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Five Days in Paris By Danielle Steel,

  • Title: Five Days in Paris
  • Author: Danielle Steel
  • ISBN: 9780553474299
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Audio Cassette
  • Danielle Steel rewards her fans yet again with this magical story of two people from very different worlds who, by chance, meet in Paris, and are forever changed Simultaneous hardcover release from Delacorte Press 4 cassettes.
    Five Days in Paris Danielle Steel rewards her fans yet again with this magical story of two people from very different worlds who by chance meet in Paris and are forever changed Simultaneous hardcover release from De

    One thought on “Five Days in Paris”

    1. Last year, I tried reading another book by Danielle Steel called The toxic bachelor and to be honest, I couldn t get past page 10 The thing is Steel puts too much effort into the background in order to be done with it the first 50 pages while as I read other books, the background was put by the author all along the book and not all at once in a certain place That defect made me get bored from the first 30 pages in this book, too The first 30 pages were dedicated entirely to the background withou [...]

    2. Five Days in Paris review I read Five Days in Paris by Danielle Steel To begin, I honestly did not like this book very much It was a very boring book, and the way Danielle explained and introduced new plot was horrible She would explain the concept bluntly and upfront Everything was given to you, and to make it worse, she wouldn t merge the information with what one of the characters was saying or thinking, she would break the fourth wall and say it directly Horridly boring way to get informatio [...]

    3. I can t believe how unbelievably awful this book was Having never read a Danielle Steel before thought it would be a quick easy holiday read and would give it a try the word Paris in the title was the deciding factor It turned into a speed read just to get to the end Paris featured briefly as the place that man meets woman Will leave Danielle Steel for those who enjoy this kind of thing

    4. This was fine, a quick summer read is all I ask for from Danielle Steel Although it is frustrating to witness the snobby self importance of the well to do wife of the nice, down to earth guy.

    5. For something by such a well known author I was sorely disappointed Firstly as a lot of people seem to have mentioned the background wasn t well distributed around the book, if she felt the need to tell the whole backstory it would have been less dizzying if she just started from there The romance was the typicical plot, cheesy lines copy pasted over and over Then the worst part for me was the one dimensional characters pity me I m a handsome hard working man who s wife doesn t give me as much a [...]

    6. One star rating I thought I was the Only One AURORA s voice from her song Conqueror but one star rating is pretty much the norm with this novel I didn t mind reading it but I agree with others, it was meh.

    7. Nice, lovely read Predictably Danielle Steel which is good for comfort reading Loved the chemistry between Peter and Olivia but I felt the ending was too rushed.

    8. terrible this is my third Steel book.I love the others.But This book was incredibly slow, repetitive, and boring.Almost the entire book was about business and politics.

    9. All her books are the same story line just different locations and characters They are so boring I am totally done reading her books

    10. I had mixed feelings through out the book I felt it had a lot of potential however so much was repeated To go along with those mixed feelings I felt the ending didn t really put it all together, it was super rushed.

    11. I picked this book up from the holiday bookshelf as there wasn t anything else and I found myself not really wanting to read it but I did anyway I found myself slowly enjoying the book and as I was getting through it The way the author danielle steel developed the characters and their backgrounds and stories made it enjoyable as it felt like you could probably understand of what happened with the characters and could have a better relationship with them There could of been a better love stor [...]

    12. If you want to read about a cringeworthy romance, please read this one Ugh, there was cheating in this book and the main character had NEVER thought about cheating before until he was this particular woman It was love at first sight, literally After five days they said they loved each other What That doesn t happen This man was married to his wife for eightteen years a shitty marriage at that and he fell in love with a random woman he had never met before His wife and his father in law were supe [...]

    13. I know Danielle Steel was one of the most noted novelist in the world but this novel, Five Days in Paris was not as grand as her previous novels The pace of the story was a bit slow and fast and it was not necessarily boring but redundant The conflict was interesting I was told that most of Steel s works are like that, slow building pace of climax but this one was different Peter s battle with his wife and his father in law was boring and every page has the same content It turned out to be redun [...]

    14. I have never read a Danielle Steel book before I wanted to read a genre that I would never normally read Loving France as I do, I enjoyed the setting of the majority of the book However, I didn t really enjoy the characters or the situations they were in Although I had sympathy for the positions they were put in, I felt their interactions were wrong There was a lot of repeating the same information throughout the book EhI wouldn t read it again.

    15. I listened to this novel when I was not in the mood for a mystery I enjoyed the development of the two main characters It is a good example of how life tries to twist and turn our morals and goals and then we have a wake up call It s the kind of book that makes you say there is hope and love in the world Read it when you need a book to uplift you and you need confirmation that staying true to yourself prevails If you are a Danielle Steel fan, you will want to read this.

    16. One of the reasons I chose this book is that I love to read about Paris There were a few places mentioned but little, if any, descriptions concerning the city Much too much time was devoted to character development and that character s feelings very repetitious I would have liked for the story to move on The story line was okay, just very predictable.

    17. pfff ik ga me toch maar terug houden aan mijn voornemen enkel boeken te lezen waarvan ik op voorhand vermoed dat ze goed zijn.

    18. I liked the plot, but she drags out every page describing the same things over and over.Could have been written in half the pages

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