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Breaching the Billionaire: Alethea's Redemption By Ruth Cardello,

  • Title: Breaching the Billionaire: Alethea's Redemption
  • Author: Ruth Cardello
  • ISBN: 9781495367335
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • Breaching the Billionaire Alethea s Redemption Book 6 of the Legacy Collection Alethea is at a crossroad For as long as she could remember, it was her and her best friend, Lil, against the world Now that Lil has met Prince I have my own helicopter Charming and reconnected with her family, Alethea is on the outside looking in, justifying who she s always been to peopBreaching the Billionaire Alethea s Redemption Book 6 of the Legacy Collection Alethea is at a crossroad For as long as she could remember, it was her and her best friend, Lil, against the world Now that Lil has met Prince I have my own helicopter Charming and reconnected with her family, Alethea is on the outside looking in, justifying who she s always been to people who have never understood her When she uncovers a looming threat to Lil s family, she s determined to save them, even after they tell her not to get involved and assign their best man to stop her Marc Stone has been watching Alethea ever since she waltzed through his security system and right into his late night fantasies As a decorated Marine, he s seen war, but nothing could prepare him for this wild redhead Strong Beautiful Flawed, and fiercely protective Hard to love, and impossible to deny If she ll stop fighting him long enough, he ll show her just how perfect they are for each other That is, if she doesn t get them both killed first.
    Breaching the Billionaire Alethea s Redemption Breaching the Billionaire Alethea s Redemption Book of the Legacy Collection Alethea is at a crossroad For as long as she could remember it was her and her best friend Lil against the world Now t

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    1. FREAKING AWESOME Stayed up ALL night to finish this book so worth it This is the BEST book yet in the Legacy Collection.I laughed, cried and worried reading this book Love the inspirational quotes and witty remarks.All the characters from the previous 5 books make an appearance family because its ALWAYS BETTER TOGETHER Well written Ruth Cardello Thank you

    2. Ruth cardello is one of the author that made me appreciate indie authors Some of her books may have been at times a hit or miss But with the book, this was just a beautiful read The characterization of Alethea is amazing The writing is typically Ruth I also loved the plot The book came on full circle from its first book The story although centered on Alethea Her character is seriously complex and messed up At times, I just want to hug her She s distrustful aof everything and everyone except her [...]

    3. Another fabulous book by Ruthie Loved the progress of the relationship between Al and Marc Keep up the great writing Ruthie

    4. Good readThis series has been thoroughly enjoyable and this book has been no exception how can you not love Alethea she is bold courageous feisty and beautiful and truly cares about her friends and their welfare She is misunderstood simply because few get that she genuinely cares so much she is impulsive but gets these gut feelings and has to act upon them Marc is a tough guy with a very loving heart and he is perfect for Alethea he can tame her wild side but loves her for who she is together th [...]

    5. Love these families This book is Breaching The Billionaire Alethea s Redemption, book 6 of the Legacy Collection, written by Ruth Cardello All of the books in this collection so far have been wonderful It s really hard to pick a favorite and each one is unique This book is about Alethea, who has been Lil s best friend for years They have recently grown apart and are unsure of the future of their friendship Then Marc is assigned to keep watch over Alethea and keep her out of trouble.Of course the [...]

    6. Everyone deserves Happy ending this seems to be true by reading this book n its really amazing to read about Alethea n Marc since from starting of the series i knew she is going to be one of amazing character i really loved the way how she is loyal to the one to whom she love.loved reading it

    7. Yes3 books in 1, who wouldn t love this First we see Alethea and Marc and get the back story on why she is so over protective The second story is where Nicole and Dominic are really able to put the past behind them Then the icing on the cake is Julia and Gio Three steamy stories in one

    8. GreatWell that was a wild ride just what you would expect from Alethea, the story of her and Marc s relationship was a bit full on but at least it worked out, and Jake and Lil finally managed to get married with both Abby and Alethea there

    9. Great end to a wonderful series Very happy to find out the lead lady in this book ends up doing very well love HEA endings

    10. Not a big fan of this one I bought this book because it had good ratings but unfortunately it didn t hit the spot for me It started out promisingly I liked the two main characters and the premise But then the hero started acting like he knew what she wanted and needed and ignoring what she said Making decisions for her and talking like a jerk And the heroine s friends were unpleasant, judgemental know it alls Then the ending dragged on a bit too I don t know why I didn t like it when others seem [...]

    11. As always this is just to let you know before reading my review that I write my reviews as I am reading so I don t forget anything I wanted to say So please keep that in mind when you reading this and if it seems like I am making any guesses as to what MIGHT happen this is why.So I really didn t like Alethea that much when we first met her, and I really didn t like what she did to JeremyBUT I understand her better after reading this book One thing I really don t get is WHY Abby has such a grudge [...]

    12. I ve read all the books in this series back to back before reviewing them Alethea protects those she loves no matter the cost but goes about it the wrong way Always being on guard makes her an excellent security consultant but also makes her life miserable Marc is head of security and ordered to find out if she s involved in problems in the company The sparks which where already there are rekindled and they are explosive together Marc is a great dirty talker You dream of being taken, roughly, ag [...]

    13. It was really amazing Alethea was all things that I love in a my heroine vigilante to the point of being paranoid, beautiful, sexy and she know it, sassy, the one with witty remarks, the proverbial black sheep I love it when authors decide to take up women like her and make a good story out of them Marc was all things that a hero should be too dominant, supportive, understanding, no false macho male thing going on, sexy and he knows it, a Marine and everything hard that a woman loves.What I love [...]

