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Horizon Storms By Kevin J. Anderson,

  • Title: Horizon Storms
  • Author: Kevin J. Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780446610599
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Paperback
  • The third novel in the New York Times bestselling author s sci fi epic Crackling with energy and buzzing with action A Nebula Award nominee, Anderson may well win one on the strength of this series Publishers Weekly, starred review.
    Horizon Storms The third novel in the New York Times bestselling author s sci fi epic Crackling with energy and buzzing with action A Nebula Award nominee Anderson may well win one on the strength of this series Pu

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    1. Every time I read the character name, Basil Wenceslas, I want to sing looked out I know, but my mind must be a little weird This is another one of those books where the rating tended to slide between 3 and 4 as I went along This book does tend to ramble a bit, but then the author has given himself quite a task as he s spun the story out into a half dozen points of view at least, maybe I should say major points of view and possibly a few dozen threads all to keep track of and braid together into [...]

    2. I have an occasional love affair with the books in this sprawling space yarn I also have an occasional hate affair with them By God, but they polarise me I tackle one of them every year or so, and as was the case with the previous two volumes, I got about a third of the way in and wanted to fling the damn thing across the room because the plot felt so damned somnambulistic But I persevered because, well, there are lots and lots of robots in it, and I m a sucker for those Then I got two thirds in [...]

    3. At this point I m not even sure why I m still reading Curiosity is probably the only reason I m tolerating this painfully sluggish series I just want to know why the Hydrogues wiped out the Klikiss, I want to know why the Ildirans helped, and I m also curious about the Saga of Shadows the sequel to The Saga of The Seven Suns.I often find myself skimming through large sections of the book and even skipping entire chapters.cially those that involve King Peter, green priests, Celli, Estarra, and al [...]

    4. Waar een paar dagen vakantie allemaal goed voor zijn het gaat vooruit, boeken lezen als er niets anders te doen is Het helpt ook dat ik s morgens niet moet wakker worden, en dat ik dus tot een stuk in de nacht kan lezen.Dit is wat ik genoteerd had toen ik het de eerste keer las Deel drie, en meer van hetzelfde laken als deel twee Leest als een TGV.Nog altijd niets verrassends, of beter cht verrassends, maar hey, d r lezen we Kevin J Anderson toch niet voor Yep inderdaad Dit was zelfs niet meer u [...]

    5. Though this is only book 3 of 7, things are still disastrous for humanity That is just the worst for my ego tied to humanity It would be as an American reading the history of WWII in real time, in the Pacific Sometime in the middle of 42, when things looked bleak Pearl Harbor hurt, Wake Island fallen, the Philippines lost.But we know, living so far from the events that things will be turning around The drama that they aren t, though is painful to watch Painful to have seen the train wreck of one [...]

    6. I m done with the series I m tired of the feeble dialog, the disconnected and obvious plots, the unrealistic characters, and a story that should have been wrapped up in volume 1.The universe is almost ideal for the type science fiction I enjoy Humanity is still earth based with far flung and independent offshoots There is interaction between the humans but mostly negative and deceitful.Let s see a race of robots you don t trust offers one of their own for dissection so humans can build their own [...]

    7. The saga continues, with the secrets of respective factions becoming exposed, but full scale conflict is yet to come The inability to resolve grievances seems a bit contrived though Would the human race really choose petty squabbles instead of some sort of alliance in the face of such an overwhelming opposing force Indeed, the super power and complete strangeness of the elemental aliens is an interesting speculation on the deduction of some exobiologists that concludes any aliens out there are l [...]

    8. L histoire n est pas inint ressante malgr de nombreux passages risibles , mais on dirait que c est crit pour des lecteurs de 12 ans, par un auteur de 15 ans tonnant qu un auteur avec autant de m tier crive avec aussi peu de maturit.

    9. this was even better than the second one of the best books in the series, i think there were a lot of interesting new developments and plot twists introduced.

    10. For this review most of it will be contained in the list of characters, once you see the list you will see why Also part of my review is copied from my review of the previous installment If the author can do it then I can as well.Notes Humanity has split into three separate groups The three groups have trade agreements and other connections to each other but the peace between them is tenuous.Terran Hanseatic League Centered on earth this government represents most of the humans Think of Rome mix [...]

    11. This third book of the Saga of Seven Suns has me definitely hooked I was somewhat less than warm on the first book and warmed up to the second The third book cemented my relationship with this series The story grows and blossoms The bad guys are badder, the good guys are complex.

    12. To be honest, this one felt a little bit like a filler novel It does set up a lot of things for Book 4 and is still very interesting on it s own, but doesn t seem to grab you like the others.

    13. 3.5 5 Stars, rounded up because I like Kevin Anderson.It s been a long time since I read the last book like a decade Coming back into the story after such a long absence wasn t too bad Kevin has created an interesting enough world galaxy even if the names he chose to call things come off a bit childish He s a solid writer, neither good nor bad, and his plot is pretty good What s stops this book from being truly 4 5 stars are his characters and pacing.Characters, there are just too many of them I [...]

