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Towelhead By Alicia Erian,

  • Title: Towelhead
  • Author: Alicia Erian
  • ISBN: 9781416589303
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • The year is 1991 When Jasira s mother finds out what has been going on between her boyfriend and her thirteen year old daughter, she has to make a choice and chooses to send Jasira off to Houston Texas, to live with her father A remote disciplinarian prone to explosive rages, Jasira s father is unable to show his daughter the love she craves and far less able to haThe year is 1991 When Jasira s mother finds out what has been going on between her boyfriend and her thirteen year old daughter, she has to make a choice and chooses to send Jasira off to Houston Texas, to live with her father A remote disciplinarian prone to explosive rages, Jasira s father is unable to show his daughter the love she craves and far less able to handle her feelings about her changing body.Bewildered by extremes of parental scrutiny and neglect, Jasira begins to look elsewhere for affection Saddam Hussein has invaded Kuwait, and high school has become a lonely place for a towelhead When her father meets, and forbids her to see, her boyfriend, it becomes lonelier still But there is always Mr Vuoso a neighboring army reservist whose son Jasira babysits Mr Vuoso, as Jasira discovers, has an extensive collection of Playboy magazines And he doesn t seem to think there s anything wrong with Jasira s body at all.Painfully funny, tender, and sexually charged, Towelhead is that rare thing a gloriously readable novel unafraid to take risks The story of a girl failed by her parents and by a conflicted America, Towelhead is an ultimately redemptive and moving work that none of us can afford to ignore.
    Towelhead The year is When Jasira s mother finds out what has been going on between her boyfriend and her thirteen year old daughter she has to make a choice and chooses to send Jasira off to Houston Texa

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    1. Warning it contains graphic language.Warning it will break your heart.The main character is a 13 year old girl who experiences moving to a new state, having no one to turn to when her body starts to grow and change, parents of different races in an ugly divorce, being the target of racism, and physical and sexual abuse all in the course of one school year.There is a lot of dialogue and it s a VERY FAST READ I couldn t put it down I love this book My heart was truly breaking for this girl and I c [...]

    2. sigh I picked up the book Towelhead A novel because I was intrigued by the New York Times review of the movie directed by Alan Ball of Six Feet Under and American Beauty I also picked it up, because I m always interested in how authors portray the burgeoning sexuality of preteen and teen girls especially now that teenagers seem sexualized than ever Towelhead did a good job of exploring 13 year old Jasria s sexuality The proof is by how uncomfortable I felt reading this book In order to truly un [...]

    3. As posted in Wow I m not sure if I m supposed to like the book because of the style of writing and the bold approach of a topic or if I m supposed to hate it because of a sensitive topic I can say one thingat Erian didn t hold back her creative juices It s so good I thought that it was actually a memoir Feeling threatened by her daughter, especially when her boyfriend spills a revelation, thirteen year old Jasira is sent to live with her Lebanese father in Houston Prior to this, Jasira s relati [...]

    4. A dark and sad story about sexual abuse, racism, neglect and violence, but also a humorous page turner about growing up and discovering your sexuality, told in a light tone that will make you laugh.The Beginning My mother s boyfriend got a crush on me, so she sent me to live with Daddy Jasira, an Arab American girl of 13, is sent off to live with her father whom she hardly knows We follow her quest for love and acceptance as she discovers her sexuality and tries hard to make friends in a place o [...]

    5. Wry, risky, intensely readable I ve never read a earnest narrative voice that depicted the inner life of a thirteen year old girl Even though Jasira s adolescent experience was nothing like mine, Erian s crystalline writing made it mine I cringed for her, I was angry for her, I loved her and wished her well when I had to leave her I worried as I got to the climax that the wheels were going to fall off but it ends with such a lovely, hopeful moment that I really can t fault Erian for a little me [...]

    6. I picked this book up really not knowing what I was getting myself into The further I read, the I questioned whether or not I should continue I did finish it, however, probably because of my incessant curiosity on how a story will end.I am not exactly sure whether or not I really enjoyed this book I do know I will not be recommending it to anyone because of the sensitive material At times I really felt like the protagonist was beyond naive and the other characters were unrealistically sexual an [...]

