby is thirty one and convinced she is failing her teenage daughter Mia is the one good thing in her life, and Ruby hopes a move to Kansas will fix what s broken between them.But t [...]

    21. I read this book in a matter of two days front to cover and I managed to fit in an 8 hour day at work so I felt it deserved a post.A quick shout out to those of you that I know read these book reviews Gloria G Ann T Barb R and Donna B I wanted to let you know that I liked this book and you probably will too It was a little sappy in some places, but I was in the mood for sappy myself I believe that the author, Marin Thomas, created the plot for The Promise of Forgiveness by taking a little of the [...]

    22. Marin Thomas enters the Women s Fiction ring with her new novel, The Promise of Forgiveness Thomas gives readers a story about forgiveness and redemption This is a book that dives into the intensity of family bonds and the courage it takes to trust those who have hurt you in the past There is a bit of mystery, a touch of romance and a mother daughter relationship that will have readers flipping those pages way into the night A great read from Marin Thomas.What I liked Thomas has always excelled [...]

    23. Ruby Baxter and her teenage daughter Mia are two of a kind and Ruby doesn t want that She wants her daughter to be better than she was and Mia wants nothing to do with her mother When Ruby sees Mia taking the same path as her, all of her insecurities and fears in her life make her pick up their life and move to a new place with a pit stop in Unforgiven.Unforgiven, Oklahoma is a mess Ruby and Mia are brought to the town of mostly men by a dying biological father she didn t know she had Hank McArt [...]

    24. Ruby, now aged 31, seems to be a natural magnet for loser men As a result her daughter Mia is one angry teenager convinced her mother is totally selfish and has never given one thought to what Mia thinks or feels about their unstable life Her plan was to move to Kansas for a fresh start where she could focus specifically on her daughter s upbringing However, now Ruby has received a lawyer s note telling her to come to see her real father, Hank McArthur, in the town of Unforgiven, Oklahoma The to [...]

    25. Slower start, however I m thrilled I hung on because it started tossing in little things that made me smile, tear up, a little mystery and suspense and it also had so much relatable between the family bonds which had been shattered that I also found hope I read this yesterday about 50 pages at a timewoke up, coffee, read, soup and tea, read, nap, read, tea, read and today continued It was one I almost gave up on in the very beginning and very happy I didn t by the end The 50 page intervals of r [...]

    26. An emotional journey through years of hurt and disappointment in the lives of several characters The power of forgiveness is shining bright forgiving yourself, forgiving those who hurt you, and most of all, forgiving the pain that has kept you standing still all these years.Ruby Baxter is 31 years old and has nothing to show for her life other than a sassy teenage daughter that she feels like she s failed She s moving them to Elkhart, Kansas in hopes that a new start will get their relationship [...]

    27. I was given this book from the program First To Read and I really enjoyed it There are many complex relationships going on in the story As an adult Ruby finds out she is adopted She receives a letter from a lawyer stating her biological father Hank would like to meet her Ruby has a 14 year old daughter, Mia, that gets into some trouble so Ruby decides to leave their life, meet her biological father, and start a new life somewhere else Ruby and Mia have a very complex relationship as any mother w [...]

    28. I am honestly not sure how this book showed up in my to be read pile The title caught my eye, though, when I was browsing my pile to decide which book would be next A quick read not to be confused with a shallow read Instead, the characters, setting and plot take the reader deep into the world of family, love, brokenness and the need that I believe all humans have for forgiveness The characters are a bit rough around the edges and full of baggage One reviewer writes, a character driven story tha [...]

    29. I won an ARC of The Promise of Forgiveness in a Giveaway in exchange for a sincere review I loved absolutely everything about this book This story covers so many wonderful topics single motherhood, adoption, fear of relationships fear of rejection mother and daughter conflicts loss of a child, learning to forgive one s own self, in order to forgive others and how to become a family again The most stunning aspect of this book is it s characters They are literally so well written through their act [...]

    30. Love and forgiveness How can you find it in your heart to forgive others, when you can t forgive yourself That s a question that Ruby must answer, as she and her daughter make their way to Unforgiven, Oklahoma Ruby is 31, and a single mom to her teenage daughter, when she suddenly discovers that she was adopted, and her biological father, Hank, asks her to come see the ranch she will inherit when he dies Furious with her adoptive parents for not telling her she was adopted before they died, and [...]

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