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More Dangerous Than Man By Remington Kane,

  • Title: More Dangerous Than Man
  • Author: Remington Kane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tanner makes his way across the country to see an old friend, as he seeks answers about his past.Meanwhile, female assassin Alexa Lucia is searching for Tanner, but is she an ally or an enemy
    More Dangerous Than Man Tanner makes his way across the country to see an old friend as he seeks answers about his past Meanwhile female assassin Alexa Lucia is searching for Tanner but is she an ally or an enemy

    One thought on “More Dangerous Than Man”

    1. Hard to put downLove the characters Violence is a little over the top but important part of series Quick reads and easy to follow the next segment.

    2. More Dangerous Than Man a Tanner novel 10 Tanner continues his fight against the Mexican cartel, but in his plan is to contact Spencer Tanner 6 and use him to perfect his plan to get inside the fortress that awaits in Mexico Unknown to Tanner, someone is looking for him, Alexa Lucia who is also one of the victims of the same Mexican cartel leader The bounty on Tanner is now 2,000,000.00, but there is a 100,000.00 bounty on Alexa as well Now everyone they encounter might be looking to cash in Thi [...]

    3. Not Another Heartbreaking EndingAt least I had figured a cliffhanger, a heartbreaker, and so on This one IS a cliffhanger, but you can deal, ALMOST, because you know what s coming is going to be soo good However, I am sure it will be the heartbreaker for someone I got an email just today that 11 is out, so I am off to get it Kill Jessica White will be out after finals, which my grades will be happier about.

    4. JuvenileThis novel is written using sentence construction and semantics consistent with fiction written for young adults Critically, the author needs to tell everything about the characters rather than developing them, allowing the reader to learn about them from their behavior The formulaic plot leaves little to a reader s imagination This is not a series I will be investing time and money into.

    5. Tanner book 10Still the same general story of a professional killer and his wandering through life with a weird philosophy Disappointed me with its tie over ending but that was consistent with the way Kane hurried through this latest book I hope he hasn t succumbed to the story a week style so prevalent today.

    6. TannerI was looking for books to read on my Kindle and I came across one of the Tanner books Read it and fell in love with the series I do not actually read series but this one I do I cannot wait for the installment on this series.

    7. Another great readCouldn t put it down The characters get involved and the past and the present collide never a dull moment

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