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Unforgettable: Book Three By Nelle L'Amour,

  • Title: Unforgettable: Book Three
  • Author: Nelle L'Amour
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Brandon I fucked up big time She never wants to see me again I may have a cock that belongs in a museum, but I m the biggest dick in the world My psycho fianc e, Katrina Moore, has got me by the balls In just a few weeks, we re getting married live on TV With my career on the line, I have no choice I m facing the most difficult decision I ll ever have to make I m dBrandon I fucked up big time She never wants to see me again I may have a cock that belongs in a museum, but I m the biggest dick in the world My psycho fianc e, Katrina Moore, has got me by the balls In just a few weeks, we re getting married live on TV With my career on the line, I have no choice I m facing the most difficult decision I ll ever have to make I m damned if I do damned if I don t.Zoey How could he do that to me He used and abused me, made me his doormat All the things he said and did to me were just an act Stupid me for falling in love with him He stole my heart, my body, and my soul But there s one thing he s not going to take away from me my dignity There s a reason I don t own a TV I can t bear to watch him say his forever vows to the girl he chose over me Oh, Brandon Taylor my dreammaker, heartbreaker You ll always be unforgettable.Hold on to your seats for the steamy, action packed conclusion to Nelle L Amour s bestselling new series Will one little adorable dog be able to save the day
    Unforgettable Book Three Brandon I fucked up big time She never wants to see me again I may have a cock that belongs in a museum but I m the biggest dick in the world My psycho fianc e Katrina Moore has got me by the balls

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    1. 3.75 Go To Girl Stars A good conclusion for Brandon and Zoey s love story where they finally get their HEA Still, as I mentioned on the reviews of Books One and Two, there are some aspects that can be improved, especially regarding the development of the love story, the feelings between the characters and well Katrina s last appearance was completely unnecessary to me.So, I am giving this novel 3.75 STARS and 3.5 STARS for the complete series It quite a fast read and enjoyable, especially the mo [...]

    2. Received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review I loved the first two books in this series but unfortunately I can t say the same for this third part It s still a light, easy read but for me this one was too predictable There is also a Cinderella based dream in the beginning from the book which I didn t like at all Also I have been patient with Brandon in books 1 and 2 and for me personally it took too long before he got some balls and took life in his own hands.Overall I enjoye [...]

    3. ARC provided by the author for an honest review Ohhhh that was good Zoey as been through hell with Brandon an after havin the most amazin time an the most horrible time in Cannes now she is back she is jobless an asnt got the luv of her life she is totally devastated an doesn t know what to but thanx to her amazin parents they help her get back on with what life she as left Brandon can t believe she s gone just gone he said he would come to see her but she was in her room wasn t even in Cannes h [...]

    4. ARC provided by author for an honest review.Brandon and Zoey have a moment where they think things between them could work out That is until Katrina throws a wrench into the works But it s not long before Katrine, in her need to be nasty, drops the proverbial smoking gun right into Zoey s Lap.Will things work out for Brandon and Zoe or will Hurricane Katrina wreak havoc on everyone s lives I enjoyed the final installment of this series I thin Katrina is the most despicable villain in a series Be [...]

    5. 4 to 4.5 stars I finished this series in a day It was really catchy so I couldn t stop That s a good sign right Anyway, sometimes, I wanted to slap Brandon, tell him to man up a bit and go for it The first was good but my favourite was the second one It was perfect And the end of the book 3 was so catchy I was really nervous hehe I was really intrigued with Brandon He had two faces The adorable one, and the extremely kinky one which we discover at the end of book 2 Great series, easy read, just [...]

    6. 5 AMAZING Stars I was honoured to Beta read this AMAZING series, I mean totally EPIC love story I absolutely love this series, I ve screamed cried and laughed out loud Suspense, mystery, passion loads by the way and plenty of drama This is the 3rd and final book where we get all our answers to the questions that we had in book 1 2 so I HIGHLY recommended in reading first lol Honestly you wont be disappointed at all Yes Brandon gets the girl of his dreams Zoey my kind of girl OMFG I m so freaking [...]