    7. I read this YEARS ago I saw it come through the want to read dailies And I was brought right into the story Sad Raw A little intense.

    8. 4.5 stars Could not put it down It really made me think deeply about children and their need for affection,understanding knowledge Deeply compelling unique in its honesty.

    9. Reminiscent of Diary of a Teenage Girl, Towelhead is a flawed 1st novel that is equal parts clumsy and poignant Detailing a year in the life of Jasira, a 13 year old girl from a broken home with an American mother and an Arab father, the novel feels a little overstuffed There are far too many plates that the author, Alicia Erian, tries to keep spinning as she tackles burgeoning female sexuality, sexual and physical abuse, racism, the culture clash between American born children and their foreign [...]

    10. Jasira, a 13 year old Arab American girl has been sent by her mother to live with the Lebanese father she barely knows Jasira is not happy living with her father he alienates her with his strict rules, harsh punishments and lack of affection Alone and confused about her rapidly changing body she looks to people around her to fill the void She meets her neighbour Melina who becomes Jasira s confidant and protector, taking on the parental responsibilities neglected by Jasira s parents She also mee [...]

    11. I loved this book What I liked about it was the greyness of it I first saw the movie on TVor part of the movie and it made me too uncomfortable, but there definitely was something to it, so I thought I d read the book Now I d like to see the movie again Really, there are no perfectly good characters, and no really bad characters, including the young girl who was the center of the story Lots of sexual content, and not for the faint of heart What did Freud call us when we are young Polymorphous pe [...]

    12. Coming of age story starring an extremely sexually precocious thirteen year old whose father is a control freak and whose mother is immature and irresponsible She sends Jasira to live with her father because she perceives that her boyfriend is paying too much attention to her daughter It is difficult to read this without wanting to place blame on one parent or the other for how Jasira behaves with men however, Jasira too seems to be responsible for some of what happens to her Although in the end [...]

    13. Man What can I say about this book It was kind of an emotional roller coaster ride I read the whole thing in about a week and a half, so if you re looking for something that will keep your interest, this will not disappoint But be prepared to feel violated I was so disturbed by every single one of the characters our heroine included and could not decide who to get behind As soon as I would start to feel the slightest bit of empathy for the girl, or her father, or her boyfriend, or whomever, they [...]

    14. I really liked this and I read it in one day because I couldn t put it downI even missed Project Runway Anyhow, it s not for everyone which is why I gave it 4 not 5 stars It s from the perspective of a 13 year old girl who is sexually abused confused by all the people who are supposed to be taking care of her However she is very clever and there s a lot of dark humor in it so it s not terribly depressing really There is sex on every page, I thought it was an accurate portrayal of hormone ridden [...]

    15. Ok, NOT what I was expecting Much less about culture class and way about statutory rape than I thought it would be Not that I hated it, but it just wasn t what I thought it was going to be Not really sure how I feel about the main character.She s one that you want to hug and smack all at the same time.

    16. The book Towelhead had a dramatic impact upon me When Jasira was slapped, I felt it I even felt tired and desensitized when, three quarters into the book, she had been slapped so many times that its occurrence almost seemed normal I say this in spite of running the risk of giving you an impression of Towelhead that appears to be all too common that it s a book about child abuse, or a book about sexual abuse, or a book about racism Towelhead isn t any of these things This is a book through which [...]

    17. yo pienso que este libro es interesante y te da a entender que a pesar de tener problemas en alg n momento de tu vida van a salir a relucir la verdades y que es mejor decirlas desde el principio a pesar de las consecuencias algunas ser n buenas y otras malas pero al final de cuenta tienen soluci n

    18. One of the best books I ve read in the last two years The best part about the book is the difficulty ease with which you can spread the blame Everyone contributes to a real heartbreaking tragedy either through their laxity, disinterest or their efforts to take advantage of her and it builds to a very sad state of affairs, not to mention her own contributions that are not her fault but that add to the troubling nature of guilt, and her own needs and being unable to understand how to best fulfill [...]

