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Sinful Longing By Lauren Blakely,

  • Title: Sinful Longing
  • Author: Lauren Blakely
  • ISBN: 9781517224172
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback
  • He s the inked brother The one you re wondering about The bad boy of the family Colin Sloan has a past He s done things he s not proud of, but he s living differently now Making changes in his life Working hard, working out harder, and trying to win over one woman He s utterly crazy about Elle Mariano, and though the sex is epic, their friends with benefits arrangemHe s the inked brother The one you re wondering about The bad boy of the family Colin Sloan has a past He s done things he s not proud of, but he s living differently now Making changes in his life Working hard, working out harder, and trying to win over one woman He s utterly crazy about Elle Mariano, and though the sex is epic, their friends with benefits arrangement just isn t cutting it any He wants all of her, and is determined to prove he s what she needs in her life Elle is fiery, loyal, and in major lust with Colin Sloan He s everything she craves in a man smart, sexy, kind and a rock star between the sheets But his past hits too close to home for her, and the people she has to protect There isn t room in her life for a relationship with Colin Especially when she s forced to keep a secret that could tear his family apart SINFUL LONGING is the third book in the steamy, sexy, suspenseful New York Times Bestselling Sinful Nights series from Lauren Blakely, author of the wildly popular Seductive Nights seriesThis high heat, high stakes romance series follows the Sloan family as each sibling falls madly in love against the backdrop of sin, money, greed, passion, mystery and suspense
    Sinful Longing He s the inked brother The one you re wondering about The bad boy of the family Colin Sloan has a past He s done things he s not proud of but he s living differently now Making changes in his life Wo

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    1. I have read all of Lauren s books and I love them all for different reasons Sinful Longing isn t your normal boy meets girl, they fall in love and live happily ever after We met Colin in the Sinful Nights Series He s the tattooed brother under the sexy three piece suit He has a past He has baggage, but he s overcome it all He is also already involved with Elle It s casual, but he has it bad for and he wants It s a nice change of pace to have the man chase the woman Elle is scared She thinks her [...]

    2. Another sinful and decadent installment in the Sinful Nights series by the talented Lauren Blakely Blakely is a FIVE STAR author She can DO NO wrong in my book She is my auto buy author, my go to author, and one of my favorite romance authors out there today I m never giddy than I am when I see her books pop up on my Kindle She brings us gorgeous alpha males like no other There is such an intensity that radiates off of her characters that brings the books to life Colin Sloan is a man who will h [...]

    3. Ha, I was definitely LONGING to get my hands on Sinful Longing, especially given the way that Sinful Desire ended with a little cliffhangery moment that propelled the overarching mystery of this series forward and maybe a little sideways But also because COLIN Colin Sloan hasn t always been the stand up guy he is now Now, he s a good guy in a bad boy s body tatted, tempting, smart, kind, and all kinds of sinful in the sack And he wants Elle Mariano But his past well, that makes it difficult for [...]

    4. Advance copy received.This is Colin Elle s story, Colin Sloan, the tatted, reformed bad boy oh You got me This is my Colin Elle Not only does the suspense continue in this book I am addicted to this storyline but it keeps expanding, there is fabulous content and as always it is so well written that I am visualising while reading.Sinfully sexy scenes between two strong hot as hell characters, I mean, this for me is as sexy a pairing as Julia Clay And great supporting characters that play great ro [...]

    5. I have read all of Lauren s books and when I am in the mood for a sinful sexy, sweet with a side of suspense read, she is my girl I am never disappointed with the storyline, writing or turn of events She hits me in the heart and other parts every single time And this series is one of my favorites, the Sloan brothers and their love interests are sexy, smart, strong and funny And with Colin, it s a bit darkerColin and Elle have been playing cat and mouse over the last year Since the day they met t [...]

    6. For reviews, please follow my blog alysenovakSinful Nights seriesSweet Sinful Nights Book 1 Sweet Desire Book 1.5 Sinful Desire Book 2 Sinful Longing Book 3 Sinful Love Book 4 AVAILABLE March 2016Lauren Blakely is another of my MUST READ authors, especially her Sinful Night series Each one so far has been AMAZING and each new sibling becomes my favorite Colin Sloan has worked hard to move past the sins of his past He has done things that he isn t proud of and was self destructive He hit rock bo [...]

