Side-Kicked By Russell Brettholtz MiguelMendonça Bong Dazo,

  • Title: Side-Kicked
  • Author: Russell Brettholtz MiguelMendonça Bong Dazo
  • ISBN: 9781942367123
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback
  • It should come as no surprise to learn that within the superhero community, egos run rampant But how does all that free flowing narcissism impact those just outside the spotlight Chicago finds out when five of the city s most loyal Sidekicks finally grow tired of being disrespected by both the prima donnas they work with and the citizenry they strive to protect And itIt should come as no surprise to learn that within the superhero community, egos run rampant But how does all that free flowing narcissism impact those just outside the spotlight Chicago finds out when five of the city s most loyal Sidekicks finally grow tired of being disrespected by both the prima donnas they work with and the citizenry they strive to protect And it s not like the Windy City needs yet another labor upheaval
    Side Kicked It should come as no surprise to learn that within the superhero community egos run rampant But how does all that free flowing narcissism impact those just outside the spotlight Chicago finds out whe

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    1. I haven t read a comic book about superheroes sidekicks in a very long time and this one was not so bad.It s all about the sidekicks and not so much about superheroes and the role that each play in protecting their own city.This story follows a group of sidekicks that are feeling pretty disrespected and downgraded by their fellow heroes and it reaches a point in which they are tired of being treated like pawns and being cast into the shadows of the ones most recognisable by society in general.I [...]

    2. In Sidekicked, we get a realistic, serious, and kind of dark picture of what would happen if the sidekicks of a city s greatest Superheroes went on strike It s honestly not the most radical idea but the creators of the story did a pretty decent job of making it believable You have the sidekick who feels like he can t trust his hero to have his back the sidekick who feels like he s at his lowest, in and out of costume the sidekick who doesn t really have issues with his hero but has issues with [...]

    3. What does it mean to be a hero The sidekicks are fed up They save lives and the heroes take the credit Their heroes don t appreciate them Their activities go unnoticed The media ignores them So they go on strike This story works surprisingly well I was unsure about the premise the story could have been handled poorly but it was really well executed And while you have some familiar powers, there are some new, creative ones, too Like all good stories, the characters learn things, but this book doe [...]

    4. 3.5 stars I received a copy of this book from netgalley I was excited about the idea of the focus being on the sidekicks but I was unaware going into it that there would be so many of them, there was a helpful guide at the end to most of the characters but there was so many and with them being superheroes they all had secret identities and it was a little hard to keep track.Overall I did enjoy this, the art was awesome and the story was good I just wish it was easier to keep track of everyone th [...]

    5. Overall, this was entertaining The premise is good the sidekicks go on strike and the heroes are lost without them The city falls to the villains and it s up to the sidekicks to save everyone showing that they are, indeed, the true heroes Not only for saving everyone, but the reason why they truly love their city and are not doing it for the fame This was good, but that being said, maybe this would have been better as a series I really wanted to get to know the sidekicks better get deeper into t [...]

    6. I requested to read this now on Netgalley, though I then waited too long to download it, and instead received the title through an inter library loan after it was published.It tells the story of the forgotten superheroes, the neglected and disrespected sidekicks After being taken for granted one too many times, a group of sidekicks form together and initiate a strike They want to make sure the city s residents grant them some respect, and, perhaps even importantly, they are looking for some val [...]

    7. This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing no rithmatic , movies, TV Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here Graphic and children s reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book s interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don t really do stars To me a book is either worth reading or it isn t I can t rate it three fifths worth [...]

    8. It should come as no surprise to learn that superheroes let their egos run rampant But they have their sidekicks to manage the less pleasant fallout of all that narcissism Chicago finds out what happens to the bystanders when five of the city s most loyal Sidekicks finally grow tired of being disrespected by needy divas they work with and the citizenry they strive to protect when they go on strike leaving the superheros to fend for themselves against bad guys and bad days.What makes a superhero [...]

    9. An interesting take on the subject of superheroes and sidekicks Brettholtz surely got a great idea that we haven t really thought about what about the sidekicks Basically we have superheroes, who have sidekicks, but don t seem to appreciate that The sidekicks decide to go on a strike and the superheroes seem to fall one after the other until the sidekicks need to come forth and save the day I really liked the idea of a strike, although everything seemed to go according to the plan all to perfect [...]

    10. The superhero sidekick is an important part of the classic good vs evil battle But, as we all know, sidekicks are people too So if they feel unappreciated in their jobs, what can they do They can go on strike That is the premise of Side Kicked by Russell Brettholtz Chicago s superhero teams are all working to save lives and stop crime and corruption throughout the city But when the superheroes become celebrities, their sidekicks are just kicked to the side, so to speak They are seen as unimporta [...]

    11. I obtained a copy of Side Kicked by Russell Brettholtz via NetGalley s Read It Now section in exchange for feedback and a review First off this is a imprint and publishing house I wasn t previously aware of but it has a web page listed in the back of the book that you can check out at darbypop This story deals with a group of sidekicks who are a bit disgruntled at the way they are being treated by their crime fighting partners and the general public So they decide to go on strike to teach them a [...]

    12. The graphic is fine, all the hero and villain costumes are quite cool, the powers they have might be interesting, but there s not much use of them There re very few panels that show you some action, most of them is talking or thinking about heroes ignorance toward their sidekicks Don t get me wrong, I don t mind some dialogs instead of action, it just wasn t that interesting The sidekicks strike was a bad move in my opinion If they wanted to be heard than OK ignore your superheroes, but go save [...]

    13. Side Kicked takes the premise of being a superhero sidekick and makes a story out of it I once saw an episode of The Tick that did the same thing I think I liked that better.The superheroes get all the glory and the sidekicks get no respect That s the premise of this book It shows the sidekicks doing work as good or better than the heroes, but getting overlooked or yelled at by the public They decide to go on strike to get the recognition they think they deserve While they are striking, the vill [...]