    7. 2 StarsWell, that s three book s worth of time I ll never get back The storyline itself was okay Sort of But the characters are all ridiculous, frustrating and annoying Brandon, the male lead, is an idiot who ignores most of his instincts, makes poor use of his resources the guy is a multi millionaireuldn t he have used some of that money to get out of his farce of an engagement , does not stand up for Zoey and is just generally pathetic Zoey is slightly tolerable Though she let s people walk a [...]

    8. Finally the final book on this series i have been dying to read this book i Floved book 1 and 2 a little sad i just like this one but still one of my favorite series.There were things that i didn t like,they just didn t work for me,but never less aim so happy i was able to read this story and met this amazing characters that took me we them thru this awesome journey where i laugh,cried and pull my hair lol, I m looking forward to what this author has in store for usC provided by author for an ho [...]

    9. This is the last book in Brandon and Zoey s story, and it was just what I needed to close their story We were left with a cliffhanger in book two, but don t panic because we get our answers in this one Plus, it had drama, mystery, angst and hot, hot sex just what I like One thing was for sure, if I could, I would have loved to have beat the crap out of Katrina for being such a manipulative, vindictive bi ch No matter how much Brandon wanted to share his future with Zoey, he just couldn t due to [...]

    10. Absolutely loved it I received a complimenty copy of this book through Crazy Cajun Book Addicts for an honest review.So with the way that Unforgettable 2 had ended, to say I was desperate to get my hands on book 3 would be an understatement you have no idea how excited I was when the book arrived on my kindle I just had to dive straight in and devoured it in just a few hours As with the previous books it pulled you in immediately I was rooting for Brandon to get his act together and go get the l [...]

    11. The first book was good,next was a bit less interestingbut last book is pure mixture of Hollywood blockbuster movies.I understand that this is a Hollywood love story,but come on, this was really too much, simply unconvincing.

    12. Just as Zoey and Brandon confess their love, his irritating fianc throws a wet blanket on their happiness as she can t bear to see Brandon s cute and curvy personal assistant hook up with her million dollar man Oy vay Brandon, you douche, grow some balls I begged while reading Yes your career is important and your TV show is a reflection of how you feel about Zoey, but don t let the evil Kat get away with blackmail So the last book in the Unforgettable series is fraught with frustration will Bra [...]

    13. Boy did life imitate art in the final book of Nelle L Amour s Unforgettable series Book three was a cross between Jerry Springer, Cops, and a May sweeps dramatic series episode, and how can it not go down that way when there s one of the nastiest female characters I ve ever read Katrina She epitomizes the catty bitch readers viewers love to hate and her claws are out to play Brandon definitely has his work cut out for him with Katrina and Zoey and his acting skills are going to come in handy in [...]

    14. Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review WOW, Ms L Amour has done a remarkable job with this series I am definitely putting this one on my top read for 2016 because I absolutely adored this series This third book picks up right where the second one left off and let me just tell you that once you open your kindle, you will be unable to put it down because that s how good this book was You get drama, suspense, thriller and some very sexy scenes between Brandon and Zoey.This book will make [...]

    15. 3.5 Stars I have to say even if this kills me, The series finale of Unforgettable for sadly Forgettable I loved the first two books But this one was inadequate First of all it was only 160 pages, so less than its prequels And then the whole book was written in such a rushed fashion like the author was in a hurry to go to a yard sale or something I was disappointed And Zoey s cinderella dream was long and unnecessary It was cute but too long Almost a Chapter I expected a better way to unveil the [...]

    16. 4.5 Stars With a bang and a boom This story was like an action movie Fast paced, suspenseful and so much happening.The Story The beginning of this book continues where the second book left of I really liked that because we don t miss out on Brandon just being blackmailed by his fianc and becoming desperate of what to do now He loves Zoey and after the last days they ve had together even his cock aches for her Brandon is devastated as he finds out that Zoey left the hotel for the airport and even [...]

