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Plain Living: A Quaker Path to Simplicity By Catherine Whitmire Parker J. Palmer,

  • Title: Plain Living: A Quaker Path to Simplicity
  • Author: Catherine Whitmire Parker J. Palmer
  • ISBN: 9781893732285
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • For anyone feeling too busy or too stressed seeking to simplify their life, this guide maps out several routes to simplicity For over 300 years, the Quakers have lived out of a spiritual center in a way of life they call plain living Their accumulated experiences and distilled wisdom have much to offer anyone seeking greater simplicity today.
    Plain Living A Quaker Path to Simplicity For anyone feeling too busy or too stressed seeking to simplify their life this guide maps out several routes to simplicity For over years the Quakers have lived out of a spiritual center in a w

    One thought on “Plain Living: A Quaker Path to Simplicity”

    1. an absolutely brilliant, thought provoking book that begs all the relevant questions on all aspects of simplicity It is organised by theme and consists primarily of short quotes speaking from the experience of a wide body of individuals Not something to sit down and read cover to cover, but to use as a tool for reflection and contemplation, remindng us to look to the centre in all aspects of our lives.

    2. a collection of brief quotations from various Quaker persons recent and long deceased um there s some good stuff here you pick and choose with this sort of book.

    3. I was hoping, I suppose, for a how to book, how to find the Quaker path to simplicity and walk it Of course, I should have known better because no one else can find that path for you To continue the path analogy, this is like a compendium of road signs, statements by Quaker authors, indicating in what direction the path lies silence, community, service, and Spirit led Organized by topic, the quotes and anecdotes are drawn from Quaker authors old and new For readers familiar with Quaker thought, [...]

    4. How can you not like the Quakers I know Richard Nixon was raised Quaker, but forget that, there is a lot too like here.This is a lovely collection of quotes that cover the topic I returned it to the library, otherwise, I d have some good quotes.

    5. I was surprised how powerful the concepts in this book were i love how well articulated the topic of spirituality and the connection to simplicity was and saw connections between my faith with a denomination I wasn t that familiar with before A good practice for new years Before you tell your life what you intend to do with it, listen for what it intends to do with you Parker Palmer The simple life is one in which there is always time to remember the divine purpose behind each of our tasks, time [...]

    6. Reading still in progress May edit this later Writing this at 34 % This is quite different from what I thought it would be It is basically a selection of unrelated quotes, some longer, some shorter, by Quakers, arranged by topics Many of them come from deep wisdom and inspire me some don t As they are all unrelated to eachother though, I cannot really read this as a book I come back to it from time to time for a dose of deep breath and inspiration I like it, but it is a slow read and somewhat dr [...]

    7. Soothing is a good word for this book Filled with short passages mostly written by other writers that can be used almost as a devotional type of book In Quaker style, however, each section ends with queries which lead the reader through a meditational moment Sheds light on Quaker values and is designed to get you thinking about your values A book that is good for putting down and then just starting again wherever you want to.

    8. A thoughtful collection of essays and expressions on the Quaker testimony of simplicity Most are short enough to read in a few minutes, anytime one needs a break from this not so simple world Sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, always thought provoking Would also be ideal for group reading and discussion.

    9. Excellent quotations, the kind of book you can read cover to cover or dip into for inspiration Plain living is about looking for the light, in yourself and each and every human being, as well as respecting the earth, from a Quaker perspective that is relevant to anyone of any faith, or no faithA wonderful book.

    10. I developed an interest in Quakerism last year and picked this up on recommendation For a beginner in to the Quaker path it provides a good insight, but quite apart from this, it is a stand alone book of quiet practical wisdom that is hard to fault Go on, dip in and try it.

    11. Not a book to be read all at once, but in bits and pieces The queries at the end of each section are very thought provoking Definitely a keeper, this book will take it s place in the reference section of my library.

    12. I read this to get a better sense of Quaker spirituality Now that I have read it through once in its entirety, I want to read it again slowly, deliberately, and meditatively to let the small whispers of the Holy Spirit have full voice through the wisdom in these pages.

    13. This great book is filled with fantastic quotes about various spiritual topics relating to the Quaker faith specifically and to faith in general This is all quotes though so be prepared for that.

    14. A really beautiful collection of quotes, organized thematically Quaker history and theology always inspires and comforts me.

    15. The quotes and poems in this book are a gift to my soul The wisdom is simple yet profound I ll refer to this book again and again I feel peace as I contemplate the writings

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