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Man, Myth, Messiah: Answering History's Greatest Question By Rice Broocks,

  • Title: Man, Myth, Messiah: Answering History's Greatest Question
  • Author: Rice Broocks
  • ISBN: 9780849948565
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • Did Jesus Really Exist The search for the historical Jesus continues to be headline news Any speculative theory seems to get instant attention as the debate rages about His real identity and the claims made in His name Did Jesus really exist Is there real historical evidence that demonstrates that He lived and actually said and did the things the Gospels record Is therDid Jesus Really Exist The search for the historical Jesus continues to be headline news Any speculative theory seems to get instant attention as the debate rages about His real identity and the claims made in His name Did Jesus really exist Is there real historical evidence that demonstrates that He lived and actually said and did the things the Gospels record Is there any validity to the speculative claims that the Jesus story was a myth, borrowed from a variety of pagan cultures of the ancient world In this follow up to the book God s Not Dead that inspired the movie , Man, Myth, Messiah looks at the evidence for the historical Jesus and exposes the notions of skeptics that Jesus was a contrived figure of ancient mythology It also looks at the reliability of the Gospel records as well as the evidence for the resurrection that validates His identity as the promised Messiah Man, Myth, Messiah will be released concurrent to the God s Not Dead movie sequel, which will cover the same theme.
    Man Myth Messiah Answering History s Greatest Question Did Jesus Really Exist The search for the historical Jesus continues to be headline news Any speculative theory seems to get instant attention as the debate rages about His real identity and the claim

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    1. Note This book was provided free of charge by BookLook Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for an honest review Picking up where his last book left off 1 , Broocks decides to continue his career as our contemporary popular apologist de jour and, in the tradition of the great C.S Lewis, try his hand at his own trilemma about the identity of Jesus Christ Explicitly referencing Lewis own trilemma 2 , Broocks own version of the trilemma is encapsulated in the title of the book, where the author mak [...]

    2. This is perhaps one of the worst books I have ever read I have read a great deal of Christian apologetic literature running the gamut from dreadful to superb , but this flaccid pamphlet falls far beyond the pale of even the most infantile titles I ve hitherto had the displeasure of ingesting The author s spectacularly conspicuous ignorance of basic science, coupled with his thinly read unsuccessfully disguised certainty of conclusion from the outset, makes it painfully evident that one should no [...]

    3. In the book Man Myth Messiah, author Rice Broocks examines the historical evidence for the life of Jesus and exposes the flaws in the arguments that Jesus was a myth He argues for the validity of the Gospels and shows their historical accuracies This is the sequel to the book God s Not Dead.I would recommend this book It is academic at times but a very good apologetics book with a lot of facts and research.

    4. This book is a good introduction for Historical Jesus Studies with Basic information about the Minimal facts and the historicity of the resurrection, the good thing about the book that it is connected to the public and has a pastoral side and how to grow in faith and be real Christian s a good book for new believers and those who have basic doubts about scriptures and Jesus Myths.

    5. A very inspiring book with historical accounts on the life of Jesus Foretold in the Bible events that would happen 800 1000 years before history recorded it A book to help you answer questions for people who are not sure what they believe.

    6. This was amazing I didn t know most of this information, and the facts are incredible Jesus is real All the evidence shocked me, I had no idea that there was so much proof.

    7. Well this book talks about Jesus and how people think he dead but this talks about his miracles and the things he has done in people s lifes

    8. The Romans Road is to the entire Gospel as Ryan Broocks s Man, Myth, Messiah Answering History s Greatest Question is to an entire apologetics course The book takes something very massive and complex and condenses it into a very readable and understandable crash course for believers on who Jesus is, why we believe it and what we should do with that information.In this book, you will find Scripture, research, personal stories, and resources for further research that answer many questions includin [...]

    9. Es un libro f cil de leer, no es complicado y en general es un libro bueno EL tema principal es de defensa de la fe, apolog tica, en otras palabras busca incentivar tu espiritu evangelista Hay cap tulos muy interesantes como el de la validez de los evangelios excelente y la pruebas que muestra.Es muy interesante como expone como debes disipar los mitos cuando los excepticos te abordan Hay otros cap tulos que habla solo un poco sobre las investigaciones que el autor hizo para demostrar algunos pe [...]

    10. Rice Broocks presents a traditional apologetics overview regarding the Christian Faith 1 Corinthians 15 17 And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile Brooks addresses the historical What even the skeptics believe about Jesus the minimal facts primarily that he existed, was crucified, the tomb was empty, many claimed to have seen him after the fact, and that a revolution began after his death He also looks at the reliability of the Gospels including dating of the Gospels and why ther [...]

    11. Most useful from chapter 8 on For the earlier part, Evidence that demands a verdict and The resurrection of Jesus by Licona do a better job He uses the stories of his father s experiences in WW II as an example of how accurately oral histories can be I suspect that the author misremembered at least two things first, submarines are boats, not ships Second, admirals do not command individual ship, bases, etc Those are commanded by captains They may or may not hold the rank of captain O 6 Most subm [...]

    12. Rice Broock s book God s Not Dead was the inspiration for a popular movie of the same name This book is billed as the evidence behind God s Not Dead 2 , in which we will see a debate over whether a teacher can even mention the name of Jesus in a classroom I have read many books defending the Christian faith and the Biblical accounts of Christ s birth, death, and resurrection, but none that delve as deeply into the debate as this book does It is apparent that Broocks took the time to study both s [...]

