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An Ambitious Engagement By Kylie Gilmore,

  • Title: An Ambitious Engagement
  • Author: Kylie Gilmore
  • ISBN: 9781942238133
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
  • Financial planner Luke Reynolds has his sights on a new client, but just when he s finally secured a golf meeting with the eccentric billionaire, he s told he must win the game against some upstart competitor named Ken Unfortunately, Ken is a beautiful woman And she beats him Things are about to get down and dirty.Kennedy Ward s ambition is fueled by her father s medicaFinancial planner Luke Reynolds has his sights on a new client, but just when he s finally secured a golf meeting with the eccentric billionaire, he s told he must win the game against some upstart competitor named Ken Unfortunately, Ken is a beautiful woman And she beats him Things are about to get down and dirty.Kennedy Ward s ambition is fueled by her father s medical bills and supporting her four younger siblings So when billionaire family man Bentley Williams assumes the bickering between her and Luke is because they re a couple, Ken assures him they re happily engaged Next thing you know, they re invited to a weekend at his estate.Only one of them will win this game.And one of them will lose their heartE CLOVER PARK SERIES BOOK 1 The Opposite of Wild BOOK 2 Daisy Does It All BOOK 3 Bad Taste in Men BOOK 4 Kissing Santa BOOK 5 Restless Harmony BOOK 6 Not My Romeo BOOK 7 Rev Me Up BOOK 8 An Ambitious EngagementCLOVER PARK STUDS BOOK 1 Almost in Love BOOK 2 Almost Married BOOK 3 Almost Over It
    An Ambitious Engagement Financial planner Luke Reynolds has his sights on a new client but just when he s finally secured a golf meeting with the eccentric billionaire he s told he must win the game against some upstart co

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    1. Between Business and LoveFive Amazing StarsI was so glad to finally receive the eighth book of this most wonderful series, Clover Park Written by the amazing author, Kylie Gil Now it s up to Luke Reynolds book I was just loved this explosive and romantic story which I just simply adored As Luke Reynolds drove his sports car ahead down to the local golf range struggling that it was just so damn early He in fact just hated get up so early, but he knew he had been in a lot competing for his work Lu [...]

    2. Luke and Kennedy were explosive from the first meeting on the Golf Course to the Yes I will spend a lifetime with you Luke is this carefree playboy not looking for anything permanent but still lonely watching all his brothers find love Kennedy is this strong woman not looking for a man to complete her life or take over for her She likes being needed by her family and does not want to lose control of anything Both being Finical planers they are competing for the same client and find themselves fa [...]

    3. Luke Reynolds, yes keep that name in your head because it will stick like glue because of his loyalty, devotion, heart, and sexism Kennedy may have initiated the lie but Luke made the fiesty heart of gold assistant, his This book was on of lessons in love, family support, strength, empathy, gratitude, friendship, and trust Kylie delivered and brought with simple gestures and HOT bedroom antics This was it, a contemporary romance with a spitfire heroine that went above the odds for family and an [...]

    4. I loved, loved, loved this audiobook Did I say , I LOVED IT When I think the last audiobook of the series was the best, in comes Ms Gli with one that , for me, tops the others.Once again, with have the Marino Reynolds family, and their handsome sons In this one , our main characters are Luke Reynolds, a financial planner, and Kennedy Ken Ward, a young woman who is bright, loyal to her family, and though she works in a financial company , really is only an assistant.Both want to have billionaire [...]

    5. Kylie Gil does it again Kylie is fast becoming one of one of my favourite contemporary romance writers after getting me hooked whilst reading The Opposite of Wild Looks like another book for my favourites list An Ambitious Engagement is Kennedy and Luke s story I haven t read all this series yet but I can reassure you, you can definitely follow without feeling lost and you have missed half the background Also, while you may think this is going to be your typical fairytale romance with a predicta [...]

