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Cursed By Christina Bauer,

  • Title: Cursed
  • Author: Christina Bauer
  • ISBN: 9781943858088
  • Page: 182
  • Format: ebook
  • Alternate cover edition can be found here, here and here Most days, Elea couldn t care less about having Necromancer magick Who needs to conjure skeletons and sprits when you re a farm girl Elea only uses her powers to speed up chores and scare off suitors Everything changes when the evil Necromancer Tsar curses Elea Now, Elea has five years left before she burns as aAlternate cover edition can be found here, here and here Most days, Elea couldn t care less about having Necromancer magick Who needs to conjure skeletons and sprits when you re a farm girl Elea only uses her powers to speed up chores and scare off suitors Everything changes when the evil Necromancer Tsar curses Elea Now, Elea has five years left before she burns as a ghost, tortured for all eternity They say there s nothing she can do, but Elea disagrees She decides to embrace her Necromancer powers, train as a magickal assassin, and kill the Tsar All before his curse kills her Impossible as it may sound, Elea thinks she has it in the bag, but then everything goes horribly wrong That s when a handsome mage named Rowan steps up to help Elea wants an ally, but she doesn t need all the mixed up feelings that come along with Rowan s crooked smile.An assassination mission is no time to fall in love, but Elea s heart may have other ideas
    Cursed Alternate cover edition can be found here here and here Most days Elea couldn t care less about having Necromancer magick Who needs to conjure skeletons and sprits when you re a farm girl Elea only

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    1. 4 Stars I really like this magical fantasy There s romance, adventure, and lots of magical encounters This definitely satisfied my cravings for something exciting The story first introduces Elea and explains her normal life on her farm She knows how to use a little bit of magic, but doesn t plan on becoming a powerful Grand Mistress Necromancer Unfortunately her plans change when a powerful curse is placed on her A deadly curse that will make her burn eternally.She has five years to break the cu [...]

    2. After I had so much fun devouring Christina Bauer s Wolves and Roses, I knew I had to try her other series I thought Cursed would have a similar vibe and be filled with tons of fun and snark But once I read the first few chapters, I realized that these two series were worlds apart While Cursed was an adventure that was filled with magic and heartfelt characters, it was impossible not to notice the darkness that permeated throughout certain parts of the story This was an entirely different type o [...]

    3. a reader lives a thousand liveTitle Cursed Series Beholder 1 Author Christina Bauer From Netgalley Genre Fantasy Release Date 29th March 2016Challenges 2016 Netgalley Edelweiss Challenge, 2016 New Release Challenge Links Elea never really wanted to be a Necromancer, but when her best friend Tristan becomes cursed by the new Necromancer Tsar, and that curse will transfer to her as the person he loves the most, she knows she has no choice 5 years later, and approaching the day her curse will set i [...]

    4. Another breath taking book written by Christina Bauer Cursed takes on a new spin about the world of Necromancers and Casters and it is absolutely fantastic All Elea wants to do is work on the farm that finally became hers She has no problems with using her untrained powers to chase away potential suitors that just want to take ownership of her farm When Elea gets a message that her only friend Tristan is in trouble, she races to his bedside Tristan was cursed by the new Tsar, and curse also affe [...]

    5. What would you do to save yourself from a horrible death and even worse fate in an afterlife Elea has to train her powers to defeat an evil mage who cursed her.It looked like just another day on her farm do the chores and get rid of yet another suitor But this annoying candidate for her hand brings some scary news with him.Her best friend is in trouble he s about to die from an evil curse put on him by the Tsar And it looks like Elea is about to receive this curse too She ll have five years to [...]

    6. I gave it 3.5 starsCURSED started out pretty slow but quickly started catching my attention and once it did, I was interested until the end The events in CURSED happen really fast We get some background, then jump into the action pretty quickly Elea knows what she needs to do and doesn t let anything even personal danger pull her off course Which really isn t surprising considering if she doesn t stay on course she will die She works hard and I could definitely see that in everything she did It [...]

    7. Great book Elea is cursed She has no way to escape the curse but to kill the man who cursed her To do that she must become a trained Necromancer, but does she have enough time Her plan is iffy at best but then she meets Rowan and things change Her plan changes and perhaps her heart as well Rowan is a Mage who has a power unlike anything Elea has seen before Together they are in a race against time to lift the curse on Elea and free the land.The whole cast of characters was great to me Elea is st [...]

