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Hurry, Hurry, Mary Dear By N.M. Bodecker Erik Blegvad,

  • Title: Hurry, Hurry, Mary Dear
  • Author: N.M. Bodecker Erik Blegvad
  • ISBN: 9780689817700
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hurry, hurry, Mary dear fall is over, winter s here Not a moment to be lost, in a minute we get frost In an hour we get snow Drift like houses Ten below So begins this hilarious nonsense rhyme by a much loved writer who won wide critical acclaim and a devoted audience during his lifetime Now this poem has been illustrated in full color by Erik Blegvad, an old fri Hurry, hurry, Mary dear fall is over, winter s here Not a moment to be lost, in a minute we get frost In an hour we get snow Drift like houses Ten below So begins this hilarious nonsense rhyme by a much loved writer who won wide critical acclaim and a devoted audience during his lifetime Now this poem has been illustrated in full color by Erik Blegvad, an old friend of Bodecker s and the only person besides himself that he would allow to interpret work Poor Mary is the person who must make all the preparation for winter in a frenzied crescendo of activity Churn the butter, smoke the hams, can tomatoes, put up jams leading up to a very funny, very fitting, ending Illuminated by Bodecker s rare imagination, his glorious sense of the absurd, and his firsthand knowledge of country living, all beautifully matched by Erik Blegvad s wonderous watercolor paintings, this is a book to delight young readers and their elders again and again.
    Hurry Hurry Mary Dear Hurry hurry Mary dear fall is over winter s here Not a moment to be lost in a minute we get frost In an hour we get snow Drift like houses Ten below So begins this hilarious nonsense rhyme by a mu

    One thought on “Hurry, Hurry, Mary Dear”

    1. I admit fully that I bought this book initially for the amazing artwork by Erik Blegvad, but the story that accompanies those sweet watercolor drawings is too good to ignore It s a simply worded picture book that looks perfect for even the youngest child, but once you get to the last page you see that the humor is probably funniest to an adult reader A kid would like it too, though I think this is one of my top picture books ever The author and illustrator knew each other when they both attended [...]

    2. This is one of those deceptively simple picture books that requires attention to the illustrations to understand all of what is happening in the story I love it, although I wonder if children will understand why Mary is getting so angry as she accomplishes and tasks to get things ready before winter Maybe they will, since children do have an innate sense of fairness and can see that Mary s husband isn t helping out I did have one question, though Why does Mary need so many wooden nickels

    3. This was a random pick from the library Well, I picked it up because I liked the cover The illustrations are beautiful, and the rhyme is good for a chuckle My son really enjoyed it, but he didn t understand the end He couldn t fathom why Mary would put the tea kettle on her husband s head, he maintained that the cat had to have done it Oh, sweet innocence

    4. I came across this book, Hurry, Hurry, Mary Dear in 1998, in the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, VT The Northshire is an awesome bookstore that has been a fixture in Manchester for decades The creaky floorboards and cavernous interior make it a really fun place to explore That day as I stood looking at the display of children s picture books, one of the bookstore s staff suddenly appeared at my elbow with Hurry, Hurry, Mary Dear in his clutches.He wordlessly handed it to me, gave me one of t [...]

    5. This is the most darling children s book The illustrations are whimsical and captivating.Poor Mary is the overworked wife of a very sluggardly husband She dutifully hurries through her day to get all the cooking, cleaning, scrubbing, gathering firewood done There sits her husband in his chair rocking away and wanting her to Hurry, hurry, Mary dear.

    6. This book is a humorous look at a woman s efforts to prepare for winter, as her lazy hubby dictates the chores she must do The narrative is rhyming and the illustrations are old fashioned and colorful The ending is hilarious and we really enjoyed reading this book together.

