[PDF] µ Le coeur et la bouteille | By ☆ Oliver Jeffers Elisabeth Duval

Le coeur et la bouteille By Oliver Jeffers Elisabeth Duval,

  • Title: Le coeur et la bouteille
  • Author: Oliver Jeffers Elisabeth Duval
  • ISBN: 9782877676571
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Hardcover
  • C est l histoire d une petite fille emplie de toutes les curiosit s du monde qui fait un jour une tragique d couverte Alors la petite fille d cide de mettre son coeur l abri des bouleversements de la vie Mais quand saura t elle remettre son coeur sa place Et comment
    Le coeur et la bouteille C est l histoire d une petite fille emplie de toutes les curiosit s du monde qui fait un jour une tragique d couverte Alors la petite fille d cide de mettre son coeur l abri des bouleversements de la

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    1. A picture book about grief A little girl likes to read with her grandfather as he sits in his rocking chair, and then one day she faces an empty chair Yes, it s that subtle, the chair is just empty, no explanation, really Her grandpa is gone, and since she feels like she can t risk too much strain on her heart again, the girl grows up solitary, putting her heart in a bottle which she wears tied to a string around her neck This doesn t make her life easier finally, as one might imagine One day sh [...]

    2. This is the best picture book about complicated grief I ve ever read, and one of the best books about it on the subject, period It s lovely in every way It would make a wonderful present for children who ve lost a loved one, or someone of any age who s suffered a loss, both recently and long ago It s also a great bibliotherapy book for children who are grieving I came close to crying, but this overall this is an uplifting book that also made me smile.There is a perfect amount of text and of pict [...]

    3. The Heart and the Bottle is a very short story with a very big message It is about a girl who is fascinated and curious by everything around her including the stars and the sea She tells her attentive Father about all the images in her head, but one day she runs to show him her drawings only to find his empty chair She becomes very lonely and grieving for her Father, she puts her heart in a bottle and hangs it around her neck This way she some how protects her heart so it does not get hurt or da [...]

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    5. I ve often said that many children grow up over protected Many parents dread addressing the big issues with their kids and therefore don t prepare them for what is out there often claiming that they don t want to be cruel I disagree with that policy Should I ever have children, they will never think that there s a farm up state where all the old animals go I will certainly not replace a dead pet with one that looks just like it either Death, as heartbreaking as it is, is also a part of life and [...]

    6. I d like to thank my GR friend Martin for this rec This is a touching story about bereavement in childhood and learning to accept the loss of a loved one In truth, nothing was the same She forgot about the stars and taking notice of the sea She was no longer filled with all the curiosities of the world and didn t take much notice of anything other than how heavy and awkward the bottle had become But when the time comes, will she remember how to take her heart out of the bottle Sad yet beautiful [...]

    7. t aaao saboroso intercalar leituras adultas com leituras infantis Tiro o chap u aos in meros autores que se dedicam a escrever para os mais pequenotes, porque n o considero f cil condensar em poucas palavras uma hist ria apelativa, que prenda os leitores mais jovens e os fa a agarrar o livrinho, espreitar as imagens, relacion las com o texto e consciente ou inconscientemente compreender que o que leram ou ouvirem algu m ler os levar a crescer.Em O cora o e a garrafa depar mo nos com um dos maior [...]

    8. This is one of those wonderful books where you don t know whether to cry or smile, so you wind up doing a little of both Highly recommended.

    9. nyolong baca di ak.ra citos Dcurhat mode ONjadi mendingan gak usah di baca D__pesannya dalem banget bercerita tentang cinta dan kehilangan dengan lembut, Jeffers mengambarkan bagaimana seharusnya menghadapi rasa kehilangan itu sangat menyentuh bagi saya, buku ini muncul di bulan yang tepat membuat hati saya bergetar namun entah, belum dapat membuat saya beranjak dari sebuah sudut yang gelap.ah,jadi ingin mengingat masa ituma tahun yang laludi bulan Ramadhan 1428 Hsaat Tuhan menghisap nafasnya ke [...]

    10. I really liked the deceptively simple illustrations I also appreciated how the child narrator grew up in this story the only other book I can remember doing this is The Giving Tree And interesting look at dealing with grief and how quick fixes may be damaging in the long run I m glad this was recommended to me.

    11. Well punch me right in my heart book Jeez I ve been looking for some books to help my six year old understand sadness, grief, and death because her beloved grandpa and my dad died way too soon from a horrible and incurable brain tumor This one was a little over her head and hard for her to conceptualize, but it really really struck home for me, the grownup I think the inclusion of a male presenting character to me a grandpa who has a beloved chair just like my dad , and an adoring little girl wh [...]

    12. After wanting to read this book for a while and it being on my list of betterment of books that I want to read, I finally bought it I can say that I was not disappointed with this book and it offers lots of talking points in the story, such as Why is the chair empty Why did the girl take her heart out It also shows that how as we get older we sometimes lose our imaginations and curiosity that children have and that it takes a child to release it again Although this book is very different to lost [...]