    8. Elea lives a simple life taking care of her parent s farm until one day when she receives notice that her good friend Tristan has been injured Elea goes to him, but finds that he has been cursed for opposing the new Tsar of the Necromancers and is left on his death bed with only moments left Tristan tells her that because he holds her most dear, she too is cursed with the death curse, and has but 5 years left until she too will die and her soul will join his in eternal torment Elea wants to figh [...]

    9. Most days, Elea couldn t care less about being a witch, even if she does have special powers over spirit and bone Why bother with incantations when you re a farm girl Elea only uses her Necromancer magic to speed up chores and scare off suitors.Everything changes when the evil Necromancer Tsar curses Elea Now, she only has five years left before she burns as a ghost, tortured for all eternity They say there s nothing she can do, but Elea disagrees Embracing her Necromancer ability, Elea trains a [...]

    10. This was a surprising, interesting and well crafted read A world of magic, necromancers, castors, a heroine you root for, and the hint of a romance to be developed in the next books of the series Elea and Rowan were well developed characters, supported by fleshed out friends and villains The book is a perfect read for young adult audiences.

    11. Initial thoughts Ooh, curses Elea has such spirit and I love that Christina Bauer didn t make it too easy for her and Rowan I received a copy from the author and willingly reviewed it Elea has been cursed by the Tsar, Victor Training hard to kill him and break the curse, almost five years later Elea journeys to the Midnight Cloister, where she knows Viktor will be But her travelling spell backfires and she finds herself in the company of one talented and handsome caster, Rowan They must trust ea [...]

    12. functioninginsanity.cRating 5 Stars There hasn t been a book by Ink Monster that I haven t completely loved and Cursed is no exception We follow Elea, a girl with necromancer magic, who doesn t see the need to use it for much but helping in chores around the farm No formal training or anything Then one day her best friend returns to town with the news that the new Tsar has placed a curse and she will burn and burn as a ghost tortured for all eternity in five years to the day Elea knows the chanc [...]

    13. Review 2.5ish StarsThis book was kind of just okay for me The concept was pretty interesting, but the world building was a little weak at times There was a lot that wasn t really explained all that well to fully give me an idea of what kind of world this was, the culture beyond one character A lot was left to the imagination.The plot was a little weak at times as well The main character is supposed to be 18 at the start of the book, who finally just got full ownership of her family s farm She s [...]

    14. I am lucky enough to receive an e arc of this book in exchange of an honest review, huge thanks to Ink Monster and Netgalley.Another kick ass novel by Ink Monster Trust Christina Bauer to deliver a super bad ass heroine and majorly page turning plot line Cursed is definitely a must read for you guys who love PNR or UF.The concept of necromancers and casters are definitely unique compared to our usual vampire werewolf stories not that that s not interesting either The whole story is so well writt [...]

    15. A riveting story with action, love and vengeance, Cursed was a fantastic read In a world of magic and necromancers, Elea is a young but powerful necromancer that is cursed by the evil necromancer Tsar Given only five years to kill the Tsar to save herself and her best friend from death and eternal torture, she quickly becomes a powerful necromancer hell bent on murder I loved it Just like every other novel by Christina Bauer and Inkmonster, Cursed was incredibly well written Cursed has a very go [...]

    16. As I ve said before, I m trying to stay away from YA NA because I just have so many books to read and I need to cut down somewhere When I got the invitation to read this book, it intrigued me enough I had to read it Besides, I have read Ms Bauer before and liked her as an author I am so glad I did read this book I liked the premise of the main character Elea being cursed and having to take steps to enhance her Necromancer powers to save herself, her friend, and to go after the person who had cur [...]

    17. To see reviews, considering taking a peek at my first in series YA book blog hereMan How did I forget the wild adventure that this was Cursed is about 22 year old Elea who is a farm girl minding her own damn business untilrcumstances force her to become a super badass grand Mistress necromancer in order to defeat the villain who placed a curse on her and her people After 5 years of rigorous training, Elea feels she is readyuntil she meets a nomad named Rowan who turns her world upside down If E [...]

    18. I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.This is not my normal read as lately I have been hitting the erotica contemporary romance hard However, it had to do with necromancy and that is something I simply cannot pass up Necromancy is something I am highly interested not only because it is rarely written about compared to vampires, shifters, etc , but also because rarely is the hero heroine ever the necromancer Usually the necromancer is the villain antagonist This story w [...]