    7. UPDATE FOR THE RELEASE DAYAngy s review 5 stars It s been two days after finishing Sinful Longing and I m still in shock over the huge cliffhanger of this book It s the biggest one of all the series, and I wouldn t expect less because the next book is the last one CRYING SO HARD I m going to miss the Sloan Family so much when the series is over Yeah, yeah, I know s not over yet, but I can t help to think there s only one book left and that makes me sad because, seriously, Sinful Nights Series ha [...]

    8. BUY IT amzn 1kGCKp6 The Sinful Nights series is one of my absolute favorites It s sexy, it s mysterious, it s romantic It hits all my favorite things Strong men, strong women, twists and turns, with some downright dirty sexy times Lauren has done a brilliant job with mixing a murder mystery into each of the Sloan brothers story With every new sibling we meet, we find out just how twisted and complicated everything is and as I finish each book in this series, I can t help but beg for .I think one [...]

    9. I know I m probably starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to my reviews of Lauren Blakely books, but seriously this woman can do no wrong when it comes to writing hot, sexy romances with swoon worthy heroes and feisty, strong women Just when I think I ve found my ultimate Blakely bbf she goes and writes another one, causing me to rethink all my choices I kind of wish she d stop already never stop writing.After reading Sweet Sinful Nights, the first book in the Sinful Nights series [...]

    10. Sinful Longing, by the amazing Lauren Blakely, is a steamy, suspenseful, and sensory wielding story that grabs you from the first page, taking you on an adrenaline rush of a read with a brilliant bombshell that blasts you at the end Like a night on the Vegas strip, this book bleeds exhilaration, energy, and enthrallment My body scorched with heat from the steamy scenes written to pure panty melting perfection The crime filled saga in Sinful Longing is flawlessly executed throughout this book Wit [...]

    11. This is such an entertaining, erotic and suspenseful series I would not recommend reading these as stand alones It is best to start with book one because you will want to be able to follow the mystery that is slowly unfolding surrounding the death of the Sloan family s father, the gang they think is responsible and their mother who is in prison This third book definitely revealed some big surprises in the mystery suspense plotline A new character is revealed that totally changes the game Elle an [...]

    12. With each new release in the Sinful Nights series, Lauren Blakely manages to find new ways to capture and hold the reader s attention with increasingly sexy stories of love and lust, a cast of characters that are both familiar and engaging, and an ongoing suspense filled plot that keeps you guessing with each new revelation The third book in the series, Sinful Longing, includes not only a scorchingly hot new romance between protagonists, Colin Sloan and Elle Mariano, but a number of twists and t [...]

    13. This is hands down my favorite Blakely Book yet The heroine in this book is just kick ass and super cool I want to be Elle Mariano It has been a long time since a heroine has inspired me this much Elle is a roller derby girl and she runs the local community center that works with troubled teens She is strong, smart, and sexy as hell and she has Colin all tied up in knots Elle likes to have multiple orgasms with no attachments She has her son to worry about and does not need a man intruding on th [...]

    14. This was so freaking awesome It s my new favorite in the Sinful Nights series to date Loved Colin and Elle s story This was seriously great I was pulled in right from the beginning It starts out with a major bang and wow fans self It was nice and hot to say the least I loved getting to know Colin and Elle They were fantastic characters Nice build up to learning all about them and their backgrounds Loved the development of their relationship, from the steamy to the emotional Very well written wit [...]

    15. Review by Natasha GentileWhat can I say about this series besides I freaking love it This series is getting to be one of my favorites.He s the inked brother The one you re wondering about The bad boy of the family Colin Sloan has a past Oh where do I start with Colin I have to say that after every book that she writes I message her and mention that this is my favorite brother Well this is by far my favorite brother He s done things that he isn t proud of He has done things that have left himself [...]

    16. Holy crazy BOMBSHELLS, this book was INTENSE For those of you who haven t read the others in this series, STOP HERE and start them at the beginning For those who are caught up, you will NEVER see this one coming I don t even know how to begin reviewing this book with all the stuff I just read The chemistry between Colin Elle is off the charts HOT seriously make sure you have spare panties available And then we get to the storyline that weaves throughout the seriesWe FINALLY learn a few secrets t [...]

    17. Lauren Blakey s Sinful Nights series is so much than sexy books with hot alpha men I mean, it s those things too, but the best and most surprising part about this series are the crazy twists and turns that are woven throughout, and then there s this mystery that continues unravelling with each book in the series It s so masterfully done that you just can t help but want to read every book in the series We ve met Colin before He s the black sheep in the family The wild child He doesn t drink any [...]

