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Beauvallet By Georgette Heyer,

  • Title: Beauvallet
  • Author: Georgette Heyer
  • ISBN: 9780434328048
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What happens when a pirate falls in love with his captive During her return to Spain with her father, the lovely Dona Dominica de Rada y Sylva is horrified when their ship is set upon by pirates Far worse is her discovery that their captor isn t just any pirate he is the notorious Sir Nicholas Beauvallet, an Englishman with a scandalous reputation for plundering SpaniWhat happens when a pirate falls in love with his captive During her return to Spain with her father, the lovely Dona Dominica de Rada y Sylva is horrified when their ship is set upon by pirates Far worse is her discovery that their captor isn t just any pirate he is the notorious Sir Nicholas Beauvallet, an Englishman with a scandalous reputation for plundering Spanish ships But Dominica s pride braces her determination to be no one s hostage I should have been easy for Sir Nicholas It was, after all, just another ship But instead, Sir Nicholas finds himself captivated by Dominica s dark beauty and indomitable courage After returning his captives to their homeland, Sir Nicholas vows to win the heart of the Spanish beauty It could be his riskiest venture yet and one that promises a treasure greater than any other .
    Beauvallet What happens when a pirate falls in love with his captive During her return to Spain with her father the lovely Dona Dominica de Rada y Sylva is horrified when their ship is set upon by pirates Far w

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    1. I had a bit of trouble persuading the Georgette Heyer Fans Group to read this title I must be losing my touch DAlthough this book was always a 3.5 4 read for me, I can understand why that wouldn t be the case for all readers wroteearlier about one of buccaneer Mad Nick Beavallet s ancestors GH took her world building very seriously my 1937 copy of Beauvallet even has a family tree at the back It is too hard to reproduce the whole thing its very wide but here is a snippet Quite charming I ll admi [...]

    2. On the high Seas no man is feared and loathed then the notorious Sir Nicholas Beauvallet, a Englishman with a reputation for taking over Spanish ships for queen and country, but never did Nicholas think that the next vessel he over took would hold a treasure far beyond anything he could have imagined, one that would capture his heart and him willing to risk his life for Dona Dominica de Rada y Sylva.Dominica will be no one s captive, and she fights El Beauvallet at every turn, but with his care [...]

    3. My new favorite Heyer topping Arabella by a slim margin.Really enjoyed the old fashioned, swashbuckling appeal of this one, which reads differently then her Regency Georgian offerings Many reviewers have likened this story to watching an old Errol Flynn movie, and I agree 100% Brave deeds of derring do, espionage and love in the Elizabethan Golden age prior to Elizabeth s war with Spain set our English pirate Nick Beauvallet and our Spanish heroine Dona Dominica on a wild, romantic ride Great ma [...]

    4. This is quite different from Heyer s other books that I ve read It s set in Elizabethan times rather than around the Regency or Georgian eras, and involves England s conflict with Spain Beauvallet is an English captain feared by the Spanish as a devil worshiping pirate, although he is of course an honorable pirate who attacks Spanish ships in the name of the Queen and relies on luck, skill, daring, and a sense of humor I found that it had a really slow start about 30 percent to set up the situat [...]

    5. I very nearly gave up on this book in the first act because I absolutely loathed the heroine, Dona Dominica de Rada y Sylva, who embodied all the worst negative traits of femininity She sulked and pouted She slapped men, safe in the knowledge that they are honourable fellows and won t slap her back She tried to slap the hero who caught her wrist naturally a trope that I find highly irritating, not least because it s obvious that she wanted the pleasure of being thwarted and controlled by a maste [...]

    6. In all honesty, I would rate most of Heyer s other stories above this one The plot was flat and predictable Still, there were good characterizations, I will admit to laughing at the greedy, but totally honest about it, aunt , and the swashbuckling was great What else do you want from me I wasn t expecting the Spanish Inquisition God alone knew what might be done to Beauvallet She had heard that those who fell into the clutch of the Inquisition were sometimes never heard of again.

    7. What can I say I am a fan of Heyer This was my second historical fiction of her or third if one counts An Infamous Army I love Simon The Coldheart I have read it in just three sessions, it was so engaging I am a little disappointed with Beauvallet Yes, there is an action, a romance, sparking characters and some fun But, something is lacking for me I like this story, really, but I have even read a few random pages from Devil s Cub one of my favorite Heyer s books to check if I am not exaggerating [...]

    8. This certainly wasn t my favourite Heyer novel so far, given the hero s grabby hands and ego, but at least the heroine was a match for him in many ways, and it is a fun set up It s not a Regency novel like most of Heyer s others, but one of the historical ones, and honestly I could ve dispensed with the romance for of Nick swashbuckling his way around Spain as a spy That plot, I liked I wonder what Heyer would have done if that was her focus.While this isn t as amusing as most of her work, and [...]