    6. I LOVE the Clover Park series and Kylie Gil books are an automatic buy for me but this story really blew me away I have bought the book already but I got to read it a few days early and it was such a wonderful story I know its one I will be re reading.Luke, age 32, is one of the Reynolds brothers of Clover Park We only know him thru Sunday dinners at the parents house, he is the finance brother THe story starts with him on the way to a golf game with a client where he has an altercation with ano [...]

    7. Being so Ambitious can be overrated.What did you love best about An Ambitious Engagement I loved how Luke finally won Kennedy over Their fake engagement definitely brings to pass the ultimate ending of all endings.I was very emotional off and on throughout the book I enjoyed all of the laughs and the sad parts equally Luke and Kennedy are truly suited for each other.Who was your favorite character and why I don t think I can honestly say whether or not I preferred Luke or Kennedy I got equally [...]

    8. This is the first book of Kylie Gil s that I have read, but it won t be he last I am hooked An Ambitious Engagement is the 8th book in the Clover Park series I have to catch up Luke Reynolds and Kennedy Ward known as Ken met on a golf outing where both were competing to be the financial advisor to billionaire Bentley Williams They were under the impression that whoever won the golf game would also be his financial advisor But hold on wasn t going to be that easy Ken was better at golf, but Luke [...]

    9. How to avoid falling for Kylie s heroes 101.Wait That doesn t work There is no avoiding Each time I wonder is she going to create another hero that might come close to my love for Barry or Nico My two favorite heroes of hers And then she gives me LukeH There isn t a story by Kylie Gil that hasn t hooked me She gives readers quirky characters i laugh, and I cry And sometimes, I get annoyed Not at the author mind you Well, yes kind of, because she keeps me up late and leaves me wanting This story [...]

    10. I have decided that I want to pack up lock, stock and barrel and move to Clover Park because the men there fans myself are amazing This latest addition to the Clover Park series in no way disappoints In fact, I already called Dibs on Luke This book, as well as all of the others, are stand alone books but if you are like me, you will be getting the rest in the series to read about the other Studs in this town This is the story of Luke and Kennedy Ken They are both trying to get the business of th [...]

    11. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is book eight of the Clover Park series with Luke and Kennedy Luke is a financial planner and must land a big client to not be cut during his company s upcoming downsize He finally get s meeting with the eccentric billionaire and his competitor, Kennedy, at the golf course Kennedy needs this client, her first, to prove she can be than an assistant Not only that, she needs the money to help support her family As the eldest [...]

    12. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.It s hard to write a review for this fantastic book without giving away spoilers, so here goesWOW I didn t expect the rush of emotions to hit me so hard when I read this book.One moment I was cackling, then roaring with tears in my eyes I laughed so hard Then just as quick, the tears changed to ones of pure emotion.Luke Reynolds is a wonderful character Even with his over confidence, his tough, arrogant exterior is broken down by one Feisty K [...]

    13. Ladies man Luke Reynolds meets his match with feisty young Kennedy Although inexperienced in the field of investments, Kennedy is so motivated by her present circumstances that she conjures up a blatant lie to win a client The lie not only shocks the hell out of Luke, but entangles him fully Too shocked, and somewhat smitten, Luke doesn t call her out in front of a potential client No, he decides to go along with Kennedy s fake engagement plan, knowing that in the end he ll win their competition [...]

    14. Another amazing book in the series I must say, the circumstances under which Luke and Kennedy met were rather unusual I couldn t believe it The uniqueness of it was so refreshing, and it set the tone for the whole book and had me hooked.In typical Kylie fashion, the story flowed so smoothly and had a perfect mix of humor and emotion Oh, and the love scenes were SMOKING HOT.I liked how I got to catch up on characters from previous books in the series though each book is a stand alone and can be r [...]

    15. Fall in love with Luke This is book 8 in Kylie Gil s Clover Park series They can be read as a stand alone These books will tickle your funny bone and pull at your heart strings Luke and Kennedy s story is no different They meet competing for the same client The back and forth between the two is very entertaining but the heat between them is off the charts The witty banter between the two make the characters so likeable Luke has some of the best lines He s a strange mix of selflessness and selfis [...]

