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Foxing the Geese: A Regency Romance By Janet Woods,

  • Title: Foxing the Geese: A Regency Romance
  • Author: Janet Woods
  • ISBN: 9780727885821
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Hardcover
  • She is a spinster with a secret fortune He is an impoverished earl who must marry money or face ruin Theirs is a love match to be reckoned with 1812 Clever, strong willed Vivienne Fox is unexpectedly endowed with riches beyond her wildest dreams when a remote cousin dies, leaving her his fortune Unwed at twenty four, Vivienne still hopes the right man is outShe is a spinster with a secret fortune He is an impoverished earl who must marry money or face ruin Theirs is a love match to be reckoned with1812 Clever, strong willed Vivienne Fox is unexpectedly endowed with riches beyond her wildest dreams when a remote cousin dies, leaving her his fortune Unwed at twenty four, Vivienne still hopes the right man is out there, but she despairs of ever finding him, and she is determined that rumours of her new found wealth be quashed, lest she be courted for her purse rather than her heart.Renowned rake Lord Alex LeSayres comes to an unpleasant decision after the death of his father If he is to save their family lands, he must marry a wealthy woman and quickly Introduced to Miss Fox, his interest is soon piqued But he must set aside his rising feelings, or else his family will face disaster .
    Foxing the Geese A Regency Romance She is a spinster with a secret fortune He is an impoverished earl who must marry money or face ruin Theirs is a love match to be reckoned with Clever strong willed Vivienne Fox is unexpectedly

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    1. An ARC was given in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the writer and the publisher for the opportunity to read this DNF 32% I tried my best Really, I did But I just couldn t stomach the hero any By gods, that man didn t have an honourable bone in his body Granted, he was ruthlessly mercenary for a reason he needed the money for his estate, and to pay off his Father s debts Sure, I could live with that But this, I could not live with He needed a woman in his bed Not any woman, but the pr [...]

    2. Marry for money or marry for love what to do Spinster, Vivienne Fox had no expectations, until a cousin died and left her his fortune.Impoverished Earl, Alex LeSayres needed to marry money to save the family s lands Vivienne Fox had decided not to marry She hated being trotted out by her Aunt Edwina, coiffured within an inch of her life to impress a motley group of local swains and hopefuls, all because she now had money Vivienne definitely did not want to gain the attention of a pack of brainle [...]

    3. Totally fun book I found the heroine and her potential beau totally likeable, and fun It s a happy read, and left me feeling optimistic about love.

    4. It has been many a day since I read a Regency romance and I had no idea of what to expect, therefore I m glad to say I enjoyed this one I don t know if the genre as a whole has moved forward in the concept of what readers are willing to accept, but I think the author Janet Woods succeeded in producing a novel with a lighter, slightly modern feel while keeping the novel within the historical period There are not all that many plot variations available to maintain the Regency place in history but [...]

    5. Kent England 1812Vivienne Fox, age 24, the eldest daughter of the Reverend Ambrose Fox, has become quite wealthy when a distant cousin dies and leaves her a sugar plantation worth a fortune Never having enjoyed attention from society before, now she is in demand Even though her windfall is not public knowledge and she wants to keep it that way, there is speculation that she is now a rich heiress Angered at this duplicity, she refuses to accept the invitations that start pouring in In addition, V [...]

    6. Didn t finish it The writing was stilted and the dialogue was worse Wordplay and wit were supposed to be hallmarks of the ton in the Regency period, and here we have society gossips saying things such as, I m given to understand LeSayres hasn t got a feather to fly on, which is why I m curious as to Howard s sponsorship of him Really, how cumbersome can you get And the characters are constantly over explaining their motives to one another this way It s extremely tiresome Vivienne could be an int [...]

    7. It s a bit like the Georgette Heyer books, comfortingly romantic in a British y way Entirely predictable, a bit trite, but still a fun read for a sunny day on the porch Just a notee editing seemed a bit off, with entire sentences repeated a few pages later.

    8. Couldn t read than a couple chapterspoor writing and silly characters Read the last few pages glad I didn t spend any time

    9. Vivienne Fox has been left an unexpected fortune by a distant relative Unmarried at twenty four she is almost on the shelf by Regency standards but she hasn t given up hope of a marriage for love She starts a rumour that while she has been left some money it was only really enough for her to spend a short time in London helping to chaperone her cousin Adelaide after she has provided herself with a suitable wardrobe.Then there s the handsome but impoverished Earl who must marry money in order to [...]

    10. I ve read a number of Janet Woods historical romance novels and enjoyed everyone of them Her latest offering, Foxing the Geese, is no exception Though the outcome of the story is predictable, as Regency romances usually are, getting to it was very entertaining due mainly to the ease with which Janet Woods writes, her deft handling of the many sub plots and the diverse characters she introduces along the way.No regency romance would be complete without a benevolent uncle, a meddlesome aunt, a fri [...]

    11. Trigger Warning view spoiler the heroine and her maid get beaten hide spoiler I hadn t read this author before so I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt And this was an okay book Vivienne was a strong character who knew her mind and I mostly liked her although she did fall in love with well Yeah Alex was a pretty big asshat He got better at the end Mostly Vivienne Fox has inherited a fortune Lord Alex LeSayres needs a fortune But he doesn t know that she has a fortune and seems to be [...]

    12. What an absolutely fantastic Regency romp Vivienne has unexpectedly come into a fortune, which could elevate her chances on the marriage mart However, strong willed woman that she is, she decides to keep it a secret and go on as a poor relation and find a husband who loves her for herself Alex is an impoverished Earl who must take a wealthy wife to save his family s estate When the two meet they are instantly attracted but realize the futility since she won t reveal her secret and he can t give [...]

    13. I read this for my challenge group list, a book I d be embarrassed to read in public I m always embarrassed to read romance in public, and although this doesn t have the typical steamy romantic clench on the cover, it s still a romance.The intriguing title is what first caught my eye at the library, but when I read the description, I put it back Then I thought of my challenge and how embarrassed I d be if I read this at work, soThe book didn t live up to its interesting title though Jane Austen [...]

    14. Foxing the Geese set in 1812 has for its heroine the 24 year old spinster Vivienne Fox who comes into a surprise fortune, and now has suitors banging down the door The one most anxious to gain entrance is Lord Alex L Sayres, who is land rich and cash poor While she tries to keep news of her fortune a secret, news of it slips out Although an unlikely match, Vivienne and Alex start circling each other and romance seems likely to bloom The story is fun to read with many Regency details.Thanks to Se [...]

    15. I started this on a Thursday and thanks to a rare weekend devoid of the usual commitments and obligations finished it before returning to work the following Monday I just couldn t put it down It is simply a delightful romance novel that allowed me to step out of my world and into Regency era England where I could leave all my problems behind It s why I read romance novels to begin with A bit of vacation where ever I happen to be Two thumbs up on this one

    16. I was disappointed The heroine s big secret was only revealed, to no fanfare, at the end of the book.The hero vacillated between alpha male and doormat, flip flopping with alarming inconstancy.I liked the heroine,although I m not sure what was going on after the attack She seemed to be experiencing some form of PTSD.

    17. I liked this for its originality so far as I know in plot Also there were some enjoyable bits where everyday life was described such as cooking and enjoying the country life I was a little disappointed that the hero wasn t really a rake since he was described as such on the blurb.

    18. This is the first Janet Woods book that I have read and I am so glad that I did I may have found another Georgette Heyer

    19. Nice little romance in the style of Georgette Heyer, or even Austen in the importance paid to income in matters of marriage

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