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Gods By Ednah Walters,

  • Title: Gods
  • Author: Ednah Walters
  • ISBN: 9781311785619
  • Page: 447
  • Format: ebook
  • Eirik has finally accomplished his mission, but he paid a steep price Now he must start all over to prove his love to the woman he can t live without But can he protect her from her kind without crossing the line As new threats emerge, Celestia and Eirik will learn how far they must go to protect each other and their love.
    Gods Eirik has finally accomplished his mission but he paid a steep price Now he must start all over to prove his love to the woman he can t live without But can he protect her from her kind without cross

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    1. Even the Norns could not weave all the plotlines in her Runes world as well as Ednah Walters does In the conclusion to the Eirik Baldurson spin off series, I giggled, swooned, was moved to tears, and could not be happily astounded at the resolution to all the challenges in Eirik s mission to find and unite his family This book starts with Eirik, with the help of his spunky Witch from Midgard Celestia, having saved his sister from his Crazy Granny, but something is off about her And the manipula [...]

    2. GODS by Ednah Walters is book 3 in the Eirik Trilogy of the Runes series The book follows the joint timelines of Souls and Witches It is well written and very absorbing and I believe it is the best book of the 3 books in this series We follow Eirik and Celestia in a Dual POV story You can easily tell the 2 main characters apart as their voices are very different.The story starts in Helheim just after book 2 Heroes ends I won t put any spoilers in this review I must say this book held suprises t [...]

    3. Ednah did it again I was totally shocked with this one I absolutely did not see it coming That being said I think this was my favorite of the Eirik trilogy I adore Celestia and Eirik I m sad this part of the story is over but excited to see what happens next in the world of the runes series This is a must read.

    4. Awesome book Once again Ednah Walters weaved an action packed and intriguing tale that was impossible to put down Gods is the third and last book in the companion series set in Norse mythology It s part of the Runes Universe and offers incredible insight into numerous scenes in the other books This series can be read without reading the rest of the Runes books, but the reader would be missing out on a truly awesome series The entire series, including the companion books flow together extremely w [...]

    5. This trilogy is an excellent companion to the Runes Series, also by author Ednah Walters.I have completely fallen in love with Eirik and his girl Celestia I am so impressed with the talent and imagination of author Ednah Walters She builds this totally believable fantasy world that exists alongside the Mortal world She also blends this book seamlessly with its Runes counterpart That is why it is important to have read the Runes series, through Witches , prior to reading Gods.This book really add [...]

    6. BOOK HANGOVER ALERT Honestly, I can t think of a better ending to Eirik s story than this So many Amazing things happen in this book with various characters, not just from Eirik and Celestia s story, but from the entire Runes Series Eirik s 4 worlds basically collide in this book His life in Helheim, his family in Asgard, his family and friends in Kayville and his life with Celestia and the result is beyond captivating Celestia meeting everyone and interacting with different people that are impo [...]

    7. Where do I even begin For weeks now I ve been in a bad reading slump not even Harry, Ron and Hermione could help me and anyone who knows me knows I m a HUGE Potterhead This time though it was Eirik and Celestia who brought me out of my funk Ednah Walters and her Runes characters to the rescue lol.From start to finish I was consumed, these stories will do that to you Like always Ednah had me on the edge of my seat a few times with added twists and turns you re not expecting, makes putting down th [...]

    8. Absolutely Breathtaking I m completely and madly in love with Gods Ednah Walters outdid herself Enchanting, wickedly clever sexy as Helheim and masterfully written I Double DARE U TO STOP READING This book had me giggling swooning and dying for I ve never been this ridiculously happy throughout an entire story I devoured it nothing could tear me away Eirik Celestia are laugh out loud funny tender sassy N sweet with a fierce undying love I had a big goofy grin on my face whenever they interacted [...]

    9. Such an amazing trilogy This is part 3 in the companion series that ties into the Runes Series The Companion Series is Eirik and Celestia s story and this is the final chapter Ednah Walters takes you through a roller coaster ride of emotions in this amazing book that you will not want to put down She draws you in and you will fall in love with the characters as she lays out this world in detail The companion series can be read as a stand alone or with the Runes series but you might find that you [...]

    10. Quite the finish to Erik s story, the passion to learn the truth burned deep in his heart and the thoughts he fought to believe rang true just as his burning breath and flames kissed the air with the excitement of the love that will be his forever finding your love, your lost sister, and making your family complete send us on the journey through the Hel and back again The treasures you find along your journey make the story that much exciting A must read ,with all the surprises you won t want t [...]

    11. Wow Honestly all I can really say Eirik and Celestia have became my favorite rune couple Celestia doesn t let anyone bring her down not even her crazy psycho mother Eirik man isn t he dreamt I love how he always wants to protect Celestia He could care less if he got hurt This book was amazing I honestly didn t want to put it down but life got in the way and I had too It made me laugh, cry, and scream but what final book doesn t I love how all the books finally tied in at the end Another great bo [...]

