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Mother, Can You Not? By Kate Friedman-Siegel,

  • Title: Mother, Can You Not?
  • Author: Kate Friedman-Siegel
  • ISBN: 9781101907047
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Based on the wildly popular Instagram account CrazyJewishMom, Kate Siegel s essay collection about life with the woman who redefined the term helicopter mom There is nothing wonderful than a mother s love There is also nothing annoying Who else can proudly insist that you re perfect while simultaneously making you question every career, fashion, and relatiBased on the wildly popular Instagram account CrazyJewishMom, Kate Siegel s essay collection about life with the woman who redefined the term helicopter mom There is nothing wonderful than a mother s love There is also nothing annoying Who else can proudly insist that you re perfect while simultaneously making you question every career, fashion, and relationship decision you have ever made No one understands the delicate mother daughter dynamic better than Kate Siegel her own mother drove her so crazy that she decided to broadcast their hilarious conversations on Instagram Soon, hundreds of thousands of people were following their daily text exchanges, eager to see what outrageous thing Kate s mom would do next Now, in Mother, Can You NOT , Kate pays tribute to the woman who invented the concept of drone parenting From embarrassing moments like crashing Kate s gynecological exams to outrageous stories like the time she made Kate steal a cat from the pound to hilarious celebrations including but not limited to parties for Kate s menstrual cycles , Mother, Can you NOT lovingly lampoons the lengths to which our mothers will go to better our lives even if it feels like they re ruining them in the process.
    Mother Can You Not Based on the wildly popular Instagram account CrazyJewishMom Kate Siegel s essay collection about life with the woman who redefined the term helicopter mom There is nothing wonderful than a mother s

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    1. OhMyGawd I m so sorry for every complaint I ever said about my mother Every angsty teen moment I had pales in comparison to what Kate Friedman Siegel went through Her mother Kim took the phrase If you re going to commit to something, you better do whatever it takes to make it happen so literally that I was physically cringing while simultaneously laughing as I read this book This mother knows no bounds when it comes to her baby s success and sex life.Kate Friedman Siegel has a somewhat unusual r [...]

    2. Author, Kate Siegel, and her mother Kim Friedman arrived in New York a few weeks before college classes were going to begin for Kate After doing lots of shopping together for Kate s dorm accessories they made their way over to Kate s new gyno office It was a confusing time for Kate, so she admits that getting birth control was probably wise Her mother insisted on staying in the exam room with her daughter Kate was crinkling the paper gown nervously, her legs dangling over the edge, firmly closed [...]

    3. This book was suggested to me from because I read the book One More Thing Stories and Other Stories by B.J Novak Here is my review of that book review showThis book was a fast, short book in the comedy section I love listening to this style while driving This book was about the instagram account Crazy Jewish Mom I had never heard of that until I started listening to this book The audio cd was great because Kate and her mom were both on it The conversations they had were very personal and open, s [...]

    4. I know what you are thinking a book based on an Instagram account Really What is this the Amarosa of social media trying to cash in on 10 seconds of fame I thought so too But I was wrong This book by Kate Siegel is VERY GOOD Funny, thought provoking, and a tribute to her Mother, Kim Friedman, who, after reading this book, I really would love to meet I pre ordered this book to be delivered to my Kindle on the release date specifically for my upcoming cruise Problem is, I finished it in a day and [...]

    5. Books 84 2016 3,4 of 5 stars Message Conversation 1 Mom Kate I sat next to the nicest young man at Starbucks today Yale Lawyer I showed him your Facebook picture and gave him your number Kate Mom you can t keep giving my number out to strangers Mom YALEMessage Conversation 2 You know things are bad when your husband finds the new clothes you snuck in from the car last night Kate OMG Look at this meme This is your life in a nutshell Mom Please, that s amateur hour The trick is to put it in a whol [...]