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    14. Oliver Jeffers writes very grown up picture books, the kind that kids love and that can make adults cry Okay, so he can make this adult cry especially with The Heart and the Bottle It s the story of a little girl, much like any other, whose head was filled with all the curiosities of the world Her grandfather takes her to the forest, the beach, and listens to her stories and all her many questions But then one day his armchair is empty.She puts her heart in a glass bottle so it can t be hurt, an [...]

    15. I know I m one of the people who almost lost their true self during adulthood I know I have put my heart in the bottle too after facing so many changes in my life I know I lost a kid s innocence when I let a child hidden in myself to be replaced by an adult persona I know growing up makes me become normal and realistic, not as imaginative as before I still have a lot of unanswered questions about many things, but like the girl in this book, I have nobody to answer those all, so this is me now S [...]

    16. Meeting Oliver Jeffers readnowsleeplater 2010I absolutely love Oliver Jeffers s art when I saw this, I thought, finally A girl book I don t usually make much distinction when I m reading a girl or boy picture book unless it s dipped in bilious pink but when I try to sell parents or grandparents one of his books, I usually get an exasperated look and a but, the gift is for a little girl What I read books about little boys when I was a little girl, and as long as the story is engaging, and the art [...]

    17. Overall, the artwork and impact of this book was fantastic However, I did feel it was a slight bit cliche, as creativity and unfollow the norm is becoming and popular to force idiosyncracy out of individuals Further, about halfway through the book I was rather confused at one part It was a sudden jump, and I thought I skipped a page Yet, I loved the ending, I loved the book, and the last sentence was marvelous Despite that, I only deemed it three stars for it s sudden abruptness that left me c [...]

    18. I loved this picture book A beautiful way of discussing personal grief and the loss of someone close It is a talking point, an opportunity to ask questions, to begin discussions on how the girl in the book may be feeling which may run parallel to the feelings of the reader.

    19. The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers is a contemporary children s picture book published in 2010 It sticks out to me as a book worth reviewing because of the difficult subject it tackles Despite at first being mortified at what could be interpreted as the tragic events of the book, the way in which Jeffers has narrated and illustrated the story poetically and colourfully addresses the grief that the main character suffers, and makes for a beautiful if inevitably sad read.The book centres a [...]

    20. New favorite book when it comes to dealing with loss.This coming of age tale follows a young girl from young childhood through adulthood as she struggles with the overwhelming loss of a male father figure in her life In simple terms and using the metaphor of putting your heart away in a bottle which she then ties around her neck, Jeffers s story illustrates how curiosity and learning can revive even the most difficult of losses With simple mixed media illustrations using paint and colored pencil [...]

    21. Oliver Jeffers is a visual artist, and I simply adore his illustrations in the book The page layouts remind me of The Little Prince pop up book, minus the pop ups, of course I particularly enjoy looking at the two page full color spreads.This picture book is a complex read for children As a reader who loves symbolism, I like how grief and loss were presented in the story After experiencing loss, the girl decided to put her heart in a bottle The little ones would most likely look at the story in [...]

    22. This book tells the story of a little girl who is full of imagination, wonder and a love of the world around her When her dear grandfather, who so lovingly nurtures and encourages her inquisitive mind, passes away the little girl quickly grows up, but not before putting to rest all of the wonder that made her who she was She grows into a woman who has effectively closed her heart and mind to the world and people around her, still hurt at the loss of her loved one and evidently afraid to love aga [...]

    23. From BooklistA little girl delights in the boundless discoveries of the world around her with an older gentleman, likely her grandfather But then the man s chair is empty, and the girl puts her heart in a bottle to help with the hurt As she grows older, she loses her sense of wonderment, and it isn t until she meets another young girl that she finds a way to free her heart again This book showcases some absolutely captivating artwork The way in which Jeffers employs pictures in word balloons to [...]

    24. This story tackles key issues faced in life such as love and death It tells a story of a young girl who shares her curiosity about the world with her grandfather Although, her curiousity turns to sadness when her grandfather passes away In order to protect her heart she puts it in a bottle to keep it safe The creative illustrations capture the sense of loss the girl is experiencing but by locking up her heart she is left feeling lonely and her previous sense of curiosity has gone She then meets [...]

    25. Beautiful Not many picture books can bring me to tears but Jeffers did so in an elegant, touching way.A young girl loves life She is curious and adventurous and inspired by her grandfather as he reads to her and accompanies her places One day, grandfather s chair is empty, he is gone The girl decides to place her heart in a bottle maybe to shield herself from grief, hurt, and sadness The girl wears the bottle around her neck and begins to live life without feeling anything at alluntil she meets [...]

    26. Oh, Oliver Jeffers, how I adore you The Heart and the Bottle is a gorgeous, gorgeous piece of art and magic Pure, open, honest pictures filled this book with beauty, the power of healing and the wonder life can bring Pictures and words that I will treasure always.After a loss and heartache, we tend to lock our hearts away Keep our hearts and emotions bottled up, hidden, and safe If we don t use our hearts, open up, trust, and feel we can t get hurt right Can that same protection turn around and [...]

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