    18. Five Vegas stars Ummm Six knee hi, roller skating pairs of socks instead Let me begin by saying, if you have not started this series, rectify that right now Sinful Nights series by Lauren Blakely is sexy on a raunchy level Sultry Seductive in the most captivating manner The series is on a suspenseful level that keeps you not only wrapped up in the story but intrigued as well Sinful Longing picks up where Colin and Elle are introduced in Sinful Desire The characters already have a game of cat and [...]

    19. Secrets, seduction and charm fill the pages of this highly anticipated continuation of the Sinful Nights series and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute with Colin and Elle Colin was quite the charmer He was genuine, kind and determined to not let his past dictate his future His passion for helping others was admirable and swoon worthy and dare I say gave my other Blakely Boys a run for their money Though I was a bit frustrated with Elle at times, I understood her instincts and respected her decisi [...]

    20. 4.5 starsI haven t read the first two books in this series, but it s easy to follow anyway I think it would ve been better if I had, though, just because of the subplot with Colin s father s murder I m guessing I d have a complete picture if I had read the first two books But the main plot with Colin and Elle Yeah, that s easy to love even with no background I think these are connected books than an actual series, though it seems like each book focuses on a different member of Colin s family A [...]

    21. These Sloane men are than desirable and the Sinful Nights series just keeps getting hotter Colin Sloane simply put he is every single Mom s hot fantasy and then some He s smart, kind, tattooed, hot, compassionate, pleasurable, and good with kids He has a past that he is ashamed of, however he has conquered and rose above He has his sights set on Elle Mariano, the director of the Community Center, and he has his work cut out for him The kind hearted Elle has walls built all around her and for go [...]

    22. The best book in this series This is absolutely my favorite book of this series I fell in love with Colinhardcore I love that from the very beginning he was all about making Elle see him as More than a guy who volunteers at the center, than a friend, than a great orgasm and most importantly, than his past No surprise though that I loved the strong female character, Elle just as much Lauren Blakely does female leads better than anyone I know Elle is fierce and driven, she strong but she s als [...]

    23. So far this is my favorite of the series Colin and Elle have chemistry, there is no denying that Only problem is Elle has been burned by an addicted man once before, the father of her child who died from an overdose She doesn t want to take a chance on Colin since he is a recovering alcoholic The two flirt, they have hot, passionate sex in all kinds of settings, but they keep each other at arms length at the same time They both want , but can they conquer the obstacles in their way This book is [...]

    24. Can anyone please tell me if there is any sex outside the MC regardless of whether they are officially together or not I m dying to read this one

    25. A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review 4 For the Love of Socks Stars Holy Cow What an ending Lauren has stepped up her game when it comes to suspense She definitely left me hanging with this one Lauren is truly a master when it comes to giving us passion, suspense, mystery and romance in her stories.Sinful Longing is the 3rd book in Lauren s Sinful Nights series This series is a romantic suspense series Each of these books are about a new couple but the storyli [...]

    26. Sinful Longing is sadly the first book by this author that I haven t enjoyed This time we re following Colin and Elle who have known each other for awhile They re basically friends with benefits, although Colin wants Elle is reluctant to let him in because he s a recovering addict and her ex husband had died from an overdose Meanwhile, Elle is also the social worker for Marcus who has revealed to her that he s Colin s secret younger brother Then she starts getting threatening messages which may [...]

    27. Colin Sloan wants all of Elle Mariano, but she s not willing to give it to him She s got her reasons, even though she longs for him too He s everything she wants, but also has the potential to be her worst nightmare repeated Colin has tried hard to leave his past behind him, but it just keeps coming back to affect his present.But they both know that their sizzling chemistry and attraction is not going away So they both have their own strategies on how to play it He takes risks for a living and i [...]

    28. Colin Sloan is the type of bad boy you dream about The guy that had a rough past, hit rock bottom, and came out of rehab as a reformed man Now his additions include kayaking, running, biking, and rock climbing just to name a few He s taken his love of math and turned it into a profitable job and devotes his time to making the city he loves into a better place He s strong, loyal, caring, and oh so lovable His family means the world to him and he will do anything to protect them He s on top of the [...]

    29. Wow Just Wow Sinful Longing continues the web of intrigue that started in Sweet Sinful Nights So, while it could be read as a standalone romance, to truly understand all the backstory, you really need to start from the beginning.Colin Sloan is the youngest of the Sloan siblings, and Sinful Longing is his story I like characters that are relatable who have real qualities that make them believable Even though Colin is fictional, he s written with such an authenticity, that it s easy to believe he [...]

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