    17. WOW Another great job by Nelle, she did a wonderful job writing the third book in this series I was literally biting my nails at the end of the last and couldn t wait to get my hands on this one She did an amazing job with this one as well I was completely taken by surprise with the way things transpired and I LOVED it I really don t want to say too much about it because I don t want to give much away but you really have to check this series out Brandon thought he had things planned out on how t [...]

    18. ARR provided by Fifty Shades of Grey Support Group in exchange for an honest review.Book 3 is the perfect the conclusion to Brandon and Zoey s story, this is defintiely what fairytales are made of This is not a Standalone and should be followed after reading the first 2 books in the Unforgettable Hollywood Love Story.Book 3 picks up right where the second book ended, with Zoey leaving Brandon in Cannes after his crazy fiancee shows up and catches them together Zoey is utterly heart brooken, job [...]

    19. The finale in Brandon, Katrina and Zoey s story was a very enjoyable read, it s not often that a book makes me laugh out loud, but a few moments in this story did Nelle does a great job in wrapping up the series and leaving no questions unanswered, which is hard to review without leaving any spoilers, so I won t This was a solid 4.25 star rating for me Zoey was a great character, I loved that she wore her emotions on her sleeve, her need for Brandon consuming her, but that she still had the stre [...]

    20. What a ride this has been Unforgettable Book Three is the final story in the trilogy This book picks up after book two ended In book three, we are hoping to see a light in the tunnel for our star crossed lovers but that witch Katrina keeps coming back and she won t seemingly stay down Poor Zoey, my heart breaks for her in this book because she doesn t know which way to turn and it seems her true love has left her BUT as in the other books, there are so many punches, twists and turns that my head [...]

    21. 5 Stars Totally fantastic ending to the Unforgettable series I don t want to spoil the story for anyone but you get a real rollercoaster ride.Zoey is totally devastated at the start of the book, as is Brandon How is Brandon to get free from Katrina as she is blackmailing him This book has everything you want suspense, mystery, a super hot film star and a heroine who is a normal woman who doesn t look like a super model It leaves you on the edge of your seat right to the end, but its defiantly wo [...]

    22. Apart from the cringe worthy scene in the massage parlour that was so painful to read I was totally mortified view spoiler anyone who has a trigger relating to rape, please do NOT read this or at least, that part hide spoiler , I think the ending was pretty good I mean all the loose ends tied up, so that was satisfying although there were things that made me roll my eyes view spoiler James Bond Really So far fetched it s not funny hide spoiler but hey, this is fiction after all At least I got my [...]

    23. I liked the vulnerability of the heroine, but was bothered by the hero never being vocal when she referenced her weight or was ridiculed by others A bit too much focus on being a plus size 8 even at the end with her new show The Cinderella sequence was also annoying However, enjoyable epilogue.

    24. I couldn t wait to find out what happened with Brandon, Zoey and Katrina I was so excited to jump into their story again Nelle L Amour certainly didn t disappoint, the ending was everything I hoped it would be I highly recommend reading this series There is drama, humor, lovin and crazy bitches And my favorite a HEA.

    25. What annoyed me about this series was the fact that Brandon was incapable of breaking up with Katrina I don t care if I lost every memory I ve ever had, if I woke up and my fianc e was a rude, cold, superficial witch who was obviously only with me for my money, you can bet your ass they d be gone quicker than Ussain Bolt can run 100m Or he could ve at least postponed until he had sufficient memory The fact that he was so wishy washy throughout the whole series was so off putting Apart from that [...]

    26. What started off as a witty, sexy lighthearted romance with lots of laughs in the first book ended up being all Alpha hotness, twisty and suspenseful in the last book This book opens up with Zoey Hart with an extremely broken heart from Hollywood s heartthrob Brandon Cooper It had a hot little reveal and one helluva ride on their second chance romance against all odds.

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