    13. INFORMATIVE As someone who has grown up in the Church , I found this book to be a breathe of fresh air It make me want to Give an account for my faith I have never read anything such as this it opened my eyes so much I grew up believing by faith alone, yet to have actually proof just make my faith that much stronger I would totally recommend this book for those who are new to the faith It gives enough information to help you remember why you believed in the first place

    14. Nice book I started it on May 30 It has very accademic moments but the concepts are not so overinflated they can t be understood It s a nice book for someone just starting to explore Jesus and also someone who has followed Christ a long time and wants concrete evidence of existence I ll let you know what I think when I ve finished this book That will be soon, I m sure I think this is a great read for anyone going into a situation where there is a lot of skepticism about Christ s claims He mentio [...]

    15. Not the best book on the Historical Jesus that I ve read and not the worse The book s greatest strength is its accessibility It s not overly academic or scholarly, it s plain spoken and in common language Overall, a good introduction to the subject that will, hopefully, whet the reader s appetite to go deeper.

    16. I am a Christian It wasn t until reading this book, that I really felt I WAS a Christian and what it meant This book really opens your eyes to what others believe and don t believe, and how to reach out to them.

    17. DNF This book isn t for me I don t feel enlightened or learned I feel distracted and annoyed each time I try to read it I really wanted to read it, honestly I did but

    18. Excellent book and answered a lot of my questions that I always had Such as the historical facts that surrounds Christianity and the followers of Jesus Also the common thought that Christianity copied other religions that came after it was established.

    19. Rice Broocks, Man, Myth, Messiah Answering History s Greatest Question Nashville, TN Thomas Nelson, 2016 Who do you say I am According to Rice Broocks, this question which Jesus Christ asked His disciples Matthew 16 15 is history s greatest question emphasis in original It can be answered in one of three ways Jesus is man, myth, or Messiah The goal of this book, Broocks writes, is to build confidence in the reader that Jesus Christ was not only a real person but that He was the promised Messiah [...]

    20. I m always interested in books that are about either New Testament studies or apologetics I believe that often those who grow up in the Christian faith and then abandon it do not grow into the faith because of their lack of knowledge of history and the Bible Then, they encounter ideas and thoughts that completely take them captive because they aren t acquainted with multiple perspectives on the ideas in question So, it was with great pleasure that I began to read and review Rice Broocks book, Ma [...]

    21. Rice Brooks Man, Myth, Messiah Answering History s Greatest Question explores potential answers to the question at the heart of Matthew s biblical story about Jesus Who do you say I am The goal of this book , Brooks writes, is to build confidence in the reader that Jesus Christ was not only a real person but that He was the promised Messiah Savior and the Son of God To achieve that goal, though, requires Brooks to look at far than what Scripture itself claims about Jesus So he turns to themes t [...]

    22. Man Myth and Messiah by Rice Broocks ended up on my wish list after my husband and I saw the God s Not Dead movies The book was released concurrent to the God s Not Dead movie sequel, which covered the same theme In the first chapter, Brocks refers to the famous trilemma posed by C.S Lewis in an earlier generation Lewis said that based on the claims of Jesus in the Gospels about being the Son of God, Jesus was either a lunatic because Jesus thought He was God , a liar because He knew his claim w [...]

    23. A very good read It addresses the story of Jesus not simply from a Biblical perspective but from a historical perspective often quoting atheist historians many people don t want to believe in the Bible because of the religious association, not because it s not historically accurate It covers the history of how the Bible came to be as well as the history of the myths that people often say Christians grabbed bits and pieces of The section on Miracles ancient and modern is very informative I have a [...]

    24. For those familiar with God s Not Dead, a new book by Rice Broocks titled Man, Myth, Messiah goes into the historical foundation for belief in Jesus In this book, Broocks details how many non Christians agree that Jesus existed and that he had a following While not adhering to the teachings of the New Testament, these secular historians agree that to deny the existence of Jesus is academic fallacy.Using this as his foundation, Broocks then goes into of the historical Jesus by observing his teac [...]

    25. Man, Myth, Messiah is the core book that is noted in the movie, God s Not Dead 2 and is used to show the evidence through the Bible and about how to prove that God is real to those that believe he is not Reading through the book, I found that the author claimed to approach differing views from a place of love yet some of the arguments used are not being completely backed up and are slightly aggressive towards non believers The author brings up some strong view points, just doesn t always follow [...]

    26. I thought this was a really good book with a nice balance of apologetics and evangelism I m glad that the popular Jesus Myth theories are dealt with so well too.What really impressed me about this book is that the author was able to keep an area that can get very complicated and wordy at a walking pace, pedestrian level that anyone could understand.I also like the balance struck between evidence for Jesus and his resurrection and an unashamed stand for faith in God and his word.I also really app [...]

    27. Thanks to the publisher for providing an advanced reader copy for review.This is a book which looks at the evidence to provide proof that Jesus was a living breathing human who walked the Earth and is the Son of God This book will be released with the release of God Is Not Dead 2 , a book I also reviewed The new movie covers a court care that lays out the proof of Jesus as a historical figure, and can be discussed as a real person, just like Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr, etcetera There is suffi [...]

    28. I think it would be a great book for someone that isn t sure what to believe in, someone that needs proof that Jesus was real and that he died for us and rose from the dead I couldn t keep my attention for too long because I already believed in what they were saying It got a little redundant I liked the book and like I said, if you are unsure of God or don t believe in God, then this is the book for you For the believers, there is a section at the end on how to help guide others who do not belie [...]

    29. This is a good read It s a wet your appetite book much like More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell Rice Broocks is a gifted commuicator This book offers a good apologetic if Jesus is really real by historical standards, or is he a myth by legend standards If he s real what do we conclude about him We can reasonably conclude that he is indeed the messiah, sent to save us from our sins I specifically appreciated the advice on evangelism, but the last portion of the book and felt rushed.

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