UNLIMITED PDF ☆ The Cow Who Fell in the Canal - by Phyllis Krasilovsky Peter Spier

The Cow Who Fell in the Canal By Phyllis Krasilovsky Peter Spier,

  • Title: The Cow Who Fell in the Canal
  • Author: Phyllis Krasilovsky Peter Spier
  • ISBN: 9780749704971
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hendrika the Dutch cow is bored living on the farm She longs to see the wondrous sites in the city, a place she has heard about from Pieter the horse Quite by accident, her wish comes true one day when she falls into the canal and floats downstream on a raft.
    The Cow Who Fell in the Canal Hendrika the Dutch cow is bored living on the farm She longs to see the wondrous sites in the city a place she has heard about from Pieter the horse Quite by accident her wish comes true one day whe

    One thought on “The Cow Who Fell in the Canal”

    1. This remains one of my most treasured childhood reads, a delightful story of a Dutch cow with an acute case of wanderlust The illustrations are charming and depict both the countryside of Holland as well as the city of Amsterdam in marvelous detail The story is told in simple and straightforward fashion, and is satisfying to read, even 30 years later Highly recommended for reading aloud

    2. A very sweet little story about an unhappy cow who longs for nothing than to see something other the countryside, She gets her wish when she falls in a canal and ends up floating into town This book evoked the Dutch countryside and town life perfectly they re exactly as I remember them from my many visits to Holland over the years Charming

    3. I remember reading this as a child, and it added to my desire to travel to places where cows were moved by barges An event later in life when I was 15 recalled the book to memory and even now, the story brings a smile to my face.It is a well written book with illustrations that complement the writing and bring to mind, how Holland and Amsterdamm looked, and to a certain degree still look like.

    4. This book is very interesting and has great illustrations that go along and follow what the story is about Also, this book would be great to use with younger students, it shows adventure and getting out of your comfort zone I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone Great and rich language values.

    5. Hendrika the cow is bored with just standing in the pasture and eating She hears about the town from the horse, and dreams about visiting and tasting one of the colorful straw hats the men at market wear One day, she falls into the canal as she eats, manages to get herself on a raft, floats into town and has a grand adventure.A funny story that sounds like it could have been inspired by a real story I liked the setting in Holland and the picture the book gives of life there a few decades ago Eve [...]

    6. I m a bit biased about this book because I have very fond memories of my mother reading this to me I especially remember marveling at the cheese being sold because it was in round balls I was used to seeing it in plastic blocks at the supermarket.The story is of Hendrika cow, who is very unhappy because she wants to see of the world than her little farm in Holland On day she falls into the canal and manages to get up on an abandoned raft Her adventure leads her to the nearby town where she gets [...]

    7. This book was really funny I think my students would enjoy reading this book and would laugh as they read it In the book a cow longs to see the city She does the same thing every day, eat eat eat One day as she is roaming the pasture she falls into the canal She gets on a raft and floats along the canal She floats and floats until she sees the city When she gets out she is at the market She finds her owner and he takes her home Now she is happy that she has something to think about other than he [...]

    8. The alternating colour bw pages added interest to the illustrations, and the images of Holland were fascinating even with Dutch stereotypes for young readers The story was nice perhaps with a moral story that I ve completely missing not riveting with a cow that overate and a static landscape of Dutch imagery The kids will like the silliness of the cow drifting down the river tho so enjoy.

    9. An immediate hit in our family The illustrations by Peter Spier are wonderfully detailed, complementing the story so well I really like childrens books that are educational without even trying and this is one of them My kids are 7 but it is suitable for all because of the simple story and beautiful illustrations.

    10. I taught for a year in the Netherlands and a parent of one of my students gave me this book I LOVE this book because it takes place in the village where I lived and reminds me of the quirky culture of the Dutch and the many fond memories I have of the people that I met there It s a great book that is great for small children Ja, natuurlijk een goeie boek voor kinderen Zo veel lief

    11. It was a very cute story about a cow s adventures in Holland I liked the details in the illustrations and would like to know about the market and other places The cow was amusing, too I wouldn t have chosen it from the cover, but since it was in my book of books I need to read before I grow up, I did.

    12. My childhood book LOVE the illustrations, they re just wonderful Black pen and watercolour in alternating pages Fabulous story about a cow who wants to life than just eating and making cheese Her escapade is thrilling and we all get to enjoy Holland with her.

    13. A much loved and now heavily sellotaped childhood book that has been passed down my siblings and was perfect as we are half Dutch We have subsequently hunted out new copies which aren t falling apart

    14. One of my all time favorite children s books My mom read this to me when I was really young and I just fell in love with it The only downside is they don t make it any, I had to get another copy on ebay.

    15. I love peter spiers illustrations, i love this story it is one of my favourites from my childhood my 2 yr old daughter loves it too o there is possibly a moral in there somewhere, but who cares, this is what childrens books should be

    16. This book was interesting because the pages alternated from black and white to color The story was fun and play seeing where the cow would end up next while riding the canal I really loved that the cow was wearing her own straw hat with a ribbon

    17. Peter loves this book at the moment I m not sure why, as half the pictures are black and white He does love anything with cows, though, and there is a cow on every page I love the pictures.

    18. I could just barely tolerate repeated readings of this book when my kids were little, but there wasn t much there.

    19. Hendrika the cow s adventures in Holland A lovely tale for children and one of the few I kept from childhood to pass on to my own children.

    20. Read with little sister as part of the 1,001 Children s Books To Read That was a really super cute story I m glad she got to see the town and wear a hat.

    21. Nice short story with great drawings I like it, in specific the black white switched with the colored pages.

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