    6. Upoznajte najgoru majku koja postoji Ne najgoru izmi ljenu, fiktivnu majku koja je over the top samo u knjizi, nego bukvalno najgoru majku na celom svetu ovo je autobiografska knjiga Mislim da je majka u Dete zvano To , mala beba za ovu o ajnicu.Ova knjiga je nominovana u kategoriji humor , a ja sam umrla od neprijatnosti itaju i je, ne od smeha I ina e mi je koncept mama je moja najbolja drugarica stra no jeziv, a ova devojka u knjizi ba tako i opisuje svoje avanture sa svojom majkom Jevrejkom [...]

    7. The problem with this book is that the author is complaining about how her crazy Jewish mom is overly involved in her life, but during times when CJM seemed to be respecting boundaries the author deliberately invited into the middle of intimate issues.There s a lot of vagina talk and full chapters devoted to what you do and do not put in them There s another few chapters about career miss starts that were funded by the author s wealthy parents and the amazing lengths the author s CJM went to to [...]

    8. A quick, amusing read but not laugh out loud funny I had seen most, if not all, of the text conversations repurposed in this book from the original Instagram account Unfortunately, these and, specifically, the author s mom are entertaining than the author s stories.I also had a problem relating to the stories because the author comes from a place of insane privilege not that I have to be able to relate for it to be a good read, or that privilege is inherently a bad thing But, some of it was jus [...]

    9. A GoodReads GiveAwayOMG y did I read this book I selected this book from my To Read shelf because I hoped it would be funny.Guess what.It is funny.However, that being said, I blushed from the first to the final page My face scalding, I hoped my aged Mammy would never know I was reading such an ch an intimate book Listen to this I grew up in a time when should it have come to pass that some yahoo uttered the F word in the vicinity of my girlfriend s delicate ears manly protocol demanded that I ch [...]

    10. Mercifully, this was short I ll start by saying that I m not a fan of body humor, and at least 70% of the chapters in this book are about Kate Siegel s vagina I wavered around two stars for most of the book, but what finally put me over the edge was when she started to talk about her ingrown pubic hairs.I didn t find this funny at all I cracked a smile when she mentioned how her mom collects dogs, when she detailed how they stole a kitten from the shelter, and how her mom would routinely give he [...]

    11. I ve been following crazyjewishmom on Instagram for a while now and it always makes me smile I love both Kate s mortified reaction to her mom s comments and her mom s awesome off the cuff remarks So when I saw on Instagram that a book was coming out, I put it on my wishlist And Mother, Can You Not did not disappoint It was hilarious.I read this book as a collection of quirky, hilarious stories that never failed to make me grin For a while it was my companion in the bubble bath Soon I found mysel [...]

    12. Do yourself a favor and listen to the audio version of this book It s read by the author Kate and her Crazy Jewish Mom As a long time fan of the Instagram feed, I was excited to support this title, and I m glad I read it I laughed out loud multiple times listening This book was well worth the 3.5 hours it took to complete, and I recommend it to anyone looking to laugh and just take their mind off of a few things Plus, Kate does an excellent job of bringing the Insta feed to life in this book.Exc [...]

    13. Freaking hilarious I found my mother and mother in law represented in this book, and gods did it ever make me feel like my life was less crazy I mean, my mom is way over protective, but at least it s not at a ten out of ten every moment of every day I think any too close mother daughter relationship will find themselves here and crack up People not in that category will still have a grand time Seriously, this is a book full of literal cat burglars and despiration for grandchildren It only takes [...]

    14. If you enjoy the shenanigans that happen on the Crazy Jewish Mom Instagram account, you will get a kick out of this book Kate Friedman Siegel shares some of her outrageous adventures with her mom in this book of essays I found myself giggling out loud in several places I also cringed in sympathy several times I really enjoyed all the love and honesty Kate and Kim have in their relationship I would definitely recommend Mother, Can You Not to anyone looking for a quick read that will bring a smil [...]

