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Beyond Repair By Kelly Lincoln,

  • Title: Beyond Repair
  • Author: Kelly Lincoln
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Five years ago, Brooke had everything she wanted until it disappeared like a magic trick While she grieved the loss of her perfect future, fate sealed it Moving on wasn t an option It was a requirement Now, Brooke has money than she knows what to do with But she also has panic attacks, no relationships outside her family, and a daughter Brooke may have shut dowFive years ago, Brooke had everything she wanted until it disappeared like a magic trick While she grieved the loss of her perfect future, fate sealed it Moving on wasn t an option It was a requirement Now, Brooke has money than she knows what to do with But she also has panic attacks, no relationships outside her family, and a daughter Brooke may have shut down, but there is no way to numb the constant terror that Mia could be taken away from her She spends her days looking over her shoulder and avoiding her shameful memories.She s fine hiding from the world until Chris moves next door A friendship forms when they unwillingly bond over their painful pasts As walls come down, their relationship starts to develop into Brooke now realizes everything she s missing out on and wants a happy and stable family for her and Mia But Mia may not be the child with no traces of her father as Brooke assumed And making a moral choice will risk everything.This book contains explicit language, graphic sexual content, and sensitive topics which may be triggers to some readers Reader discretion is advised.
    Beyond Repair Five years ago Brooke had everything she wanted until it disappeared like a magic trick While she grieved the loss of her perfect future fate sealed it Moving on wasn t an option It was a requiremen

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    1. Original review can be found at kristineandterri 24.5 stars I received an advanced readers copy direct from the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you Kelly Lincoln is a new author to me When she reached out to me about reviewing her book I thought why not I m always in the market to find new authors to follow and books to read A lot of times, when it s possible, I don t read the synopsis so that the book is a complete surprise That was the case with this book All I knew was that it w [...]

    2. Advance Readers Copy ARC provided for my blog for an honest review from the lovely author Kelly Lincoln.Title Beyond RepairAuthor Kelly LincolnPages 330Genre Contemporary Chick litAge Group AdultCharacters Chris, BrookePoint of View FirstHappily Ever After YesRelease Date Oct 31, 2015Date Read Nov 1st, 2015Rating 4 StarsThis book hypnotize me It was a refreshing and well put together novel that pulled me out of my book funk This is the first novel I ve read by the author which I have an ARC of h [...]

    3. original post at ramblingsfromthischickspoThis was my first read by Kelly Lincoln I was first interested in the story by the plot and I really liked the idea of a single mom trying to make a life for her and her daughter.Brooke was a fun heroine She has some signs of post dramatic stress disorder because of different things that happened in her life She is 100% dedicated to her daughter Mia Mia is her world and her number one priority Brooke s sister has lived next door to her for a very long ti [...]

    4. Wonderful I only had to read the synopsis of this story by Kelly Lincoln, to know I was going to love it I am a sucker for single parent stories Doesn t matter if it s the guy or the girl, I m in This is the story of Brooke and her daughter Mia and what happens when the condo next door has a hot new owner Chris is such a wonderful man I could just imagine him wanting to take care of Brooke and Mia, even if it was nothing than friendly neighbors Brooke was holding on to a lot of baggage and ment [...]

    5. This was the first time I have read Kelly Lincoln, and boy did I LOVE this story Brooke is a single mother with money than she knows what to do with The problem is how she got that money wasn t worth it Five years ago she thought life was perfect, when it all came crumbling down in one night Now she battles demons, is constantly looking over her shoulder, suffers panic attacks, and has no relationships outside her daughter and family Once again her life changes when Chris moves next door, but t [...]

    6. This is a very, very good adult contemporary romance novel written by Kelly Lincoln and you will NOT regret reading it I truly enjoyed reading every page and to be totally honest, I could not bring myself to stop reading this book This is the love story of Brooke, her five year old daughter Mia and the sexy neighbor who end up purchasing her sister s condo next door Brooke is a single mother but her daughter, Mia was not the result of a loving relationship Soon after graduating and obtaining her [...]

    7. I don t even know where to begin with this book, this simply was a read I loved Kelly Lincoln outdid herself in Beyond Repair Kelly is a new author for me and let me say, she created such a strong and moving story Kelly is able to take such a hard subject and show us what happens when the dust settles and the victim has to deal with demons left after something very tragic Be prepared to smile, to cry, to get to the point you want to scream and cry This book will give you a ride but in the end yo [...]

