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Domino By Phyllis A. Whitney,

  • Title: Domino
  • Author: Phyllis A. Whitney
  • ISBN: 9780385154192
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Laurie Morgan s life in New York is haunted by childhood memories she can never quite name But when her grandmother summons her back to Jasper, Colorado, she finds that the past is very much alive Laurie soon discovers that voices from the past whisper secrets of hidden tragedies
    Domino Laurie Morgan s life in New York is haunted by childhood memories she can never quite name But when her grandmother summons her back to Jasper Colorado she finds that the past is very much alive Lau

    One thought on “Domino”

    1. There are nightmare events in Laurie Morgan s childhood so horrific she has blocked them from memory, events so horrific they caused her grandmother to wish to never see her again Now, twenty years later, her long estranged grandmother, elderly and ailing, has called her home to Morgan House There Laurie must confront long buried secrets of the past and a danger all too close to home.Domino, written by the legendary Phyllis A Whitney, is a complex, multi layered mystery that will keep you up tur [...]

    2. A cozy with a friend of the 70 s I read all the Phyllis A Whitney novels as soon as they came out I was happy to the e books of this novel I had forgotten how you are pulled right into the story This story turns as different events occur this is true of this author s work.Laurie Morgan left Colorado when she was 8 years old Until she received a telegram to return, she had not heard a word from her Grandmother in years She decided to return in order to help her with the memory loss Laurie finds h [...]

    3. Typical Phyllis Whitney book it was slow at the beginning and picked up about 3 4s of the way through It has been a long time since I read any Phyllis Whitney books Typical ending but the climax was pretty good SPOILER ALERT Yes, as always, girl gets the CORRECT guy But anybody who has read her books already knows that

    4. I read this book when I was younger and always remembered the descriptions of Colorado Now that I live here, I wanted to revisit it I was thinking that I would love to adapt it to a screenplay.

    5. I somehow missed reading Phyllis Whitney the first time around, and am trying to remedy that by reading her books now I lucked up with finding a few up for grabs on NetGalley reissuing for kindle While the writing is dated due to the time period in which she wrote it, I didn t find it detracting or that it really had a dated feel to it I would term this a romantic mystery suspense Laurie Morgan survived a major tragedy in her youth, and due to it s awfulness, she has completely blocked it from h [...]

    6. I struggled to get through this book As another reader stated it started out very slowly It picked up a little toward the end Some parts of the conclusion were good I was disappointed in other parts of the ending.

    7. Second time I read it I am not sure why I kept it It didn t get any stars this time so it is going in the goodwill bag.

    8. Domino, Phyllis A Whitney, RDC M V 1 1980, 2 82 Haunted by a past she can t remember, but can t entirely forget Okay.

    9. More of the same, but it s a same I find very comforting This time, we re in Colorado, in an once thriving mining town, on the brink of rejuvenation Or not the ending is particularly melodramatic, as abandoned silver mines in the vicinity of those bent on murder revenge inevitably are.

    10. You can always count on Phyllis Whitney for a good read, a well written book and I will be back for Phyllis Whitney titles

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