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Louisa May Alcott: An Intimate Anthology By Louisa May Alcott,

  • Title: Louisa May Alcott: An Intimate Anthology
  • Author: Louisa May Alcott
  • ISBN: 9780385487221
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this intimate anthology of letters, poems, stories, and other personal and literary writing by Louisa May Alcott, an often surprising portrait emerges of this pioneering writer The author and her world are brought even vividly to life with rare photographs and handwritten manuscripts and letters from The New York Public Library s extensive collections.
    Louisa May Alcott An Intimate Anthology In this intimate anthology of letters poems stories and other personal and literary writing by Louisa May Alcott an often surprising portrait emerges of this pioneering writer The author and her w

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    1. 1 The Rival Painters A Tale of Rome2 The Rival Prima Donnas3 The Frost King or, The Power of Love4 The Lady and the Woman5 Love and Self Love6 Hope s Debut7 Thrice Tempted8 Perilous Play9 M.L.10 A Night11 The Blue and the Gray, A Hospital SketchSelections from 12 Moods13 Work14 A Modern Mephistopholes15 The Sisters Trial16 A Modern Cinderella or, The Little Old Shoe17 Merry s Monthly ChatSelections from 18 Little Women19 Little Men20 Jo s Boys21 Aunt Jo s Scrap Bag22 Spinning Wheel Stories23 Lul [...]

    2. Louisa May Alcott is universally known as the creator of Little Women But modern readers might be surprised to find there was to her than an authoress of a book that was made to appeal mainly to young girls Ms Alcott was a woman of keen unfailing insight, passionate nature, acerbic wit and loving devotion to her family It is to be wondered that she lived and died an apparent spinster there is some speculation, swiftly dismissed in the book, that she must have had a secret lover But the richness [...]

    3. This is a really good book if you are interested in LMA It has historical info excerpts from her journals, perceptions from her friends, and some short stories I ve always identified strongly with her and Jo of Little Women , and I found lots of things in the book that support that feeling I also found a bunch of ways in which she and I differ She appears to have privately felt that she never really got to live her own life do the things she really wanted to do and was sad about it This book dov [...]

    4. This combination of letters, diary entries, stories, poems, and pieces about Alcott by those who knew her will give you a much expanded view of the author of Little Woman The most notable thing for me was how vividly her sense of humor came through There are hints of it in Jo March, but here especially in a hilarious account of the ill fated Fruitlands experiment, which had me laughing so hard on the train that my seatmates eyed me uneasily she gives it free rein and the results are marvelous.I [...]

    5. It IS an intimate collection, with selections well chosen to illustrate the most significant experiences of Alcott s life Journal entries and correspondence Romantic poems written for her neighbor Thoreau Potboilers she wrote as moneymakers Little Women fans will recall Jo March s blood and thunder stories here, you get to read them A description of life on a 19th century commune whose drolleries are just a little strained, belying both her loyalty to her father and the recognition of the hard l [...]

    6. A really nice little collection Funnily, the fiction included is what I found least enjoyable Alcott s short stories are stuffed with melodrama and morality The memoirs, however, are wonderful, especially Transcendental Wild Oats, as are the journal fragments, letters, and poems A great selection of biographical sketches and essays contributed by Charles Ives, G.K Chesterton, and several close friends of the Alcotts as well.

    7. I really enjoyed this collection of stories It gave me a deeper appreciation of Louisa May Alcott as a writer and a person She was a true pioneer in women s rights and writing I had this book on my shelf for several years but I felt compelled to read it after I read Kelly O Connor McNeely s book The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott I recommend both books to anyone who wants to get a better understanding of the amazing woman.

    8. I had previously read the letters, poems, stories, and other writings by Louisa May Alcott featured in this anthology All which are excellent What I was excited to read was the section Remembering Louisa May Alcott Essays, Photographs, Drawings, and a Poem How better to learn about an author than to read about her from the people who actually knew her.

    9. Great collection of stories, letters, journal entries, and memoirs about the Alcotts I m still trying to reconcile the author of Eight Cousins, who won t let Rose drink tea or eat white bread, with the author of the story in this collection where everyone takes hashish.

    10. Excerpts and short tales I like her complete books best That being said I had forgotten the wholesome, healthy, charming way Alcott writes More please.

    11. So far i enjoying this I have had this book since 2000.What a joy to read about a women who was writing over 100 years ago before i was even born.What an amazing story so far.

    12. Enjoyed this look at Louisa May Alcott s life Fun to read some of her less well known writings Nothing compelling, easy to pick up and read for a bit, then put it away for a while.

    13. If you want to get to know this author better and understand her life and what molded her writing style, this is a good read.

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