    15. I absolutely loved this book It isn t one of those suck you in can t put it down kind of books, but I enjoyed just picking it up here and there for a chapter or two and a guaranteed good laugh Kate has such a ridiculously unique relationship with her mom that makes you wonder if it could even be real Every time I sat down to read the book, I started cracking up I thought my mom and I talked about way too much information, but we don t even compare to Kate and Kim They discuss everything from spa [...]

    16. The marketing campaign for this book was exceptional The promotional posts were on point, the cover is hilarious, and they hit a balance between earnest authenticity and playing up the characters who drove CrazyJewishMom s Instagram success My major take away was in 21st century branding best practices Kate and her mom will likely find continued success with this franchise.As for the actual review some of the stories were hilarious, and made for a light evening read However, stylistically, I fel [...]

    17. I listened to this on Audiobook Read by the Author after laughing at so many posts about Crazy Jewish Mom Hoping that this book would make me laugh out loud Spoiler I didn t While the stories were entertaining I enjoyed her mom, than the author herself I honestly fell asleep listening to this, and didn t feel the need to re listen to the parts that I missed It would have been a lot funnier if it was a collection of texts, conversations, ect The stories included just felt lacking in a way.

    18. Tr sarpus zvaigzn tes Crazy Jewish Mom instagramkontam sekoju jau sam r sen, tad, kad bija vien ap 100 200 t ksto iem sekot ju, t p c uz gr matu, kas balst ta uz mesid u bild t m, cer bas tika liktas augstas Un j atz st pat kami smiekl ga las mviela, kam izskriet cauri p ris stund s es zinu, moc ju ned u, bet ko tu str d jo am cilv kam padar si Katr zi , sie st sti bija burv gs veids, k iepaz t trako ebreju mammu tuv k Iesaku, ja nebaida teksti par dildo, kegels vingrojumiem un cit m tik norm l [...]

    19. To be honest, I thought this book was H Y S T E R I C A L Kate s mom reminds me so much of my mother it s SCARY God bless her soul though because her mother is like my mother x5 It was a quick, fun read that I needed while reading Glass Sword at the same time Also, gotta say I commend Kate for quitting her job and living her dream even though she didn t know what was coming next She created a funny, impressive piece of work.Side note if you don t have a weird sense of humor you probably won t li [...]

    20. A fun read I heard about this one from the Crazy Jewish Mom Instagram account which I follow I ve loved the Instagram posts but wasn t sure how it would translate to a book Now I know Crazy Jewish Mom is crazy I would love to read a book written by her Kate s perspective at times seemed even too outlandish to believe But, none the less, I enjoyed myself And that s what matters for a book rating, right I will say this Kate finally hit a stride in the last 5 6 chapters If the whole book had felt a [...]

    21. This book is purely for fans of Crazy Jewish Mom, who will enjoy getting to know Kim Friedman as than just soundbites The book isn t as hysterically laugh out loud funny as the Instagram account, since it s written by Kate and all the humor comes from the mom However, it s an excellent companion to the Instagram account, because it provides some important context for Kim s behavior and fixations A fast fun read.

    22. Really nice, fun, light book I specially recommend it if you have a great relationship with your mother or if you want to have one I listen to it in audiobook format and it was really good specially because it is narrated by the author and her mother Some of the episodes were hilarious others just seemed so surreal that they were hard to believe By the end I wanted , so I suggest Kate gets on writing a longer book.

    23. I ve been following crazyjewishmother on Instagram for a while if you re not, stop what you re doing and fix that even if it means joining Instagram and find this mother daughter relationship hilarious I was looking forward to learning about Kim, the crazy Jewish mom, in this account written by her daughter The cover is clever and the book is funny, but it was too short Maybe Kim needs to pen her own book as well

    24. I started following Kate Siegel due to her Instagram account and it actually made me interested in the book The book is short sweet and wonderful Her mom reminds me of my mom if my mom had no boundaries But seriously I love the conversations And I would love to read the book which her mom writes

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