    8. Beyond Repair by Kelly Lincoln is the story of Brooke Chris Brooke is a single mother with a great job, money in the bank and the love of her life is her daughter Mia Brooke is best friends with her sister Zoe and Zoe s Family Chris is Brooke s B I L s childhood friend Zoe and Kyle have told Brooke and Chris about each other as they are to become neighbors They know that each other is safe neither is interested in a relationship.Brooke has huge trust issues, is suspicious of everyone, has terrib [...]

    9. Beyond Repair by Kelly Lincoln is a heart clutching romance Brooke woke up from a one night stand by having papers pushed into her face by lawyers coercing her into signing a secrecy agreement Now she has money than she knows what to do with and I beautiful daughter that owns her heart She made a choice and is now living with panic attacks and spends her days hiding from everything and using way too much hand sanitizer.When her brother s hot friend, Chris, moves in next door, he slowly starts t [...]

    10. This is my first book by Kelly Lincoln It was good read Although the book deals with post traumatic stress issues and hit does have triggers and flashbacks in it But the characters had a good story line The emotions run high with this book, with heartache and tragedy Brooke is a single mother who lives and breathes for her daughter Mia She has been close with her sister forever and when her moves it causes some separation anxiety Her sister and her husband are constantly trying to set her up wit [...]

    11. Three and a Half Stars A mother s love for her child is definitely one of the core themes in this story The subtler but no less substantial theme is the importance of a mother to not loose herself and her need for happiness It happens to the best of parents that you tend to lose yourself in the act of parenting But you deserve happiness as much as your children do As simple as it seems, it is easily forgotten So most parents can relate to this element of the story.And who wouldn t want a hot nei [...]

    12. 5 StarsBeyond Repair is an incredibly touching, contemporary romance by Kelly Lincoln This is the first book that I have read from this author and it certainly won t be the last this book moved me so much, I will definitely be exploring her other works very thoroughly.Brooke is a graphic designer who has gone through a life changing experience and as a result has shut down and become withdrawn, especially from dating and any social situations She has spent the past five years scared, looking ove [...]

    13. Originally posted on Daydreaming Books I received an eARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review GOSH THIS BOOK WAS SOOO GOOD Exactly what I needed First of all I LOVE the cover And the colour is so beautiful When the author emailed me with the opportunity to review, I couldn t say no after reading the blurb and damn I m so glad The plot was realistic and I fell in love with the characters Every single thing was executed perfectly The story revolves around the lives of Bro [...]

    14. Brooke is a graphic designer, who has a daughter, Mia She is content with her life as a mother, quite happy to plod along and dote on Mia Her sister Zoey, has other ideas, and tries tirelessly to set her up on a date.She meets her new neighbour, Chris, and she feels something she has not felt in a very long time Attraction He flustered her with his big arms, long, tall body and his all round sexiness.They both have painful pasts, but as their feelings grow, they know that to move forward with ea [...]

    15. Brooke has a beautiful little girl called Mia who she loves than anything and she thinks that Mia and her family are all she needs in her life because of the awful thing that happened in her past But then Chris moves in next door and she starts to have feelings she thought she would never have again Chris also has a secret that makes him not want a relationship but maybe these two broken people can repair each other with the help of a beautiful little girl And maybe these two meet at just the r [...]

    16. I needed nothing at that moment than to feel him against me, taking me back to last night when everything was perfect I put my hand on his arm, letting out an involuntary sigh as I looked at him God, he was so frigging tall He leaned down toward me I stood on my tiptoes And got the worst cramp in my foot ever Sh t I exclaimed as I tripped over into him Talk about the worst c ck block ever and not to mention such an embarrassing moment.From gaining some grounds to losing grounds In Beyond Repai [...]

    17. Beyond RepairAuthor Kelly Lincoln5 StarsMy opinion I could have given this book than five stars The book follows the life of Brooke and her daughter Mia Brooke years ago was in love with Jake he had bought her a puppy, around the puppy s neck was an engagement ring From that day Brooke thought she had everything she could have ever wanted But as quick as he gave her the ring he had left her for another woman From that moment Brooke decided that she was not going to be in a relationship for a lo [...]

