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After Death By Jacqueline E. Smith,

  • Title: After Death
  • Author: Jacqueline E. Smith
  • ISBN: 9780989673464
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • Welcome to the Circus of the Dead.When Michael Sinclair receives an invitation to the grand opening of Cirque Somniatis, he figures it will be a good opportunity to get away from ghosts, potential in laws, and the seemingly endless stream of rejected job applications And a chance to spend a romantic weekend at the circus with Kate But nothing is as it seems as Michael,Welcome to the Circus of the Dead.When Michael Sinclair receives an invitation to the grand opening of Cirque Somniatis, he figures it will be a good opportunity to get away from ghosts, potential in laws, and the seemingly endless stream of rejected job applications And a chance to spend a romantic weekend at the circus with Kate But nothing is as it seems as Michael, Kate, and ghost hunter extraordinaire Luke Rainer venture onto the haunted fairgrounds in the small town of Hugo, Oklahoma New rivals, theatrical psychics, and a Ringmaster with a dark secret of his own all wait for them under the Big Top Come one, come all Do not forego Step inside, enjoy the show
    After Death Welcome to the Circus of the Dead When Michael Sinclair receives an invitation to the grand opening of Cirque Somniatis he figures it will be a good opportunity to get away from ghosts potential in

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    1. 5 5 Stars I was sent a copy for an honest reviewSummary This is the third book in the Cemetery Tours series It follows Michael who can see ghosts , Kate and Luke on yet another adventure This time, to the circus They get invited to this huge event out of the blue Once there they run into Luke s enemy So trying to uncover why they were invited in the first place among other troubles Dislikes Honestly, there was a tiny grammatical error but honestly I don t have a complaint other than, It s over a [...]

    2. Copy provided in exchange for an honest review I just love Jacqueline This is the fourth book I read of hers and she never disappoints She manages to tear hysterical laughter out of me at every page I can t politely laugh, no I have to laugh out loud and my family thought I was going crazy They kept staring at me.Anyway, this was a highly anticipated read for me and I loved it than I thought I would The humor began from the first page and then it turned into all out suspicion This book kept me [...]

    3. Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange I received this copy from the author as a Christmas gift, but my review is honest, haha Let s go DThe StoryMichael and Kate are finally really dating after so many delays and are trapped with way simpler problems than before are they ready for the next step Is Kate over Trevor Should Michael propose now or wait for a job to appear All those doubts are put on hold when Michael receives a weird invitation for the inauguration of [...]

    4. After Death, the third novel in the Cemetery Tours series, had me hooked from the very first chapter I picked up the book one night before I went to sleep, thinking I was just going to read the first three chapters, and ended up finishing it in one night When I think of words to describe this book, I think of haunting , dark and beautiful Honestly, not to give away spoilers, but the book made me cry in than one chapters Michael, Kate, and Luke are a dynamic and amazing trio that fill out the id [...]

    5. The third installment of Cemetery Tours did not disappoint In fact, it appointed hard I felt the same excitement as when I read the first Smith s ghosts, action, and characters sync incredibly well together And the dialogue never misses a beat I feel like I ve known Kate, Michael, and Luke for ages I can t think of a moment I did not thoroughly enjoy a carnival was perfect ghostly setting by the way Romance, intrigue, and another jaunt with America s favorite ghost, Eugene Brinkley I think I ll [...]

    6. What an ending Man This series wraps up nicely with After Death which follows our three favorites, Michael, Kate, and Luke as they take what they think is going to be a relaxing vacation to the grand opening of a circus What follows after they arrive is a mystery held together by people fighting to keep their own secrets from coming to light I truly hope she has planned because I am just not ready to let this series go yet

    7. I Hope It Never EndsAnother wonderful installment in the Cemetery Tours collection I had fun reading along with the antics of Michael, Luke and Kate Smith continues to bring a delightful cast of characters on a ride into the paranormal while building the backstory of her group I hope this will not be the last we see of Michael and Co.

    8. What s it About The Cirque Somniatus almost reminded her of fairs and carnivals growing up, but it was far elegant, majestic, than the fairgrounds of her childhood The colors were primarily those of gemstones garnets and amethysts, with touches of sunlight and moonlight embellishments It was like stepping through the door to wonderland When Michael Sinclair is offered three free weekend passes to The Circus of Dreams, he invites his girlfriend Kate, and ghost hunter friend, Luke Rainer along f [...]

    9. It is the third book in the series, so there are bound to be spoilers from the first two books After crazy ghost hauntings and uncovering long buried secrets, Michael Sinclair and Kate Avery have finally found a moment of peace to continue to enjoy their relationship Out of the blue, they receive an invitation to the opening weekend of Cirque Somniatis and they look forward to having a fun weekend, but there are plenty of ghosts haunting the fairground Michael has the unfortunate luck to fascina [...]

    10. I was sent a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.I had missed these characters so much, it was so much fun revisiting them this is the fourth book I ve read by Jacqueline and she never lets me down she had me laughing, crying and at the edge of my seat before the book was over I was so happy to read that she had brought the whole gang together I have always loved the main character Michael his humor is so much like mine and I just connect with his character so much Kate is so bub [...]

    11. If you haven t read the first two books in the series, this review might have some minor spoilers I think that out of the three books, After Death was the most dark and spooky book in the series The whole circus idea was fantastic It felt like I was really with Brink, Luke, Kate and Michael in that Circus If there s something I love about The Cemetery Tours books is that there s always a mad ghost, but each time angrier In this one we had Claire, and even though I don t want to spill out many de [...]

    12. Michael had always thought that seeing ghosts was stressful Those wandering spirits were nothing compared to whatever women had going through their heads at all odd hours of the day Michael gets a mysterious letter inviting him and two guests to Mr Van Dalen s circus Michael, Kate, Luke arrive and right away realize something odd is going on The circus is definitely haunted But why Smith invites you into another amazing, spooky world full of ghosts, circus acts, fires, rivalries, blackmail, and [...]

    13. This is not your typical ghost story The adventure never stops.Given tickets to a circus, Michael is completely unaware of why Encouraged by his girlfriend, Kate, they are accompanied by their television star friend In an effort to cheer Luke up, the three journey to what they think will be a nice vacation They could never be wrong.The story rolls smoothly The changes in action add well to the plot You can feel the emotion as family members are united and friendships become solid We also see M [...]

    14. I enjoyed reading this book, the third of a series I thought it started out slower than the first two, but I soon realized how the story began to build It kept me reading, causing me to want to find out what would happen next Then, through a series of clever clues and unforeseen developments, it reaches a satisfying climax and an unexpected conclusion I recommend it, but it is best to read the previous two books of the series Cemetery Tours and Between Worlds before reading this one in order to [...]

    15. I finally found the time to sit down and read Once again, Jacqueline does not disappoint in my favorite ghost series The idea of the setting being at a circus is just another added bonus I absolutely love Michael and Kate and have enjoyed watching their relationship evolve throughout the Cemetery Tours series Very creative and a great follow up after Cemetery Tours and Between Worlds Next on my reading list is Boy Band I love her work

    16. The best sequel of Cemetery Tours novel In my view I think that the novel After Death is much better than the previous last novels It s different and easy to read I loved the idea of a circus It sets the perfect problems and setting for the novel Anyway, its a spectacular read

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