    19. Full Review Website TwitterFrom one of my favorite independent authors, Christina Bauer, comes a new series that may as well be put on my, well, favorite new series I loved reading her Angelbound series and when I saw an e mail asking me to review Cursed, I almost fainted and immediately downloaded it on my Kindle.Necromancers have always been one of my favorite beings and though the whole necromancer thing in the story are a bit dull compared to what I know, I still ate up the story like candy [...]

    20. This was a really captivating story, I wasn t sure what to think about it going in I hadn t read anything like it before I can say I really enjoyed it though Elea is a Necromancer who hasn t bothered to learn anything about her gift until one day she becomes cursed by an Evil Necromancer Tsar Elea takes things into her own hands and trains to kill the Tsar so she can end her curse I loved Elea I thought she was a strong character she was enjoyable to read about I liked reading about Necromancer [...]

    21. I absolutely loved Angelbound series but this felt like it was written by a different author.I got 40% in the book and couldn t continue The world building was vague and rushed so it seemed like huge chunks of book were missing, and then some pages in she just crams a bunch of explanations instead of letting it flow gradually throughout the whole book The characters were plain boring and the romance was ridiculous It came out of nowhere and she literally fell for the first guy she met after bein [...]

    22. Elea is a Necromancer but only uses her magic for doing chores on the farm and getting rid of suitors When she rushes to save her friend Tristan she gets cursed by an evil Necromancer that she will die in 5 years and haunt the earth as a ghost forever She uses those five years studying with the best magic makers she can find and than goes on a quest to find the evil Tsar and destroy him to break the curse Rowen, a handsome mage offers to help This is the first book in the Beholder series and is [...]

    23. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I absolutely LOVED this book Christina Bauer is an amazing writer and I m already desperate for the next book.Cursed is the perfect blend of magick , adventure, deception, evil bad guys, kick ass heroines, and the perfect sprinkling of romance The world Ms Bauer is building is such a beautiful blend and balance of magic and non magic, darkness and light, and so much mystery It reminded me a bit of Garth Nix s Abhorsen [...]

    24. An exceptionally engaging tale, full of twists and magic.Love the strong and willful character, Elea, and how she fights against all the odds of burning for eternity bound by a curse cast by a powerful Tsar on her beloved friend Tristan She has only five years to change her fate and become a powerful Necromancer Her path will be filled with challenges, friendship, deception and maybe love Great start to this New Series of paranormal fantasy fiction Beholder.Note I received a digital copy free fo [...]

    25. Interesting premise But it felt like a rough draft There were a few typos, sure, but really it was the feeling of displacement that I got, a sense of detachment from the action, that spoiled some of it for me There were lots of cool, ideas and characters but they felt underdeveloped, like everything was at 85% completion I would read a sequel, though I wouldn t pay 4 for it, but this one felt much too scattered I liked the writing in the Angelbound series better the plotting felt much tighter.

    26. ARC received in exchange for an honest review Ok, Im not usually not one for the whole necromancer thing but I AM a big Christina Bauer fan so I thought, fuck it, lets give it a go.Am I disappointed Uh, nois is Christina Muthafuckin Bauer we re talking about here The woman does not disappoint Her wonderfully endearing, kick ass characters we don t do weak bitches ultra unique plot make Cursed a magically delicious tale.

    27. Gods, this was an awesome read See, I don t usually read fantasy I don t know why but it s just never my first choice This book has taught me that I really should give it a chance often, because if there are other books like this one, I really want to read them.It was pretty cool getting into this whole world, getting to know Necromancers and Casters and all the magick I loved Elea and all the other good characters It made me really sad when, you know, bad things happened view spoiler NAN SHOUL [...]

    28. Elea was one determined little cookie rong, smart, powerfulCursed Beholder 1 introduced me to Elea, her world and her battle to overcome She was foretold and now someone wants to make sure she never reaches her potential It was very easy to get wrapped up in this one for all to see The magic, adventure, self discovery, and budding relationship makes for a good read I shared this read with one of my daughters We both love the fantasy of this world that Elea s world was wrapped around We see Elea [...]

    29. Cursed by Christina Bauer is the first book of the Beholder series and it is a brilliantly written fantasy story Elea is an orphaned Necromancer who has not undergone any training She has inherited her family s farm and since then many suitors have been knocking on her door Instead of heeding to the suitors, she s been using her Necromancer magick to scare them off.Elea s best friend is Tristan who has met a tragic end by being cursed by the powerful Curse from the Tsar However this Curse has pa [...]

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