    19. Alicia Erian s Towelhead completely enraptured me, never once leaving my hands Whether I was in second period geometry or waiting for a train, I was constantly sneaking a peak at what was to come next, gobbling up page after page of the engrossing novel The story began with the main character, Jasira, explaining why she had been sent to live with her Lebanese father, Rifat, in Houston, Texas After her mother s boyfriend, Barry, confessed to Jasira s mother, Gail, that he had sexual feelings for [...]

    20. I laughed out loud several times during this book, but maybe it was of a nervous chuckle I don t really consider myself a prude, but this was one of the sexually explicit books I ve read in awhile dealing with the eww factor of an adult and a young, young girl, so while I was reading this on the bus, I have to admit that I got embarrassed and uncomfortable That was after I was uncomfortable reading the book on the bus because of the title I had to go out and get a book cover for it If you don [...]

    21. TRIGGER WARNING Statutory Rape MolestationThis book was probably one of the best books I ve ever read as far as the writing and structure go I feel like everything that the author put into this book was there for a reason The chapter breaks, where she introduces characters, which scenes she chooses to dramatize, and even different character s word choices were so intentional and it really made this really heavy book, very readable.That being said, I hated this book for all of the right reasons I [...]

    22. All in all, this was a quick fast paced read The story kept me wanting to know what will happen next But I was so annoyed by the lack of research The author says it took her 3 years to write the book Has she not once opened an Atlas How can she claim Lebanon is in North Africa That was mentioned twice actually Then when the lebanese grandmother talks with Jasira on the phone, why would she use the formal vous form This looked like a Google Translate translation And if she had access to Google, s [...]

    23. I dont know if I will finish thisOkay, I did finish it It was intriguing in a yucky way It was a really weird book to read I felt as if I was somehow complicit in what happened to her because I didn t stop reading about it I will not see this movie I could not imagine how a movie of this book could be made in some tasteful way The only really interesting thing was that the story came from her perspective and that she did not think she was a victim in this and up until the end, wanted it to happe [...]

    24. This is a 2.5 from me.I read this on a plane ride I finished it, but I think it was circumstances and a horrid fascination than actual interest I wanted to make sure Jasira was okay in the end.The poor girl is subjected to abuse emotional, physical, and sexual , racism and neglect And it seemed like the only thing this book had going for it was sex As if that is the only thing 13 yr old girls think about In Jasira s case, given her circumstances and lack of information it makes a little sense, [...]

    25. I m very eager and also a bit anxious to see what Alan Ball s film version of this book will be like The story had elements of American Beauty older man young girl, suburbia, racial issues, the military, etc but unlike the former, young Jasira is such an innocent that I found myself cringing to read page after page of how she has been taken advantage of The novel is written from her point of view, which makes her innocence even realistic and brutally honest At times I felt like I was invading h [...]

    26. I could not put this book down I read it when I was supposed to be working, I read it while eating, I read it while watching American Horror Story, and I stayed up late to finish it The synopsis gives you hints of what s to come, but I still wasn t fully prepared for what happened Not at all Being inside Jasira s mind was frustrating at times, but her story was amazing Sad, heartbreaking, and amazing Her parents were emotionally neglectful and manipulative, but I think they cared somewhat, in th [...]

    27. Satisfyingly ambiguous The abusive father has a strange charm about him, the rapist is held in disturbingly high esteem by his victim, the horny boyfriend is convincingly both kind and totally self absorbed, and the narrator s mix of painful awkwardness and total obliviousness rings true Ultimately nobody behaves quite as you d expect them to But I don t know, I didn t think about sex this much when I was 13 Then again, I didn t grow up in Texas.

    28. This is very powerful book telling a modern day story of culture clash, family dysfunction, child abuse, sexual self discovery, and finally, redemption It is Lolita told from the girl s point of view and not a pleasant one at that Jasira tells her shocking story in a graphic plainspoken manner that lends a sense of pathos to the escalating events It s a quick read, with a hopeful ending I ll probably read it again, and recommend it my teen mom book group too.

    29. I hated this Props to Alicia Erian for some visceral writing, but the topic turned my stomach, so much so that I closed the book and returned it to the library I m a lifelong defender of the First Amendment, but bothered, too, that the book is available at the library So, credit the author for prompting a debate about free speech, too.

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