    18. Beyond Repair by Kelly Lincoln5 stars Adult language Graphic sexual situationsSensitive subjects18 years old Have enough courage to trust love one time and ALWAYS one time Maya AngelouThis was such a fabulous story I could not put it down for hours Sometimes a book just speaks to you loud and clear and this one definitely did.It s amazing to me how the characters and story seem so unbelievably real I wish they were real I would love to be friends with them In this book, we meet two Broken soul [...]

    19. I first want to start this off by saying this book is amazing but if you easily upset some of it may be trigger to you so please, keep that in mind With that outta the way let me tell you a little about this heart warming and yet wrenching story Family is what a mother a father and their children but we have learned as a society that it is some much than that family is what we make it blood, or non blood, just because you helped to create the child doesn t earn you the right to be a parent righ [...]

    20. Beyond Repair by Kelly Lincoln is spell bounding As a new author for me I must say she created a brilliant and believable story This book did not disappoint I would give the book a 5 out of 5 stars for exceptional writing Kelly takes a difficult subject and makes it palpable for the reader Never have I seen such words woven so intricately.What happens when two devastated people who have given up on love find each other Can they help each other restore all the broken pieces and break through the [...]

    21. 5 star reviewI really enjoyed Beyond Repair by Kelly Lincoln It s definitely one of those books that will drag you in as soon as you start reading it I thought that it was really well written, had a good strong story line, flowed well and had a great set of characters The story is about single mom Brooke 5 years ago Brooke had everything she wanted until it disappeared in the blink of an eye As she was grieving for the loss of her perfect future fate intervened Brooke found herself having to mov [...]

    22. This is my first novel by Kelly Lincoln, and I love discovering new authors Just from this novel I can tell you she will have such an amazing career This book included everything So many emotions swirled through me throughout the entire story, I cried and laughed, and felt so many This story does include flashbacks of a rape, and includes some triggers, just putting that out there It does take the heroine some time to deal with her emotions and the aftermath of the rape, its completely understa [...]

    23. Rating 4.5 I ve never had one story, just about 30 chapters, make me feel so many emotions I would be swooning over Chris and his gorgeous abs and melting over the emotional relationship building between him and Brooke then the next thing I know, I m having an anxiety attack right alongside Brooke, or screaming mad, or just plain bawling my eyes out This book took me on a roller coaster, much like every day life tends to do It is such an incredible story of two broken people learning to love aga [...]

    24. Beyond Repair by Kelly Lincoln and explosive Five Star read This book comes with the warning that it contains explicit language, graphic sexual content, and sensitive topics that may be triggers to some readers, so reader discretion is advised It should Also come with a tissue warning, that it won t cause not pretty tears but dammed ugly ones, as this book had me crying not buckets but rivers, despite all the tears its possibly the best book I have read this year The author deals with several to [...]

    25. Beyond Repair by Kelly Lincoln is a book about two souls that are each broken believing they are beyond repair, at least in their own eyes Brooke is a single parent living to provide the best life possible for her daughter, Mia She doesn t do relationships her focus is her family and Mia However, her past has caused her to be a shadow of her former self no longer social, but withdrawn Chris has his own past that has pushed the idea that he needs to be alone, not allowing another person to get c [...]

    26. Beyond Repair is than just a romance novel It is about love, loss, and second chances It is the first book I ve read by Kelly Lincoln, but it wont be the last She does a great job building the charcter s story, including a past and present, and making you want to see what the future holds for them as well While it does have the typical steamy love scenes, they do not dominate the book, and the story is a good one I feel for Brooke, and fall in love with Chris right along with her There are some [...]

    27. This story starts with a woman named Brooke who is a single mother bound and determined to make it on her own She has her family but no friends and she suffers from panic attacks Brooke lives in a condo and her sister lives beside her with her husband and children Her sister and her family have outgrown the small condo, so they are moving out This makes Brooke extremely nervous because she lives in fear and is always looking over her shoulder afraid that her past will catch up to her She is afra [...]

    28. Beyond Repair by Kelly Lincoln Rated 5 starsWhat can I say about this book The description of the characters actions were amazing I have to say Chris was my favorite I wasn t sure if I wanted to hug him for being so stinking adorable or kiss him for being so sexy I seriously think he is the perfect guy with his understand, his blushing, shyness, strong, playful, romantic, bright blue eyesoh and he works with his hands The last chapter in the book is one of my favorite for both Brooke and Chris N [...]

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