    16. Luke Reynolds finally gets his turn to find love in this fun continuation ofthe Clover Park Series by Kylie Gil Luke is trying to land a bigclient in order to further his career, when he meets his biggestcompetition, Kennedy Ward Little does he know that Kennedy will dojust about anything in order to snag this job right out from under him including telling the client that they are engaged Feeling confidentin his win , Luke plays along with the charade and agrees to a weekendretreat An Ambitious [...]

    17. First of all I have to say this is an excellent series Kylie s books make me laugh out loud Luke is a financial adviser who is meeting with a potential client and finds his competition for the job Ken Kennedy to be a beautiful woman Kennedy needs this job for the monetary reasons because she is trying to take care of her family who is swimming in debt They end up in a fake engagement These two were so funny together but even though I laughed there were times I cried because I felt so much for Ke [...]

    18. This was my first book by Kylie Gil and I am so glad I was able to read An Ambitious Engagement This book is the 8th book in the series but could easily be a stand alone book I truly enjoyed reading Luke and Kennedy s Ken story They meet while both trying to win over a potential client, Bentley Ken spits out in their first meeting that her and Luke are engaged and the story quickly evolved from there The story evolved so well that it kept me on my toes and continued to get me to turn the pages A [...]

    19. This is another great book in the Clover Park series The story is full of laughs, surprises and sexy moments The characters are fun, quirky and well written The chemistry between Luke and Kennedy is great and the teasing banter is perfect for a couple getting to know each other I loved catching up with couples from previous books in this series, too They add wonderfully to the story with family moments and typical sibling antics I highly recommend this book and seriesC received from the author i [...]

    20. While the story basis is improbable, it is entertaining and fast moving The characters are well rounded and you come to hope for them to get out of their own way Although this is a Clover Park series book it features Luke, who we haven t known much about before The book would work well as a standalone, however if you read the series, we visit a few characters from previous books and catch up with them, which is always fun I received this book for an honest opinion.

    21. I really enjoyed Kennedy and Luke s story The fake engagement that changed everything for both of them was unexpected and even a bit far fetched but fun It brought them close and they really fell for each other Luke had such a big heart He seemed so macho when he was in some of the other stories but this story brought out a different side Also, the way she was always there to help her family was awesome.

    22. An Ambitious Engagement by Kylie Gil, she has done it again I absolutely love everything she writes As always her characters are relatable, hot, sexy and fun This book is Luke and Kennedy story they have so much chemistry the pages are burning up The story hit all emotions for me laughing one moment and tearing in others, I was hooked from beginning to end You do not want to miss this book or any book by Kylie Gil.I was given an ARC of this book, for my honest review.

    23. Awesome to get back to the Clover Park Series by Kylie Gil Luke Kennedy get their story this one hooked me from the start Amazing chemistry, sweet sexy, contemporary romance at it s finest This is a standalone romance but pick up the whole series, you won t be disappointed I received this ARC for an honest review

    24. Luke and Kennedy are competing for the same client, billionaire Bently Williams When Luke and Kennedy meet for the first time Kennedy says that her and Luke are engaged Now Luke has to follow along The two of them have such chemistry together that you will be turning the pages to find out what happens next I would recommend this book.

    25. 2 books in this 10 part series and I will read them an nothing by this writer.Such a wonderful story teller but stories go from touching, to family broke because of high medical bills, to silk ties and bondage in a moment.Waste of a talented writer.

    26. Kylie is amazing I absolutely loved this story It captured me from the very first sentence until the last For love or eyes was a statement that grabbed me, and a sentiment that kept my heart This book is a must read

    27. Loved this story as well Luke and Kennedy s story is a great financial windfall I really enjoyed the ups and downs and twists

    28. GreatThis book was very well written and fun to read You can read them as a standalone or a series Either way there AWESOME

    29. Incredible LovingCan a fake engagement lead to a real one Luke and Kennedy play a game to see who gets the client this leads to lots of laughter and crazy loving time.

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