    9. Nicholas Beauvallet is an English pirate Dominica de Rada y Sylvan is his stubborn Spanish prisoner He declares his love for her She tries hard to spurn his advances but just can t seem to say no to the English Love Boat Technique So then Beauvallet invades Spain with an army of 2 to steal away his love and thumb his nose at some arrogant Spanish papists 1 If Heyer is channeling a slangy Austen in her Georgian Regency romances, I would posit that she was attempting to channel the bard himself fo [...]

    10. Note to self never take unread Georgette Heyer novels on trains I first read Beauvallet several years ago on a train leaving the capital for home Unfortunately, not only was the train very over crowded but it was stuck in Essex for approximately 3 hours if I remember correctly I was feeling hot, tired, thirsty, claustrophobic and cranky Poor Beauvallet was, as it were, in my hands, and ever since has been viewed with dislike by myself.I can only conclude that I was blind as well What Beauvallet [...]

    11. This is a distinctive novel from Georgette Heyer, totally swashbuckling It takes place sometime along Elizabeth I reign 1558 1603 for those, like myself, needing a quick refresher the time of the great discovers is not that far away and that of the major English privateers preying on gold ladden gallions of the Spanish Empire is at its peak.The hero is one of those privateers He reminded me in a way of Errol Flynn as Robin Hood, for the humor, laughing eyes, easygoing charm, less the tighty hose [...]

    12. In a word, wonderful The tale of a daring and dashing privateer determined to seek out his lady love in the heart of enemy Spain is superbly written and expertly narrated Georgette Heyer may be a master at Regency romances, but this one set in Elizabethan times may be one of my all time favorites The book is full of wonderful characters, wry humor, witty scenes and clever dialog While the romance is sweet, and a driving force behind the action, this book is different from many of Heyer s other w [...]

    13. I have always been enthralled by Heyer s one 16th century historical romance While Nick Beauvallet and his servant play prominent roles than the heroine, she holds her own in terms of spirit and intelligence.This is one I reread and enjoy often As with some of her Regencies, the addition of real characters such as Philip II and Sir Francis Drake, adds another enjoyable element, as does the threat of the Spanish Inquisition should Nick be apprehended by his enemies The concept of honor, as defin [...]

    14. 3 stars Not much romance or relationship development, but good as an entertaining swashbuckling adventureORY BRIEF Sir Nicholas Beauvallet Nick practices piracy upon the Spanish as a form of unofficial warfare at the behest of Queen Elizabeth I He is captain of the Venture The Spanish believe he achieves the impossible through witchcraft When he captures a Spanish ship, he takes Dominica and her father aboard his own ship as guests He promises to deliver them safely to the Spanish coast While on [...]

    15. When Dona Dominica sets sail on the Santa Maria, she wonders if she will ever meet the infamous El Beauvallet, the English pirate with a reputation of being able to do anything because of witchcraft But she does not expect her ship to be taken by him, Nor does she expect to be kidnapped by him and taken abord his ship the Venture Sir Nicholas Beauvallet captures Dominica and her father and proclaims that he will take them home to Spain, as Dominica has demanded But falling head over heels in lov [...]

    16. Though written well before Errol Flynn made The Sea Hawk, I dare you to read this and not picture Flynn as dashing Nick Beauvallet Sweeping romantic adventure in the age of Elizabeth IA 10 Nov 2017 Just finished my umpteenth re read with the GH Fan group One of our discussions got into movies, specifically who among movie stars of yore we pictured as Nick Beauvallet This conversation brought to my mind the realization that Beauvallet is a very visual book Lots of action, lots of film able scenes [...]

    17. A grand, romantic, swashbuckling adventure set in the Elizabethan era Mad Nicholas Beauvallet is a privateer and favorite of Queen Elizabeth After a sea battle with a Spanish ship, he finds himself confronted with unexpected prisoners a wrathful Spanish lady and her dying Father Determined to return them to Spain where there is a price on his head, Beauvallet finds himself falling in love with the lovely Dona Dominica, and determines to woo her However, in order to claim her as his bride, he wil [...]

    18. What a fun old school swash buckling romance The hero, Sir Nicholas Beauvallet, is an English seaman who has sailed with Drake and others he has been knighted by Queen Elizabeth His older brother is a wealthy Baron Beauvallet is sailing from the West Indies when he is attacked by a Spanish ship he defeats them and when he and his men board the Spanish ship, they find a lady, Dona Dominica de Rada y Sylva, and her father, Don Manuel, who is very ill with a fever.Beauvallet is taken with her immed [...]