    12. OMG, I love this series Ednah writes with so much flair and feeling I just want to crawl into the book and be a character The story between Eirik and Celestia is moving and heartfelt Watched Celestia learn her new powers is amazing And the way Eirik does everyththing to help her is beyond love I can t say enough great things about this series except it s a definitely must read Incredible Ednah, if I could give stars I would I can t wait for the next book.

    13. I couldn t put this book down What can I say about this book that hasn t been said before Well let put it this way you will not be able to put this book down Be ready to laugh, cry, get mad, cry some and laugh some All the unanswered questions will finally be answered and new ones will be asked Be prepared to be thrown in to world of Eirik and celestia because they won t let you go until you find out what s happening Happy reading

    14. Love love love this series I highly recommend it Edna is such an amazing writer I love the way she weaves the stories together The characters are amazing too Have some tissues handy though Gods is the third book in this series and the last Great ending You won t be disappointed.

    15. Everytime I read about Erik and Celestia I smile I m happy to see Erik is just as happy as his friends This was a wonderful end to Erik and Celestia s story I m sure we ll see of them in the books that are to come, but honestly with everything that has happened I m happy with it all

    16. Book Review Gods by Ednah WaltersCelestia final wakes up from her coma and recovers Eirik never left her side even though he finally has his sister home He almost lost Celestia and refuses to come that close again However once Celestia is home and trying to go back to normal, her mother shows up and nothing is as it seems So an evil plan is being played out Celestia doesn t trust her mother no matter how nice she is She also doubts Ann Marie s identity She needs proof before she goes to Eirik.T [...]

    17. Fabulous ending to Eirik and Celestia s story it is continued a bit in Goddess I really liked both Eirik and Celestia as characters I think in the first Rune s books we didn t get to know enough of Eirik and this series really did help highlight that he was than what was shared in those pages I think my favorite part overall in the Eirik series was the alternating pov I really think the other books could have benefited from that style of narration, and possibly even cutting down on the number [...]

    18. Wonderful and sadI loved the romance and fantasy in this book the descriptions of the characters are amazing i feel sorry for the chief and would hope in a future book he finds a way to be part of Celeste s new family I am anxious to find out how the meeting goes between Cora and her parents So overall the book left me wanting to read the next one.

    19. Awesome I love all of these books Each couple gives you something different, and are weaved together seamlessly This is a great series Brillant Author Thanks you for creating, and sharing, these heart felt stories I hope for

    20. Gods Eirik s story has been amazing from start to finish I have lived all the books from Eiriks tale all the way to the beginning with Raine Fantastic set of books

    21. I can t believe I have to wait for the next book in the Runes series Everything is finally coming together and colliding

    22. Now that I have officially completed all of the Runes books I am seriously depressed Ednah has a way of letting the emotions of he characters reach off the page and right to my soul.

    23. Shout out to Ednah Walters the final book to the Eirik Series was unforgettable and way above a five star review that I can leave This was one heck of a finale One of my favorite couples of all times is Eirik and Celestia They are strong, stubborn and unpredictable There is no telling Celestia what to do She is very independent and loyal person to the people she loves She will do just about anything to protect Eirik from finding out the truth about who started living with them in Hel s Hall Cele [...]

    24. Wow, just wow I don t know where to start because I really really love this book It is simply amazing I loved Demons, a lot, and I thought that it couldn t get much better but then Heroes came out and I found that against all odds, it could get even better but I wasn t prepared for Gods being even better than that I ve read all the books in the Runes Series and it s so great to see how the story and the characters develop and become complex and even authentic.This books concludes the story of [...]

    25. Between a 4 and a 4.5 Gods was easily the best book in the Eirik trilogy Plot Gods ties up the story of Eirik and Celestia and reunites Eirik and his family with the real Einmyria Characters Eirik continues to be brave and strong willed to a fault, serious and caring, and flirty and funny just about everything you would want in a male lead Celestia is also very likable She is kind and caring, but not to the point where everyone runs over her She is also very strong willed, which make her and Eir [...]

    26. We met Eirik long ago in Runes His and Celestia s story began in Demons and move into Heroes and now we re in Gods The transformation he took from Runes to Gods is amazing He grew from the best friend, sweetheart of a guy, who really wasn t someone you d count on in a fight You knew he d have your back, but he was of a cuddler and a hug guy, than a guy who d defend you, into this demon fighting bada of a guy And Celestia, well she s been amazing from the beginning She doesn t let him get his wa [...]

    27. I m crying I am seriously, undoubtedly crying This wasn t just beautiful it was a masterpiece Nobody who s read her books could ever dreamed of arguing that Ednah isn t a super talented author, and she just proves it again, and again, and again.Eirik and Celestia s story comes to an epic conclusion in this book, and I have to say that it definitely fits There was just so, so much action and suspense and thrills Roller coaster would never even come close to describing this I was literally on the [...]

    28. In the third and final story of Celestia and Eirik, Gods, we find the couple on a road to serious romance and possibly a lifetime together Of course, that road has to, at times, get bumpy along the way Celestia has a hidden talent that even she doesn t know how to control However, there are others, who would give just about anything to have her and her talent on their team Things become interesting when Celestias mother who abandoned her years earlier decides she wants to make up to her daughter [...]

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