    14. Breaching the Billionaire Alethea s Redemption Legacy 6 By Ruth Cardello3 5 starsAlethea is on the outs from her friend Lily and Lily s new found family of the Walton s, the Corisi s, the Andrade s, Marie and Jeremy Jeisa because of her brash, selfish personality and the deliberately mean and hurtful things she said to Jeisa Alethea is still paranoid and always has to test the security of her friends and just can t let it go She doesn t believe in fairytale safety and is constantly on guard Mark [...]

    15. This wonderful series, the Legacy Collection, began with the love story of Dominic Corisi and Abigail Dartley in Maid for the Billionaire Then we fell in love with Nicole Corisi and Stephan Andrade in book two, Love or Legacy In the third book we met Lil Dartley and Jake Walton in Bedding the Billionaire In book four we are Royally introduced to Zhang Yajun and Sheikh Rachid bin Amir al Hantan in Saving the Sheikh In Book five, Rise of the Billionaire, we fall in love with Jeisa Borreto and Jere [...]

    16. Breaching the Billionaire is the finale to Ruth Cardello s Legacy Series and it is truly an amazing book I simply could not put it down I must admit that I ve read every book produced by this author, and in my opinion she is one of the most talented writers of our time Her stories are gripping and the characters are so loveable and believable that the reader seems to be personally acquainted with them and consider them to be old friends Alethea s Story is no exception Indeed, the reader finds he [...]

    17. I have read every book from Ruth Cardello And every book I come across of hers I say to myself yup this one is my favorite But I am telling you this book is my FAVORITE.Alethea what can I say about her I love how dedicated she is in her work I love how she is over protective of her friends She risks her life for her friends Something I doubt most would really do today I loved how she was strong but when it came to Marc she wasn t as strong as she thought she was I liked how the love was formed b [...]

    18. When I read a book, I look for one that will encompass my emotions One that will take me on a journey I hate to see end One that will make me wish I was in the midst of the happenings One that comforts and infuriates me all at the same time One that I can truly get lost in.Author Ruth Cardello has exceeded each of those expectations She has made me invest in this family to laugh at their humor, feel their pain, want to fight their battles, forgive their weaknesses, celebrate their victories and [...]

    19. have been following this series since the beginning and it has had me on a journey like no other with the make shift family This book is NO different I know I was among the many that lost all respect for Alethea in book 5 but the title holds true to the story line.I couldn t wait to get into the head of the vixen that everyone loved to hate but the truth that was revealed was totally unexpected Holding on to the demons of not being able to stop a death or thinking you were the cause can carry a [...]

    20. This book deserves so many stars there isn t enough to give it We have fallen in love with these characters through the first five books and book six did not disappoint only made as love them Even my wheels are turning in my mind where author Ruth Cardello will spin off from these families next as she plan the next series with the Andrade Family Series We love the Andrade s in Legacy series but know only so much, but back to Aletha s Redemption All she ever wants is to be accepted by Lil s fami [...]

    21. This book is probably my favorite in the collection What an absolutely amazing book Of course it did not surprise me, coming from Ruth Cardello Just like the other books in the series, once I started reading it, I could not put it down Every emotion imagined came out during this book This book made me feel like I was part of the Corisi Andrade family and I m waiting for their next gathering.Alethea and Marc s chemistry is off the charts The desire they have for each other, you can sense it almos [...]

    22. This is book six in Ruth Cardello s Legacy collectionThe ever safety conscious Alethea is at a crossroad For as long as Alethea could remember, it s her and her one true best friend, Lil, against the world Now Lil has met Prince Jake I have my own helicopter Charming and has really reconnected with her family Alethea is on the outside looking in and is trying to justify who she s always been To people who have never understood Alethea When Alethea uncovers a dominating threat to Lil s family, Al [...]

    23. Book six in The Legacy Collection, was smoking hot, my favorite, and deserved than five stars Alethea, what can I say about her, she is a security expert, and can usually get past systems that people would have sworn by She is beautiful, smart and loyal to a fault She would gladly lay down her life for her friends She is also totally misunderstood When Alethea discovers that there is a threat against her best friend Lil, and her family, nothing will stop her from protecting them Well, nothing e [...]

    24. This may be my favorite book in this series Alethea s personality is like no other and this book does a fabulous job of not only highlighting her personality but also explaining it She is fiercely protective of those she cares about the extreme of pushing them away if necessary I loved how the author let us into Alethea s mind by having her thoughts included in the book and not just her dialogue with others Now on to Marc.Where to begin with Marc.let s just say, I love this character Dominic is [...]

    25. The last in the series so far I liked this one It might even be my second favorite of the series The MCs were great Mark was awesome He was just what Alethea needed The biggest draw back in this one was the friends Lil was never my favorite Her story was probably my least fave But as the story went on, she started grating on my nerves and And this was even annoying While Al was far from perfect, Lil was not a good friend to her And Abby was down right annoying with her sanctimonious bull But [...]

    26. WOW I didn t think Ruth could get any better but this book blows the others out of the water, it s exciting, hot, sexy, romantic it ticks every box.Alethea is strong, she will do anything for the people she loves, even if that means getting herself killed in the process She is fiercely loyal and is true to herself, which sometimes means people just don t get her That is until sexy strong handsome funny Marc Stone comes on the scene and soon Alethea is feeling things no man has ever made her feel [...]

    27. This was a good read I felt bad for the heroine and yet at times I wanted to smack her because she was so stubborn But everything she did, she did out of love for her only family, so it was hard to stay mad Then I d get mad at her friends family for not understanding her better I really liked the relationship development between her and the hero She met her match in him and though she tried to deny it at first, she didn t lie to herself that she was falling for him So even though she didn t real [...]

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