    7. This is a very cute book It is a humorous domestic drama poem beautifully illustrated with pencil and watercolor I think The main character, Mary, hurries through the end of fall domestic chores, trying to beat the first snow fall.Geography Challenge Denmark

    8. Good for Mary she was great to put that laxy husband in his place Also she is truly a hard worker I commend her I enjoyed the book

    9. I love this book The illustrations are on point, and it also makes me long for a time when I could work really hard in the fall and just bundle up in the winterNote this is not the point of the story AT ALL It just makes me wish I could hibernate.

    10. This book always makes me laugh Poor Mary is rushing to get everything done to get ready for winter, while her dear husband gives direction.

    11. I read Hurry Hurry Mary Dear blind to my preschool class Always a risk At first I thought it was a simple book about an old fashioned way to get ready for winter, which was sweet, but perhaps a little too out of date The kids were all disgusted with the idea of making cheese Then I was like, well, dang, this book also has some serious gender roles in it, cuz this lady is running around like mad while her husband doesn t seem to be doing a damn thing Then I realized that was the point of the book [...]

    12. Mike just picked this children s book up at the library tonight when he and Abe went to find some stuff for a book report It has very few words on each page and details a poor sweet older woman getting everything ready for the coming Winter as her husband sits on the couch directing It is done in rhyme and, I thought, quite charming with the husband getting a tea pot on his head in the end I complimented Mike on his choice and told him I liked the book so much that I thought we ought to buy a co [...]

    13. In Hurry Hurry Mary Dear, Mary is a dutiful wife whose day is filled with household tasks employed to her by her husband For example, Churn the butter, smoke the hams, can tomatoes, put up jams Mary knows exactly what she needs to do and when to do it in order to please her husband Although this nonsense poem can be humorous at times, it is a little outdated as it portrays women as subservient to men The watercolor illustrations do add a nice touch to the book and can be visually appealing to re [...]

    14. Mary is a very hard worker who unfortunately is married to a demanding, lazy husband Mary knows how to do everything and must listen to her husband spit outfielders for her all day long The twist at the end of the book is definitely the best part and ties everything together very nicely The story documenting Mary s busy days is told through rhythmic poetry I personally enjoy reading these types of books to children because it keeps them engaged In this case however I would not recommend reading [...]

    15. While this is a poem illustrated in a subtle humorous way the illustrations depict just how many chores and work jobs that women did from cheese making to butter making, as well as mending This would be a great title to be shared with children to enlighten them to just how hard women of our culture have worked Some people may remember or have heard stories of what their grandmother s and great grandmother s life was like Sharing those stories would be a great link to the past and this title coul [...]

    16. Mary, the woman in the story is working hard to get ready for winter The pictures show her hurrying to seal the windows, chopping wood, picking apples, and other fall chores At the end of the book, we see the husband asking her to hurry and bring him his snack She does and then puts the teapot on his head The full color pictures are detailed and tell the story This allows children to tell the story themselves The short sentences add to the drama.

    17. Winter is coming So many chores need to be completed, Mary Dearwhile I enjoy the cozy fireQuick and witty read for adults to share with little ones The illustrator s note is a wonderful historical peek into the life of the author and the illustrator himself The watercolor illustrations are beautiful and humorous in their depiction of domestic life for Mary and her husband.Possible themes Winter Fall, Busy LazyReviewed from a library copy.

    18. Oh, yes, one for the women.You ll relate to it well as you get ready for winter Very funny tale, never fails to get laughs when I ve read it to female friends over tea Illustrations are priceless I don t think men or children will truly appreciate it.

    19. Poor Mary rushing around doing all the work while her husband does nothing Still, Mary managed to turn the ending to her advantage I wasn t liking the story too much until the ending, but I loved the illustrations all the way through.

    20. Great illustrations showing Mary storing the harvest and preparing the homestead for winter It was great for the kids to see some of the same things we do at our house as winter approaches.

    21. I am exhausted just reading this book I love the illustrations and remember, not so fondly, many of the autumn tasks of my youth.

    22. I m hoping to use this for a fall story time I think kids will like it and parents will be in on the joke.

    23. I love the illustrations in this book and how throughout the pages you can see how the winter is approaching I like the rhyming and the humor, too.

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