    19. 3.5 stars I wasn t clicking with this Heyer through most of the book, and would ve given 2 stars for ok on my personal scale, but the last quarter or so brought the rating up for me Formulaic swashbuckler to me, but in all fairness, Heyer wrote this early in her career I much prefer her Regencies and mysteries.

    20. I ve been a fan of Heyer s historical romances since I first read my mum s old copy of Beauvallet when I was a teenager If you ve never read one you don t know what you re missing My edition is very old, actually it s the First Australian Edition from 1948, it has no dust jacket, and the pages are brown and brittle I have 39 of her romances she also wrote about eight detective books with the help of her detective husband, but I ve not read any of them there are about three or four I don t have, [...]

    21. I ve decided that this is one of my favorite Georgette Heyer novels I can see it as a movie with Errol Flynn as the swashbuckling Beauvallet British aristocrat younger son turned pirate captures Spanish ship carrying a dying Spanish aristocrat and his lovely, feisty daughter, Do a Dominica de Rada y Sylva, back to Spain from the new world Sparks fly, and the attraction is undeniable Beauvallet puts the girl and her ailing father ashore safely in Spain, vowing to return within the year to claim h [...]

    22. I m a huge Heyer fan but this one took me a bit longer than usual to get into It starts out a little slow although I did really enjoy Beauvallet s visit to his family in the first part but it picks up half way through and becomes a fun swashbuckling adventure I think the main problem for me were the leads they were likable enough but I wasn t in love with them I seem to have problems when Heyer heads to Spain for some reason I ve been reading The Spanish Bride forever Still, Heyer at her worst b [...]

    23. This is not a silver fork novel, of an adventure in the Geoffrey Farnol tradition, based on real events I don t think Heyer had the skills to pull it off her research of facts is impeccable, but she doesn t understand the paradigm, so her characters read as cardboard cutouts.

    24. Wanted to give three and a half stars.This is a heyer I have never read, yet it took me a time to warm to it It s set in Merrie england Queen bess time and our hero is a pirate.He captures a ship and falls for his captive then must rescue her A swashbuckling goes its really good and would make a good film.I don t know why I didn t love it as I normally do G heyers , the language setting I also disliked the fact that all the Spanish were either devious, bloodthirsty , sinister or base not one of [...]

    25. If you took Zorro and Pirates of the Caribbean and combined them, you would get this book I LOVED it So exciting and romantic and adventurous I have found a new favorite author and can t wait to read

    26. What absolute trash If you liked the book, you might not want to read onThe plot is ridiculous not as in satirical and funny, but as in cringingly awkward In fact, it would be apt to say there is no plot the whole book is a trope In order to insert the chosen clich s, various emotions and actions are forced upon cardboard characters They have no real personalities they aren t anything like real people.Beauvallet is supposedly reckless, clever, infuriating, charming, and just generally a dashing [...]

    27. Classic Georgette Heyer in swashbuckling mode which I normally like The action is good, the settings and costumes wonderfully realized, and the dialogue sparkling, as always Very much like her eighteenth century novels in style, but set 200 years earlier.Even so, I find the two leads rather one note and predictable As often happens with early Heyer this one was published first in 1929 , there is an extreme age difference between the hero and the heroine Nicholas has thirty five summers, whereas [...]

    28. Lively Elizabethan Swashbuckler set in England, France and Spain Set in 1586 in England, France and mostly Spain and the waters off their coasts, this is an early work of the classic author, Georgette Heyer, a swashbuckler with an English aristocrat, Sir Nicholas Beauvallet Mad Nicholas prefers sailing his ship and troubling the Spanish galleons to enjoying the wealth he has gained and the family estate in England.On one of his excursions, Nick captures a Spanish galleon carrying Do a Dominica d [...]

    29. It s a pirate s li er, privateer s life for me A second son, Nicholas Beauvallet has acquired quite a reputation on the Spanish Main and Phillip II has put a high price on his head Which explains why Don Juan puts his ship at risk even though he s carrying the ex governor of Santiago and his daughter.Nick s promise to set the governor and his daughter, Do a Dominica, onto Spanish soil simply confirms his bravado Do a Dominica hopes this is enough to sustain her while she awaits Beauvallet s arri [...]

    30. Have you ever seen the movie The Sea Hawk Did Georgette Heyer ever see that movie I feel she must have because the book reminds me of this But seeing that the film was based heavily on Sir Francis Drake, and the main character of Beauvallet is friends with Sir Francis, I think that I found where the similarities come together Both feature a captain who works for the Queen capturing ships both capture a ship with a Don and Dona both feature the main character falling in love with the Don s daught [...]

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