    14. Side Kicked was a short and interesting comic that dealt with a unique concept The sidekicks of the super heroes finally got tired of how they were being treated and left in the shadows without any appreciation for their hard work This sounded like it could have been a great story and overall I did feel that this comic dealt with it in a nice way I do, however, feel like it was too easy and not enough surprise to this There weren t any twists or unexpected events, it all felt kind of boring to b [...]

    15. NEtgalley review This book is centred around a simple concept how would superheroes fare without sidekicks cleaning up their messes.The flaw with this notion, of course, is assuming that every superhero is pretty much useless, are just good to make an impression with the cameras, and the real heroes are the sidekicks.If you can t buy into this premise I admit, it was a bit hard for me but I struggled valiantly until I could accept it then you won t enjoy this book.On the other hand, if you can f [...]

    16. This was a fun take on the superhero genre and included a done in one story with a surprising about of world building The heroes are egotists while the sidekicks are arguably the real heroes but when they decide to go on strike the villains quickly seize on the opportunity and cause chaos.The book is fun while maintaining modern and slightly cynical sensibilities something a lot of the big publishers seem to be incapable of these days.

    17. First of all, I want to thanks Netgalley for allowing me to obtained this ARC and in exchange, I will give my honest opinion and review.Its about a bunch of superheroes sidekicks decided to retired their job from protecting and helping the superhero Later, the superheroes seemed overpowered by the villains The sidekicks re evaluate their decision and helped the superheroes again The plot is quite nice, simple but not boring The art in this is really good It can be a lil bit dark as there are sev [...]

    18. This comic wasn t bad but it wasn t really great I liked the premise of the often overlooked and under appreciated sidekicks getting fed up and taking their skills else where I did enjoy the hubris of the superhero villain and the idea that they needed their sidekicks to maintain the status quo in Chicago I couldn t really tell what was going on at the end Are they making a super team of sidekicks Are they just making themselves the superheroes My big issue was the play on other superheros by th [...]

    19. Reviewed for TwoNerdsTalking who recieved a free copy in exchange for a fair and honest reviewSide kicked is a refreshing and insightful look into the life and trials of a superhero sidekick It follows the exploits of a group of secondary heroes, who after being taken for granted countless times, decide to go on strike It s amazing to see the repercussions of this, from the rise in crime, to certain superheroes becoming less popular due to thier side kicks not being around to protect the civilia [...]

    20. I thought I would really like this comic, it is one that I thought would interest me, being the premise was about trying to find sidekicks, and this is something I should enjoy being that I like books or graphic novels that do not focus on the chosen one however this one was not for me I did not feel engaged with the story that after 10 pages, I did just want it to be finished This being the case I did end up stopping at after this The artwork also was not to my taste as well and I thought that [...]

    21. I couldn t always tell who was who with five superheroes and their side kicks, and them in and out of persona and masks, it s not at all easy but I was generally on board for this comic It s a lot better than recent, similar efforts to unionise superhero dramas no names, C.O.W.L , no pack drill , and the simple storyline of the strike the side kicks demand to prove their worth is done well Yes, a lot of the characters are cheaply derivative, and the artwork really doesn t help work out who s who [...]

    22. This graphic novel was reasonably good and a quick read It s a tale of sidekicks fighting for the respect they never get The plot is pretty predictable but the story is well written and engaging I wouldn t recommend it to hardcore fans of superheroes because the characterizations and situations are obvious But someone who s a little on the fringe of comics, an occasional reader would probably like this Note I received a free review copy via Net Galley.

    23. Side Kicked is perhaps the third graphic novel I ve ever willingly picked up I was surprised at a couple things in it primarily that one of the characters considered suicide a couple times , and was surprised at the depth of what I found in what I had expected to be light, easy reading I liked the unique premise of side kicks rebelling, and found myself actually enjoying what I read I would recommend it for adults.

    24. This was a good read, and fun as well What if sidekicks went on strike what If the heroes they worked with treated them badly enough that they said no Well this is the story in this book A short read but interesting Artwork is good solid work, the characters are interesting and this is nearly an all age book with exception of a couple pages Well done.I received an advanced copy of this from NetGalley and the publisher.

    25. Superhero sidekicks go on strikeSick and tired of being considered second rate, superhero sidekicks go on strike This leads to super villains taking charge and making advances All is resolved in this collection leading perhaps to another in the future when the villains sidekicks decide to band together An interesting concept, well written and illustrated Recommended to all.

    26. I received this book free from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I didn t really care for this story It felt very disjointed to me There were too many characters doing too many different things I did really enjoy the artwork, it was almost 3 D like I just couldn t emotionally connect to any of this characters.

    27. 2.5 starsFun, fast read Nothing extraordinary but a different look at the superhero game It was hard to differentiate between characters sometimes when they weren t in their superhero and sidekick outfits They look too alike.Teens would probably enjoy this There is a possible suicide at the beginning and the side kicks meeting place is a bar.

    28. That was a hell of a fun read I laughed at this and was completely excited over it I thought the characters were cool and that the story was very intense Oooooonly thing is, it felt shallow, not on the materialistic side, but on the not really deep story It all happened really fast The scenes wouldn t last than five pages Most of them, at least But it was fun.

    29. I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is about a group of superhero sidekicks that are tired of being second fiddle and decide to go on strike That s basically the gist of it The plot is too simplistic and I didn t find myself caring about any of the characters.

    30. Arc from Netgalley for a honest review.Decent, but like another reviewer said, the artwork kept making the 20 30 something Sidekicks looking older as the story went on Not sure why Decent story about sidekicks not feeling appreciated and striking.

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