    14. I have heard a lot of glowing reviews for Mr Anderson s works, and figured I would start with the Saga of Seven Suns anthology since the premise was right up my SciFi alley I was severely disappointed While the basis of the stories was interesting and held great promise, the excruciating details of people, conversations and relationships turned me off When there was action to be had, it was limited to very little writings, and had none of the depth as in the rest of the book I read this as an au [...]

    15. Horizon Storms, the third novel in the Saga of Seven Suns, proves that this series keeps getting better and better Through the action, Anderson continues to develop his characters and introduce new players I m particularly interested in seeing how this war changes characters, especially the ones who have been around since Hidden Empire Anderson keeps with his tradition of making no character safe from sudden death, and it raises the stakes for every encounter with the enemies both within and wit [...]

    16. Continuit de la saga of the seven suns et l histoire va encore en s am liorant.J aimerais pouvoir crire des tonnes de ligne au sujet de ce livre, mais c est difficile d en dire plus sans manger les punch et le plaisir de d couvrir cet univers.Dans ce livre c est fini les introductions, on est plus rendu au d veloppement de l histoire Bien qu il y ait encore l introduction de nouveaux personnages, on sait maintenant que rien n est laisser au hazard.Pour ce qui est de l action, c est vrai qu il n [...]

    17. Two civil wars are brewing The Hansa starts to colonize the Klikiss worlds that have been approved safe for human settlers Jess Tamblyn returns to the Roamers with a new ally and a mission The Hydrogues seem preoccupied with their renewed aggression against the Faeros, even after the Hansa uses the Klikiss Torch on a few of their worlds And the Klikiss robots aren t happy about a lot of things, so they make a first strike.There s not much space opera action in this book With all the death in the [...]

    18. The story kept me hooked but by the end of it I felt like not a whole lot had happened There are so many plotlines and point of view characters that although some significant events occurred, overall it feels like this book was just moving the plot along and setting up for bigger things later on.The plot itself is amazing as always The characters are good, though with some of the minor characters we get information unnecessary to the plot and unnecessary to the character s development For one ch [...]

    19. Book 3 of the 7 book science fiction classic I still continue to love it and am already reading book 4 The story continues to unfold, new characters are added and a few older characters are killed.The I read the I realize this book is written in a similar style to a soap opera Each chapter is from the point of view of a particular character in a particular location, each a continuation of the last time you read about the same characterd the end of each chapter often leaves you hanging, waiting [...]

    20. Well this rather complex space opera continues After three books now I think I have all the major characters and factions down I admit I am glad I have started reading this series after the last book was published Even with the massive openings to each book reviewing what happened in the previous books I am sure I d get lost As such, I don t plan on allowing too much time to pass before picking up the next book.It can get predictable at times When the author suddenly introduces a new character a [...]

    21. This is what I consider a filler book It s pertinent to the story but not quite as gripping as the other books It s enjoyable and its interesting but the excitement wasn t as prominent The thing is its necessary You have to know all of these details about all of these major and minor characters in order to move forward with the story I liked the ending but it was flat It was like holy shit but it wasn t mind blowing With all of that said if you enjoyed the first ones by all means read this, just [...]

    22. another 3 star addition to the series, this one is full of political intrigue and really bizarre arcs I enjoyed the political story introduction but the overall story is becoming a little over the top The first half of the book is tremendously boring considering the fast paced finale of the last The second redeems the book and closes with some interesting plot points I m nearing the fourth book and will get onto it shortly, I would love to read one of these books and have four star rating to eng [...]

    23. This is Book III of the Saga and Kevin J Anderson continues at a lively pace with the story still unfolding in an interesting manner A few new characters are introduced where needed, but mostly the main characters continue as the major protagonists I really like this that I have travelled through three books with these people and I care about what is happening to them I am starting to feel as though a few of the loose ends and story plots need to be pulled together now, so I am intrigued to see [...]

    24. Save review for the series This was a fun series to read The semi long winded way of writing reminds me of the Dune prequels and conclusions he helped write Not that I m really complaining it s just a lot to get through The story is big but the character list is bigger, and you get plenty of detail I was able to read the entire series with only 1 or 2 forced distraction books to get a break from the story Which for me means it s pretty good if I don t get too sick of it after 7 books.If you like [...]

    25. The story continues to expand, new characters mostly superfluous are introduced To be honest, any one who has read the first two books can see where this instalment is going Anderson telegraphs his twists, and even if somehow you didn t see it coming , anyone who has read a significant amount of fiction can easily guess what happens not only in this novel, but in the rest of the series I will give book 4 a shot, but if there isn t something new, a twist I didn t see or something exciting happeni [...]

    26. I like these books by Kevin Anderson because each chapter follows a character They are great for reading in places where you have small snippets of time like the bathroom, the doctors office, the car waiting to pick up kids, on the morning train, etc The chapters are short 3 4 pages and only follow one character at a time so it s not too confusing The characters are also richly developed and the plot is always thickening Just when you think you ve figured it out the author throws something else [...]

    27. Ok I liked the concept of the epic space fantasy But the series continues to grow establishing new allies, new enemies revealing them selves While the short rotating chapters still annoy me a little bit they re magnificently intertwined as new disasters are intertwined with victories on the down side I still feel there are a few less interesting characters bordering on throwaway,though it feels like there are fewer of those and some characters are just too interesting to wait to find out whats g [...]

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